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Thank you so much for your lovely messages and enquiries re further workshops.

There are no further workshops planned at this time.  

It has truly been a great blessing for me to have had the opportunity to facilitate so many workshops around

the world for 22 years and a real joy to work with the Ascended Realms of Light.

The Ascended Masters ensured each workshop delivered what was most needed in that moment for each specific group.

Meeting so many wonderful people, I saw the great strength, courage and fortitude of our amazing and wonderful Light Force on Earth.

I have other work to do now but my heart remains with all those I have shared this amazing journey with over the past 22 years.

And the message remains -  'See you at the banquet!'  






        Sandy's 22 year programme of different workshops is now completed.




                                                                                                ONE DAY WORKSHOP - CANBERRA  


A day of spiritual basics covering twin flames, living in the flow, archangels, ascended masters, channelling, discernment, judgement, source paths, ascension, choice, when help isn’t help, how to know if you are on purpose, dimensions, karmic absolution, going home, old souls, lightworkers, past lives, divine alignment decree for yourself and planet, trust, getting back on track, synchronicity, fear of leaving, protection, decrees, divine order, free will and choice and practical help for living in the flow. The day includes a meditation to connect to your Twin Flame and a healing by the Ascended Realms of Light, extending to the crystal you bring. This day offers an overall picture and rejuvenation; to recharge your energy and align to Source.  

Sandy Stevenson is an international presenter and author of bestseller ‘The Awakener.’ She organized the worldwide OM in 1994 involving a million people in 58 countries. Her workshops are fun, down to earth, positive and empowering. Sandy has worked with the Ascended Masters of Light for 23 years and has a deep understanding and commitment to the homeward journey of the Light Force.     




                                            FLAME OF ASCENSION 

                                                              FINAL WORKSHOP 



I cannot sufficiently express what a joy it has been to bring this workshop into form under the guidance of the beloved Archangels, Ascended and Cosmic Beings of highest Light, experiencing their love and the purity of the exquisite gifts they offer everyone on this day.

The Masters intention is to offer a deeper understanding and clarity regarding the possible choices we can each make for our future and to help prepare us for whatever choice we make in the time ahead. You do not need to make your choice in the workshop. 

After incarnating on Earth for so long, the 3rd dimension often becomes more real to us than our true place in the higher realms. So it is not unusual to have fears about what lies ahead. It's good when our fears surface, so they may be handled and released. Choices need to be made from love and not fear. The Masters will help to release fear and uncertainty anyone may have regarding what happens to family and pets if they ascend and generally what life is like in the higher realms for those choosing ascension.

It is a wonderful day. Go with your heart. 

See Comments for this workshop ahead.


The Flame of Ascension 2012



Sandy Stevenson

Archangel Michael, Metatron and Melchizedek; Sanat and Venus Kumara;

Lord Ashtar; the Ascended Masters of the 12 Rays


The Earth has begun her Ascension and is now becoming part of the 5th dimensional Association of Worlds. The Masters intention is to offer a deeper understanding and clarity regarding the possible choices we can make for our future and to help prepare us for whatever we choose in the time ahead. 

*   Love reaches the heart as the Threefold Flame carries us home on the breath of Higher Truth. This day is all about the final plans; the wrapping up procedures involved in the final stage of ascension. It will be mainly a day of messages from the Masters and preparation for individuals to provide what is needed for their future path. It’s designed to help those choosing to ascend and plans for those choosing to continue with 3D life. Fears concerning the unknown will be addressed. Ascending with the physical body will be covered. Guidance given if anyone is unsure of which way to go. 

*  Preparations will be undertaken for those choosing life in the higher realms of existence. This will include bringing in memory of that existence, alignment with higher beings that work with your Higher self, alignment and balancing of all chakra and meridian systems in the body, removing blockages to elemental kingdoms, an all encompassing awareness of what was and is available to you upon your return home, a deeper understanding of the concept of merging, a substantial connection to your Twin Flame and a new cognitive value of higher mathematics in preparation for your return home.

 *  Everyone will make contact with the Master of their Ray/s to get help with areas affecting their life or service role. Please bring a list to the workshop.

*   You will be taken to the 5th dimension to experience the vibration of this plane.  

*   Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command will address and prepare his ground crew for  ascension.

*   You will all receive special healing from Lady Venus Kumara.

*   The new 12 chakra system will be reinforced and rejuvenated.  

*  Help to clear issues that may be inhibiting the abundance of energies available on  Earth,  including life force, stamina, money, etc.

*   You will be taken into the crystal chambers to align your vibration with the full spectrum of the Crystal Grid system on Earth. Bring a small crystal to be programmed as a special Emergency Healer.


Sandy Stevenson is an international presenter and author of the best selling book ‘The Awakener.’ She organized the worldwide OM in 1994 involving a million people in 58 countries. All her workshops are fun, down-to-earth, positive and empowering. Sandy has worked with the 7th & 8th dimensional Ascended Masters of Light for 22 years and has a deep understanding and commitment to the homeward journey of the Light Force. Her website provides positive, easy to read, important information to help in the development of wisdom, self-mastery, discernment, integrity, highest truth and love.

                                                                                      One day Workshop - 10am to 6pm   Starts on time  


   Perth, WA 25th March.                      

      Byron Bay, NSW 14th July                  

  Sydney, NSW.  22nd July                  

     Newcastle, NSW. 29 July                      

    Port Macquarie, NSW. 12 August        

    Melbourne  Sunday, 9th Sept            


                                                                                                  UK AND LITHUANIA

       West Malling, Kent. Sunday, 6th May 

      Truro, Cornwall. Saturday, 12th May 

 Exeter, Devon. Sunday, 13th May  

                Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Sunday, 20th May 

  Milton Keynes. Sunday, 27th May 

    Dublin, Ireland. Sunday, 10th June 

    Fife, Scotland. Saturday, 16th June 

                                                                                        Vilnius, Lithuania  2nd June


  Comments - Flame of Ascension Workshop 2012       

                                                                                         Comments are unsolicited     

I travelled thousands of miles for this day (and thousands of years!) Totally worth it. So comforting. See you at Home. GJ

My joy of coming to your workshops began in October 1998. That day I awakened and never looked back. I pray the workshops will continue until we dance in the 5th dimension. CA  

Thank you so much. As always a superb day of enlightenment, comfort, humour and love. LS 

Thank you for your awesome workshops over the years. I have been with you since the 1995 Gathering of the Masters in Taupo, NZ.  I have not and would not ever miss a workshop.  Thank you for the inspirational guidance. I love your no nonsense approach and the humour. Today you have connected me with Home, and the messages from the Masters are deeply appreciated. TE 

The best one yet. Always a pleasure to see old friends again. SV 

Thank you for the wonderful workshop today and in the past. God Bless and much appreciation WB 

OMG!! Wow! ST 

An extraordinary day, profound and blissful. God Bless Ascended Mastery. Liz 

Within the first 5 minutes I knew today was perfect.  Thank you. 

It was my first time to attend your workshop and I was mesmerized! I just want to say thank you. It is so refreshing to find someone delivering a true message of light in an unapologetic way. I found the experience very moving and it certainly explained a few things for me! I am thankful to have been able to attend. God bless you in your work. Lots of love to you.  WS 

Thank you so much for your workshop. We are so grateful that we attended. We were honoured to meet Commander Ashtar – a first time for both of us. I was so emotional when I felt him – as if I had known him forever and was just being reunited after so, so long. There was so much love in the room! Your gift is so special and you have worked ceaselessly for the light. You are one of the planet’s special lights and we thank you for all that you have given. We are excited about the changes that are coming and that we have waited  for so patiently for all these years (millennia?) K J 

Thank you for a magical day. See you up there! D and S. 

This is such a gentle window on our wonderful world; those caring for it, the lack of fear and our place in it all. Thank you.  Joan. 

Thank you Sandy and colleagues A special day wonderful and amazing and empowering. I could go on… I am so glad I came. Marion. 

A wonderful and helpful day was had by all of us. Thank you. Nadine and Elaine and Gill 

Thank you very much. Brilliant day, inspiring and helpful. You channel the Ascended Masters so well. Happy travelling. With Love, Ros  

Bless you for all that work you have done  -  Love is the glue of the universe. Through space and time and from distant stars and centers of Light, you have most definitely kept things going - and you are loved.

I am in awe of this truly wonderful experience. Thank you  PA

Coming home. Thank you Sandy for facilitating an awesome day. N

This is my time to move into supreme love. What a privilege to be able to work with you Sandy. Much love and gratitude from over the years MP

As ever, an awesome experience. I am going home. D

So pleased I came. I feel so energized by the whole experience. Bless you and thank you Love Barbara

Thank you Sandy for a wonderful workshop once again. Very powerful, very loving, AMAZING!   GC

Thank you for the journey. Wonderful day. Paul 

'Simply Divine'. Love and Light

What a special day. I feel blessed a thousand times. Thank you with all my heart. GV

Powerful. Full of love. Inspiring - just a blissful experience with lots of humour too. Fabulous!  KJ

I feel I have been wrapped in a pink blanket. 

The workshop was wonderful, as always. I feel so connected with the loving energies and excited about heading home, before going off on another ‘adventure’. David 

Thank you so much for the workshop all my friends really loved it......even if they have been on cloud 9 and trying to ground since!!!! Life is certainly interesting since the workshop and I can see I need to be careful what I wish and ask for.......joking aside it was amazing and life is sure moving forward in a fantastic way. Lots of Love & Angel Hugs 

Thank you for the workshop in Fife on 16th June. It was amazing and very healing. I have felt a lot of clearing happening to me during and since the workshop. I always look forward to your events and was saddened that you feel this may be the last UK workshop. I hope it isn't but if it is then I want to thank you and your Friends from other dimensions for all the wonderful work they have done on our behalf over the years. with love and gratitude. HE  

I connected with my Twin Flame in the workshop. I didn't want that joy to end, but its OK as we have been together since that day. When the connection was made, I asked, who are you. This was my reply. "Those you have most loved, those you have most respected, those you have most revered in life, I am a reflection of that - and more". C 

Many thanks for the wonderful day in Marino in Dublin in June - it was a fantastic experience and the memory of it will stay with me for a long time. HM 

I was only told of your workshop this year. So very pleased I came. I feel wonderfully energized by the whole experience. Bless you and thank you love Barbara 

Thanks for sharing your love and wisdom. Debbie 

Thank you for this day. It was wonderful. P 

Thank you Sandy. Wonderful workshop once again. Very powerful, very loving. Amazing! GC  

Thank you for sharing the knowledge with such a lovely heart and humour. Sarah 

Thank you very much for today, so illuminating. Love Elaine 

Thank you Sandy for another wonderful workshop. Love Nadia 

Thank you so much.  Love Maria 

Simply Divine!  Love and Light. 

Thank you for a truly wonderful day. Gill 

Thank you Sandy. Love and Light, Maria.  

