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                                    December 2017     Sandy outside special cave near Hilo in Hawaii                                     




I've always felt it was ‘what’ was said that was important, and not ‘who’ was saying it. This has helped me a lot in the area of discernment because I was never drawn by the glamour of a name. For this reason, I've never bothered giving a personal profile. However, I've been asked so often over the years, it seems some people like to know something of my background. So, for those people, here is a profile. 


I humbly and gratefully thank everyone I have ever interacted with on any dimension, for the learning and love that has enabled me to carry out my tasks here. I am very grateful for every experience I’ve had, although a few have been quite traumatic and tough. Some I didn’t understand at the time but I do now. I realize that everything that happens to us is positive. I think all experience is actually neutral and it depends on our attitude to it as to whether we see it as a positive or negative.


I absolutely know that every one of us has wonderful abilities. There is not one person on Earth who isn’t gifted. Everyone is truly equal. We each have different abilities, because we have each chosen different things to do. Our abilities become available at the time they're needed. I’ve always felt that any abilities or gifts I have, are there because they are needed for my work, and not due to any special personal qualities. I’m often asked if I was one of those gifted children, who could ‘see’ and ‘know’ things. The answer is no, not at all. I've had a normal life, with the usual problems, pain and learning that we all go through as children, teenagers (groan!) and adults. There are things I can do and things I can’t do. Just like all of us.  




I was born in Sydney in Australia.  Great country for growing up. I loved the space, the sun and the freedom. I spent much of my youth riding horses, owning three at various stages and riding to school bareback. I grew up like most Aussie kids, running around barefoot and managing to fit in school on occasion. Aussie kids only used shoes for school, and even then......!!  I had lots of fun as a teenager with lovely friends, boyfriends (I left the horses behind!) and with my great family. I started full time work at 15, worked hard and bought an old TC MG car,  driving for a couple of years before I could officially get my license (oops!). Not much traffic around then! And yes, I did show off a bit. I was 15!!! I had many different jobs, did lots of fun things with lots of lovely friends and really enjoyed the Aussie lifestyle.




I set sail for England on P&O ship the Canberra, sad at leaving my lovely mother and brother but excited at what lay ahead. It was quite a sea voyage, taking 6 week to the UK!  But how exciting, through the Suez canal, calling in to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Egypt and other exotic places - all new to most Aussies at that time.





What a joy to arrive in London. Of course, I stayed in Earls Court which was famous at the time as the Aussie suburb. The reason so many Aussies ended up there was because we received 2 free weeks accommodation at the Overseas Visitors Club in Earl's Court, as part of our ship ticket. It became a home away from home. It had a night club, employment office and accommodation letting agency and acted as a buffer as we began our new life in the UK.  For those Aussies,  Canadians, Rhodesians and South Africans who began their journey at the OVC, here is a nostalgic link - and



Overseas Visitors Club (OVC)



I travelled a lot around Europe (as all Aussies did). I joined the crew as a cashier on the 'Australis' a Chandris passenger liner - crossing the north Atlantic from Greece to New York - acquiring a 'Seaman's ticket'. We had a lot of adventures including surviving a major hurricane in the North Atlantic sea.  The wonderful Greek crew were magic, dancing on the tables and playing guitars in the mess (dining room) after we finished work at 1am, with moonlight pouring through the portholes on the open sea. I recall we were paid just a few shillings an hour (in Drachma actually!)


Then I sort of settled down (although still managing many adventures) and began an exciting 15 year study of the mind, furthering my search for a greater spiritual understanding of life. The flower-power days in London were magical. Drugs were everywhere and  I looked closely to see if this was a way of enlightenment for me. At the perfect moment I met the person I'd arranged to meet prior to this incarnation to awaken me spiritually, and he explained how taking drugs could cut off our access to past lives. That clinched it. Just in time! So, I never did try anything.


I went on to have many wonderful adventures over the years. Got married and had a beautiful daughter. We bought an old Landrover in the UK and crossed the Sahara desert and other African countries; bought a 2nd hand 26 foot Motorhome in the USA and spent months crossing that beautiful country in its fun bi-centennial year and sold it before leaving  - the money from that gave me a free trip; drove all over Europe; my husband and I lived and worked in Austria where my daughter went to school in the mountains; I sailed through the Panama canal and so on - and had the joy of meeting so many wonderful people along the way.


During that period and in the years since then, I've been fortunate enough to have many experiences of universal phenomenon, including living free of time and space, establishing myself back in this density after all the universal 'agreed upon realities' disappeared, working consciously multi-dimensionally, assisting with the activation of the New Age programme on many dimensions, changeover in DNA structure from carbon to silicone based, combining fully with the I AM Presence for periods, living on Light, working in other universes, experiencing the ascension process, merging with my Twin Flame, absorbing basic universal principles and merging with my Light Body. These and other experiences have given me a deep overall understanding of the Divine plan and the various aspects that arise from it, such as Oneness, the apparency of time, ‘past lives’, soul mates, parallel lives, Twin Flames, channelling, ascension, crop circles, psychic attack, sacred geometry, karmic absolution, clairaudience, 11:11, Universal Law, 12 chakra system, etc. Having a reasonable overall understanding of how life works has helped me so much to help others in many different areas.


In 1991, I began presenting Awakening workshops - the Alpha to the Omega (Beginning to End) - covering all areas of personal and planetary Ascension. Since then I've continued working with 7th and 8th dimensional (and higher) Ascended Masters and Cosmic beings. I consider this an honour and privilege and I appreciate all the help I am given in my role as a facilitator.




