SOLSTICE  999 – 999 



Our choice, our intent, our decision.


22nd December 2023

Sounding 999 Hz frequency

 at 9am/9pm for 9 minutes and 9 seconds



Aligned to the Source of All Creation, supporting the intent of an awakening humanity, we will gather across the world as One Voice on the Solstice to sound 999Hz, the highest angelic light frequency, to raise the vibration of Earth from 3D to a world of love and harmony. Wherever you are drawn to be - mountains, forests, beaches, deserts, parks or venues; alone or in groups. We the People take responsibility and declare our intention for Earth.

999 is not in the 3D plane of existence. Humanity, in sounding this vibration, states its intent for its future. The sound will permeate throughout Earth and unhook all remaining dense energy still rooted in the Earth 3D grid, causing it to gradually transmute completely.  

The universe offers us key moments of choice where we can alter the time line to a faster outcome of planetary ascension.  This is one such moment.


Arranged by Sandy Stevenson, organizer of the successful worldwide Om Chant from Wembley Arena, London on 21st August 1994 with 58 countries and millions of people. Sound samples and links to 999 Hz frequency on the link below. Choose a small Selenite crystal now. All Selenite on Earth has been raised in frequency to assist this event.


Share with everyone across the world. Network, email groups, print A4 posters, put flyers on every notice board in every community, every town, every country in healing, spiritual, health, holistic, organic, meditation centres, crystal shops, etc. Put the event in diary. All information:  Telegram





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Humanity has entered a life changing moment of evolution, moving to a new dimension of light in an enlightened state of consciousness. Earth is now in a State of permanent Ascension, releasing an entire world of dense energy and moving to a higher energy frequency. We came here with love in our hearts and a challenge we knew we could accomplish. We walked through the flames and let go of everything that was no longer needed. We discovered our inner strength and wisdom and found the essence of who we are; amazing spiritual beings who travelled through time and space to assist Earth in its evolution. We became the Light and watched the Divine plan reveal itself as we transmuted an existing 3D reality, using light to collapse an old world that no longer served its people. When an aspect of 3D reality becomes unacceptable, people reject it and they let go of that aspect of 3D reality. Eventually they let it all go. This increases their vibration that allows them to proceed to 5D


The 22nd of December 2023 will be a very important day. The sounding of the 999 Hz frequency for 9 minutes and 9 seconds (9.9) at 9am and 9pm on the Solstice is a major and powerful statement from humanity. Within the energy of the Solstice (summer in the southern hemisphere, winter in the north) we will align with the Source of All Creation and the Divine Plan for Earth and humanity will state its intention to serve all life with grace, respect and love. We are being assisted by a multi dimensional universe of light who work with us, agreed long, long ago, to assist Earth to a fifth dimensional frequency.


The 999 Hz is a very high frequency above Earth’s normal range of music. So, it elevates us above the frequency of the OM (Aum). The Om is part of the Earth. It is a sound found in nature, such as a clap of thunder, a swarm of bees or waves crashing on the ocean shore. The Om has been chanted through the ages to assist balance and harmony. But we need a different sound for the time we are entering. We need a higher frequency sound to permeate the world to pull us up out of remaining dense 3D energy on Earth. The frequency of 999 Hz is the highest angelic sound, and above 3D Earth frequencies. It therefore has the power to unlock any embedded lower negative 3D energy. As this celestial 999 sound permeates the Earth it will unfix 3D dense energy, allowing it to transmute to a higher positive energy vibration. This works in a similar way to letting go of the string of a balloon and watching it drift to a higher place.


Mathematics has a role to play. This means dates and the times of events have significance. The choice of using the powerful solstice energy on 22nd (master number) at 9am and 9pm for 9 minutes and 9 seconds – all represent the Christed light number of 9. A forerunner to this event was the OM chant held in Wembley arena in 1994. That was done around the world all at the same time of 12 noon GMT. This time we are doing local times of 9am and 9pm in each country. This is useful as people don’t need to get up at all hours of the night to fit in with GMT. However, the sound all ends up in the same time slot. Some may not realize that many multi dimensional world events that involve staggered local times are then collapsed into ONE time slot. That will be occurring with this event.