Wonderful day. Once again. Venue so full of light. Love and blessings and Peace. A delight to spend a day in  heaven with you and the Realms of Light. Thank u. Ellen (Scotland) 

I wouldn’t have gotten through this mission without you Sandy. You have been a rock beneath my feet for this lifetime and this mission. Thank you for being my inspiration, my teacher and the most important person in this lifetime. You have played your role so perfectly and helped more than you consciously know right now. Lots of Love. P 

Thank you Sandy for all your hard work, Bless you for all your have done for me. AD  

A beautiful relaxing day with the best of friends. Love AB 

Enjoyed the workshop. Thank you for all the years. Love A 

Thank you for your book The Awakener. It saved my sanity. Much love S 

I have been with you since the big OM in Wembley. Thank you for all your workshops and this one, the completion. Words cannot express how much I value your input. Thank you so much and love everlasting. Pam 

Today’s workshop was truly amazing. With love and light and blessings. Irene 

Many Many Thank you’s ONE and ALL. AM 

Thank you for being you. Another delightful Divine connection. MP 

First workshop we have been to. Loved every part of it. Felt spiritually in touch with the universe, Love and light. N and C 

What a wonderful inspirational day being with our Archangels, Guides and other Celestial Beings, Twin Flames - OM. A delight. 

Once again, a beautiful gathering, Sandy. I look forward to seeing you at the banquet. Namaste.

Thank you again for such an amazing day! I have had a very blissful weekend. The three of us feel very blessed to have been there. T

Thank you for all the confirmations of messages - helps me stay in trust. Thank you. Thank you. YJ

Thank you for channeling Lord Ashtar - great to hear him and be in his presence again - the tears flowed just listening to him. How I have missed being there. Great workshop. MJ

Very grateful for all your sharing. Chris S

I haven’t missed attending your workshops since 1993 (19 years), sometimes 2 in a year - like this year, with Byron Bay and Sydney (2012). I will always recall the 1st time I heard you speak at the Sydney MBS Festival in Nov 93. I sat on the edge of my seat, totally transfixed and spellbound. SL

Much gratitude for a wonderful and expanding workshop. It was my 3rd with you and I wish you so very well. Gorgeous daughter, too. P.S.  I shall meet you at the banquet. SC

Thank you so much for another amazing, beautiful, high energy day and of course it's always a joy to see all those smiling faces and share in the love. See you next time round, maybe at the banquet :) RA 

Thank you Sandy and the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings of Highest Light for a truly heavenly day. I feel so honoured and grateful to have received the love, healing and understanding gifted during this powerful workshop. Such joy and excitement now for what lies ahead. Thank you so much for making this brilliant day possible and sharing your magnificence with us. Love M 

Thank you so much for the truly magnificent workshop yesterday, what a gift of a day! I very much enjoyed you telling us about your experiences on some Sacred Journeys. Thank you for doing so. I learn much through your stories. Thank you for all the humour and Light heartedness you wove through the workshop; so much fun. Thank you for bringing through the Masters; so very special. Thank you to the Masters who participated in the day; I thank them for their generous gifts. I've felt some wonderfully powerful energies during your workshops of past years Sandy but nothing like the energies I felt in this 'Flame of Ascension 2012' workshop. It felt very exciting and very heart warming to feel these energies swirling around me. What a unique day. May you be richly blessed in return for bringing this workshop to us Sandy.  Love G 

This workshop has to be the most remarkable spiritual makeover on Earth. To receive personal help from Ascended Masters with any challenges I listed; for all of us to hear the Master's brilliant and uplifting messages; to have my crystal programmed to help with any health or other problems I may have and to link up with our Twin Flames was simply amazing. Hard to believe it all happened in just one day! SD

Thank you so much Sandy. Good to see you and be at one of your workshops again. The three friends I brought were “blown away” and so was I – a very powerful workshop – thank you so much. I was very affected by the channelling from Lord Ashtar and ended up with a sodden tissue! I have never reacted in that way before so it took me completely by surprise. Every word of the channelling hit “home’. I keep trying to rationalise it – the music was stunning and brought back memories of meditations of 12 or so years ago- but it wasn’t just that. Lots to think about!  Again – lovely to see you. Love, S

Thank you so much for an amazing experience at the Byron Bay workshop. I feel like I lived my whole life to hear the messages given that day. Wow, profound - and it has shifted my whole perspective to such a lighter space --- one that has been there all along - although something has definitely changed. It’s also really comforting to know I am not the only one out there and that many feel the same. I was pretty wowed and blissed out afterwards. I am so grateful. ME

Thank you. This has been a slice of time, creating a space of connections and reconnections with the flower of life. Confidentially I can say I Am Light and Love. Love in always. LP

I attended your workshop today in Port Macquarie. I just wanted to say thank you for coming to Port to deliver this workshop. I feel totally energized by the experience, excited by the information you gave (a lot of it new to me) and grateful that I attended. Love, CC

Thank you for your kind and gentle words of encouragement J

Much love and gratitude for everything you do for all of us, especially bringing us together to download the next round of energy to help us all on our journeys. Susan

Thank you with all my heart. My first channelling experience. Thank you for saturating this sponge with love that has no end. Endless love and blissful moments to you Sandy. MV

May I thank you again for a ‘Wonderful’ day. BG

I would like to express my thanks in your presentation of the workshop, yesterday, in Melbourne. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved being in that energy. Being my 2nd attendance at one of your workshops, I was very pleased that it was possible for you to have presented here in Melbourne. As I continue on my journey, I will hold the feeling and memory of the connection of the energy of the higher realms. Again thank You, Travel well, and hope we can come together again in the near future. Lots of love AS 

Thank You So Much for a beautiful Workshop in Melbourne. Loved it. DS

Thank  you so much for the workshop in Melbourne on Sunday. You are a divine spark of light and wisdom that shines so brightly to all of us who are looking for that light so we can advance our lives for the greater good. I have felt a deep shift since Sunday and I am indeed very grateful. TK  

Byron Bay workshop pictures - getting ready to start the day


Frequency of Light  2010

 Sandy Stevenson and Metatron

This one day workshop offers the tools to make a leap to a new level of being in preparation for the Ascension of Earth and your return home.


This programme will offer you the opportunity to make a connection with Archangel Metatron, an 8th dimensional being who overseers the mathematical programmes of the universe. Through this connection will come a chance to reach the inner realms such as is rarely attained. For those who feel ready to move on to higher levels of awareness, this day will bring that which you seek. Metatron works on an individual basis, allowing for your own individual goals, agreements and connections. All sequences are conducted under Universal Law protocol in the Highest Light. 

Archangel Metatron holds the blueprint of all creation, holding and ministering the sacred geometry patterns of the Universe. He issues the 'Metatronic Cube,' written in ancient texts, a structure composed of all the sacred shapes of the Universe. He places this structure over anything to be created, forming the blueprint of its construction. Metatron means 'One who occupies the Throne next to the Throne of the Divine. 

Allowing yourself to receive the love of the universe – opening the heart chakra to align to the new frequencies, in preparation for ascension.

Receive an individual frequency note to help establish health in your physical body.

Receive a new frequency of light in preparation for returning home.

Receive mathematical symbols to maintain frequency of light.

Make contact with your own I Am Presence.

Contact people who remain connected to you via silver and golden chords to determine and disconnect from ties that no longer serve.

Healing emotions.

Removal of any entity in your space that is not of the light frequency you would prefer.

Connect to a programme that allows you to communicate to the 144,000 Old Souls of Earth to gain the wisdom they have obtained.

Connect to the 8th dimension of Light.

Align to a higher frequency of the Ascended Master of the Ray/s you work with.

The programme will be significantly more effective if you prepare for 5 days prior to the workshop. Contemplate your commitment. How determined are you to complete your work and go home. Spend 5 days in stillness, constantly removing any negative or judgmental thoughts. Allow an undisturbed 30 mins daily, flowing love through all your cells and organs. Imagine a situation that produces a feeling of love. Duplicate the feeling it brings and pour it through your body. Call on the Highest Universal Light. Then visualize a silver cloak around your shoulders as a white column of pure ascension light surrounds you, allow to cleanse chakras and emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Sandy Stevenson’s last UK workshop tour was in 2008. She is an international presenter and author of the best selling book ‘The Awakener.’ She organized the worldwide OM in 1994 involving a million people in 58 countries. All her workshops are fun, down-to-earth, positive and empowering. Sandy has worked with the 7th & 8th dimensional Ascended Masters of Light for 18 years and has a deep understanding and commitment to the homeward journey of the Light Force. Her website provides positive, easy to read, important information to help in the development of wisdom, self-mastery, discernment, integrity, highest truth and love.

Frequency of Light Workshop Comments

Workshop comments are unsolicited

Thank you so much Sandy, Metatron and the Ascended Masters. I felt held in the arms of love all day and feel charged to complete everything. WJ

Thank you with all my heart for presenting the magnificent workshop with Metatron yesterday.  What a magical day. There's nothing like sitting in on one of your workshops to touch the joys of Heaven. I always come away (from your workshops) feeling so inspired and encouraged, so truly blessed and very grateful for the gifts and healings of these special days with you and the Ascended Masters.  It is an absolute joy and honour to have you in my world Sandy.  God bless you. Love BG

I was so privileged to have attended your amazing light frequency workshop in Sydney on 12/12/10 . I came away from it utterly tingling with excitement and joy. It was my first one ever and I thank you so much for the opportunity to have been a part of it.   LK

Thank you for a wonderful, amazing workshop yesterday, I felt it was the most powerful yet. The energy was HUGE, finer, accessing dimensions we have not been able to attain til now. I'm sure that everyone who was there received blessings that will last forever. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of being involved in such a way with such awesome Company. RA

An Amazing workshop! I feel so blessed to be here. Thank you with love  BG

Thank you for facilitating the workshop in such an easy way. I have found that my base frequency has indeed been increased since the workshop and it is amazing that I react differently and more compassionately to events and people which I would not have done before. Negative thoughts which I would have normally clinged to are now not being bought into. It is just so exciting watching myself react to what comes my way in the present in a way that I was not able to before. I actually am aware my energy could be lowered in an instant but it seems harder for that to actually happen. It's like I have a set of brakes once I feel I am buying into neg energy.  So cool - I think even the kitchen sink was thrown into that workshop. Yours in gratitude and love, Ian  

Such a momentous day when you presented Metatron for us. I am full of gratitude to you for the GIFT of everything that happened. Actually, 3D words cannot explain how I feel, or the depth of love and awe I feel. I cannot imagine how you managed to hold that frequency for the entire day. I felt every molecule in all my bodies being worked on at every level. I feel the energy still working through me. I experienced true bliss and a glimpse of what is ahead for us all. I even feel that thank you isn't enough, except that it comes from my heart and soul. Thank you again and again. Now I feel prepared fully for anything put before me before the journey home. KC   

Thank you Sandy and Metatron for a brilliant opportunity to forge ahead. HU

What a wonderful workshop I feel blessed to have been told about it. DT

Awesome workshop. LK

Lovely to be in your company and presence on Sunday in Sydney. The energy of the day has a lasting effect; it is wafting through me and sparking more changes in my life. Love, Stevie    

I just wanted to thank you once again for a most beneficial and inspiring workshop.  It was so important to me as it was my first workshop and I learnt so much and was so grateful to be in the midst of such lovely people and of course the Ascended Masters. It is so important to have messengers/teachers who are down to earth and come from the Heart. Love and Light, Tasha

What more can I say about the transcendental experience yesterday! I really needed that. I’m still in the 8th dimension today! So good to feel this high and happy. Everything is so CLEAR! And I know everything’s ALL LIGHT. All is in divine order! Infinite blessings! BR

Thank you very much Sandy, this workshop is wonderful, I’m delighted to be here. Thank you for reminding me of a lot of things I almost forgot. LR