I've given workshop tours around the world - throughout the UK and Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Thailand and Lithuania over a period of 22 years. I've included free service workshops and free places to help out. I've always tried to make workshops lots of fun, positive, ‘down to Earth,’ very affordable and easily understood. From thousands of positive letters received, it seems it's made a difference. It's been an enjoyable and exciting adventure and I'm so happy to have met and been of service to so many wonderful people.  I could not express how totally blessed I feel to have met and been of service to so many wonderful people.





In 1994 I organised a world wide event called Earth Alignment Day that had  its source base at Wembley Arena in London, held on the 21st August (Jesus’s actual birthday). The main event was held at Wembley Arena as it had an existing vortex which could be extended into the Earth grid system (leylines) to fully carry the sound of the OM across the world. The purpose of the event was to sound a 8 minute OM simultaneously across the world throughout the Earth structure to help re-balance the Earth. The OM is the universal balancing sound and it's the sound we hear when waves crash on a beach, the sound of thunder, when we hold a large shell to our ear or a swarm of bees. It's heard in many places. The OM has been used in meditation by many ancient and existing religions. To achieve our goal, we needed countries all over the world to participate and particularly at Earth’s extremities.  We ended up with at least one million people (that we know of) in at least 58 countries sounding the OM at exactly the same time. 


   Wembley Arena


At Wembley, as well as in some other countries, the OM carried on for 16 minutes instead of the planned 8 minutes - as the Earth Mother took over the proceedings. The Earth Mother knew that in addition to the balancing she needed, by extending the sounding of the OM (from 8 to 16 minutes) it would shift the whole planet up a notch in its vibrational frequency. This is what happened. The proof was recorded on video which clearly showed a complete total loss of signal for a minute. A technician with 40 years experience as an ITV London - film editing engineer, examined the video content and said he'd never seen it before - commenting 'it was as though the universe was looking for a signal but couldn't locate it'. He asked for permission to make a copy to show the other technicians, stating that otherwise they would not believe him!


The event was born from nothing but the rightness of Divine Order and I followed my intuition (essential) in every step and stage of the planning which took a year, pretty much 24 hours, 7 days a week. We had a wonderful unforgettable day. Although the OM was the main purpose for the event, we also had a wonderful concert all day. Many people in the audience reported major healings. The sounding of the Om was led at midday by 80 Brahma Kumaras (an inter-denominational world wide group) who looked magnificent in their white clothing. The majority of attendees also dressed in white (as we know, white emits a high frequency of light), arrived in coaches from all over the British Isles and some from the Continent.  Tickets were only 5 and a fee was charges only to try and cover the cost of hiring Wembley, printing and postage costs. The Wembley event was set up as a registered charity with Barclays Bank, UK.


Comments from Wembley Om participants



Countries holding link in OM events around the world. 21.8.94



The creation of the OM at Wembley




                             Sandy with some of the wonderful London Brahma Kumara group (a world wide inter-denominational group and originators of Raja Yoga - based in India)



The day was packed with many excellent singers and musicians.  After the main OM, we also had an Om being continuously 'gonged' out across the world during the lunch hour  - with a selection of huge gongs on stage being struck by the Star Sounds Orchestra from Germany ( The afternoon included an amazing performance of beautiful sounds from Goma led by Gopal Hari and Ambika from the UK, enriched by the love and energy of Babaji that had the audience responding in love and dance. We had a wonderful performance from Kathryn Player and her Native America drumming team. There was a magical Infinite Tai Chi display by Jason Chan ( The famous Clarke Peters ( enriched the day tremendously, leading us in our second last song of the day - a wonderful song of unity and peace called 'One Family'. (Link to hear the song and read the lyrics). We also had music from Mark Hughes, Chris Mitchell, Shirley Roden and Prana. The event was wonderfully compared by the well known talented presenter and superb UK singer John Christian (  The day ended with the entire audience joining in singing 'Hurry Home' by Jon Anderson (  as thousands of pink balloons printed with a violet OM floated down over the audience, released from nets on the ceiling.


Some pictures of the Wembley OM day


Major UK newspapers such as The Times and The Guardian as well as every spiritual magazine throughout the UK freely advertised the event. Radio stations around the  world rang me for interviews (day and night!), prior to the event. I was also interviewed on ITV's (London TV) prime time TV news and asked to do a live OM (that was fun - hmm!) Ahead of the event, I had offered the UK's TV stations the chance to cover the event, but they declined. However on the day they realized how many people were coming from all over the UK. We know of at least 27 large coach loads of people - very visible in their white clothing as they stopped at Motorway break points en route to Wembley - so the TV stations decided it was worth covering. The TV stations then arrived at Wembley ready to set up equipment in the Arena. However, without prior consultation and safety planning, I felt it unsafe and disruptive for the audience to  have cables all over the Arena (especially without time to adequately tape over them) - so they were refused entry. They made do with interviewing people sitting outside in the lunch hour. However, some other country's TV stations did make pre-arrangements and gave live coverage to their local events, such as Sydney and parts of the USA.



 John Christian, our MC      Clarke Peters                Jason Chan                     Star Sounds - Gongs                                                    Goma



We had the voluntary services of a wonderful lady called Cate Meuwissen, who single handedly arranged for a lighting and sound crew and all the sound equipment. I can't thank her enough for all she did to make this day a success. All these people, as well as the performers, gave their services free of charge and lovingly becoming a vital part of the change attained on Earth that day. A fun crew of sound and lightning technicians, resplendent in their provided bright yellow T-shirts - which they had great fun writing all over with slogans such as 'Show me the way to go OM'. They had lots of fun and did a superb job. Bless them all  - and the lovely Cate Meuwissen. Couldn't have done it without them.


