The signs in Zimbabwe  


Photos of Victoria Falls taken by Sandy 


We know that when we find our inner quiet then highest truth can be accessed and we can find our answers within. But sometimes it’s hard to find that stillness, especially at times of hardship or trauma in our life. Luckily for us, it's not the only way we get answers. The universe provides resources in our everyday life to find the truth we seek. People, places, books, workshops, nature, TV, etc. all give us answers. If we are indeed all 'one' and we are all connected, then nothing is 'outside of us'. So, wherever we get answers from, we are actually doing it ourselves. We draw to us whatever we need in life. Signs come in many different forms and not always an obviously spiritual form. We all help and teach each other. That saves each of us having to learn everything. Imagine how long we may need to incarnate if we had to get all the answers and learning from our own personal experience.

We all have many stories that show the perfection of synchronicity in the universe and the perfect timing of events that help us achieve what we came here to do. There are a number of various factors that help us run our lives as smoothly as possible. If we ignore these points we can make life complicated and full of struggle. Firstly, we need to trust in ourselves and the perfection of the universal process that provides our answers and our lessons. We need to notice the signs the universe gives us that direct us on our path. That means we have to pay attention to what goes on around us and notice what interests us and to trust in that. We all get these signs. The universe never fails to give us at least three signs for each event. If we miss it, it may be that we weren't paying attention or we didn't trust the process. Every person in our life is there for a reason. There are no accidents. We teach others and they teach us.

I thought I would mention the sequence of one experience that I think combines all these factors.

I was living in the UK, with no idea I was about to embark on an adventure. The following involves doing what felt right in the moment and noticing and trusting the signs I was given. The story starts a few months earlier.

I was presenting a workshop in Harare in Zimbabwe. While there I was offered an energy balancing with a practitioner there. It was amazing. As the lady began the healing, various Ascended Masters that I work with came in. I received a special balancing, first from the Male Ascended Masters and then Female Ascended Masters. I then realised I had been absorbing energies of sacred sites and indigenous peoples as I had proceeded around the world on my workshop tour. Beginning with the Jewish energy (and perhaps also Muslim/Israeli/Christian) when I was in Israel at Easter and Passover which included many holy places such as Jesus’ stable birthplace and his Ascension point on the Mount of Olives, the sea of Galilee, the holy Sepulchre Church in Old Jerusalem for the Easter Sunday Service, etc. Then taking on the Chinese energy in Hong Kong, the Indonesian energy in Bali, Aboriginal energy in Australia, Maori in New Zealand and the African energy in Zimbabwe. And one of my first encounters arriving back in the UK was with a full blooded Red American Indian.


       Victoria Falls


During my stay in Zimbabwe I arranged a short tour to Victoria Falls. When I got off the small plane, I discovered I was the only one on the tour. The African guide told me this was unusual. I asked him if we would see rainbows over the falls but he said they occurred very early in the mornings and we were too late. However, when we arrived there dozens of rainbows were visible. I find rainbows are lovely signs that we are in the right place at the right time. As we walked along the falls, an American asked me if I was there for the Peace gathering. I asked what that was about. He said Sri Chinmoy was flying in with many followers and it was to begin at 11am. Because I was the only person on my tour I could ask my tour guide to get us back to that spot for 11am. The guide was extremely interested in attending himself. So I ‘happened’ to be at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe at the exact moment that Sri Chinmoy and many of his followers from every corner of the globe, arrived to dedicate Victoria Falls to world peace. This had been approved by the government and a special sign and plaque was erected. I had been unaware of Sri Chinmoy but later discovered he holds peace concerts all over the world and Victoria Falls was the 800th sacred site he has dedicated to peace.

When I arrived back at the location, there were dozens of people in white. I stood by a tree in front of the exquisite waterfall, enjoying being one with that waterfall and becoming that cascading, tumbling water. I noticed a man leaning on the other side of the tree and I soon felt a huge exchange taking place between us through our etheric bodies. As we know, we all carry codes and these are often deposited in specific places or passed on to other people. Quite often the reason we are drawn to go to a particular place is for the transfer of codes. I had often experienced this, although generally we don't need to be aware of it taking place. Passing codes and energy is part of our role here and doesn't require much conscious effort on our part. I was passing codes to him and receiving many back. I later realised it was Sri Chinmoy I had exchanged codes with, when he presented the brass plaque dedication. So, I had been standing beside him, totally immersed in the energy of the water of the Falls, decreeing for all the wonderful intention for peace being offered this day to be magnified a thousand fold by the Ascended realms of Light. I have no doubt that I received from Sri Chinmoy the various codes he had collected from all the 800 sacred sites all over the world. I also gathered some special codes to be taken to India. I know that energy and codes we all carry can be passed to others. As well as containing mathematical codes the energy can also strengthen auras and create force fields of Light. I realised that this exchange had been the main function of my being there, but I enjoyed the whole tour including a lunch on a boat trip up river.

The plaque that was erected that day

     Sri Chinmoy leaning on the tree  


With no-one else on the tour I could stay as long as I wanted in each place, which gave me time to tune into to the crocs, hippos and even the vultures. I admit I had to work hard to find the beauty in the vultures! There were around 10 hippos in the water and I was telepathically talking to them and I was laughing. My special African tour guide with his beaming smile full of light, who had by the way, thoroughly enjoyed the peace dedication, asked why I was laughing. I told him I was talking to them. He laughing heartily at this idea, assuming I was joking. I was really enjoying the moment and although it’s not something I would normally do, this time it felt right to show him. I said “OK watch the hippos. I will ask each one in turn to go under the water.” Well, you got it; the row of them, one by one, fully submersed themselves and stayed under. Soon they were all gone. He just stared and then laughed and laughed, totally amazed. They then all rose back up at once. I felt that lovely African guide had experienced a day he won’t forget quickly.

    The boat trip on the Zambesi


  The river with croc, hippos and vultures

   My guide

The special African guide with his beaming smile full of light, who had by the way, thoroughly enjoyed the peace dedication, asked why I was laughing. I told him I was talking to them. He started laughing heartily, assuming I was joking. I was laughing too and really enjoying the moment and although its not something I would normally do, it felt right this time to say to him 'OK watch them. I will ask each one in turn to go under the water.' Well, you got it, one by one along the row fully submersed themselves and stayed under. Soon they were all gone. He just stared and then laughed and laughed, totally amazed. They then all rose back up at once. I felt that lovely African guide was destined for a day he will not forget quickly.  

A few months after my receiving those codes, I was at home and turned the TV on. There was a show about India and I found myself interested in watching it. A day later, a friend told me of a trip to India. A few days later a stranger told me about their recent trips to India. My daughter was backpacking through India and Nepal at the time, meditating with Tibetan monks at Daramsala and I hadn't heard from her for months. Suddenly she rang me and mentioned she was in India and going to the Holy Shivratri festival in 3 weeks. This is held in only 12 towns of India and as she was near the south, she intended to go to the holy town of Gokarna. I noted my excitement as she mentioned it. There was another sign. I asked her if I could come along. We have travelled together before. I flew to India a couple of weeks later.

The saga of the codes continues. Heading to India is another article.

Sandy Stevenson  1995