I am so grateful to be here. SM

Wonderful  workshop. Divine in nature. NJ

Thank you so much Sandy and Archangel Metatron for a brilliant day on 10.10.10. Such exquisite Love, help and healing given, with lots of laughter along the way. I feel so blessed and honoured to have been part of such a special day. With much Love and Gratitude  BM  

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Sandy,  Metatron and all for the most magnificent (workshop) day we shared last Sunday -  10/10/10 in Port Macquarie.  What a glorious re-union, what fun and joy, hope and celebration and so much more than words can tell. I feel so honoured to have been part of this special day.  Thank you for making this gathering, this day possible Sandy, I loved every moment of it. Love, BG

I was depressed, exhausted and not well and now feel fantastic and my doctor and chiropractor have both commented on how great I am doing. It all changed at the workshop. B  

The workshop was phenomenal, so clear and down to earth, making it so easy to connect and move forward. Tasha UK

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this day. RJ  

Thank you for a wonderful experience. FL

I want to thank you so so much for facilitating the 'Frequency of Light 2010' workshop yesterday in Milton Keynes . It was immensely powerful, rich and absolutely amazing. The immensity of it is only just dawning on me. I am extremely grateful to you and Metatron (and all the beings who helped) for all that we have received and were privilege to. With deep deep gratitude and appreciation. QJ Yorkshire  

Thank you so very much for such a fantastic day on Saturday.  I can't begin to describe how much I loved and gained from every minute of being there. So much has shifted in such a short space of time that it almost felt like the birthing of a new me.  I was tested through the day which was just perfect, as I had time to practice purifying my thoughts before I left,  and as you promised for those who really try,  Metatron will deliver! Can I give you 2 quick examples from today? My daughter took my hand and held it during our dog walk today.  She's 10 and holding my hand has been a bit uncool for quite a while.  It made my heart sing! And…I have been wanting to go to Glastonbury for a while but finding a time/space to go there was stopping me from going.  The calling has become stronger recently and today an opportunity has arisen from nowhere for me to go on Friday. So I'm putting the dog in the car and off we'll go - can't wait to see what  happens.........Thank you Thank you Metatron!  Thank you to my lovely crystal friend! Love,  cosmic light and many blessings to you for your service, PS   

Thank you for the workshop - it was a beautiful day. Pam S  

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop which has left me feeling calm and somehow renewed in my energy. Onwards and upwards. G 

Thanks again for a great day CV 

Thank you for a wonderful  day yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling really uplifted, and at the same time very grounded. Workshops flow with grace and ease. Love and Blessings  JA 

The day was fabulous.  CJ

The workshop on Sunday at Heathfield has lifted me so much and I feel I am finally back on my path again. I have managed to consciously make an effort to stay out of judgment and criticism, correcting myself when I slip up.....  which is often I can tell you! I am consciously working on staying positive and making space to give myself the nurturing I have needed but neglected to do for so long. All definitely stems from the wonderful energies brought through on Sunday and your wonderful lightness and humour. Thank you! HL

Thank you so much for a wonderful day with Metatron, Meditations and Magic at Newquay on Saturday. It was a truly memorable day. Bless you.  FS  

Thank you for an awesome Day. I went and sat in a Field of Rape crop as the Sun set on the way home – the singular rain drop on the smallest of leaves and the little flies balancing on the yellow petals, the smell of the air, feels as though everything has changed already. Safe travels and Prayers for a smooth Traverse. MN

Thank you for a brilliant workshop in Exeter - it left me feeling uplifted and reassured, and I still feel invigorated and focused a whole week later.  It was a privilege to work with Metatron and with you!  And I feel relieved, somehow, as though there were entities of not quite the right frequency in my space, which were holding me back, somehow.  But now they have gone! So thank you very much, for taking the trouble to come all the way from Australia to give us lightworkers such valuable assistance.  It is much appreciated.  You're doing something very important for the Earth Star and for all of us. TR

Wow. What a team you and Metatron are. It is such an amazing opportunity – which I am taking with gratitude. Definite shift  - still ongoing. Feeling so many things, in a detached sort of way I find difficult to put into words.   More work to be done on cutting cords.  It’s still ongoing and am coming to a second workshop. Loved being in the midst of such uplifting, reminding, energy of Home.  SC  

Wonderful and powerful day with you and Metatron. CH 

Thank you for a wonderful workshop which affirmed so much for me.  Words cannot express my gratitude. With much love, light and blessings to you. LM  

Thank you for such a wonderful workshop. EA 

The workshop was outstanding. Leanna  

Sandy, I just wanted to thank you so much for the workshop in Pinner on Sunday. It was truly magical. And thank you for being you, and such an inspiration, showing me we can have fun, and a sense of humour is ok too! …and wow, isn't Lord Metatron just amazing! With Much Love, Anna-Marie  

I found the workshop very profound and I feel more grounded than ever before. I also took heed and resigned from a group that was draining my energy. I feel a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you for coming all this way and bringing Metatron to my life. DL      

Thank you for the wonderful workshop in Shrewsbury. The workshop really did take me and my friends to a new dimension. I am inspired to get on with it and BE the light and BE my own master and to help others be the same, where and when it is possible. Much love, light and gratitude, EB     

Just a note to say a big thank you for the wonderful workshop last Sunday. Very powerful. I was told about Metatron a few years ago but the experience was exceptional and still continues!  GD   

Thank you and Metatron so such for a wonderful day last Sunday. It really was very special. The day seemed to fly – well just like our ‘time’. Certainly I feel everything differently. Its almost as if an important part of me has been put back in place, and I feel so safe and peaceful. Thank you. God bless you for all that you do and have done. HB               

Since the workshop I can feel the influence of Metatron in our lives. I've had a subtle shift in my physical body - or maybe not so subtle, maybe just feels like that because the changes have been so gentle & gradual. Since the workshop I've lost 23 pounds. I've stopped having migraines. (They were at least monthly before) I have been manifesting so easily that I am VERY careful about what I wish for these days. We feel more balanced. We both have felt the need to meditate more regularly.  Thank you for the workshops that you gave throughout the UK. You are one of our earth angels.  Love you so much, EJ  

It was my honour and pleasure to assist and be part of this amazing and very special day!! I loved it!!! A big thank you to Metatron for his presence. I truly feel humbled and in awe and grateful to be a part of the Light Force and so happy to have attended your workshop. An amazing experience for all!  NJ 

My sincerest gratitude to you for your magnificent workshop. Blessings to you. I felt so much more grounded and empowered and felt an amazing energy whilst doing my spiritual healings yesterday. J 

Thank you again for such a wonderful day yesterday at the Frequency of Light Workshop at Byron Bay, it was so special and beautiful.  CA

In Bliss Again. B L  

WOW Factor – working one on one with METATRON! A perfect day when you realise you can stand with Metatron and trust and believe you belong. Thank you Thank you Thank you. L H  

Thank you so much for this amazing and rewarding workshop. I had the most wonderful healing. The left hand side of my face was damaged by brain surgery years ago. Could feel nothing. After the first meditation I had the feeling back. Also my eyesight back again. Love has entered me. Thank you. M S  

Thank you for a fulfilling workshop full of Light and energy, laughter and peace. B I  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the workshop in Perth in March. I have benefited a great deal from all the meditations we did.  There were a few aspects of my life which I had been still very attached to, and one in particular which after the workshop I was able to confront and get the truth which I had known but had denied my knowing, and finally move on with love and joy. I feel as though I am finally allowing myself to be a whole 'person'.  With love and gratitude. Sue  

Thank you for making the journey home a fun ride. Such ease and Grace, thanks Metatron. A F  

Sandy you are a mirror image of the very light beings you teach us about. You are amazing. Thank you so much.  T F  

I always look forward to your funny and down to earth workshops – really enjoy attending them all. V S  

Thank you for reminding me again about the journey home and the celebration/banquet. Lots of love, M S  

This was so freeing! I enjoyed it immensely. It was a challenge to go to an ’empty’ place for me and I met the challenge and “won” for me!!!  S F  

Thank you so much for another amazing workshop and the opportunity to reconnect. Love and Light R F  

Wonderful workshop. Divine in nature. Jim N  

I was at the workshop just over a week ago and asked Metatron for help in clearing my fears. I was led to someone who helped me clear some really deep beliefs this lifetime. Whew!  I have come out the other end and really feeling that life is different. I feel more like me and have a greater desire to help. B.S  

I found the workshop to be very inspiring, the energy was electrifying, sent tingles down my spine. Each meditation was different with the music that was played and I found myself in a lovely space each time. I particularly enjoyed the way that you spaced  the sessions with the great jokes. You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself. You have confidence in the subjects that come through to you, that shows in the way that you  present it in your workshops. I went home feeling renewed and uplifted, it stayed with me . B

I found the day to be very peaceful and enlightening. I have always meditated as far back as I can remember but not for so many hours…. The messages I received were subtle but very powerful. I liked what was said about discernment, the very next day someone offered me something that I would ordinarily have said sure I will give it a look. But I felt no I don't think I want to touch that and I didn't. The next day Tuesday someone else offered me the same product with equal enthusiasm and I said thanks but I am not interested and that felt very good to me. On Wednesday night I had a blackout in my street and I got the message that quite reflective time is important at this time. SO in general I am calling in and using the light and asking for help when I would not have done so in the past. Being conscious of light beings and light has increased on a daily basis for me and that feels wonderful. As I type this I have goose bumps and I feel surrounded and supported by light and love. Thank you. I am interested in further workshops in future.  MJ 

I felt very drawn to do the workshop and I felt it was left to the individual's consciousness to respond to what you suggested each meditation was about. I think each experience contributed to the next.  The path to wholeness is always under construction'. I know I came away from the day feeling very clear and expanded. I appreciated the group energy and being with like minded people. I think the workshop opened up higher dimensional pathways that were just waiting to be switched on and the other happenings consolidated and confirmed the process. FA

Loved the workshop, I haven't sat through a whole day of meditation before but didn't find it difficult at all. I thought I would have had trouble staying focused but didn't even doze off. I already had a rather busy 4 weeks planned following the workshop. I sailed through things I thought were going to be difficult. Did a house clear out. I am certainly feeling clearer in what I did and didn't want around me, so far more is going out. Some things I didn't even want back in my house, it was all rather strange. MJ  

Thanks for a wonderful workshop experience. I really enjoyed the day at Port Macquarie. It has helped me a lot. I had no idea what to expect – but am still feeling the benefits. It has helped me change my future expectations. CM 



The Celebration of Earth

Workshop Tour UK 2008

  A one day workshop with Sandy Stevenson  and the Ascended Masters

Many facets of the Divine Plan for Earth have come together, as planned so long ago. Celebrations ring out across the universe. In thanks, the Ascended Higher Masters and Cosmic Beings from the 7th dimension and higher offer a day of special gifts for yourself, friends and family.

♥ The Ascended Masters offer a celebration gift. A special enhancement of an ability you already have or the gift of a new ability you may request (if in your best interests).   

♥ Lemuria and Atlantis. People who lived in either area will be assisted to release upsets and trauma specifically related to these continents. People from neither area, who may have arrived in small numbers and be feeling alone or different, will be linked via a golden cord to their friends back home. (ET phone home!) People will be split into 3  different groups for this action. You will be helped to establish the correct group.  

♥ Healing on all levels.  Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  

♥ Sacred geometry energising. Bring one crystal and 1 litre bottled water to be energised with high vibrational coding. The crystal will create a permanent healing vortex in your home. Four people with these crystals can create a temporary healing area anywhere. Several drops of water added to 10 litres will bring it to the same value of healing.  These gifts can be shared with friends and family.  

