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'The Awakener' is now only available as an eBook.

'I Am Here' is still available in Scotland (see ahead/Books page). It is also now available as an eBook called 'All that is love.'


I Am Here (book) and Twin Flame CD, please contact:


Archturus - 'Health & Wealth of Spirit,' Strathenry House, Leslie, Fife. Scotland. Tel: 01592 620965 (office)


Website: www.archturus.co.uk   Email: Alison@archturus.co.uk or liz@archturus.co.uk     


Book - 'I Am Here'       15 copies available on 10th May 2015  

£10.99 Sterling   Post and packing costs/Carriage    UK £2.95     Europe - £4.95   Rest of world  £6.95  


Twin Flame CD    In stock April 2014 = 74 CD’s

£8.17 Sterling  P&P costs.  UK £2.00  Europe £4.95  Rest of world. £6.95


CD also available via Sandy. Details on Tapes page.





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