The sounding of 999 Hz can be done anywhere on Earth, wherever people are drawn to gather. In homes, villages, towns, cities or open spaces in nature; rivers, oceans, mountains, valleys, fields, forests, parks, beaches, sacred sites or places that sing to our heart. Some may have doubts they can reach this high sound or are not sure they will know if they have reached it. Please put aside the mind that doubts our ability and just trust the process of divine order. This event is orchestrated by a multi dimensional world of light and is conducted from the highest realms of light. We will all be assisted to reach the right sound. A bridge has already been created to help us jump from lower sounds we normally use into this higher sound. There are clips of the 999 sound on the website which can be downloaded. And choose intuitively which group to join for that day and you may find someone in that group already uses that sound in their healing work and can help lead.  


This event is born from the Light. It is not initiated or backed by any group or religion. There are no catches, no gimmicks, no costs, no email addresses taken. It comes from a heartfelt desire by humanity, regardless of race, creed or nationality, to create a united world of unconditional love and to live together in integrity, peace and harmony.


We have reached a point of balance where people have made their choice (consciously or unconsciously) with the majority ready to move forward to a new vibration of light, away from rigid patterns of intolerance, judgements, corruption and injustice, to co-exist in peace and love. We each have free will to choose our path. No-one is forced to take a different path. People wishing to continue 3D learning can do so, but not on Earth as the new energy frequency will no longer support that.

Under Universal Law there is a Right that allows incarnated Lightworkers to speak on behalf of their soul families and express their intent for the future. We are using this Right (given to us by our soul families) to give our assent to make a proclamation to transmute the final dense 3D energies and imbed a new frequency of light on Earth.  

Millions of awakened souls across the world are now standing in their power, using their right to expose what they do not want in their future. We each have a role to play in this massive task of helping humanity to become aware of a reality they would intuitively wish to release. Many had to plough into the depths of a harsh reality in order to expose it to the world. Without that exposure Earth would still be right where it was. 

Thousands of people have amazing ideas and plans to create a beautiful new and sustainable future for Earth for the healing and welfare for all life. We will join together across the world to build new self governing local areas that operate in harmony for the good of all. We will continue our journey in this universe in peaceful co-existence with a united galaxy. Light will reflect the joy of being in a higher dimension of love, honour, justice, integrity, trust, respect, responsibility, harmony, peace, compassion, wellbeing, fun and happiness. Every day, with every step, we draw closer to this reality.


To help us reach the 999 Hz frequency we need to be in the vibration of love. Do both the 9am and 9pm sessions if you can. A minimum of 25 minutes is needed for each. That would allow 15 minutes to establish inner stillness and a feeling of love, to be followed by a 9 minute and 9 seconds sounding of 999 Hz. If you have more time to prepare, please do so. It is best to avoid denser energy colours of black, brown, navy and grey. Prepare yourself and the location. Many light tools create ambience, stillness, softness, balance, love and serenity. White or light coloured clothing has a lighter vibration. We can use lovely high vibrational music, crystal bowls, gongs, tuning forks or anything that helps raise vibration. Many light essences are special, such as the ‘999 Frequency’ Essence brought to us by the higher Ascended realms of light via In–Light Essences Australia ( We feel more connected when we join together in a circle and will be perfect for this sounding. Inner circles can be created for larger numbers. We will be helped by the higher realms of light to reach the 999 frequency.


Sounding the 999 frequency will create a major shift on Earth. 999 Hz frequency is a high vibrational sound above the normal range of musical notes. It is considered as the highest frequency in the angelic realms. It represents Divine Oneness and Unity of all people. It enhances spiritual consciousness.

1. Humanity is standing in mastery and stating its intent. An intent voiced by the inhabitants of a planet permits further assistance from the ascended realms, galactic federation and angelic and nature kingdoms, as it will not reduce our learning or mastery.  

2. The 999 vibration pouring through the planet will permeate every particle of energy and dislocate all dense energy particles. This allows a gradual transmutation of those particles into a higher vibration, avoiding an excessive or sudden influx of dense energy into Earth’s etheric field.