♥ Product analysis. Bring one product, i.e. food/vitamin/medicine/cosmetic, etc. and you will be given the mathematical percentage of benefit this item has for you. Be aware that different batches can have different levels of workability (if applicable, bring 2 of same item.) This section may be limited by time available and attendee numbers.

Sandy Stevenson has been presenting workshops internationally for 16 years. She is the author of the best seller ‘The Awakener,’ & ‘I Am Here’ and organised the worldwide OM in 1994 involving a million people in 58 countries. All her workshops are fun, down-to-earth, positive and empowering. Sandy works with 7th and 8th dimensional Ascended Masters of Light and has a deep understanding and commitment to the homeward journey of the Light Force. Her website provides positive, easy to read, important information to help in the development of wisdom, self-mastery, discernment, integrity, highest truth and love.  



Milton Keynes  Saturday 31/5  

Chesham, Bucks Sunday 1/6

Exeter, Devon  Saturday 7/6  

Newquay, Cornwall.  Sunday 8/6

Fife, Scotland. Saturday 21/6

Shrewsbury, Shropshire.  Sunday 29/6

Dublin, Ireland   Saturday 5/7

West Malling, Kent. Sunday 13/7  

                                                                        WORKSHOP ALSO BEING HELD IN: 

                                                                                                        Hong Kong  24/5 

                                                                                                        Lithuania   19/7 

                                                                                                        Singapore 3/8 

Various workshop pictures










Lovely Ireland



 Forgot to take pictures of the wonderful crowd in Scotland - again!!  But we have a few pics of our venue, home of our beautiful organiser, Cherry.


                                                                                                                                                                         Poppy, Sandy and Cherry (organiser)



 Our wonderful Lithuanian organiser, translators and helpers. Agne, Jurate, Tumas, Egle, Lilije



LITHUANIA  - another workshop

                                                  Kernave, Vilnius

      Sally Brown - singer


                             The beautiful heart based Lithuanians - patiently waiting for the translation, so perfectly delived by the wonderful Agne   



  Workshop was over, but these lovely people didn't want to leave the energy




The Celebration of Earth


A one day workshop with Sandy Stevenson

and the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings of Light


     GOLD COAST. QLD      1st September           COMPLETED     

MELBOURNE, VIC       9th September.           COMPLETED

PERTH, WA                    23rd September          COMPLETED

SYDNEY, NSW               14th October              COMPLETED

NEWCASTLE, NSW       20th October             COMPLETED

DERBY, TAS              4th November          COMPLETED

   BYRON BAY, NSW  18th November          COMPLETED    



A few comments from Celebration of Earth workshop held in Australia...

Workshop comments are unsolicited

2006 TOUR  





                                                         with Sandy Stevenson and the Ascended Masters


England, Scotland and Ireland and Australia 2006


UK LOCATIONS:  Milton Keynes.  Chesham, Bucks.  West Malling, Kent.  Dublin, Ireland.  Exeter, Devon.  Truro, Cornwall.  Southampton, Hampshire. Fife, Scotland.  Shrewsbury, Shropshire. 

AUSTRALIA:  Sydney NSW.  Melbourne VIC. Perth WA. Port MacquarieNSW. Gold Coast QLD. Albury NSW


Some 2006 UK Tour comments  

Workshop comments are unsolicited 

Thank you for an amazing lecture. Everyone I have spoken to since 17 th September are still having changes and shifts in their lives and are feeling the benefit of the very powerful healing we were granted on that very special day.  U Larkin  UK

People have been asking me when you are coming over again, guess we all miss your personal presence. Know we are all one and all that but your days were something very special in our lives.  Hugs, Angel  (W/S organiser).

Thank you for the wonderfully enjoyable and educational day in Exeter. M Lavaulx  

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for a great day in Dublin. It was a wonderful insight into questions I have & Have Not asked yet! Super meditations took about a week for me to come down. Also really enjoying your book getting a lot out of it. Blessings Frank. Ireland

Thanks a million for the wonderful day in Milton Keynes. The venue was perfect and very comfy chairs. And arriving exactly on my 80th birthday,  I thank you for the most beautiful quartz crystal. It has not left my side and is working wonders for me. Our hearts go with you Sandy as you travel on our behalf.  J. Poole Stevenage UK

Thank you Sandy for a beautiful day. Love and gratitude,   B Edmondson UK

Thank you for a super day last Saturday at Exeter. I have felt so much better since and closer to the spirit world. The effect was instant and healing took only a few days. Thank you. A Jourdan  Devon, UK

Thank you for the whole experience and opportunity. C Cyster.

Really loved the Truro day. Dinah  

Thank you Sandy for the wonderful day in Shrewsbury. I hope our paths will cross again one day. Love Hazel Kidd

Thank you so much for a beautiful yesterday, all the healings and guidance we all received was and is truly wonderful. Dee. UK.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the lecture on 17th September in Shrewsbury. I felt healed and uplifted afterwards and I have now devoured ‘I Am Here’. It is brilliant. May Love and Light be with you always. D Snape Wales,UK

It was lovely to see you again. Your lecture tour has inspired many hearts – renewing our will to keep positive and strong. You cannot know all the good you do. M Stow  UK

I truly enjoyed your workshop in Scotland It was absolutely tremendous. Love and light   A McAdam

Wonderful to see you - very relaxing day and what a fantastic venue. It was all absolutely perfect! Big thank you to you and the Masters! In a very relaxed ‘whatever will be will be’ space just now. S Tait  Scotland

I enjoyed your lecture very much on Sunday and hope to see you again when you are back in the UK Many thanks and lots of love and light. M Ford UK

I was at the lecture in Fife on Sunday which I thoroughly enjoyed.  During the healing on Sunday I asked for my hormones to be balanced as I hadn’t had a period for 3 months and thought I was going through the menopause and on Monday I had a period! love n light, EJ  UK

Thanks so much for the lecture and healing. I can’t put it into words how profound the whole experience was. Suffice to know it reached all levels of my being and I now feel in a completely different space. Wonderful. I am grateful to you and truly blessed to know you. All my love, forever and ever. C Q. Ireland

Just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' for  a wonderful lecture on Sunday. Great to see you again and in such good form as always.  Have really felt 'different' since Sunday and it is all good! Lots of 'stuff' whizzing up to be transmuted, still some old patterns I surely do not need any more and thought I had disposed of!  But no, here they come again! But inside, since Sunday, I have felt this lovely warm all encompassing glow that seems to fill my whole being, and it is as if a part of me that was missing has been restored - thank you for facilitating this Sandy. You are a STAR!!  My husband has also been really different, somehow I believe something in him has also been restored, and it sounds silly but he seems a more 'complete' and confident person. He really enjoyed the lecture too. What a lovely venue. Thanks again from my heart. HB UK

Thanks a million Sandy for everything. So many people have said they got so much out of the day...Thank you very much from me too. It was very beautiful and a lovely sense of joy afterwards. H Chew. Dublin lecture organiser.

Yesterday certainly lived up to my expectations - and more!  Your 'lecture' was clear and informative. I don't find it easy to still my mind and meditate yet even with so many people there you lead me to a beautiful place of peace, truth and unconditional love. One of my abiding memories will also be the circle at the end. The ENERGY in the circle was awesome and I would have thought could not be more powerful yet I happened to be standing beside one of your 3 special guests and when we finished she gave me a huge.  WOW, the love which came through her really touched my soul.  She is indeed, like you, a VERY SPECIAL PERSON. I am glad to have been in your physical presence and hope we meet again even before the Banquet! Take care and safe journey.   Love E Dixon

Thank you for the wonderful afternoon at Exeter - it was an uplifting and very healing experience for me. If you ever do another UK tour please let me know as I would like to attend again.  I bought your book "The Awakener" several years ago and have found it really enlightening and also very practical and easy to read and I've recommended it to quite a few people.  When I found that you were doing workshops in the UK I was delighted to have this opportunity put in front of me. Thanks again and love, M Shehan

Many thanks for the Chesham workshop - much enjoyed it and very powerful.  Having now read the copy of  I Am Here which I bought from you, I'd like to buy a few more to lend to people.  Please let me know if this can be arranged. Much love and light, C Maylor

Just to thank you for the wonderful day we had with you at Milton Keynes.  It was very inspiring. Thank you also for the healings.  The following day I started a streaming cold so I guess I must have shifted quite a lot. I am sure I am not the only one who hopes it will not be too long before you are back in the U.K. Your workshops are very special.  Love and light,  P Redding

Thank you once again for a lovely afternoon. Love,  S Greenwood

Just a quick word of thanks to you and Sandy for Saturday, I can't remember the last time I felt so bright and shiny after something....and still do...love,    A Egan 

I enjoyed your day in Dublin , since then I have been working with my Twin Flame, my experiences are just so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing you next time you travel to Ireland . Love & Blessings Janet   

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop in August. Many thanks, Love & Light, Judith L  Nov 2006

Thank you again for the lovely day with you back in September. Much Love and Light, D King, UK  Nov 2006

Just to say a big thank you for the wonderful day here with you last August. Angela Chesham UK

Really enjoyed my day with you in the summer. Hurry back soon. Love and light, C Weaver  11/06

Many thanks for all your help in September. Peace be with you. Love M McCarthy 11/06  

I really enjoyed your workshop held in Shrewsbury in the autumn – such a lot came up for me in the healings, it was fantastic.  I felt great. Thank you. Thanks for letting me know that my crystal is on its way – I’m very excited about it. Rachael UK Dec 2006 



Some 2006 Australia Tour comments: 

Workshop comments are unsolicited 

After the workshop, on Sunday night or early morning (not sure of the time) I had an experienced which words can not possibly describe but for this email lets say I awoke. I could type all day on what I saw, what I experienced, what I felt and what I've gained plus everything else in between but you already know. After riding the wave of pure bliss and freedom which I thought would last forever I realised nothing ventured past the NOW. No one showed me what to do now. I feel lost and confused I don't know how to be now. I never knew how many words were spoken in a day just to fill the space. And its not just the words. I just cant seem to carry on as normal. I've seen the truth of who I am what I've achieved and what it was all for doubt and fear don't exist. How do I play this limited role without frustration. It seems the wave frequency I'm on has been put on another planet. I don't want to slow down I want others to catch up. Normal just isn't good enough any more. I'm hoping you could pass on some words that I cant find myself right now.  The energy, workshops and tools you provide for the earth have always allowed major shifts in me to accelerate and enlighten, your name is all I keep hearing in the last few days. Your last seminar and the encoded crystal I have should both have warning labels, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Ha Ha, I love it and thank you. A now fully realised Light Worker who is called Debbie.  

Thank you for all the Light you carry on this planet. I know I've told you before that when I first heard you speak back in November, 1993 at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, I was riveted to my chair. I had never heard anything like it before, and I knew it was for me!

