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On the 25th November, 1996, our beloved Earth gently and quietly slipped free the ties of the old denser energy leyline system she has used since the days of Atlantis. Beginning at 11am on 11/11/96 (new moon), as many millions stood in silence, love and remembrance, Lightworkers gathered around the world and began to access the last codes needed for the final steps to the leyline changeover.

Culminating in the energy of the full moon on the 25th, the Earth Mother worked systematically with the Light Force around the Earth. In England, thousands of Lightworkers had been drawn over the last four days to Perrinporth on the magnificent Cornish coast. There at midnight on the 25th, in a special place where the moon’s energy shimmered through the ocean waves, the Blue and Gold Rays poured down through the Atlantean laser crystal and the last of the four corner cords was cut.

Earth stepped free of the old system and gently rested upon her new place, attuning joyfully to her new finer vibrational web of golden Light. She now has the springboard that permits the final stages of her Ascension, estimated by many ancient philosophies to be completed by 2012.

A task begun so very long ago, the Lightforce have maintained their focus of Light, working with sacred sites and leyline access points around the world. The multi dimensional purposes of flooding the Earth with Light include; - gently cleansing the Earth’s physical and subtle forms, thus permitting a transmutation of denser energies without the need for major upheavals in its land masses; channelling Light to the evolved inner Earth civilisation who direct it through the crystal and mineral kingdoms deep within the Earth; assisting the release of all emotional bodies; the structure of a new frequency leyline to allow the final stages of Earth’s Ascension; holding the axis steady and balanced; permitting the re-establishment of the missing energy symbols through the use of crop circles; gently increasing the vibration of the animal, plant and elemental kingdoms and raising the consciousness of humanity.

The new leyline system was created 18" above the old one. It was then moved slowly down to a position just above the old one. This was to ensure that when she switched from one to the other, it would not cause disruptions such as Earthquakes, within the structure. The old leyline, now completely cut free, will remain just under the new grid for three and a half weeks, while the Earth adjusts to using the new frequency and then will disappear. The new system covers the same path as the old one. It still includes all the same sacred sites, but the new leyline grid has a much more extensive pattern of finer lines, with a far greater number of access points around the world. This permits Light to be flooded in from millions of new points, as well as the old ones, thus greatly speeding up the access of Light. It also means less travelling is needed by the Light Force for this purpose.

Words cannot describe the joy and magnitude of this major achievement.

Sandy Stevenson (Shantarn)


Confirmation Sanat Kumara

Planetary Logos through the Grace of the Ascended Realms of Light


Many thousands of lightworkers were involved in the construction of the Earth's new leyline system. Many hundreds were involved in cutting the vast quantity of cords. The last 4 cords were located at 4 strategic points around the globe. Working with my Atlantean laser crystal and the Ascended Masters, I was a part of the cutting away of one of the 4 last cords. It was quite spectacular. It occurred at midnight in the ocean, just off the shore, at Perrenporth, Cornwall, UK.

perrenporth.jpg (3161 bytes)  

This rock was the location of one of the 4 last cords on Earth to be cut.

Gaye, feeling the energy.

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