4. People are in varying bands of 3D existence on many different paths and realities. People choosing to move to higher vibrations are in stages of releasing 3D reality. Many are now moving between 3D and 5D realities, keeping a link to 3D to fulfil their purpose. As we know, the Universe works for the greater good of all. We have observed this in the last few years as we see information revealed on a gentle gradient that lets people absorb such a hugely different reality without causing shock or trauma. This is an important point to remember. A similar process applies to the 999 sounding. It will create a major shift causing things to proceed more rapidly, but it doesn’t mean Earth instantly shifts into 5D. That would not benefit anyone. The shock would kill billions of people and a multitude of souls would miss the wisdom gained from the final steps into full light. That experience will bring great understanding and growth that will forever serve souls in their future adventures on other planets.

You may have noticed the days are flying by and we don’t get as much done in a day as we used to. As Earth moves toward the 5th dimension and into the ‘now’ present moment (no time) we are losing time. Time loss has been occurring for a long time and will continue until Earth moves out of the illusion of linear time. We are now functioning on an 8 hours, 14 minutes and 22 seconds day. To achieve everything in a day without stress, we need to let go of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ and be intuitive with our actions.




1. MAKE ARRANGEMENTS. Get together with friends or holistic groups to choose a location and make arrangements to gather on 22nd December 2023. The sounding can be done alone at home or in gatherings of any size, anywhere. You could check with local groups to see if they have made arrangements. Decide on a time to arrive - ideally at least an hour before both the 9am and 9pm sessions if you can. This gives time to unite in the loving vibration needed for the 999 Hz chant. Choose someone to be the time keeper to announce the start and end of the 9.9. See whether you want to hire a venue. This is a free event so there is nothing you have to pay for. If a venue requires payment to hire for an hour or so, then perhaps everyone can contribute. Select and arrange some lovely high vibrational music, preferably instrumental. (Check links below.)

2. TELL EVERYONE. Make a commitment and indelibly imprint it on your heart and mind to tell every awake person you meet to do 999 – 999 on the Solstice of 22nd December 2023. Ask people to print out A4 sheets copied from the website link and hand them out. Put flyers on notice boards in villages and towns everywhere. Most local areas have 10 or 20 boards. Email A4 flyers to world-wide mailing lists. Most people on Earth want peace. Let all spiritual and religious groups know the date of this incredibly exciting planetary adventure. Contact therapy groups, crystal shops and warehouses, esoteric book shops, health shops, craft fairs, boot sales, complimentary medicine practitioners and centres, meditation groups, psychics, shamans, women’s circles, sound groups, vegetarian and organic restaurants and markets, yoga and reiki groups, healers, wholefood wholesalers, workshops, spiritual festivals, conferences and to Buddhists, Hindu Indians, Steiner groups, Hari Krishna’s and anyone and anywhere that feels right to you. We have nearly 6 months to reach the whole world.

3. GET A SELENITE CRYSTAL. If you would like to bring a piece of Selenite crystal on the day, you may like to choose it now. Selenite is easily found at the moment and very cheap – a small piece is a dollar or two. You may have friends with some you can borrow. It will need cleaning when you get it and again before the 22nd. Selenite is a porous crystal so it can’t be cleaned using water or any fluid. A good way to clean selenite is outdoors in the cleansing energy of a full moon.

4. RAISE YOUR VIBRATION. Work on raising your personal vibration. Listen and download the 999 music clips on the website. Practice chanting in that vibration of light. Stay in a place of love. Align to people and activities with high vibrations of light. Play lovely music. Avoid negative people. We are beyond lower emotions, ego, guilt trips or judgements. We are the Love and the Light of Source as we give our Service to the planet and all humanity.

5. CONNECT TO HIGHEST LIGHT. Connect with your higher self by repeating several times a day - ‘I align to the Highest Source of All Creation.’


1. Preparation. Dress in white or light coloured comfortable clothing. Natural fibres hold a higher vibration.

2. Crystal. Place your Selenite crystal safely on your body where it will not fall.

3. Timing. Check friends to confirm meeting arrangements. Get clear directions and set off early. Allow time to prepare, meet old friends and make new ones.

4. Announcement. Select someone responsible to announce the start and end of the chant at 9 minutes and 9 seconds.

5. Phones. Put phones on aeroplane mode and turn off or leave in car.

6. Light. Move into a loving heart space. Go beyond ego and mind. Surrender to the Source of all light. As a group, say the following aloud 3 times. ‘I align to the Highest Source of All Creation.’