A friend gave me a massage here this afternoon and virtually for the first time I really felt the presence of the Masters here, and a profound sense of peace. The traffic noise faded from my consciousness, and all I could here were the birds, and feel the gentle cool breeze on my body. Later, when I got up, I saw the yachts on the harbour in the Wednesday evening race. No-one had disturbed us - my daughter had not returned from work, and the dog and John were also absent somewhere. The phone didn't even ring! Once again, Love and Blessings, Lisa

With all my heart thank you for the brilliant healing/lecture day you and the Ascended Masters blessed us with this past Saturday.  It was such joy to share another gathering with you - you are such an inspiration!  Bless you Sandy. Thank you to All. with Love and thanks, Gina

Thank you so much for another incredible day with you and Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings. The joy and peace I feel on that day helps so much in staying the course. It feels like home. I feel so blessed to participate in such a day and receive all the gifts of healing. My sister donated 'I Am Here" to the library today to help make the information available. Thank you for helping us all.  Love,  Marita

Thank you for a wonderful day. I definitely feel a shift in me, a lot of new energy, a feeling that the past has no bearing on my 'now'. Must have had a few cords cut!  Good on Archangel Michael!  Shirl   

I wanted to share something with you...I gained so much from the lecture on Saturday.. It felt that you were looking at me and addressing me only and no one else was in the hall. I resonated with all that you had channelled.

I left the lecture so charged and focus even though I can't remember anything that happened a second ago .!! I am starting a business and felt so low and depressed without knowing why...I get it all now! All that Karmatic stuff that I need to clear out !!!!

Anyway I wanted to say... My partner and I decided to go out for a nice dinner and visit some friends for a coffee... as we were driving from the northern beaches to the city we had a Head on collision... we are ok just bruised up and very sore body. talk about being in the moment... I saw my whole life flash before me felt like we had a huge bubble of energy around us the red car ran a red light in a very busy intersection.. they were abusing us and playing mental games was an amazing feeling to be able to just be. Funny as that same day my partner Ali went out shopping with my mum, Ali told my mum I really need a new car I wish someone would hit me from behind..... Well!!!!!... what you ask for ha ha, I can laugh now. :-) Wanted to share that with you... Thanks again and hope to see you again soon, with love Ericka M





              Lecture by Sandy Stevenson  - 'Finding your right path'   



Omega Workshop  Programme 2004/5


OMEGA - The Completion


The Ascended Masters keep their promise

                                   The final keys are given                  

with Sandy Stevenson and the Ascended Masters


Long ago, you chose to answer Earth’s call for assistance. In Divine Service, with love in your hearts, you left your homes of Light. At that time, the Ascended Masters promised they would help you return home. Today that promise is being kept and you are being fully prepared to leave when your work is completed. It will be your choice as to when you leave. With the Grace of God, a Divine Dispensation now authorises the Ascended Masters of Highest Light to bring forth a special session of completion to the Lightworkers of Earth.

  Kwan Yin and Mother Mary will be accessing the core of your soul to bring you the very deepest of your hearts desires. A major healing will be given – and a balancing of the feminine aspect of energy within you.

Archangel Michael and El Moyra bring forth the Blue Flame of Victory and Courage to be embedded deep in your heart, giving a new brilliance to all you see. Such clarity has not been witnessed since you left home to come to Earth.

St. Germain and Lady Portia reach the core of your being using the Sacred Violet Flame to release the deepest levels of negative energies.

Kuthumi offers you the world blueprint for universal knowledge. 

Sanat and Venus Kumara lead a meditation of advanced techniques for you to understand your capabilities and mastery. Also, the masculine energy will be balanced within you.

Jesus and Lady Nada combine to bring you an understanding of the love you deserve.

On her 8th Australian tour, Sandy is an experienced international presenter, author of the best seller ‘The Awakener’ and ‘I AM Here.’  She organised the OM in 1994 involving a million people in 58 countries. Multi dimensional, with extensive personal experience of Universal phenomena, she has a deep understanding and commitment to the Divine Plan and the Homeward Journey of the Light Force. Sandy works with many Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings. Her workshops are positive and empowering, bringing humour and a down-to-earth approach to personal and planetary ascension.

Some Omega workshop comments: A truly amazing and inspiring workshop given from the heart to touch all hearts. And great sense of humour. There are no words to describe the meditations. For me it was one of the most amazing days of my life. I was truly blessed to be there. I will never be the same again!!’ MC. ‘The meditations really touched my heart, giving me a great sense of peace and harmony you only feel when the being just knows it is receiving beautiful universal truths from a pure vessel. I knew I was in the right place at the right time according to Divine Plan’ TT. ‘My most memorable day ever’ MB. ‘The workshop was powerful beyond words, concentrated and so much fun, with a beautiful ending. I still can hardly believe it.’ JQ.  'My heart is overflowing with love. Thanks for all the wisdom, love and enlightenment’ RC. ’I can’t begin to express what I gained from this workshop.’ ’The most wonderful, exciting and exhilarating workshop.’ BG. ‘It was Fantastic!!!’ LM.  It was truly amazing to have such an enlightening experience. I feel my life will never be the same, which is a powerful and profound feeling. J Barclay. Victoria, Australia.  From Perth: 'A first rate workshop full of insight, verification and humour to keep us grounded.' 'Amazing workshop. A real eye opener'. 'Absolutely wonderful and enlightening'.    

10am - 6pm on Sunday      






The Omega workshop - is three years ahead of schedule



A massive choice for COMPASSION was made recently as  millions of people around the world demonstrated for peace and no war in Iraq.  This was the people's answer to the possibility of innocent people being killed in the name of war.  This amazing event enabled the Earth to take a giant leap forward on her Ascension path. The OMEGA workshop has consequently been pulled forward three years ahead of schedule.  

Long ago, the Earth called to the universe for help. She wanted to proceed on her own evolutionary path to Ascension, becoming a 5th dimensional planet. However, she felt that due to decisions made by the people of Earth over the period of time since Atlantis, the existing imbalance of negative energy would need to be corrected before she could proceed.  

Many people answered the call for help. Of those people, many incarnated on Earth. They became known as Lightworkers.

A basic plan was devised by the highest realms of light. This was added to later. The earlier group who answered the Earth’s call were more involved in the planning stage. They met with many Ascended Masters and Cosmic beings, various councils, people from other planetary systems and the Angelic kingdom. When everyone met together, more ideas were added. It all culminated in an intricate, brilliant and perfect Divine plan to achieve Earth’s goal. It involved the raising of light in the natural kingdoms on Earth, i.e. plants, minerals, animals, etc. The Earth also wanted to help her human population. She felt they were not able to ascend on their own because of the negative energy present. She requested that they be helped to tune into her energy to allow the transition to their own ascension.

So plans were made that included raising the awareness of the human population, to give every person a chance to ascend at the same time with the Earth. Each individual only needed to move more into their heart, where love and intuition would lead them into the natural flow and order of life.

Many agreements were made. These included agreements with the Ascended Masters from the 7th dimension of light to help the incarnated teams at different points throughout the journey. They carried out those commitments with love and dedication. Even if you felt abandoned by them in some dire situation in an incarnation, you will find it wasn’t so. When viewed from a higher perspective, you will see each step was a part of the plan.

Now we have arrived at a time of completion. We are in a position where the Earth, her life forms and ourselves all have the major codes we need to proceed home. We’ve obtained these in many ways, via lunar and solar eclipses, portals openings, comets and accessing codes via other people, workshops and sacred places.

Now we have the OMEGA workshop. This is the time of the final promise the Ascended Masters made to us, so long ago. When it was made, no-one knew exactly what it would entail. We didn’t know where we would be on our own personal journey. We didn’t know how much we would have cleared by now, whether we would still have patterns about self value and confidence, unresolved situations, how we’d be with faith and trust in the divine perfection and order of things, how much dense energy we’d still have in our auric fields, how balanced we’d be and where we’d be in resuming our own personal mastery. In other words, how equipped we’d be to go home!! This workshop equips us to go home.

It is a general handling, but geared to the individual to help them complete and return home. Many Ascended Masters channel on the day, bringing truth to release many issues. Every workshop is different, because we are all different. If it helps one person clear a particular issue, then the solution is incorporated into the channelling.

Many things are geared for the group as a whole. For example, during a meditation by Kuthumi, everyone receives a map of the universe as it exists now. Since you arrived long ago, much has changed, nothing stays the same. Planets have ascended into higher frequencies and altered. New pathways have opened up and the universe has expanded into further dimensions. To ensure you are not disoriented when you leave, you are being given a clear road map. It might sound strange, but it is certainly useful. You don’t want to miss the party because you took a wrong turning!!  


A message from Sandy

Long ago, we each agreed to do specific jobs on Earth. We understood that each of us held important parts that ensured  the success of the plan. 

During my 38 years in the UK, I have witnessed the most wonderful awakening as Lightworkers everywhere began remembering who they were and what it was about. It has been a real joy and a privilege to have shared this amazing path we all walk. 

I now move to the next phase of my work, which is to be done in Australia.

Thank you UK Light Force for all you have done and all you will achieve. You are all amazing, wonderful, dedicated and courageous - and I love you. Thank you for letting me walk with you on your incredible path and share your wonderful and special land. 

         ‘I will see you all at the banquet!’







     MILTON KEYNES 30th March

     DUBLIN                        6th April

     RUISLIP (Eastcote)    27th April

     SOUTHAMPTON       11th May

     EDINBURGH             24th May

    LONDON                   1st June  

     EXETER                     15th June

      KENT                           22nd June 

         SHREWSBURY            29th June  




PERTH, WA    4th April, 2004   

NEWCASTLE, NSW  18th April.  

MELBOURNE, VIC  25th April.  

SYDNEY, NSW   8th May.   

MALENY  QLD 6th June.   


TOWNSVILLE,  QLD  17th October.  

BEGA, NSW   7th November. 

GOLD COAST, QLD  28th November. 


BYRON BAY, NSW  30th May.  

ALBURY, NSW Wodonga 16th May 




Comments are unsolicited


I have been in a space of all consuming love since our beautiful day and also from my crystal session with you, and I feel blessed by  the ease and clarity which is before me.  Thank you so much.  With Love and De'Light OOnagh S.

It was truly amazing to have such an enlightening experience. I feel my life will never be the same, which is a powerful and profound feeling. J Barclay. Victoria   Australia

I would like to say a great big thank you!  I attended your seminar at maleny and my life became more meaningful. I found I was truly able to ask myself ' is this  right for me'.  I have become more intuitive, although I still have to listen and not allow the doubts to creep in.  But all in all I have become more 'me.  As well as all that I also have to say it was a really entertaining day, with loads of laughter!   I loved the song everyone sang, I guess I wasn't the only person there moved to the core! Once again many thanks.  L Constance, Queensland

I have already thanked the Ascended Masters, but I just wanted to send you my humblest and deepest gratitude for the gifts you brought to those in Perth who were called to be at your workshop, and for those so affected by the energy in a broader sense.

Thank you for the Omega workshop. Since that day, my life - on many levels - has opened up. My channelling work is so clear it is quite incredible - so that the love you hold and are open to, spreads further than you could ever imagine. Thank you for you humour and love and humanness and spirit. I've just finished The Awakener. Wow - lots of 'NEW' information to me (consciously anyway.) Keep up the good work.  Love, Eve, NSW  

Perth Workshop 4/4/04 I have already thanked the Ascended Masters, but I just wanted to send you my humblest and deepest gratitude for the gifts you brought to those in Perth who were called to be at your workshop, and for those so affected by the energy in a broader sense.   

Deep deep thanks to you, the Ascended Masters and great Cosmic beings of Light for the workshop in Milton Keynes. I cannot begin to express what I have gained from the Omega workshop, am still gaining and I am sure will continue to gain.

