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Thank you so much for your lovely messages and enquiries about further workshops. The workshop programme is now complete, but I will continue with my Light Service in other areas I am involved with. 

It's truly been wonderful to have had the chance to facilitate workshops over the past 22 years and work with so many Ascended Masters in the Higher realms of Light. With unconditional love and dedication, they made each workshop special to further our own mastery. They delivered what was most needed in that moment in that workshop for that specific group, which made each workshop uniquely different.

Travelling the world also gave me a unique opportunity to be awed and humbled by the strength, courage and fortitude I saw in the amazing and incredible Lightworkers on Earth. 


                 ALPHA TO OMEGA WORKSHOP PROGRAMME  1991 - 2013

Sandy's 22 years of varied workshop programmes are now completed.

Details of some workshops facilitated over the years are ahead (after Comments).



I am so grateful for the thousands of comments received over the years. It's always lovely to know we are on track with our work. 

Thank you everyone.


                                                   FLAME OF ASCENSION 

                                                                  FINAL WORKSHOP 


I cannot sufficiently express what a joy it has been to bring this workshop into form under the guidance of the beloved Archangels, Ascended and Cosmic Beings of highest Light, experiencing their love and the purity of the exquisite gifts they offer everyone on this day.

The Masters intention is to offer a deeper understanding and clarity regarding the possible choices we can each make for our future and to help prepare us for whatever choice we make in the time ahead. You do not need to make your choice in the workshop. 

After incarnating on Earth for so long, the 3rd dimension often becomes more real to us than our true place in the higher realms. So it is not unusual to have fears about what lies ahead. It's good when our fears surface, so they may be handled and released. Choices need to be made from love and not fear. The Masters will help to release fear and uncertainty anyone may have regarding what happens to family and pets if they ascend and generally what life is like in the higher realms for those choosing ascension.

It is a wonderful day. Go with your heart. 

The Flame of Ascension 2012


Sandy Stevenson

Archangel Michael, Metatron and Melchizedek; Sanat and Venus Kumara;

Lord Ashtar; the Ascended Masters of the 12 Rays


The Earth has begun her Ascension and is now becoming part of the 5th dimensional Association of Worlds. The Masters intention is to offer a deeper understanding and clarity regarding the possible choices we can make for our future and to help prepare us for whatever we choose in the time ahead. 

*   Love reaches the heart as the Threefold Flame carries us home on the breath of Higher Truth. This day is all about the final plans; the wrapping up procedures involved in the final stage of ascension. It will be mainly a day of messages from the Masters and preparation for individuals to provide what is needed for their future path. It’s designed to help those choosing to ascend and plans for those choosing to continue with 3D life. Fears concerning the unknown will be addressed. Ascending with the physical body will be covered. Guidance given if anyone is unsure of which way to go. 

*  Preparations will be undertaken for those choosing life in the higher realms of existence. This will include bringing in memory of that existence, alignment with higher beings that work with your Higher self, alignment and balancing of all chakra and meridian systems in the body, removing blockages to elemental kingdoms, an all encompassing awareness of what was and is available to you upon your return home, a deeper understanding of the concept of merging, a substantial connection to your Twin Flame and a new cognitive value of higher mathematics in preparation for your return home.

 *  Everyone will make contact with the Master of their Ray/s to get help with areas affecting their life or service role. Please bring a list to the workshop.

*   You will be taken to the 5th dimension to experience the vibration of this plane.  

*   Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command will address and prepare his ground crew for  ascension.

*   You will all receive special healing from Lady Venus Kumara.

*   The new 12 chakra system will be reinforced and rejuvenated.  

*  Help to clear issues that may be inhibiting the abundance of energies available on  Earth,  including life force, stamina, money, etc.

*   You will be taken into the crystal chambers to align your vibration with the full spectrum of the Crystal Grid system on Earth. Bring a small crystal to be programmed as a special Emergency Healer.

Sandy Stevenson is an international presenter and author of the best selling book ‘The Awakener.’ She organized the worldwide OM in 1994 involving a million people in 58 countries. All her workshops are fun, down-to-earth, positive and empowering. Sandy has worked with the 7th & 8th dimensional Ascended Masters of Light for 22 years and has a deep understanding and commitment to the homeward journey of the Light Force. Her website provides positive, easy to read, important information to help in the development of wisdom, self-mastery, discernment, integrity, highest truth and love.