We also couldn't have done it without the great help given by all the artists, our great MC, all the engineers and the company who loaned us their huge (purple!) semi-trailer truck to carry the massive quantity of sound equipment across London - and indeed Wembley Arena itself who trusted me to do this weird thing called an OM and gave me a good discount as well as offering me the day before the event - free of charge, to set up the stage and equipment (things flow when they're in Divine order). The Wembley management sighed about the low ticket price of 5 and said it was not possible for them to sell tickets at that price as there was no profit for them. As I was running a 24 hour day anyway and determined to keep the ticket cost low, I said I would sell them myself!  It all worked fine and was fun as I saw royalty and pop stars purchasing tickets (not saying who!).  Wembley had indicated that my arrangements for vegetarian catering would fail. In fact, it was a great success. The Wembley security on duty told me they wished every concert was as peaceful and fun and without egos to handle.


 From the thousands of letters received about this event, it also achieved a lot for attendees on a personal level including healing. I am so grateful for being a part of it.





My books have been written solely for the purpose of helping people. 'The Awakener' was written to give a complete picture to the Light Force. It has reached hundreds of thousands of people since it was published in 1997 and became a best seller. It was also printed as a paperback in German, entitled ‘Erwachen zum Aufstieg ins Licht’ (Awaken and Ascend into Light). and in Lithuanian 'Budintojai' in August 2011. It ceased print publication after a long run of 13 years and is now available as an EBook through Amazon and all other platforms which means it is available for all electronic Readers and computers. Hard copies can still be purchased 2nd hand on Amazon I believe.


My second book, 'I Am Here' was written to assist people not yet consciously aware of their spiritual nature. A simple book, written as a novel - was also intended to help Lightworkers to awaken their friends and family members.  In 2013 it was reissued as an eBook with a new cover and name - 'All That Is Love'.

A third book - 'Awakener Articles -1995 -2017' contains all my written and channelled articles since the publication of The Awakener. 2018 - I continually add new articles I have written.

My fourth book - 'Seekers of Higher Truth' - is very much for the current time of 2024 and for the future. It contains around 500 higher truths based on my own experience in the universe.




           Bookcover.gif (16321 bytes)               




I am very fortunate to have a fantastic family who hold a similar spiritual view of life. They support my work without reservation and have added so much richness to my life. My brother Dennis, is a true knight in radiant shining armour and totally dedicated to helping others, which he does tirelessly and joyously. 




                                                                                                              Dennis                                                                                 Talia



My beautiful daughter Talia, now also living in Australia, is a true angel with a perception and wisdom far beyond her years. She has taught me a great deal and I am so thankful for the loving relationship we have. She owns a successful business dedicated to helping people.


We have all experienced a lot of personal change over the years. Sometimes the circumstances that help us make changes in our lives are uncomfortable. However, I believe that given the choice of remaining incarnated on Earth for a longer period, most would choose that discomfort in order to clear their stuff so they can return home when their work is done. Perhaps if we look at it this way, we can see the blessings we are continually offered to help us clear our unwanted emotions. We are not the same people we were a few years ago.  A great many things have changed within ourselves and the planet; wonderful things that defy explanation. 



I have held firm to completing what I came here to do and I trust that has been happening. I am committed to the completion of the Divine Plan for Earth and am determined to do all I can to help the homeward journey of the Light Force. I am involved with many different aspects of Service.  I will continue to offer my help in a positive, inexpensive and easily understood way, always encouraging in others: self mastery, integrity, understanding of highest truth, discernment, faith, trust and love.









    In January 2004, I returned to live in Australia, moving to Queensland in the semi tropics of the north - the warmth being greatly appreciated after living so long in cold climates. I was lucky and got a great apartment right on the sand of the warm Pacific ocean - the ocean being a great passion. I enjoy the whale migration of many thousands, mainly Humpbacks, pass by my place each year as they head north to warmer waters to have their calves and then back south to the Antarctic. I do lots of work and coding with them. As soon as I moved here, I joined the Whale Watch protection team as a volunteer for the Department of Fisheries. 









 I learnt to be an Animal Whisperer, to ensure I could communicate to animals if I happened to ever see any in trouble. It has been very useful on occasion. 


 'We are all one in Spirit, regardless of our form'





                                                                   The Macaws                Sandy and a black-headed python

                                                                                               We were at One and at total Peace with each other  




                               NZ - a new lamb                              Wales, UK        Sandy feeds abandoned kangaroo babies  




                                 Passing final Ascension codes to our old-soul friends, the Bottlenose dolphins.           Sandy and a Husky in Alaska      

                                       One in a sequence of world-wide magical dolphin encounters.  







What an exciting year it has, full of activity.  I've been privileged to share some sacred journeys with lovely dedicated souls. I was on a journey in October where 70 of us gathered to assist the Ascension programme in Japan. The goals were vast and were achieved - included handling the etheric atomic clouds still remaining over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After returning home it took me a while to stop handing and accepting things with two hands. I love the respect and good manners offered by the Japanese culture to everyone.


I am having fun on the volunteer whale watch team which (6 years now) is ongoing work helping whales that may get caught in the shark nets. And it seems, for the first time in my adult life, while continuing to do all I can to help, I've had some time to read and begin to teach myself to paint. 


















My workshop programme 'Frequency of Light' with Archangel Metatron is now completed in the UK and Australia. It is truly an honour for me to work with AA Metatron.  Much healing was given to attendees and people benefited from the Light he offered.


In June I went on a wonderful and successful sacred journey to Greenland, via Iceland. I'd never been to either place and it was a very different and exciting terrain to discover. It was so beautiful to experience the midnight sun among the icebergs in a fishing boat. We had an amazing encounter with thousands of ships from the Ashtar Command which were clearly visible for 9 hours over Illusiat.


I continue to work with the whales and the ocean codings. I also continue to do Decrees to assist the Earth, involving all her life forms and all her connections throughout the universe.