As a group, say aloud once, ‘In the name of God, I ask the Highest Realms of Ascended Light to establish the right vibration in this space to assist the sounding of the 999 frequency. It is Done’. Asking for higher assistance does not reduce our need to be in mastery and raise our own vibration. 

7. Increase vibration. Use tools to increase your own vibration and that of the location. Feel love for all people on Earth wherever they may be. Stop mind chatter and thought processes. Play lovely high vibrational music for at least 15 minutes (preferably longer) before the sounding. Then turn the music off and continue straight into the 999 chant for 9 minutes and nine seconds.    

8. Sounding. Chant the 999 Hz frequency. To create a united sound, have a clear intention to become One with the 999 frequency. Stop and start as needed between breaths. Be as consistent as possible with the same level of the frequency. Don’t think about how many minutes you have done. The only person who needs to register time is the person who will tell you when the 9 minutes and 9 seconds has ended.

Important note: The Wembley Om on 21.8.94 (21st August is Jesus’ birthday) was originally scheduled for 8 minutes. Prior to the start of the event, I asked the 80 Brahma Kumaras leading the Om on stage, to surrender to the moment and be directed by the Earth Mother. They did this and the OM went for 16 minutes. We discovered later that many groups around the world had also done 16 minutes. The Earth Mother knew that by holding the OM longer it would raise the frequency on Earth a quarter of an octave. That did occur and we have video evidence. So, if it feels right for an individual or group to chant longer, do so. It may be just one individual who intuitively feels to sound longer. Perhaps they are connecting with others doing the same thing, perhaps some tribe high in the Andes or a village in the Sahara. If anyone in that group needs to leave due to time constraints, that is perfectly OK. Every moment helps us reach our goal.

9. Thank you. Hugs with people who share this unique event is a lovely way to send and receive thanks. Hugs are also a great way to pass light codes to each other. Although many of us do not realize it, we all carry light codes in our etheric body. Throughout life we pass codes to people and places, especially in sacred areas and vortices.

The public announcement of this event may achieve more than we realize. It will bring the awakened world together in one focus. Spread the word for everyone to gather across the world to flood Earth with light by chanting the highest angelic frequency. The message of this planned event gives focus, hope, trust, positivity and clarity. Aside from the effect of high frequency light reaching every particle on Earth, it is also a powerful and all important statement by humanity. Just a few minutes one day can change the world. We came here for this. We carry the truth in our hearts. We have held light codes for the collective consciousness for a very long time. We know what we are doing. It is time now for humanity to walk a new path and co-exist in peace and love.

Words cannot express the excitement of embarking on this journey of discovery. A Golden Age shines in brilliance and magnificence, reflecting the universe and what can be achieved when a dedicated, diverse mix of beings from dimensions across the galaxy come together, United as One Voice, One Power and One Strength with an invincible determination to create a New World of Love, Light and Harmony for all humanity. We are experiencing the most magnificent and unique event in universal history. We are the Voice of a New Dawn of Creation.

Across the World let us Walk Together in Love,

Sandy Stevenson

7.7.2023  (=777)



The Secret Power of Sound, Vibrations, and Frequencies
“If you want to know the secrets of the Universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.“

                                                                          – Nikola Tesla



 In Grace, on Wings of Light


NOTE:  It would be good to have a message board link here for people to co-ordinate with local groups in their town. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to supervise a message board. I know we will come up with ways to connect. Many millions connected in over 63 countries for the Wembley Om in 1994 - before emails and internet. The same applied to the 11:11 event in 1992 and the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 – all pre-internet. The internet was only released to the public in 1993 and took several years for people to get computers and build websites.


                WORLDWIDE WEMBLEY OM 21.8.1994



We were notified of 63 countries, many with dozens or hundreds of link-in events. From Niagara Falls to Peru, from refugee camps of Slovenia and Croatia  to the ashrams of India, responding in the Universal flow of Divine order, around the world people gathered on mountain tops, rivers, oceans and sacred sites to sound the OM and began a process of balancing the energy of Earth. We feel the coming together of millions of people started a process of many changes that followed. 10 days later, on August 31st 1994, after a 25-year campaign of violence and terror, the Provisional Irish Republican Army stunned the world by announcing a conditional ceasefire and aside from a hitch in 1996, it held.




Countries that held link in events to the OM at Wembley


Countries in the world in 2023 (159)


            LINKS FOR SOLSTICE 999  





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