Sandy - October 2019

Sandy at Organic Market       7th October 2018


                                                                                                                               Sandy at Flutterbyes, Tyalgum NSW




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                                                                                    Brother  Dennis                                           Dad and Mum               Den and Mum    -  and with Sandy



Sandy, her mum Esme and daughter Talia



                                                                   Sydney                                                                                                                                                 Thailand


                               A wistful look my husband captured!            



                                                Talia, Den and Johanna, Dennis's partner                              Talia and Johanna Sept 2014                                 Johanna


                                                                                                                                                                                                         Talia (daughter) & Sandy   



Johanna and Dennis


                                                                                 Dennis, my brother at 22                                          Mark my half brother at 22


Talia, Sandy and Martin about to go sailing 2018

Sandy the pilot! With David, a real pilot and friend, taking off over the Lochs of Scotland



                                  Sandy and Mark  (half brother) - Gold medal archer                      

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Sandy and a friend in Wales










September 2014




Talia and Martin July 2016 Singapore                                                                                               In UK










                       Renee Wood (now ascended) and Sally Brown (right) the composer of the Twin Flame music        





John Christian - a good friend of many years

                       Sandy and a friend Scottie                                                              Sandy and a friend Jo  Organic Market October 7th 2018

Sandy and Eva, friends before birth.  9 months old on 3/11/2018



                                        Shelley, Sandy and June 10th Oct                                               Sandy and Kewpie Doll 4/11/18        Sandy and friend Shelley Nov 2018  


Sandy, Jo, June and SK (Cosmic Clan)


Sandy and American friend, Chef Kate McAloon  20th Jan 2019

(Kate, Chef to the Stars, has a great Recipe book called The Flavour of Joy. (


Sandy and a friend Maya in Sydney - October 2019



                                                                                                                              Lynne Ford



 Sandy in Lithuania with a very old Elemental Master (a friend from Sirius).      


                    Sally Brown   (Three of Sandy's elemental friends )   Thomas  - and a master from Sirius 


                                                       And Elemental friend - Betty, a true Fairy Queen and very dear long time friend. She ascended in Oct 2014 

                                                                                                                            Will love you forever, my true friend.







                   Dr Stephen Davies with Sandy. Stevie and his wife Shoura have been my friends since the 70's.

          Steve has helped so much to put holistic nutritional medicine on the world map. 



                                                                                          Mandy                                Rosie and Lillibeth                                                           Lilli and Harry

                                                                                         Mandy  and her children Rosie, Lillibeth and newborn (Oct 2013) Harry



                                                                                Brian                                     Brian and his wife Val                               Brian and Sandy 1967

Brian, my dear friend, beautiful artist, composer and pianist who kept our pre-incarnational agreement to awaken me to my spiritual path - in a pub in London!  Thank you so much for all the wisdom you so patiently passed on to me. It gave me one heck of a good basis to spring board off. I hope I have 'Paid it Forward'.  I will Love you forever, my eternal friend. Brian ascended in 2010.





Vicky Wall - Creator of Aura Soma. My incredibly amazing and gifted Eternal friend  - Ascended 1991 




                                                                                                          Richard and Ginny Edwards UK - my lovely friends in Devon


                                                                                                          Nurdan  in Turkey                                                     Anie - magical creator  




                                                        Robin Bee and Kuatarina                                                                                Sandy with long term pal Robin Bee.

                                                                                                                                                                  And the wonderful Singing Unicorn who attended all my workshops after 1998!




             Da Vid    Light Master and friend -  San Francisco



       'Mr. Smiley' 


Lyn, a pal since childhood 


                                                                                             Max and Dympna                                            Helle and her boys



  Sandy and Ben, a friend since he was born



                                                                                                                                  Ben and his mum Lesley



             Sandy and Catherine Quinlivan from Ireland  



                                                                                My dear friends, Hannah and Tony from Ireland and the wonderful Labyrinth they've created in their garden


Poppy, Sandy and Cherry - Scotland


Tony and Marion   'Aura Light' owners - with their visitor on the table


              Lauren and Elijah


                                                                                      Doris and Veronica                                                                    Helen and Veronica


                                                                                          Issy                                                                                  Gisela, Isabel and Holly  


         Scottie, my Elf King friend                                                                             Sandy and Isabelle


Daeva - Harpist



                                                                  Jenny Rogers and her daughter Turquoise                Sandy, Robin and Judy at Woodford Folk Festival QLD   (Starseeds having fun)


     Megan, a co-worker and friend from NZ


                                                           Robin, Sandy and Talia                    Norma Milanovich and John Ralph                    Mary, her dad Noel, Bill and Joy James                                                                                                                                                                                                         (all now ascended, except Mary)



   John  - an old flame and current great friend



                                                                                                Patti, a lovely fairy friend from Alaska (from the angelic Kingdom)    


           Sandy, June, Shelley and Jo at the organic Woodbox Cafe Dec 2014