The workshop was powerful beyond words, very concentrated and so much fun, with a beautiful ending. I still can hardly believe it. Also deep thanks for sharing my path all those years and your assistance and love and being you. With much much love, light and best wishes,  Johanna Q  Yorkshire

Thank you for a wonderfully inspiring day yesterday.   Definitely a day to remember for us all. I wish you well and lots of love, light and blessings on your travels and the remaining workshops before you leave for Australia.   M Conlon Dublin  

Thank you so much for the most wonderful, exciting and exhilarating workshop I attended in Shrewsbury. And thank you for the two enjoyable books. Deborah S. Lancs.

Omega The Completion. A truly amazing and inspiring workshop from the heart that touches all hearts. Your sense of humour is just great. At last I can remember a joke and repeat it! I can't describe the meditations for there are no words to describe what happened. For me it was one of the most amazing days of my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invitation to be there. I will never be the same again! I wish you love, light and blessings and all the joy your heart can hold till we meet at the banquet. Mairead Dublin


The meditations were magic and the change in circumstances back here at home started as I walked in through the back door from the workshop!!

If anyone is in doubt as to whether this workshop is for them all I can say to them is, "Are you finally ready to let go of all that holds you back from being the shining being you truly are, if you are then this one is for you.

If you are not ready crawl back into your small corner of self pity and blame and carry on suffering. " I know which one I would choose and I did!!!

Thank you Sandy, thank you Angels, Archangels, Masters and all those who truly truly care and thank you Mother Earth and all life forms who have played a part in my evolution. In the rainbow bridge meditation I found myself linking up with all sorts of people I know on the bridge and one of them phoned me this morning and said she felt me link up with her yesterday, she said it was very powerful. Lots & Lots of Love & Light,  Angela

I have just returned from your wonderful Omega workshop in Milton Keynes and my heart is overflowing with love. Thanks for all the wisdom, love and enlightenment your workshops have brought us, and I wish you even more joy Down Under. Many many thanks.    Rebecca xxx


I attended your Omega workshop on Sunday in Milton Keynes. It was I believe the best workshop I have attended. I know it will change me for the better. I just had to thank you again and of course all of our friends up above and around us!I send you very best wishes for your future and thank you for the work that you do so well. I send my love to you for your help and guidance over the years.

I hope not to hang around for another 26,000 years, so I will see you at the Banquet.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for a lovely workshop last weekend. It has made quite a difference. Betty S


On behalf of Mary and mySelf we wish to express our joy at being at the workshop today. It was great fun.     T M


Thank you so much for today. It was so beautiful. A W


Just a short note to say thanks for a most magical and wonderful day. SM


Thank you to the 'higher' power for your workshop details that came through the door - and prompted me to come.  As I entered your Omega Workshop, I felt happy to be there; as it continued - I knew I would be learning. Thank you.  As you spoke further in the afternoon session, and spoke about confidence, etc. - I know that something had happened because I was able to sing in the circle... normally I'd remain silent. I have had many doubts, etc. in the past.  Well, being in the workshop I felt I was slowly learning .....

I have come home and I realise that I was 'blessed' to be allowed to come to the workshop and be reminded of that which interests me.  I do feel a little 'unworthy' because I felt I have haven't done much to consciously help - meditate, etc. I wish you  waves of unconditional love, that you share with us all. Thank you again for your light and love - I will say to myself that I stand firm in my I AM presence and thank you for the words that came through the Ascended Masters and Archangel Michael. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


At the end of the meditation with Kuthumi, I saw an anchor, a set of keys and a heart shape which turned into the Earth rotating, showing the continents. The Earth said "Thank you" to all of us!   Shannon


Excellent day - as always.




The workshop was such a magical day for me and an immense step forward. I am so grateful for the experience. Now we are on the home stretch, it is time to put our affairs in order, spend time with our families and do what is most important, isn’t it? Love D.A.


Thank you, thank you from my heart for a most wonderful day at the Southampton workshop. Things are definitely happening and shifting for me, in a gentle way. I have more clarity over what I previously presumed to be negative aspects of my life, both in work and relationships, and I now realise what a learning experience they are and what they are showing me about myself. I thank all those close to me for bringing me these lessons. The exercise in flooding myself with Light has been invaluable in this. I also find it interesting that my physical hearing which had slightly deteriorated is now clearer. My tears at the end were firstly those of joy; then because the path had been so long; thirdly because I wanted to go home; lastly because of my deep longing for my Twin Flame. But now I have decided that I can wait a little longer to go home!! Bless you all and thank you. See you at the banquet. SW


I attended the workshop in Southampton on 11th May. I would like to thank you, those up above and all-around us for what must be one of my most memorable days and for the healing which I received, at a time when I had no idea it was needed so much. Thank you all for the Love and the Wisdom. I love a good laugh and the jokes were fabulous. See you at the banquet.  N H  Southampton


Thank you for a wonderful day in Edinburgh and for bringing me so much clarity. It was FANTASTIC. I am now processing all the thoughts and feelings awakened in me after your so wonderful workshop. It was a strong experience for me. Things happened inside which I cannot explain but the shift happened and I am different. Something physically moved in my body during one meditation. A realisation dawned - The duality, the two world pictures, the government illusions. I am strong after your workshop. I am ready. I will work for Light on this planet much more consciously now. It is although a light of clarity was turned on inside. I was pulled out of the clouds and helped to build my castle on earth. For the first time I do not long so intently to go home, but am beginning to find happiness on Earth. During one meditation I was so far away I had no recollection of anything. Kwan Yin has been whispering to me. Sending me lessons on love. I will work to share what you have taught me. Words cannot express my thanks. L McDonald  Denmark


Thank you so much for the finale of all finales! Wishing you oceans of love and light P Fisher


Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday in Exeter I cannot describe my feelings – I still seem to be on a high – but well grounded and happy. Thank you for opening my eyes and making me think. J Leonard


Thank you for all the workshops I have been fortunate enough to attend. Great joy and magic to you. S Hoddinott

** *

Wonderful day. Thank you for all the sharing and all the love, preparation and hard work you have put in down the years. We shall miss you a lot. G Richards


Your meditations really touched my heart, giving me a great sense of peace and harmony you feel only when the being just knows it is receiving beautiful universal truths from a pure vessel. I knew I was in the right place at the right time according to Divine Plan.

Love to you, T Tunnicliffe.


I would like to take this opportunity top thank you for the workshop in Edinburgh. Ever since I heard of it, I felt the need to be there. It has had a major effect on my life. I cannot describe how much. I look at life from a different perspective and now feel I make a difference to others and myself.   J Molyneux


I have been coming to your workshops since you started my journey in 1996. It has been, and still is, a breathtaking adventure and I can’t thank you enough for all your help and encouragement, and the laughter as well, over the last seven years. God Bless you and have a wonderful time in Australia.    D King

Wonderful workshop. It's Tuesday and I have had at least 10 phone calls since Sunday night from people who attended your workshop and who are so very grateful, as amazing shifts are taking place already in the lives and their thinking.  They are all asking when can we do it all again?  So, thank you so very much.  Love to you, JS Melbourne

I'm deeply grateful and feel privileged for simply being at last Saturday's workshop. I felt slightly sad when it was over. Wonderful as usual and crystal clear, I loved every nano second. My friend loved it too (her first Sandy workshop) and will be persuading many of her friends to come to Byron w/shop.  The meditations were really great. Much love and gratitude. SL  

I had such a great day at the workshop with you. Your workshops are the only ones I go to. To me they are authentic. Thank you for your guidance and love.  Natalina B. Byron Bay workshop

I would like to thank you for all the information and guidance that you have provided to myself and the many others that have come to use your wisdom, I believe you truly are an Angel sent to help and assist us all. Love and Light always   Jason

We felt the magic. GP and EC.  Gold Coast

Fantastic workshop. Great energy. Helen  G Coast.

If I live a thousand years, I will never forget the love I felt in the workshop.  BJ Sunshine Coast

Wonderful to re-experience Lemuria. Thank you so much.  SH  G Coast  

Pure truth, pure love and a much needed reminder of my own mastery. What a gift. Clara

I feel alive, for the first time for years. Thank you to you and to my ancient master.  Bob J

Wonderful workshop, great energy and great message to trust your intuition. Alwyn

Fabulous workshop as always. Very powerful energy. Love and blessings, Jenny C  G Coast

Once again, beautiful energy. Going home as light as a feather. Sheila E.  Perth

Thank you for this wonderful workshop Betty.  Perth

Thank you for reminding me about the 'joy' Love and light, Mary.  Perth

Amazing and beautiful to meet all again. Brought tears to my eyes when Sanat Kumara thanked us. Vivienne S. Perth  

As usual, Sandy, a superlative presentation. It is now 14 years since I first heard and saw you present at the MBS Festival in 1993 - I have attended every one of your workshops since and have never failed to be uplifted and transported to the higher realms of bliss. L Stephens. Sydney

Thank you for presenting the magnificent day with the Ascended Masters in Sydney, supporting our way home with Light and fun. Gina B

Fantastic. Thank you  T Cooper   Sydney

I've come home finally! Thank you so much. Maureen V

Thank you so much for this day.  Zelda  

Thank you so very much for the Byron Bay workshop. It was inspirational! Mary H

It was a GREAT workshop and enjoyed by all five of us.   Byron Bay w/s   Jan H  

We had a beautiful Sunday with Sandy simply enjoying.  It was wondrous and very beautiful, wonderful group present and all perfect. Love and blessings of the Oneness to the Oneness. Mary E  Byron 




Workshop comments are unsolicited

Yesterday certainly lived up to my expectations - and more!  Your 'lecture' was clear and informative. I don't find it easy to still my mind and meditate yet even with so many people there you lead me to a beautiful place of peace, truth and unconditional love. One of my abiding memories will also be the circle at the end. The ENERGY in the circle was awesome and I would have thought could not be more powerful yet I happened to be standing beside one of your 3 special guests and when we finished she gave me a huge.  WOW, the love which came through her really touched my soul.  She is indeed, like you, a VERY SPECIAL PERSON. I am glad to have been in your physical presence and hope we meet again even before the Banquet! Take care and safe journey.   Love E Dixon

Thank you for the wonderful afternoon at Exeter - it was an uplifting and very healing experience for me. If you ever do another UK tour please let me know as I would like to attend again.  I bought your book "The Awakener" several years ago and have found it really enlightening and also very practical and easy to read and I've recommended it to quite a few people.  When I found that you were doing workshops in the UK I was delighted to have this opportunity put in front of me. Thanks again and love, M Shehan

Many thanks for the Chesham workshop - much enjoyed it and very powerful.  Having now read the copy of  I Am Here which I bought from you, I'd like to buy a few more to lend to people.  Please let me know if this can be arranged. Much love and light, C Maylor

Just to thank you for the wonderful day we had with you at Milton Keynes.  It was very inspiring. Thank you also for the healings.  The following day I started a streaming cold so I guess I must have shifted quite a lot. I am sure I am not the only one who hopes it will not be too long before you are back in the U.K. Your workshops are very special.  Love and light,  P Redding

Thank you once again for a lovely afternoon. Love,  S Greenwood

Just a quick word of thanks to you and Sandy for Saturday, I can't remember the last time I felt so bright and shiny after something....and still do...love,    A Egan  

I enjoyed your day in Dublin, since then I have been working with my Twin Flame, my experiences are just so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing you next time you travel to Ireland . Love & Blessings Janet   

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop in August. Many thanks, Love & Light, Judith L  Nov 2006

Thank you again for the lovely day with you back in September. Much Love and Light, D King, UK  Nov 2006

Just to say a big thank you for the wonderful day here with you last August. Angela Chesham UK

I now accept inside myself what I've sort of believed about me for an increasing number of years. It's really accepting the wonderful magnificence of me. I've come home - to the truth about me.

