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                         STARSEED ANNOUNCEMENT 4    


                                             ISSUED NOVEMBER 1998


                     MAJOR COMPLETION

                    ARCHANGEL MICHAEL


I am Michael, Archangel of Light of the Universal Kingdom of God. I come with a message of hope for those meant to hear it. A great change has taken place on Earth. This has come from the invaluable work that has been accomplished by the Light force of the Kingdom of Earth. Many forecasts have been destined for this Earth - one that has remained intact over the long generations, is of a time of peace and harmony for all.

It is with joy that I express to you that this time is, within a short period, about to manifest itself. It has come upon us as quickly as the blinking of an eye. This is because a major completion has been reached. Many functions that the Light force undertook have now culminated in a huge repertoire of music, as in a symphony orchestra in total harmony. A special time lies ahead now, for all is in place for the Earth to make her Ascension.

Now only remains the possibility of more souls attaining the necessary balance to make that leap of Ascension with her. This then is the main function of the Light force as they proceed. Many tasks will change and the focus will now be upon the intent of shifting the population of Earth into a place of harmony and balance within themselves.

Seek what resonates within your being and many of you will find your focus has changed from one of helping each other to handle the changes necessary within yourselves - to that of helping the others of Earth. The handling of the balance within each has now reached the mathematical requirement, allowing the momentum to take over that will carry each Lightworker into the adequate position of balance to make their Ascension. This point occurred several weeks ago in the linear time frame, and has been a source of great rejoicing in the realms of existence from where I speak.

It has long been our desire to see this occur and I wish to express to you upon Earth, our happiness, boundless joy, gratitude and deep thanks to the Light force for this great achievement and contribution beyond measure to the overall plan of Divine Order of not only beloved Earth, but that of worlds beyond worlds. A major alignment of Light has now been established, across many dimensions, including the third. This has hitherto not been achieved since the fall of Atlantis.

My children, Masters of Light, May the Grace of God carry the inherent   qualities of mastery, discernment, hope, charity and faith, deeply imbedded in each step you make along this new path.

These are the footprints being trodden, embedding the qualities needed at this time by humanity. You carry the blueprints, as you have always done. Allow your focus to express these qualities - for they are not currently portrayed on Earth to the degree necessary to help bring more souls to the point of understanding needed for their Ascension. These five qualities need to be manifested into existence in greater degree, to permit them to become a part of the way of life here.


Channelled by Sandy Stevenson (Shantarn)


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