I am still offering the postal crystal programmes with Sanat Kumara. My constant involvement with other planetary projects such as the new crystalline grid for Earth and the placement of the golden etheric rods throughout the Earth, continues. 


The Awakener is being published in Lithuanian, which is exciting. It is wonderful to reach even further into the beautiful Lightworker community in Lithuania.   








                                                               Our fishing boat reflected in the iceberg                                                           Midnight sun 




                                                                                  Sandy 3rd from left - keeping warm!



                                                                                                       Sandy patting a husky pup (it's not permitted to pat the adult working dogs)






I anticipate this coming year with a song in my heart. I see the incarnated Light Force, now resuming their identities as Masters of Light on Earth, awakened and bringing ever expanding Light into our ascending planet. I am in awe of their long term dedication and commitment and the immense assistance given to us by the Higher realms of Light whose commitment to this birthing of Earth into her new dimension of existence is totally unwavering. 


I see there are changes to the Divine Plan for Earth and some will cause some suffering. We all worked hard to clear the dense energies from Earth using Light frequencies and we have been quite successful with that goal.  May we continue to trust the higher picture and know that all life is immortal.


With the blessing of Sanat Kumara, I am privileged to continue to offer postal crystal programmes in 2011. 


The Awakener is now published and available in Lithuanian.


I continue with other planetary projects such as coding whales and dolphins and the oceans - working with the oceans and the 44 energies; and working on the new crystalline grid for Earth and the placement of golden etheric rods throughout the Earth and extensive work with the final stages of Earth's Ascension. There has been no workshop programme this year.


I  journeyed to Mexico in March. This included the ancient Mayan temples in Palenque and the pyramids in Mexico City, with Norma Milanovich and others. I greatly appreciate Norma's dedication to the task at hand and for leading this sacred mission. It was very special and much was achieved.


In May I went to Alice Springs and Uluru in the central heart of Australia. My friend Lynne and myself did a lot of work creating and healing vortexes, one of them we created in the centre of Alice Springs was to assist healing the Aborigines. We extended the diameter of the Uluru vortex considerably. We worked with the beautiful rock of Uluru and various points in the McDonald Ranges and the Olgas. My friend created a new Essence for her In-Light range. We also had fun at the famous medical Flying Doctor Service and the Air School where the outback children learn via the air waves.








The eagle - always present in my life - indicating  to me I am in the right place.









An emu interested in joining us in the car



July 2011


I've just returned from doing my work and having lots of fun in Oregon and Montana in the USA for a month. I went to Mt. Shasta, Crater Lake and camped in tents with friends near the Oregon County State Fair, a 3 day festival attracting 40,000 a day. It was an amazing hippie type event, lots of fun and great people. Stayed with a lovely friend Barbara, whose house in Oregon is on 6 acres on the side of a mountain. We had tons of fun at the July 4th parade in Ashland, Oregon and I was introduced to the huge totally Organic supermarket and cafe which has to be seen to be believed.  The girl standing next to me in the queue was from Byron Bay - just around the corner from where I live!  


Managed to survive driving on the right (wrong!!) side of the road in Montana. I have to admit that the skies in Montana are incredibly and unbelievably amazing and maybe even beat Queensland's wonderful clouds. I'm not surprised Montana is called the state of Big Skies.



Mount Shasta




The Oregon State Fair in Ashland






 Fabulous Organic Food shop/Cafe in Ashland



                                                                                Sandy camping by river near the Oregon Festival. We had such fun. Our log fired was amazing.                                    








Beautiful Montana skies  (skies as good as Queensland!)








November 2011  A journey to New Zealand for 2 weeks joining the 110 people led by Patricia Cota Robles (www.eraof as we carried light all over New Zealand in many ceremonies including on the auspicious date of 11:11:11. It was a joy to be with the wonderful Patti CR again. Several space ships visible on trip. We also handled the fear emitted from people living in Christchurch after their recent devastating earthquake and hundreds of shocks - and the fear had pervaded the tectonic plates under NZ.




                                                                                Activated codes in this special place                    Patti CotaRobles back row 2nd from left, then Sandy







                                                                           We had this cloaked reconnaissance ship travel with us in NZ for a week.

                                                                     (In Greenland we had 150 clearly visible for 24 hours to population there)







2012 In April I began my workshop tour of the UK and Lithuania presenting the new workshop - The Flame of Ascension. I also took part in a spiritual journey to Bosnia with a lot of work to do in Medjugorje and at the newly discovered Bosnian Pyramids. Also had a lovely time in Vienna and saw the wonderful Lipizzaner Spanish dancing horses. I have lived in Austria but never made it to see the horses - until now.




    Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, encompasses mountainous terrain, medieval villages and Muslim and Christian landmarks.
    Its countryside is marked by deep gorges, turquoise rivers and lakes, and the Dinaric Alps’ forests and crags. Main languages are Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian.










Mostar and the Old Bridge

The historic town of Mostar, spanning a deep valley of the Neretva River, developed in the 15th and 16th centuries as an Ottoman frontier town
 and during the Austro-Hungarian period in the 19th and 20th centuries. Mostar has long been known for its old Turkish houses and Old Bridge, Stari Most, after which it is named.


                                                                                                                                                                 The pyramid we coded

The pyramid





                                    Bosnia Pyramid 2,600 feet high 











                                         1. Jesus                          2. An amazing outdoor service. Filled up to overflowing down the street. Never to be forgotten event.     3. Climbing the hill!!





                     A rough and difficult climb up the hill.                                          Patti and Nurdan                                         A few of the group and Sandy 











                                                                                                                                 St Stephens church Vienna 






Spanish Horses in Vienna



I returned to Australia in June, after the completion of the UK workshop tour. It's now October 2012. I have completed the Australian segment of the Flame of Ascension workshop tour.  As far as I aware, my workshop programme for the UK is finished. This would mean there may be no further workshops needed there. Of course things may change.