                                                                                      One day Workshop - 10am to 6pm   Starts on time  


   Perth, WA 25th March      Byron Bay, NSW 14th July   Sydney, NSW.  22nd July   Newcastle, NSW. 29th July                      

 Port Macquarie, NSW. 12th August     Melbourne  Sunday, 9th Sept      


                                                                                       UK AND LITHUANIA

       West Malling, Kent. Sunday, 6th May       Truro, Cornwall. Saturday, 12th May           Exeter, Devon. Sunday, 13th May  

                Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Sunday, 20th May        Milton Keynes. Sunday, 27th May       Dublin, Ireland. Sunday, 10th June 

    Fife, Scotland. Saturday, 16th June         Vilnius, Lithuania  2nd June


Frequency of Light  2010

 Sandy Stevenson and Metatron

This one day workshop offers the tools to make a leap to a new level of being in preparation for the Ascension of Earth and your return home.  

This programme will offer you the opportunity to make a connection with Archangel Metatron, an 8th dimensional being who overseers the mathematical programmes of the universe. Through this connection will come a chance to reach the inner realms such as is rarely attained. For those who feel ready to move on to higher levels of awareness, this day will bring that which you seek. Metatron works on an individual basis, allowing for your own individual goals, agreements and connections. All sequences are conducted under Universal Law protocol in the Highest Light. 

Archangel Metatron holds the blueprint of all creation, holding and ministering the sacred geometry patterns of the Universe. He issues the 'Metatronic Cube,' written in ancient texts, a structure composed of all the sacred shapes of the Universe. He places this structure over anything to be created, forming the blueprint of its construction. Metatron means 'One who occupies the Throne next to the Throne of the Divine. 

Allowing yourself to receive the love of the universe – opening the heart chakra to align to the new frequencies, in preparation for ascension.

Receive an individual frequency note to help establish health in your physical body.

Receive a new frequency of light in preparation for returning home.

Receive mathematical symbols to maintain frequency of light.

Make contact with your own I Am Presence.

Contact people who remain connected to you via silver and golden chords to determine and disconnect from ties that no longer serve.

Healing emotions.

Removal of any entity in your space that is not of the light frequency you would prefer.

Connect to a programme that allows you to communicate to the 144,000 Old Souls of Earth to gain the wisdom they have obtained.

Connect to the 8th dimension of Light.

Align to a higher frequency of the Ascended Master of the Ray/s you work with.

The programme will be significantly more effective if you prepare for 5 days prior to the workshop. Contemplate your commitment. How determined are you to complete your work and go home. Spend 5 days in stillness, constantly removing any negative or judgmental thoughts. Allow an undisturbed 30 mins daily, flowing love through all your cells and organs. Imagine a situation that produces a feeling of love. Duplicate the feeling it brings and pour it through your body. Call on the Highest Universal Light. Then visualize a silver cloak around your shoulders as a white column of pure ascension light surrounds you, allow to cleanse chakras and emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Sandy Stevenson’s last UK workshop tour was in 2008. She is an international presenter and author of the best selling book ‘The Awakener.’ She organized the worldwide OM in 1994 involving a million people in 58 countries. All her workshops are fun, down-to-earth, positive and empowering. Sandy has worked with the 7th & 8th dimensional Ascended Masters of Light for 18 years and has a deep understanding and commitment to the homeward journey of the Light Force. Her website provides positive, easy to read, important information to help in the development of wisdom, self-mastery, discernment, integrity, highest truth and love.


The Celebration of Earth

Workshop Tour UK 2008

  A one day workshop with Sandy Stevenson  and the Ascended Masters

Many facets of the Divine Plan for Earth have come together, as planned so long ago. Celebrations ring out across the universe. In thanks, the Ascended Higher Masters and Cosmic Beings from the 7th dimension and higher offer a day of special gifts for yourself, friends and family.

♥ The Ascended Masters offer a celebration gift. A special enhancement of an ability you already have or the gift of a new ability you may request (if in your best interest).   

♥ Lemuria and Atlantis. People who lived in either area will be assisted to release upsets and trauma specifically related to these continents. People from neither area, who may have arrived in small numbers and be feeling alone or different, will be linked via a golden cord to their friends back home. (ET phone home!) People will be split into 3 different groups for this action. You will be helped to establish the correct group.  

♥ Healing on all levels.  Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  

♥ Sacred geometry energizing. Bring one crystal and 1 litre bottled water to be energised with high vibrational coding. The crystal will create a permanent healing vortex in your home. Four people with these crystals can create a temporary healing area anywhere. Several drops of water added to 10 litres of water will bring it to the same value of healing.  These gifts can be shared with friends and family.  

♥ Product analysis. Bring one product, i.e. food/vitamin/medicine/cosmetic, etc. and you will be given the mathematical percentage of benefit this item has for you. Be aware that different batches can have different levels of workability (if applicable, bring 2 of same item.) This section may be limited by time available and attendee numbers.

