We certainly are living in unprecedented and challenging times. We are faced with financial, economic, political and environmental change. The old world order is fragmenting, and the only option is major change, reform, and transformation. This affects how we perceive success, how we do business, and how we earn our living.  

The one thing we can be certain of now, is change itself. People generally understand that everything “happens” for a reason. In my mind this is usually through the process of the natural laws of attraction, cause and effect, and relevant timing.  

Governments have an important role to play in identifying the problems, adopting effective reforms, and being mindful of not repeating past mistakes and omissions. It is also necessary for individuals to prepare to make changes at a personal level. In practical terms this means how we respond to the issues of the times and how best to understand them. We can become more resourceful in shaping our lives.  

This includes a review of our debt levels and our reliance on credit. It also requires new strategies in managing our personal and family lifestyles. This means becoming more self-reliant and less vulnerable to failing institutions or systems.   

What is relevant now in these challenging economic times is not to stop spending, but to shop smarter; to optimize the value of our dollar and target spending according to need. We can help by supporting ethical investment and local productivity, and by shopping for fresh produce at our local markets. “Fresh is best” as they say.  

The massive changes that are coming will be more than just a mere reality-check.  

Ultimately they will test the very foundations of who we are, and what we represent as human beings. This will go right to the heart of how we think and what we believe, and what we rely on as our security. Our biggest test will be in comprehending these challenges and the way we deal with them and move forward.  

The recent disastrous bushfire tragedies in Victoria, combined with the cyclones and extreme flooding in Queensland have combined to bring home to Australians the stark reality of events that occur with great regularity in many countries around the world. Some are the effects of Climate change, but some also relate to corporate ethics. Some situations reflect our environmental practices and conservation management. Climate change is a major factor causing people and governments to grapple with extremes of weather patterns and natural disasters right across Australia.  

Yet times of rapid change and global economic crises also present valuable lessons and opportunities. “Adversity is the mother of invention” as the saying goes. One lesson is clear. For every action there is a reaction. Cause and effect is the karma of consequences. Consequences are the end result of our actions, inaction, or neglect.  

ACCOUNTABILITY..is the partner of consequences. The priorities of the physical world might be described as survival and maintenance. The first priority of our host planet is maintaining a balanced ecology. So we have to reassess our own lifestyles and motives. If we want to change the consequences that we now face, we first have to think about the cause and effect patterns we have been setting in motion.  

It is obvious is that when things aren’t working for us, then we have to change old habit patterns and attitudes, and how this translates into our behaviour. This has to happen at an individual, corporate, government, and national level.  The best approach is being open and aware to new possibilities, and thinking “outside the square”. Then we can look at new ways to create balance in our lifestyles, and the popular culture.  

We have to think about the choices and decisions we make each moment, because each moment contributes to our whole of life experience. We can begin to enjoy some simple pleasures in each moment, and live life less strenuously. Every moment lost is one that can never be recaptured, so let us aim to beautify each moment. I suggest enjoying a Katherine Jenkins song collection on CD (“Living the Dream”) or a vibrant live performance on DVD, for some sheer talent, beauty and inspiration.  

We should first contemplate if we need to make major structural changes to meet the challenges of the times. One example could be a possible change of location, or even vocation. We also need to reassess how we identify and relate to our true life-purpose, apart from being mere material “consumers”. This is described as our “authentic self”.  

We have to put everything into perspective, particularly what we deem to be positive or negative. Telling the truth or stating the facts, is not being negative. It is being realistic. “Forewarned is forearmed” as the saying goes. The aim is to assess all of the input objectively rather than negatively or fearfully. This is the way to make clear decisions and to act in a constructive and productive manner.  

ATTRACTION: Unfortunately when faced with challenging times, some people will simply “assume that the worst will happen”. This only attracts the very circumstances that they fear most. Others simply choose to ignore the warning signals (denial) in the hope that they don’t happen. What we believe, and place our attention upon, is what we attract. This can also work in a positive way for us, through the practice of visualization. What we visualize and believe is what we can attract, when our creative energies are directed positively in this way. The big issue is that we should all be trusting in ourselves to devise and create the best possible solutions.  

When we can better understand why things are happening, then we are more capable of creative positive alternatives, and doing our best under the circumstances based on the best insight, guidance or feedback. The critical test of the times is to remain flexible and be able to adapt to situations as they arise. If we “think ahead” we can formulate practical solutions and better manage any problems that can be foreseen.  

POSITIVITY lies in knowing that we can empower ourselves to find solutions at a personal level, and also problem solving at a collectively level. The global financial crisis now requires a major ethical correction, and major re-think. Being positive is also being positively pro-active.  

FINANCIAL CORRECTIONS”. People have become used to periodical financial corrections in the world’s Stock Markets and financial circles, and in real estate and business.  The current global financial crisis has been described as the worst in living memory by most commentators. This is because this particular crisis is forcing us to address the very fundamentals upon which the global financial system is structured.  

We have to re-examine how these systems are administered, and interpreted. This challenges our very belief and reliance on these systems as they currently exist and function. It forces everyone to look closely at their own personal strategies, ethics and goals, and their financial dealings and aspirations. This is taking personal responsibility, and goes to the very heart of our intent and motives. From a spiritual perspective it could be said that “Intent is everything”, and our personal signature.  

A good yardstick to apply is that we earn our living, in preference to jumping into “get-rich-quick” schemes that only create a culture of “winners and losers”. The losers are not happy people. They are the scapegoats in making other people wealthy in many cases. Quick gains are usually made at someone else’s expense.  