With the Earth Mother now Ascended and our going home very close, there is still work to be done by those that remain - bringing forth our mastery of Light to fully anchor the Golden Age on this New Earth.  I am enjoying this great time of achievement and celebration of all we have worked toward for so long. It is time for us all to have fun as we walk the final steps.


I will continue with all my other work including Sanat Kumara's crystal sessions, planetary work and decrees, working with the ocean and passing ascension codes to whales, dolphins, horses, cats and dogs.


My books are being prepared as electronic books. It will be good to have both books easily available to be downloaded onto any computer, IPad, Kindle, etc.






February 2013. I have just returned from doing some work with the tectonic plates in the South Pacific. Lots of fun as this was combined with a great cruise to New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Travelling is also an opportunity to make new friends and sometimes, when it is meant to be, we find very old dear friends we walked with long ago.


New Caledonia and Vanuatu









Rhapsody of the Seas - Royal Caribbean Line



My books 'All That Is Love' (previously 'I Am Here') and The Awakener are now available as eBooks on Amazon Kindle at $3.50 US and all other electronic readers and computers  e.g. iPod, Apple, etc.  With self published eBooks, we can set the price ourselves. I have made it as cheap as possible. My books were never written for profit! As regards writing books, you need to be writing because it resonates to do so - and not for money! After Amazon's fees and USA Govt withholding tax of 40% - taken from the 95 cents given to the author for a book sale - then we have the deduction of exchange rate costs and PayPal and bank charges for international transfer, so it ends up as a few cents. It is wonderful to have been able to organize my books onto the electronic platform and so easily available for download onto any computer, IPad, Kindle, etc.


I continue to help, working with the Ascended Realms, where I am called to assist with the ever changing planetary structure as new pathways continually open as all proceeds home.


Life is ever on the move and ever exciting. I am grateful for anything I can do to assist.



MAY  2013   Lynne, a good friend from Port Macquarie and myself have just been out west into the bush to Lightning Ridge - the home of the Black Opal in Australia. We had a wonderful journey and saw lots of native animals. We went to do spiritual work, mainly with the rebalancing of the Feminine Presence on Earth. As I was going there anyway, I decided to find my cousin who moved there in 1969 and has an opal mine. I found him the first day and we had a great reunion. Lynne created two of her wonderful In-Light Essences. Some  pictures from our journey are ahead.









                                                                                                                           Emus                                                Emu statue on the way into L Ridge






                                                                                                             42 degrees hot mineral water  - free admission, open 24 hours







                                                                                                    Bales of cotton                                                       Cotton by road - blown by wind



                                                                                          Sheep go wherever they like!                                               Cows are smarter.







                                                                                                                                House made of bottles            



 Amazing sculptures and painting - underground in Lightning Ridge


                      Ron Canlin (orig from the UK) has created an amazing art gallery at Chambers of the Black Hand, his own opal mine.

                   The first level is 11 metres underground with images carved and painted in the sandstone walls and pillars.

















                                                                                                                                                     Universal observatory!


                                                                                                       Lynne Ford creating new In-Light Essences (pics ahead)









In September (2013) I'm heading to Alaska and then to Montana in the USA and maybe Canada  - to work and have fun. While I am overseas, the key date of 10th October occurs. This is the date we align and link the new intergalactic Matrix. See article on Articles page. I shall be wherever I am drawn to be at 10:10 on that date.  


October 20th. I've just returned from an amazing time in the USA. Will never forget Alaska - what a beautiful unspoiled area. Saw the Northern Lights at Denali Mountain, something I'd wanted to see forever. Wow! Many activations were done successfully, along with a great deal of laughter and special happenings. A wonderful reunion of old friends and the privilege of meeting new ones, coming together on paths that seem co-incidental, but never are. Some pictures ahead of that journey. Also went to Las Vegas - I had always wanted to see it. Great for a short visit and fascinating. Did work there repairing vortices. Very noise place and lots of poker machines but fascinating also!! Saw two great Vegas shows.


ALASKA (an amazing place and a favourite of mine)






                                                         A lovely house                                                                   Homer (love this town)                                                    Patti and Sandy



                                                Sandy after a successful activation in (freezing) Pacific Ocean.        This aura around the sun stayed like this for 3 hours. It ceased the  moment the  activation I was doing on the Kenai River in Alaska was completed. 




                                                                                                                                     I LOVED this brown bear




 Sandy - while coding in the freezing Pacific Ocean in Homer, I had a magical encounter with

 a white seal pup - I think the freezing water was easier for him!  It is truly a moment I will NEVER forget.






     Denali Mountain ( (Mt. McKinley) - highest Mountain in North America. So blessed to see the Northern Lights over two evenings



                                                                                                                                           Kenai River - very cold!





This is another 'aura around the sun' that also appeared for a couple of hours during special work being done in Alaska.

This phenomena occurred on two different days.     






                                                          Wood Bison  (he wanted his freedom so I did something to help)                                 Vultures



                                                This bear told me he wanted to leave. I asked angels to help him                                               Alaska





                                                                                                                                     Denali mountain area



Cute roof rack! 




