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                                            ISSUED FEBRUARY 1996





Ten months from now, approximately November 1996, this beloved Earth will take up her new position functioning totally on a new frequency grid (leyline) system. The new system overlays the old one, in the same position. This is the position needed by Earth to complete the final stages of her Ascension into the higher realms of Light. This does not mean that the Earth will Ascend at this point. It means a major phase is completed and the NEW ENERGIES ON EARTH WILL BE ANCHORED. Several weeks after this point, the Sceptres will be handed over to the new Caretakers of Earth. This change will signify an increase in awareness for all of humanity who are choosing to link to Earth’s new vibrational frequency. For some years now, multiple signs that a choice has to be made, have been given to each individual on all the levels that they can relate to. Signs are given through nature, dreams, media, people, daily occurrences and a million other ways. Millions of Lightworkers are in place now, awakening humanity. This function will greatly increase over the next two years. From the point of the changeover, those having not already done so, will need to begin to decide whether to link to the Earth’s new evolutionary step or to continue their learning in a denser form of energy. Anyone choosing to continue in the current pattern of third dimensional learning, will takes steps over a period of time, toward making their transition to a planet that will enable this learning. It will not be available on Earth.

At a specific time (still to be precisely ascertained) those of the Light Force designated to do so, will unify in a precise mathematical sequence across the world. This team will cut forever, the etheric cords that hold the old leyline system. As this takes place, the entire Earth structure will settle onto and begin fully functioning on the new high frequency grid system. Part of this sequence includes the cutting of the four major corner cords, which is to be done using Earth’s four Atlantean Laser Crystals. Two of these are already in hand. Attention: The other two crystals are now being directed to the remaining two persons scheduled for this task. These four persons have the programmes available, to unlock the codes that have sealed these crystals permanently for the Light.

This will be the culmination of a great deal of work by many Lightworkers. The Light teams responsible for this function, have been achieving excellent results at chakra and meridian points and sacred sites all over the world, creating vortices, balancing, raising, locking in and sealing in the new frequencies. As various sections of the planet have had this work completed, new frequencies have been accessed and are now functional in those areas. From November, the whole Earth will be functioning in this way.

For the entire Light Force on Earth, this is long awaited, wonderful news. The final anchoring of the Earth’s new energy was an absolutely vital step in the completion of the Divine Plan for Earth. The advent of the new leyline structure and the handing over of the Sceptres, was a necessary step before any of the original contractual teams could depart. All teams or in many cases, individual team members, will leave when all their own agreements and Ascension requirements are completed.

This is a fantastic achievement - for the whole Universe.

Unconditional Love and Joy,

Sandy Stevenson (Shantarn)

February 1996 Confirmation Sanat Kumara - Through the Grace of the Ascended Realms of Light


 Note: See 'Starseed Announcement No. 3 where the new leyline system is announced

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