Sandy Stevenson has been presenting workshops internationally for 16 years. She is the author of the best seller ‘The Awakener,’ & ‘I Am Here’ and organised the worldwide OM in 1994 involving a million people in 58 countries. All her workshops are fun, down-to-earth, positive and empowering. Sandy works with 7th and 8th dimensional Ascended Masters of Light and has a deep understanding and commitment to the homeward journey of the Light Force. Her website provides positive, easy to read, important information to help in the development of wisdom, self-mastery, discernment, integrity, highest truth and love.  


 Milton Keynes  Saturday 31/5     Chesham, Bucks Sunday 1/6      Exeter, Devon  Saturday 7/6        Newquay, Cornwall.     Sunday 8/6  Fife, Scotland. Saturday 21/6 Shrewsbury, Shropshire.  Sunday 29/6      Dublin, Ireland   Saturday 5/7       West Malling, Kent. Sunday 13/7  

                                                          Hong Kong  24/5             Lithuania   19/7               Singapore 3/8 

Various workshop pictures









                                                   Byron Bay (one of many)


                        Lovely Ireland and Hannah - Organiser



                                                                                                Poppy, Sandy and Cherry (organiser Scotland




 Our wonderful Lithuanian organiser, translators and helpers. Agne, Jurate, Tumas, Egle, Lilije



LITHUANIA  - another workshop


A wonderful surprise.  The organiser had told the attendees it was my birthday on the second day of the workshop in Lithuania.

700 people suddenly stood up in the workshop, lit their candles (supplied by the organiser) and sang Happy Birthday in Lithuanian. A moment of love I will never forget.


Kernave, Vilnius. Did a special coding  was done at this spot that released the codes for the Ascension of the people of Lithuania.


                                                        Sally Brown - singing along with the birthday song                                                    Sally doing a medicine wheel



 The beautiful heart based Lithuanians - patiently waiting for the translation, so perfectly delivered by the wonderful Agne   



  Workshop was finished, but these lovely people just didn't want to leave the energy



The Celebration of Earth

A one day workshop with Sandy Stevenson

and the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings of Light


GOLD COAST. QLD      1st September        MELBOURNE, VIC    9th September     PERTH, WA    23rd September         

SYDNEY, NSW    14th October        NEWCASTLE, NSW     20th October         DERBY, TAS   4th November         BYRON BAY, NSW  18th November


  2006 TOUR  





                                                         with Sandy Stevenson and the Ascended Masters


England, Scotland and Ireland and Australia 2006


UK LOCATIONS:  Milton Keynes.    Chesham, Bucks.     West Malling, Kent.      Dublin, Ireland.      Exeter, Devon.     Truro, Cornwall.    Southampton, Hampshire. Fife, Scotland.     Shrewsbury, Shropshire. 

AUSTRALIA:  Sydney NSW.   Melbourne VIC.   Perth WA.   Port Macquarie NSW.   Gold Coast QLD.   Albury NSW




              Lecture by Sandy Stevenson  - 'Finding your right path'   



Omega Workshop  Programme 2004/5


OMEGA - The Completion


The Ascended Masters keep their promise

                                   The final keys are given                  

with Sandy Stevenson and the Ascended Masters


Long ago, you chose to answer Earth’s call for assistance. In Divine Service, with love in your hearts, you left your homes of Light. At that time, the Ascended Masters promised they would help you return home. Today that promise is being kept and you are being fully prepared to leave when your work is completed. It will be your choice as to when you leave. With the Grace of God, a Divine Dispensation now authorizes the Ascended Masters of Highest Light to bring forth a special session of completion to the Lightworkers of Earth.

  Kwan Yin and Mother Mary will be accessing the core of your soul to bring you the very deepest of your hearts desires. A major healing will be given – and a balancing of the feminine aspect of energy within you.

Archangel Michael and El Morya bring forth the Blue Flame of Victory and Courage to be embedded deep in your heart, giving a new brilliance to all you see. Such clarity has not been witnessed since you left home to come to Earth.

St. Germain and Lady Portia reach the core of your being using the Sacred Violet Flame to release the deepest levels of negative energies.

Kuthumi offers you the world blueprint for universal knowledge. 

Sanat and Venus Kumara lead a meditation of advanced techniques for you to understand your capabilities and mastery. Also, the masculine energy will be balanced within you.

Jesus and Lady Nada combine to bring you an understanding of the love you deserve.

On her 8th Australian tour, Sandy is an experienced international presenter, author of the best seller ‘The Awakener’ and ‘I AM Here.’  She organised the OM in 1994 involving a million people in 58 countries. Multi dimensional, with extensive personal experience of Universal phenomena, she has a deep understanding and commitment to the Divine Plan and the Homeward Journey of the Light Force. Sandy works with many Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings. Her workshops are positive and empowering, bringing humour and a down-to-earth approach to personal and planetary ascension.