                                                                   Lots of deer where I was staying at a friends house in Kalispell Montana     The Vortex Portal Montana




                                                                                                                                           Homer Alaska



                                                                            Kenai river - went right down the river - coding.                                           Denali





                                                                                    Sandy and Patti                                                           A cabin in the woods at Kenai



LAS VEGAS (had an interesting, full-on experience in Las Vegas while unblocking several vortices)



                                                                             This is a painted ceiling (not the sky!)                                     Vegas Eiffel Tower



                                                                                                                                                                             Excalibur Hotel where I stayed 




I feel my European and Australian workshop programme for this lifetime is completed - the end of the 'Alpha to Omega'.  Although demand is high as ever, it seems this aspect of my work is now completed.  If I have an indication to resume, I'll announce it on my Workshops page. In fact, many things have  completed for me. In February, Sanat Kumara ended the Life Programme Crystal sessions we have done together for around 15 years. I feel this was because we draw closer to the time when people need to seek their own answers.


I still work with the whales and the ocean, coding new mathematical frequencies. I have also been a volunteer on the Whale Watch protection team for the Department of Fisheries for around 8 years. 


I continue to create an extensive range of Decrees, covering many areas of Earth, her life forms and her progress and connection to all other galaxies at this special time, directed by Archangel Metatron and Sanat Kumara. Other short term projects, such as individual Starseeds seeking a little direction.

I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced many things. Not everything was easy. I've had times of hardship and pain but everything has been a learning and a growth and I wouldn’t swap any of those tough times. There have been a myriad of magical moments beyond my ability to describe in words. For those who have a reality about the breadth of experience that we can attain as our Higher Self while we are still incarnated this lifetime; I lived on Light for a long time; battled with Dark Lords; found the doorway into this physical universe and have used it often; experienced the pure native state of being; taught myself how to re-exist here by recreating the agreements re the existence of the physical universe; viewed infinity; saw the Starseed Missionaire contracts; examined Earth’s time line contained in the main Atlantean Crystal now under the ocean and I worked with it by removing all disinformation contained within it; been transported across the world instantaneously - complete with my car!; was present on Orion to hear the Universal announcement of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius; aware of my parallel lives (and consciously experienced them on occasion); aware of other aspects of myself on Earth; spent conscious time with Soltec (Science) and Commander Ashtar on his command ship; have worked consistently with very high dimensions; and had the most amazing 22 years of fun, laughter and jokes with the Ascended Masters discovering that once you realize we're all equal, then they are permitted to treat you as such. The help they've offered is incalculable in the amount of growth it has allowed me. God bless every one of them and I thank them with all my heart.

I'm back from Hawaii, having had a wonderful time on the island of Kauai, doing some Light work as we were back in the heart of Lemuria with a wonderful group of people led by Norma Milanovich. This has involved several months work preparation. Some pictures of that journey ahead. Great fun snorkeling on the coral reefs with brightly coloured marine fish and other creatures. I stroked a lovely orange octopus on the reef - he felt like velvet (unlike an Aussie octopus). He seemed to respond and enjoy it!

Hawaii pictures








                                                                                                           Full moon Eclipse night in Hawaii       





                                                           Lovely Tunnel fish seen while snorkeling on reef                                                   A sacred place



I don't know what lies ahead and as usual I have no need to know. I have no attachment to being here, as wherever I can best serve in this universe I am happy to be. I continue to be extremely grateful for my life and every aspect of it. Throughout my life I've met special people everywhere. I know we have the most incredible Light Force imaginable to serve this beautiful planet. I feel a great love for humanity and all the Lightworkers and Starseeds that have brought about such tremendous change on Earth. With the ascension of Gaia on 21.12.2012, many of the Light Force have completed and returned home and others are close to leaving. Remember, in order to return home, all aspects of ourselves need to be in balance, which includes being as happy to stay here as you are to go home.  For all the old souls here, this is the last time we will incarnate into a 3rd dimension, so let's enjoy our amazing life during this short time we have left.  It offers so much joy and laughter if we only dare play it. 


I know I will see you all at the banquet and we'll have fun regaling our tales of Earth to all the novices from other galaxies.






Christmas 2014  Spent a lovely day with my family. Sharing this journey in fun and laughter with loving family and friends makes such a difference. Christmas is a reminder that we have a gift to offer mankind - our hearts and thoughts can create love, gentleness, peace, forgiveness, gratitude, softness, harmony, beauty, laughter, respect, compassion, tolerance and assistance for family, for friends and for our wider family around the world. It’s a wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal and that every path may lead to peace.

Everything has a place and a reason for being, and we can all reach beyond the world of commerce, to find deep within our hearts, the infinite serenity, grace, wonder, wisdom and love that is Christmas. And for all time, for as long as we know in our hearts what Christmas ought to be, so Christmas is.


May we understand we are Creators and that Christmas day and the coming 2015 will unfold exactly as we create it. Let us put lots of love and fun into the day and present a day that will last forever with love in the memories of the friends and family we share our path with.  







June  It's been a wonderful year. I've been given many opportunities to help with the animals, people and the planet, both personally and by using our Lightworker's Right to Decree I've been able to address situations on a universal level. We can all do this.

October  I am continuing my volunteer role on the Whale Watch team here (10 years now) and have just completed a Whale Rescue Training course and am on the team to assist any stranded whales, dolphins, seals or dugongs.


I am still lucky enough to be working closely with Metatron, Sanat Kumara, AA Michael, Kuthumi and St. Germain and others as required. We always has lots of laughs. I think they respond to cheeky aussies. I find they interact with you in the manner you create. If you take it all seriously, then they have to replicate your reality. I've had friends say to me ' Oh, I can't joke with them'! Well, that is a shame because great fun can be had. If you take it all seriously and put them on a pedestal, my understanding is that you move off the Truth Ray because in fact everyone in the universe is equal. When you act in your own mastery, you remove the idea of separation.



