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Discernment is Spirit

The ability to discern energies is the awareness of intuitive knowing of Spirit, inherent within everyone. It is unconditional love from Spirit, perceiving that which - IS.

Judgement is a third dimensional reality.

Judgement is taking a perception to a lower band of vibration, that of duality  - by deciding it is good or bad, right or wrong, etc.

The planet Earth functions in a duality polarity, meaning it operates with two opposing terminals points, e.g. north and south pole. All systems of duality in the universe, offer learning through opposing energies and each person learning within this third dimensional sphere, chooses which energy they wish to support and align their energies with.

It is of benefit to oneself and one’s purpose on Earth, to recognise these differing forms of energy, when they present themselves. In that recognition, one retains balance, harmony, certainty and focus of purpose. A failure to correctly observe which energy is present, can result in confusion, upset, apathy, misdirection and loss of purpose. In a duality system, as long as discernment is still needed as a lesson, both energies will continue to issue channelled material. Understand that Free Will and Choice allows anyone to claim to be someone else. Lightworkers need to recognise that opposing energies as well as those of true Light, can claim to be sources of Light energy, e.g. a Cosmic Being. The Right to Challenge under Universal Law - can be used to determine the energy present. (See tape on Discernment on Earth.)

Free Will also means that every person has a right in any moment, to connect to any energy they wish. No guide or Ascended Being in the Universe, has the automatic Right to override your free will, learning and evolution. It’s your responsibility to use your gift of discernment and align yourself with highest Light energies. There’s lots of wonderful material being channelled from the true Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings of the higher 7th and above dimensions, but it is highest wisdom to only accept that which resonates within and not to simply accept material because it comes from a source, (incarnate or discarnate) who says it is or believes itself to be your higher self, an Ascended Master, a guru or Avatar. Any form of acceptance of an energy, means an alignment between you and that energy. Be intuitive and trust your inner guidance/link to Source (which is always present) when confronted with any energy, power or channelled material. In this way, the identity of the source of the material will be of no concern. What is important is what is being said, not who said it.

You may think that statements such as, ‘the leyline is in poor condition,’ ‘the Earth is in terrible shape,’ ‘there will be darkness and chaos’ would be obvious and wouldn’t fool anyone. Not so. Because such statements are often deliberately camouflaged among other things that are in Highest truth, they are often believed, networked and the great power of Lightworker’s energy is added to the creation of a denser form of reality. Communications are also delivered with much more subtle messages.

Understand that the opposite is true and the reality on Earth is that the tremendous work done over years by the Lightforce of pouring Light into the Earth, has placed the Earth into the frequency of HU (OM on the Out Breath), as she moves on the In Breath, returning all to the awareness of the Divine Source/Christ consciousness within (the actual meaning of the second coming of Christ). Her leyline is in pristine condition and she now functions on her new Higher vibrational frequency leyline system (see Starseed Announcement 3).

For some reason, perhaps because we often confuse discernment with judgement, we seem reluctant to believe that anyone could deliberately give misleading information. If you think about it, millions of Lightworkers around the planet are aware that they wish to help people to a better life. Why is it we think that people who choose to work with opposing energies, are completely unaware that they are doing so? We so often explain away their actions by saying they ‘made a mistake’. Our inherent gift of ‘knowing’, is an awareness that assists us to align our energy to Light for the Highest evolution of ourselves, the planet and her life forms.

In order to see whether a particular communication resonates as truth for you, the words or actions need to reach the heart and not be blocked by the mind, emotions or ego. To be in control as a Spiritual Being, just let go and surrender to your Higher Self or I AM. You could begin to affirm, ‘In the Name of Light of the God Most High, I now move only in the Divine Flow of Highest Wisdom and Love. In the releasing to Highest Order, the mind, emotions and ego no longer dictate or control our life, but work in harmony and balance with Spirit.

Let us be our True Selves, fearless Beings of Love and Light, carrying the inherent gifts of God - power, wisdom, devotion, purity, freedom, truth and love for everyone in the world without any condition or reservation. Let us adopt a consciousness and understanding that goes far beyond third dimensional judgement, negativity and criticism. Make no condemnation of those who choose a different way than yours. Maintain a flow of Golden Light and Love for all ones, regardless of their choices, for they are truly your brothers and your sisters. Align yourselves fully to the Light, allowing no distraction of your focus.

Know we are linked together in Service as we walk the Path of Pure Light and we are connected to the greatest power and force in the Universe - that of the One Light that exists for All – often known as Source/ The Creator/ God/ Allah/  I AM/ Universal Consciousness/ All that Is.

In Light Service,

Sandy Stevenson (Shantarn)

December 1996


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