I always love the energy and light you bring with you. Always, with love and blessings.  Dyana

Thank you so much for the information- such a gift. It resonated on many, many levels and I could feel energy moving and shifting. 

Thanks Sandy.........over the years one of the most important messages gleaned from your beautiful workshops is that thought creates more than just our own life – it creates bands of reality for the planet. A

Perfect for the job. You sum things up so well, so clearly. You are exceptional at taking complex things and translating them into easily understandable explanations. L

Thank you Sandy for these wonderful spiritual tips, as always the gifts you share are very much appreciated; so timely and inspiring. Love G

I love you Sandy, and I am eternally grateful to you and your material here, and one of your workshops I did here in Melbourne years ago, Maggie

I read something today that said 'believe in Christmas miracles'  it really resonated with me. I attended your workshop twice and felt the vastness of your energy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done. . . Thank you for our Christmas Miracle.

A giant, cosmic thanks to you to you and the Ascended Masters for a brilliant, extremely powerful workshop. It was unbelievable, indescribably powerful and effective and I am so glad and grateful that I was able to take part in it. It achieved so much on so many different levels. Thank you so much for making it possible. With love and blessings. Johanna Q

I feel as though I have graduated. Suddenly, it seems all the books I have read and all the workshops I have attended up to now, were preparing me and leading me to this one. It would have been too big for me before. I see  we are led to your workshops when we are ready for the big stuff and the highest level Masters of Light. What a day.. it will be emblazoned in my heart and soul forever. Jackie L.

What a joy it was to do this service work with ease and lightness in the company of so many beautiful souls. Thank you for your light, and your sense of humour despite all!   In Love & Light, Julie

Your workshops have been a priceless treasure: totally invaluable. I wouldn't be here without them. They have provided an oasis during the toughest times. I am honoured and truly privileged. Thank you   Thank you  Thank you.  LS

I attended the Awakener workshop in 201/02 and it just had the most wonderful profound effect on my life. I answered the call and am now a holistic therapist and am thankful each day of the happiness, healing and peace that I help bring to people lives. Claudia Grinzi

A big thank you for the wonderful Milton Keynes workshop yesterday. It's like coming up to the surface for air before diving back into the depths! A special thanks for your article "The Greatest Gift of Love" I have heard about 'releasing your stuff' for years without fully understanding the whole picture. Today I GOT IT! It's such a huge gift that I felt compelled to write this, in case the time is right for others to read it and GET IT too. Glowing with love, light and gratitude, Rebecca xxx

Thank you for a memorable workshop. I am coming again to the one in Exeter! In love and light, Pauline Fisher

The workshop was brilliant...doing things for others for the highest good of all. During the meditation as we chanted for Zimbabwe, I could see all the people looking up at the gentle light that was flowing down.  Afghanistan - the only way I can describe it, was that the people were going about their daily business in BLISS. Soon after we did the countries, there was a bird chirping outside the window - it was the most wonderful sound as it was saying "thank you".

AH...... the camel, I could take my eyes off the picture - its coat was all shiny and gold. I feel I am being more true to myself than I have ever been before. Life is wonderful. Lots of love and light  R. Woodhouse

What a wonderful opportunity. After all the re-minding, re-membering and searching for TRUTH - we have claimed back our Master ship and put energy back into the Divine Plan - being awake at last. It was fantastic to move sound so far and so powerfully. When I voiced for Ireland and Zimbabwe, I felt flooded with emotion from top to toe - and wept. Since Sunday I have experienced real clarity and deep vision in the present moment. Driving home from the workshop I felt I was flying a space machine at warp 9. Bless you for helping us realise our potential and a big thumbs up for the wonderful host of Heavenly Light. Such devotion and love has never been exceeded. With love and profound appreciation.  Maureen

Just wanted to write and tell you how much your workshop at Milton Keynes meant to me. May the Great Light always be with you. Margaret N.

I want to say thank you again for the workshop... it really was a super day... I only go to the very few workshops that really really draw me. Some sounds brought tears to my eyes and made me very hot. I got colours coming through to me very clearly with nearly every country, and sometimes smells too. Love and Light, J W

Today the impact of the workshop is coming through to me in a very strong way and I am very pleased with this. Thank you Sandy. With Peace, Light and Love,   George

Just wanted to thank you for your workshop in Milton Keynes. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a great deal. Denise A.

Just to say a huge thank you for a wonderful workshop last weekend in Edinburgh. The next day I flew to London and I felt so glowing I could have flown without use of the aeroplane! Anyway this was really to say thanks, as I seem to have taken huge step forward since your workshop. G Sayer

Thank you for the wonderful workshop in Milton Keynes. Thank you for your love and inspiration. E Buck

Yesterday was a really great day....it feels so good to be able to organise something that gives so much to so many and this beloved planet...not to mention all the other dimensions that receive from it too. May all your workshops continue to expand across the globe. May Rainbows of Light carry you wherever you go. Angela W Chesham UK

After the workshop, I went to a place I am drawn to move to. Everything worked. It was magic. So many small wonderful synchronicities the whole day. There is a wonderful lake and forest there and we saw a huge huge old tree the biggest in the forest by far. Of course we had to give him a big hug and as I looked up into the branches, the face of a beautiful brown owl stared down at me. Then we saw and heard a nightingale, a bunch of wild ducks, and a flock of crows. A truly magical day. The workshop has truly changed my life and Denmark will benefit for evermore. Thank you from the bottom of my now singing heart. No words to express. People are still calling, all very changed after your workshop. Powerful  changes. What a day. Again no words to express. L McDonald (Organiser)

Thank you for a wonderful workshop yesterday in Denmark! All my love and thanks from Annamaria Forsbergk

It was the best workshop I have ever been to.  Love & Light  Marianne Tesby Denmark

A note to express my thanks for a most wonderful workshop in Exeter. I felt a great power in the toning we did and a deep sense of creating a profound energy shift on the Mother Earth. Everyone I have sent your ‘Greatest gift of love’ article to, has told me of the positive impact its message has had on their lives. What a gift it surely is. Blessings for helping to keep us on track. What a task! R Underhill Wales

I went to your workshop in Denmark the 25th May. I have never felt so much love, as I did that day. Love to all lightworkers, to all That Is and to all living things. It was GREAT. Good work of all of us. You are love, so much love and joy comes out from you. I hope to see you again in Denmark. Sandy, you deserve the best. Marianne LT

Thanks for your inspirational workshop at Longdown. I found it most encouraging and uplifting. It's also wonderful to gather together with like minded people. Ros Twinn

I never miss Sandy’s fabulous workshops, and always take a few friends along as well now. I find them so empowering, confirming and very enlightening. Sandy is very down-to-earth Aussie, and has fantastic humour. I love watching the reaction of participants are she describes all the feelings they are experiencing, and explains the reasons. Sandy's workshops are definitely the best I've ever attended, and I keep returning as I learn more with each one.

Just a quick note to thank you for a joyful, inspiring day on Sunday. B Martin Kent

Thank you so very much for the workshop yesterday. I have been coming to your workshops for a long time now - 5 - 6 years? I've loved each one, but at this one I felt more than I have ever done so. I received a major healing concerning my 1 year old baby, and could feel the energy shifts during our work on the countries – brilliant Loads of Love, and please keep me informed of your next round of workshops. May you continue always with your very valuable work. Lynn Osborne

Just to say huge thank you for a wonderful workshop last weekend in Edinburgh. Hope you are feeling better now. The next day I had to fly down to London and I felt so glowing I felt I could have flown without use of aeroplane! Anyway this was really to say thanks as I seem to have taken huge step forward since your workshop. Gay Sayer

All three of us enjoyed the workshop last Sunday, and I really had some beautiful experiences in the meditation with Sanat Kumara. I couldn't relate it all as it was a blur of white light and being taken up by some glorious Being, and just feeling the energy going up my body and being in the moment. So the whole day was brilliant and thank you. G Edwards Bath                                    

Deep, deep heartfelt thanks to you and the Ascended realms for a truly magnificent, amazing, incredibly powerful workshop (25/3/2001) yesterday, for which I am eternally grateful. I experienced incredibly deep relaxation and concentration, limitless gifts and support and a sense of lots going on for me on all levels, including quite a lot of releasing. I am still in awe and filled with gratitude and being very blessed. God Bless you with infinite joy and blessing.  With deep love,    JQ  Yorkshire


From the organiser of workshop - Edinburgh, Scotland 7/7/2001

I've organised 2 workshops for Sandy now. It has been an honour and a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with Sandy, who always conducts the day with joy, fun, light and great integrity. Her workshops are priceless. Working with her has been absolutely incredible.

I love the way she is able to hold the space for participants to experience a total connection to that state of being where one can just be; to experience the freedom and feeling of peace and perfection that comes with this connection and to completely trust that everything is in highest divine order. It is always a joy to see this expressed in their faces, their bodies and their whole physical being as they really experience what it means to be a master and truly alive.

The workshops are exhilarating yet down to earth and fun and the information and channellings received have proved to be invaluable life tools. She gives her amazing knowledge of the universe in a clear, practical and safe way with such a generosity of spirit. I would highly recommend anyone who feels drawn to experience one of her workshops.

Sue Tait                                                                          


Your workshop was magical. I loved every second of it. I feel a deep peace and calm that I have never felt before. It is as if I have been given a wondrous gift of rare beauty. I have to believe I am worthy of it. I thank you from a deep place within my heart and send you lots and lots of love.
L P.


At our Earth Healing evening last night there were 9 of us who had been on the workshop on Sunday and everyone was saying how much they received from the day. I had an email from a friend who also attended and apparently one of the meditations really did something major to his heart centre. He has told his wife he is finally moving out of something he has been unable to face for a long time. Thanks once again to you and to 'them' for all the help on life's journey.
In Love, Thanks and Gratitude   A W


I attended the Awakener workshops in 2001/02 and it just had the most wonderful profound effect on my life. I answered the call and am now a holistic therapist and am thankful each day of the happiness, healing and peace that I help bring to people lives.


Hi Sandy!

Well, what a wonderful day we had on Sunday! Thanks to you (rather an understatement!!) It was beyond words (I'm looking forward to the day when we are not limited by words - although' funnily enough, I am quite good with them .... and other languages, and all that) - but never in this lifetime could I ever dish them out with the wit and precision and truth & total 'ping factor' that you do; I am applauding you, as are we all ... Wonderful! Love, Angela Taylor


Just wanted to thank you for that lovely day in Chesham. I didn't tell you that the weather cleared brilliantly when you call upon the I AM (we could see the blue sky and the sun filtering through the skylight.) About the codes, they have been carried to South Africa on Sunday night ! and my son, carried them in Belgium yesterday (I was carrying them in Heathrow airport).

I went to London today without really knowing that it was the first day of the sales !! London was flooded with prospective shoppers. Imagine how many people have been in contact with the codes while I was walking in the busy streets and department stores. I felt like a butterfly going from flowers to flowers, light and smiley, happy to be there !! I carry them to France next Sunday as I go for a week in south west to visit my brother. And I guess it is just a beginning. I don't talk about the people I reach at school or through the kids with my daughter who will spread them on their holidays locations !!! The AM (EH! I AM, AM for Ascended Masters !!) must be happy with this dispensation. I even suspect my crystals combination jewellery that I wore to the workshop on Sunday carry the codes as well !! Thank you for your massive contribution to the spreading of this wonderful knowledge, codes and fun and all that is.

