At a point we decide to stop rushing about trying to control every part of life, we have reached a major turning point. We have discovered it all might run better if we go with the flow and move along with the natural order of the world – you know, that flow the entire natural world follows. We are so used to controlling everything, we think our life will fall apart at the seams if we take our attention of every part of it. We have been programmed for lifetimes to ‘stay on top of everything.’ But, from the moment we drop that programming, our life takes a new and vibrant turn.


In order to reach this point of realisation, you have probably suffered numerous emotional traumas, which ultimately helped you decide that the route you’ve been on isn’t much fun. As you climb above the latest chaos the universe sent to test your wits, desperation takes place – oops! I mean awareness takes place - that tells you maybe its time to give ‘God’ a go instead. After all, you’ve heard many times that in the end you will need to ‘Let go and let God.’ Anyway, as you may not have been doing so brilliantly with the current way, why not!


OK Here it is straight - exactly how it is. 

Once you have surrendered, which means allowing yourself to follow your intuition (inner tuition) in each moment, you move into the natural flow of the Universe. Life now takes a major swing in the positive stakes. Faith and trust comes hand in hand with your resolution to stay free of the stream of instructions from your mind and emotions - and be guided by your spirit/heart/intuition.

At first it may not seem so easy. Old fears and our need for security and familiarity flash through your mind, and you break out in a sweat with visions of being cast out penniless onto the street. The idea is to release, trust and detach. Release the fear. Trust the Divine process. Detach from all outcomes. Maintain a higher spiritual viewpoint, not a limited 3D one. There is more going on than we can see in the 3D world around us. There is a higher picture to every event in your life, even if you can’t possibly imagine what that could be. When the panic sets in, it is just your mind presenting you with fear. You simply detach from the fear and let it just pass right on by. Don’t give it any energy, attention or further thought. Keep re-focusing back to your heartfelt choice. Have faith and trust in your own capability to know what is right for you. We really do inherently know deep inside what feels right for us to do. Of course, we don’t always listen and we get persuaded by the masses.

Stay centred. Don’t allow yourself to be thrown off balance. Once you start living in this way, a new mode of operation is established. You find you are living in each moment, saying and doing only what resonates and feels right and true for you.

You will know you have really made it and are living in the flow. You will start to feel more peaceful, balanced, more loving, less judgemental and critical.

Living in the flow means being present in each moment. You are not distracted by all the little details involved in planning your life. You sort of swim along letting the world around you guide you as to your next move. There are signs all around us that show us the best way to act in each moment. The same signs give us our lessons that help us to grow and evolve to higher wisdom.

With your new awareness and perception, you don’t need the brick walls and traumas anymore. Now you can use your higher mind, blended with Spirit. Lessons are presented lightly and rapidly. Everything now moves quickly and joyfully and you experience great leaps taking place in your personal evolution.

From this place of being, ‘you will know what you need to know, when you need to know it’. You are now easily able to tune into the purpose of your life. The weight of the world lifts, as struggle, effort, pain and suffering are replaced by joy, happiness, love and excitement.

 Now you can really live in the world. You just became a real player.

 There is nothing else you need to do. Just stay in the flow.


 Now life begins.


Sandy Stevenson ©


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©Copyright Sandy Stevenson