I've just returned from Hawaii. Dec 18th 2015

Last year I was lucky enough to go on a spiritual journey to Kaui and Oahu, two Hawaiian Islands.
This time I went to two more - Maui and the Big Island. I returned a couple of days ago. I had an amazing time, special places, met lovely people, swam with some lovely sea life, fantastic views, beautiful scenic natural islands  - no billboards allowed on Maui – not even signs pointing to tourist attractions! - the Gold Coast here could learn some of that! -  and spend quality time with great friends. Some pictures ahead of my recent trip.
Just briefly - I met up in Hawaii with Patti, a friend of mine from Alaska for three weeks and we were joined for a week of that by another mutual friend of ours, Diane, who lives on the Big Island.
The 3 of us have worked with the Ascended Realms for a long time. I met Patti on a spiritual journey to Japan years ago. I met Diane when 48 Lightworkers came together from many different countries in 1997 to return the Holy Grail Codes back to France. An amazing journey with a great group of Starseeds. There is an article about that on the Articles page -

For Hawaii, we all carried various codes that combined in a triangle of gold to be imbedded into many different areas. Lots of coding done in many areas including towns, mountains, volcanoes, rivers and the ocean. Many codes were given to the dolphins to assist in the protection and procreation of a wide range of marine species that covered many creatures including sea dragons (like seahorses) right down to microbe level.
We swam with dozens of dolphins and lots of tropical fish. Just as we finished coding the dolphins (who travel through the islands and would pass  the codes to other marine species), a whale appeared and breached right in front of us. We understood it was a thank you to us. This was the only whale that had been sighted on the island for days. We did a night dive with the Manta Rays (lovely graceful creatures that span of up to 18 feet wide). I walked among a bunch of Green sea turtles in shallow water areas of the ocean. Didn’t get any pictures of Manta Rays and dolphins – I was too busy. Went to a place with lots of seahorses. We went to the top of Haleakula volcano and to the Seven sacred pools near Hana and along the Ridge trail in Waikamoi National park, Maui. Went up Mauna Kea on Big Island and buried a special programmed crystal on the hillside overlooking the whole valley. We did coding and vortex work that would allow Haleakula to link more fully through to Denali Mountain in Alaska in a new vibrational frequency– and hence bring the two mountains into alignment with the Intergalactic Matrix that’s been prepared for a while now i X readiness for the Earth joining the other planetary systems now.
I rented a car on Maui and had lots of fun driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. I created a sign for the back window of the car to let people know I was not used to driving on the wrong side of the road – and it brought us a lot of attention, fun comments and people taking out their cameras to get pictures of it! I drove the ‘Road to Hana’ which consists of 600 bends and 54 one lane stone bridges.
And I went to an Elvis impersonator show, which was great! The guy had a great voice and amazing energy.  And I found the best natural dairy free coconut Gelato shop - in Paia, Maui!
I am still getting my head around the fact that the Hawaiian alphabet only has 13 letters - 5 vowels and 8 consonants.
Isn’t it great that we can serve and have fun at the same time. What a life, eh!

A few pictures of my trip to Hawaii. 





Truly amazing sunset



                                                                         Sandy ready for dive with Manta Rays        Green Sea Turtles receiving codes



                                                                                Green sea turtle                          The male seahorse carries the babies










The sign on the car window was great fun. People took photos of it and chatted with us. Great safety help








I spent Christmas with my family - lots of fresh organic food. Works for our family!  I'm having fun painting some healing art, full of mathematical codes.





It's been a wonderful year, encountering many forms of planetary service. I am continuing working with codes for the Earth, ocean, animals and whales and doing many decrees offering planetary assistance in relationship to the universe. My art continues to be a great source of fun imbedding mathematics in various creations.  I trained and qualified for the Marine Mammal Rescue team who assist stranded whales, dolphins, turtles, etc.

I am blessed with having a fully certified organic market nearby operating every Sunday for the last 11 years with lovely group of local farmers selling a wide range of freshly picked products. My family are all well and happy and all consciously following a spiritual path - I am so lucky to have family sharing the same reality.


As the year ends we know we only need to stay in a place of love to experience a life of fun, balance, happiness and peace. To remember there's always a higher picture and reason for everything and that we attract only what we need to help us be the unconditionally loving people we truly area. If one sentence could wrap up our forward journey - it would possibly be 'You reap what you sow'. That is true.





Life continues to be ever eventful, accompanied by a wonderful sense of peace. Still actively doing spiritual work but having wrapped up much of my contract, I now have a little more free time to paint, share with friends and walk along the ocean right on my doorstep.


It is almost Christmas day. I've just returned from the main Hawaiian Island, where I joined some close friends for lots of special downloading of codes. The three of us had combined codes for the entire Elemental Kingdom for the big island. We were led to a special cave to do this. In addition, we delivered codes to many other locations on the island. We also had a lot of fun snorkeling with hundreds of marine fish, seeing lots of green sea turtles, whales and dolphins (passing lots of codes to them) and even went parasailing.


I am still a volunteer on the Whale Watch protection team for the Department of Fisheries (13 years) and still on as a volunteer on the Marine Mammal Rescue team.  



The huge download of codes done in the cave for The Elemental Kingdom





                                                                                                    Sandy after coding done in the cave


 Patti and Diane   




                                                    Patti                                    Patti  - overshadowed by Archangel Michael during the activation in the cave



                       Green turtle on rocks






It's been a wonderful year, filled with amazing people, adventure and the harmony and synchronicity of life. I work in many different spiritual  areas, helping where I can, the same as we all do.


I continue to be a volunteer on the Marine Mammal Rescue team as well as a volunteer for the Dept. of Fisheries Whale Watch team (14 years  now).


I'm being drawn to an area in California USA where I feel I can help and am heading there in November for a month. I'm meeting up with a good friend from Alaska and we have work to do there.