Take care dear Sandy and thank you again for that great day. Love of Light,  Sonia


I just wanted to mention that about 3 weeks after last years healing meditation in your workshop, my back started to feel better and has been perfect ever since. My back had been troubling me for years and would wake me up in pain. I could feel it hurting while asleep. It's cured. Thank you with all my heart.  Trish W.   Lincolnshire


It looks from the odd news reports that I have heard this week that Ireland is definitely in need of the Love energy that you will be taking there this weekend, just one more bit of proof that following your heart takes you to exactly where you need to be. Thanks Sandy for all the great teachings over the years, your energy and enthusiasm, plus your down to earth approach to everything has certainly been a great example to me and I know I speak for many others as well. Good Luck in Ireland and May The Light Surround You and Flow From You Without Ceasing for the whole of your trip.  Angel Blessings


From the organiser Dublin 15th July w/shop

Hi Sandy, The workshop was wonderful. As was obvious from everyone there. More people have been contacting me to say how much they really enjoyed it. THANKS. Amazing day/woman/event. It was great to get to know you too.  Hannah Chew


I just got an email from Catherine. The workshop had a big impact on her! She sounds terrific.  Candy


I received The Awakener and information about your workshop in the same week. I was committed to attending. I knew I needed to be there. The morning after the workshop I was so energised and surrounded by such clearness and clarity. I had been trying to write some new literature but it hadn’t come together. Now the words just flowed and it was all completed in a couple of hours.

Since that time everything has just flowed so well. I have passed the codes on to a great number of people and have had the pleasure of seeing each person develop and move on with life in a whole new energy. Thank you once again.   V Edwards. Stamford UK

Thanks Sandy, for a brilliant day. I had a lovely time and my heart is definitely different .. sort of soft and open.   C Q


God, what an amazing day. I really feel different. My heart is open. When we stood and sang at the end of the day, it was such a lovely feeling to be with all the old souls and the new ones. The day was perfect and the altar/table looked so beautiful.   B S


I'd like to thank you again for coming to Northamptonshire. We are still a bit gob smacked with it all, but everyone is buzzing. I think you will get feed back from here for quite some time.
The Atlantean energy has revealed something to me, I am going to be teaching something that I have now found has its roots in Atlantis, very exciting. The codes have made a massive difference, I feel now that I am really standing in my own absolute truth, and all the dross has fallen away, everything looks so clear.

Several people that I have come into contact with tell me I look like I am glowing, and I look so well. Thank so much for bringing your light to our village, we really needed it. God Bless   L L


Thank you so much for your wonderfully insightful Milton Keynes workshop yesterday, March 4th. You (and Heaven) answered my heart call so perfectly. Truly a priceless workshop. You speak clearly with passion and power graced with lightness and humour. A great blessing to us all. Thank God for your Workshops. Crucially, you reminded me about intuitively acting from moment to moment. The examples you gave really hit home once and for all. It was all a great confidence and self-worth booster. You have inspired me to fully commit to fulfilling the promises I made…. I am deeply grateful to you….and the Entire Company of Heaven. I love them all. (Mr.). SL   4/3/2001


2nd May, 2001 Thank you for the great day on Sunday! I found it utterly inspiring and reassuring. HA UK






Have just completed your article "The Power of Words" and must tell you Sandy, that you are truly brilliant! Really love how you express yourself and heartily agree with what you wrote in it. THANK YOU!  You are indeed a treasure Sandy, I'm so grateful we met over 10 years ago....  Love and Blessings from me to you, love, Jan


Wonderful wonderful wonderful words - thanks you so much Sandy .  Love Sue x


Thanks for this beautiful and very interesting article. For me it has been like a sign, as some of the examples have been on my mind. Many thanks  Blessings  Luiza


A friend just sent me an email with the 'power of words' - I loved it! She and I had just been having a discussion about discernment and how there is not enough being said or done about it - then she received your email. I loved the simplicity of the message - simple but powerful - so thank you for that.


Thank you for some very wise words to start my weekend with!!  Lesley 


I just wanted to say thank you for sending the Power of Words email. I loved reading how you came to live in your new home by the beach and of course it goes without saying all the special information enclosed in your message, I love the way spirit works.


Great article - thank you - I will start on myself immediately!! Love Raj 

I received your article on the Power of Words  from a network. Now, I don't always resonate with the material that comes via this route, but I have a big yes to your article - very clear, practical and not patronising. So I looked on you website and found those same qualities, plus it is beautiful and simple. Thank you for putting yourself out on the web, it is finds like this that make me so grateful for the internet. I love the story about how you found your home, I am going to start looking myself soon and have found my inspiration. With love  Maya V 


Thanks for the article on discernment and the power of words - loved it! With love, Stephanie M 


Thank you for this...beautiful...Michael K 


Once more thank you for your well chosen and wise words. I’ve forwarded this to a few people that will benefit from this as much as I will. Keep spreading the love!  Pauline x  


I just wanted to tell you a quick story and it goes a little something like this....I have attended all your seminars, emailed you once a lloonngg time ago. I have never ever received an email from you and am not sure if you have a mail list to which you send out emails or newsletters. If so I have never received a thing from you.

Then one beautiful day I received your latest article by email, didn't strike a cord to be honest I didn't finish it, but I didn't delete it, it played on my mind for a few days and I Finally tried to reread it again couldn't read the words, anyway getting to the point I was prompted to visit your site and WOW I sat for a good two hours releasing and reading everything you had written recently and past articles all of which addressed things I was struggling with questions and more.  It was like those words were written for me and me alone they were so relevant. I feel lighter, clearer a little dizzy and light headed but great I so so needed it. I just wanted to genuinely say I thank you and I love that it all still works perfectly to plan. Debbie


I need to thank you for your beautiful web site. The writings are beautiful and very healing. I am currently at the beginning of my spiritual journey and am very glad to have been guided to your wonderful site. Namaste`


If life was like a 1000 piece jigsaw, I would say I've just been given a piece that has allowed several other pieces to fall into place! Aint that great! Somehow, your intuition makes total sense. It feels true. It may answer why I've been unconsciously 'punishing' myself in every area in my life even as a young child. Sandy, your insight is bringing much more clarity for me - thank you! Love and appreciation   Sarah-Fiona  

Love the website - thank you. Hope to find more messages of hope and inspiration in the coming days. Seek Christ and spiritual light from above will follow.


I was inspired to support you with your Mission from the beginning...because you had the WHOLE story and the First World Teacher that completely appealed to me to serve ! And you are an Aussie! Many others are lovely dedicated devoted cosmic beings, but either too distanced or sometimes too esoteric for the average seeker! You gave me every opportunity to put all my processing and preparation into practice! A timely culmination to many ancient agreements! CB


I am very grateful for this wisdom and will apply it. Thanks so much. In Oneness and Divine Friendship S

How beautiful, thank you Sandy. Thank you too for the really helpful article Going Home-very much appreciated. M

You’ve over lighted every step of my way since we met! I am very blessed to have been wise enough to respond to your divine guidance! Blessings! Bzzzxxx

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event. It exceeded all of my expectations. Love G

I want to let you know that you have personally helped pave the way for me in so many ways and I'm very grateful for your inspirations and information. Love all-ways,  Louise. Peace!

I was looking for decrees and ….pof! - there you were. Thank you for a BEAUTIFUL website, filled with love and light. I live in Chicago, IL, USA. I will check in on your website from time to time. Be blessed!!

You are a v e r y important part of my life and I keep thanking GOD we have met. You continuously give us so much support in this "coming home" business.... Bless you! Keep well and e n j o y the journey! With much, much love,  L

I have this vision of Tina Turner …. You are SIMPLY THE BEST - BETTER THAN ALL THE REST - Thank you, dearest friend and mentor, for all your love and support. I am aware that these months, have been a test of initiation for me. Actually, I am sure I will graduate... kisses and smiles...you kicked ass at the perfect time - and it shall be!! Love, C

I 'm not only feeling myself the gradual manifestation of the gifts we have received during your seminar - I am being told the same by some others who call me and share their joy. So many people are feeling very happy about this. THANK YOU!!!

Beloved one You are Love ~ Eternal Love Light and Peace Always Waterfall of love flows forth from my heart to YOU.  SL

I have followed you recommendations to the letter. You are as always greatly appreciated in all you do. Love always

Thank you for your direction. God protected me when I was a scared 16 year old runaway, homeless, hungry and cold. I made it out of the darkness. He protected and loved me when I was battling cancer. God has now directed me to you. I thank you because the information you have shared with me is making things look clearer. Especially understanding the sixth sense. I am going to work on staying aligned to the light. I wish you many blessings. I send my most sincere and humble gratitude. M


Congratulations on writing an excellent and unique article like none other ever written! The article is beautiful. It is so meaningful to me, and it will be to many others who resonate with it's truth. It describes beings whom I have perceived myself to be like since childhood. Our association has taken my insight into my true nature to a whole new higher level and is enriching my life experience. Thank you!

I absolutely love your website. You are quite an amazing, actually extraordinary being.

You are often in my thoughts with gratitude for the times I have been with you at your workshops. Much love C.F 

From Scotland - it's been a long while but I do check into your website and its just great to hear of folk still suddenly finding you and feeling your beautiful energy. You helped me SO much about 7 years ago. Like many I get too quickly caught up in day to day traumas but then I realise I am not consciously in the flow and try to be more aware. Sent with love ...............  I love you Sandy, and I am eternally grateful to you and your material here, and one of your workshops I did here in Melbourne years ago, Maggie.................... Thank you Sandy I feel emotional, you touched my soul because what you wrote is so very correct and true. You greatly inspired me, though, so thank you............. Thank you very, very, very much. M  Peace! ..................I was looking for decrees and...pof!, there you were. Thank you for a BEAUTIFUL website, filled with love and light. I live in Chicago, IL, USA. I will check in on your website from time to time. Be blessed!!.............. I read something today that said 'believe in Christmas miracles' it really resonated with me. I attended your workshop twice and felt the vastness of your energy. I feel that in setting him free you have also set me free from carrying guilt that I may have done something wrong to have caused this condition. Many many thanks for the kindness you have shown him. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done........... Thank you for our Christmas Miracle. It was lovely meeting you. You are a wise woman with a great deal of love and compassion for others. The magic that exist within your home in the UK will always be with you regardless of where you live, for it is through your energy, existence and love that, that magic exists. With tenderness and love,  Ray.. ...........There was one sentence that Sandy wrote in about 2013 about anchoring the Light of the Golden Age. That sentence told me "that is true - that is why I'm staying for decades to come - I'm helping to build the new patterns  - which is a phrase that's been in my head for quite a while.  This decree is incredible in its scope. It changed my thoughts and prayers this evening.  I connected you on your message board around this time last year, to ask you for help re my son. Twelve months on he is doing very well. He has recovered well and his bones are continuing to improve. I am so so grateful for all you did for him. Thank you S I am very grateful for this wisdom and will apply it. Thanks so much. In Oneness and Divine Friendship CS ............You radiate Love, compassion and wisdom. You are beautiful inside and out.  Love ST ..............Thank you wonderful Sandy. I think we all need to be reminded of the Truth from time to time. I'm glad that you are one of our teachers. GL  Thanks Sandy.........Over the years this is one of the most important messages gleaned from your beautiful workshops. Hugs



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