10am - 6pm on Sunday      






The Omega workshop - is three years ahead of schedule



A massive choice for COMPASSION was made recently as  millions of people around the world demonstrated for peace and no war in Iraq.  This was the people's answer to the possibility of innocent people being killed in the name of war.  This amazing event enabled the Earth to take a giant leap forward on her Ascension path. The OMEGA workshop has consequently been pulled forward three years ahead of schedule.  

Long ago, the Earth called to the universe for help. She wanted to proceed on her own evolutionary path to Ascension, becoming a 5th dimensional planet. However, she felt that due to decisions made by the people of Earth over the period of time since Atlantis, the existing imbalance of negative energy would need to be corrected before she could proceed.  

Many people answered the call for help. Of those people, many incarnated on Earth. They became known as Lightworkers.

A basic plan was devised by the highest realms of light. This was added to later. The earlier group who answered the Earth’s call were more involved in the planning stage. They met with many Ascended Masters and Cosmic beings, various councils, people from other planetary systems and the Angelic kingdom. When everyone met together, more ideas were added. It all culminated in an intricate, brilliant and perfect Divine plan to achieve Earth’s goal. It involved the raising of light in the natural kingdoms on Earth, i.e. plants, minerals, animals, etc. The Earth also wanted to help her human population. She felt they were not able to ascend on their own because of the negative energy present. She requested that they be helped to tune into her energy to allow the transition to their own ascension.

So plans were made that included raising the awareness of the human population, to give every person a chance to ascend at the same time with the Earth. Each individual only needed to move more into their heart, where love and intuition would lead them into the natural flow and order of life.

Many agreements were made. These included agreements with the Ascended Masters from the 7th dimension of light to help the incarnated teams at different points throughout the journey. They carried out those commitments with love and dedication. Even if you felt abandoned by them in some dire situation in an incarnation, you will find it wasn’t so. When viewed from a higher perspective, you will see each step was a part of the plan.

Now we have arrived at a time of completion. We are in a position where the Earth, her life forms and ourselves all have the major codes we need to proceed home. We’ve obtained these in many ways, via lunar and solar eclipses, portals openings, comets and accessing codes via other people, workshops and sacred places.

Now we have the OMEGA workshop. This is the time of the final promise the Ascended Masters made to us, so long ago. When it was made, no-one knew exactly what it would entail. We didn’t know where we would be on our own personal journey. We didn’t know how much we would have cleared by now, whether we would still have patterns about self value and confidence, unresolved situations, how we’d be with faith and trust in the divine perfection and order of things, how much dense energy we’d still have in our auric fields, how balanced we’d be and where we’d be in resuming our own personal mastery. In other words, how equipped we’d be to go home!! This workshop equips us to go home.

It is a general handling, but geared to the individual to help them complete and return home. Many Ascended Masters channel on the day, bringing truth to release many issues. Every workshop is different, because we are all different. If it helps one person clear a particular issue, then the solution is incorporated into the channelling.

Many things are geared for the group as a whole. For example, during a meditation by Kuthumi, everyone receives a map of the universe as it exists now. Since you arrived long ago, much has changed, nothing stays the same. Planets have ascended into higher frequencies and altered. New pathways have opened up and the universe has expanded into further dimensions. To ensure you are not disoriented when you leave, you are being given a clear road map. It might sound strange, but it is certainly useful. You don’t want to miss the party because you took a wrong turning!!  


A message from Sandy to the UK

Long ago, we each agreed to do specific jobs on Earth. We understood that each of us held important parts that ensured  the success of the plan. 

During my 38 years in the UK, I have witnessed the most wonderful awakening as Lightworkers everywhere began remembering who they were and what it was about. It has been a real joy and a privilege to have shared this amazing path we all walk. 

I now move to the next phase of my work, which is to be done in Australia.

Thank you UK Light Force for all you have done and all you will achieve. You are all amazing, wonderful, dedicated and courageous - and I love you. Thank you for letting me walk with you on your incredible path and share your wonderful and special land. 

 ‘I will see you all at the banquet!’






     MILTON KEYNES 30th March      DUBLIN  6th April      RUISLIP (Eastcote)  27th April      SOUTHAMPTON 11th May

     EDINBURGH   24th May     LONDON    1st June        EXETER   15th June       KENT  22nd June           SHREWSBURY    29th June  



ERTH, WA    4th April, 2004    NEWCASTLE, NSW  18th April.   MELBOURNE, VIC  25th April.   SYDNEY, NSW   8th May.   MALENY  QLD 6th June.   

PORT MACQUARIE, NSW  18th July   TOWNSVILLE,  QLD  17th October.   BEGA, NSW   7th November. GOLD COAST, QLD  28th November. 

LAUNCESTON, TASMANIA  5th December. BYRON BAY, NSW  30th May.   ALBURY, NSW Wodonga 16th May  



   Copyright Sandy Stevenson