My life is wonderful and I'm so blessed. I feel all the years of discipline to act with integrity, let go of reactions, avoid judging others, knocking ego on the head wherever possible, viewing life as a creator and not a victim, trusting my own intuitive responses, working to align as much as I can to a higher understanding with unconditional love and always really being grateful for the amazing help we get from each other and the higher realms of Light - is now paying off! Life seems to move along mainly in beauty, fun and in the magic of 'the flow.' So, instead of spending time handling 'life stuff,' I now have more time to help others.


Christmas Day 2018. Just returned from a month in the desert areas of southern California. A very successful and rewarding trip, encompassing many dimensions and extending to other planetary systems.  It was really wonderful.















We are in a new year already. It's come along so fast. I guess it seems that way with time continuing to disappear. Life is rolling along beautifully and I am continue to be drawn to help where I can. Sanat Kumara has added his special life crystal programmes to the two programmes already being offered through Archangel Metatron. I'm so happy to have such choices to offer people and all of them are so incredibly valuable and life changing.


I have added another eBook, called Q and A - Spirit Way. It's composed of many of the questions I've been asked over the years and my answers.

I continually update new versions of  'Awakener Articles' eBook by adding any new articles I have written.


I just signed on for another year on the Whale watch team and am still on the Marine Rescue team.


I am still so grateful for the large local certified organic market on every Sunday just 5 mins drive from my home, where I've bought all my fresh food for the past 14 years.



August  I had an amazing sharing day the whales. We hired a boat.








October 1st 2021 


(I guess 2020 just slipped by quickly)



All we have spoken of is now taking place as we move toward Earth's Ascension to the 5th dimension. We see all the old negative and corrupt systems on Earth being exposed and crumbling away, giving birth to new ideas for a way of life with systems based in integrity and truth.


I feel my divine work on Earth, personal spiritual goals and fun bucket list have all been completed. Last item on the list was seeing the Northern Lights in Alaska. But I decided to re-arrange a few things and stay a bit longer. It is such an interesting time to be here, watching an awakening humanity take back their power. Hopefully, I can do my bit to assist bring higher truth to this period of confusion as the old gives way to highest light.


I continue with many areas I have worked with for years. Lots of coding of parts of the world, dolphins, whales, crystals and vortices. Am still on the voluntary Marine rescue team and the Whale Watch team. My connection to the Higher realms remains strong and enables me to sometimes sort out conditions and situations by offering a higher perspective. It is good to be able to help. As long as feel I can offer more by remaining here, I will stay.


When I do leave, remember I will see everyone at the banquet! Do call in on your way home. You will know where to go. It will be one of the most rewarding and greatest experiences of your life as you see what you really achieved here, as well as see everyone you have loved.


Unconditional Love to all. Deeply felt thanks to everyone for allowing me to share a moment of your life as we walked together to fulfill this amazing Divine plan for Earth. The Earth is in a state of Ascension and all will now continue as planned.




2nd  February 2022  = 2.2.22


Well, we have certainly been experiencing a whole new episode on Earth. I don't think many of us had an idea of just how vast an area we had to reveal and remove the corruption. But we took it on board and ran with it. With some ups and downs, we are pretty stable now and treat the next great reveal almost with a yawn. We have certainly become quite skeptical around what is true and have begun going within more for our own truth, being more determined now not to hand over to others for our truth.


The Divine Plan is all on track and working fine. It is a time where we really have to trust us and the universal process. Stay aligned to the light and remain detached from negative stuff being revealed. We are on a home run. Here we go........................





I am having lots of fun watching the amazing transformation of Earth. I am doing lots of work toward this and seem to be writing a lot of articles that can help explain what is happening. I suggest you have a look at the Articles page and see if there is anything there that may assist give a clearer picture of this great event we came here for and have waited for so long to occur. When we step out of the box and old patterns of thinking, we are able to see a higher picture to everything that is unfolding. Corruption is being revealed on a gradient, to prevent a massive dump of negative energy into a world we are raising into full light.


I am still on the whale watch team (19 years) protecting whales, and the Marine Rescue team. Still living on the ocean and appreciating it just as much as I did the day I moved here 19 years ago. I occasionally get time to do my art and go to coffee with friends. Mostly I am involved in this exciting time, watching this ingenious and perfect plan come about. 




My frequent writing of articles seem to have continued into 2024 and are being printed in various locations around the world. The wonderful magazine  'Universal Mind' from Western Australia, seems to print many of them, for which I am grateful. All articles are on my Articles page on this site.


I am still on the whale watch team (20 years) protecting whales, and on the Marine Rescue team. Am still living on the ocean and thoroughly enjoying my connection with it.


I published a 4th book (6 with translated books) in March called 'Seekers of Higher Truth' - it is very much for our current time of 2024 and for the future. It contains around 500 higher truths based on my own experience in the universe. It is available worldwide as an eBook and a paperback if ordered on line. Not in bookstores but can be ordered in a bookstore. I set  the prices for all countries the lowest allowed that covers their printing costs and profit, with me not taking royalties, but I see Amazon has set it way higher everywhere. Not enough profit for them, I guess. Barnes and Noble so far have the lower USA price of 9.50


The Divine plan is coming together is the most perfect way imaginable, perhaps in ways we never envisaged. It is all mathematically perfect and going just as planned. We are all becoming ourselves and letting go of everything that is not truly us - or aligns with us - across the world. We are letting go of 3D and moving into a 5D vibration.








Some photos taken from my home











Where I live


Rainbow over my home










Together we shall fly Home on Golden Wings of Light

It is always a joy to Serve

I Love You All


 A new journey of discovery and enchantment awaits us all.













My favourite things: 

Family, friends, music, helping, animals, whales, dolphins, skies,

everything about the ocean -

meeting old friends I've loved forever

and the brilliance of computers and the Internet.



My favourite quote - Rumi





My long term favourite poem - by Yeats