We have to ask ourselves do we use credit to fund abundance, or downright greed. This begs the question; “how many cars and how many houses do we really need?”

How many material possessions do we really need for us to feel secure and happy?  

OPPORTUNITY: Challenging times present new opportunities. This will require us to be more sensitive to our local and natural environment. This calls for cooperation, creativity, initiative, and reviewing our ideas on ethical investment, technologies, and clean, green renewable energy systems. We should also embrace new models of safe construction and affordable transport, in tune with environmental sustainability. This is all positive action that resonates with spiritual sustainability… “resonaction!”


Many of the big changes that are now facing us are relative to how we relate to Nature and deal with environmental changes, natural disasters and ecological sustainability.  

PERSONAL AWARENESS:  Awareness of our surroundings and what is going on around us is so important, if we need to make quick decisions or take swift action.  

A recent magazine story detailed the aftermath of the tragic and fatal bushfires in Victoria. It revealed just how unaware some people were of the impending dangers of the bushfire risks that were about to rapidly confront and overwhelm them. Many people under-estimated the signals and weather conditions that precisely suited the bushfire potential. Some were residents. Others were tourists, “honey-mooners” and day-trippers who were in relaxed holiday mode, and in a “disconnect” mode with updated media and weather reports. Most had little knowledge of local conditions.  

This hindsight on the Victorian bushfire tragedy could also be translated back to the unfolding global financial crisis and Stock Market crash. There were many signs and even predictions, but who took any notice of them? Many people were much too busy coasting on the bubble of easy credit and endless consumer spending. Awareness is essential. One thing that most people do understand, is that “things” generally happen for a reason. Awareness of prevailing conditions can help to pre-warn us.

 RAPID RESPONSE: Many people respond to emergencies through sheer instinct and intuition. This can be brave and effective particularly in terms of natural disasters. Some people pray for Divine help, and this can work for them also. The main criteria in times of personal crises, is to act sensibly and to be pro-active in the way we cope with the challenge that confront us. “Plan your work and work your plan” is a good example of positive action. Then we must follow through to completion.  

“ENVIRONMENTAL CORRECTIONS”. Climate change could be interpreted as Nature imposing an “environmental correction” upon us. This is quite a unique   scenario, because the results can be taken out of our hands. Nature is impartial, and follows the Natural laws of Cause and Effect. Nature will simply react and respond to the imbalances that have been created by humanity.  Our challenge is to function in a practical way, but also in an environmentally and ecologically sustainable manner.  

Unfortunately over decades, some sections of the Corporate world have viewed Nature and the Planet as merely a commodity to dig up and plunder for its resources. This is particularly visible in third world countries. The world’s forests which are the “lungs” of the planet, have been treated as an expendable resource.  

Some people tend to forget that humans are merely a part of a fragile ecosystem, which collectively relies and depends upon each other for balanced, cohesive, and ongoing sustainability. The Australian aborigines knew this, and viewed themselves as being “a part of nature”. Many other indigenous cultures and their Shaman Elders regard the planetary environment in a similar manner. Mother Earth was so called because Nature is essentially our provider, sustainer, shelter, and supplier of food.  

The main reason that “Changes are coming” is because as a global society we have gone far enough in the pursuit of material wealth, consumerism, cosmetic glamour and obsessive “celebrity worship”. (No offense to the celebrities who devote much of their time and wealth to charities and other worthy causes).  

We have to some degree lost our perspective on the Relativity of Life. We have also succumbed to the “human condition”, by losing our perspective that we are actually spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our purpose is to be creative, and to learn and grow.  

Now is the time for everyone to make a major reassessment as to how to live life in realistic terms. How can we be in-tune with our spiritual nature, and in harmony in our personal and inter-personal relationships? If humans as a species are out of sync with the natural environment or are disturbing the balance in our planetary ecosystem, then we can’t expect Nature and the weather patterns to reflect harmony and balance.  

We can’t just blame everything on Nature for all the natural disasters. Humans have to take some responsibility for the consequences from our own creations.  

The planetary ecosystem is simply reacting to the accumulation of imbalances that humans have generated over a long period of time. This accumulation has now come to a climax, causing major effects, and we are now being forced to learn from them.  

It is ironic and coincidental perhaps that the present global economic downturn is reducing demand, and thereby reducing Greenhouse gases and global warming.

But this does not excuse us from making constructive changes in our attitude to dealing with Climate change in a responsible partnership with our environment.  

POLITICAL CHANGE: We are noticing that genuine world leaders are trying to  adopt a more consensus style of leadership. Effective governments now require far more flexibility in managing the great changes that are emerging. The global financial and economic crisis is a fast moving phenomenon that requires insightful, innovative thinking and clear decision making. Real leaders now understand that conflict only fuels more conflict.  For every action there is a reaction”. Some leaders appreciate constructive proposals for solutions. They also realize that genuine dialogue and community cooperation is necessary to create workable regional solutions.  

SOLUTIONS: People understand the need for a constructive approach to the huge challenges facing us all, by “Choosing to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem”. Running around with panicky emotions, fear, anger, cynicism and the negative criticism of the “blame game” only adds to the negative energies affecting the world. Negative criticism just for the sake of it is unproductive and unhelpful.  

CREATIVE CHANGES: Making positive changes to personal habits and living an affordable and sustainable lifestyle is a good starting point. Creating a culture of complementary behaviour is a step forward. Creating an orderly ambience in the home environment is important. Creating efficiencies in the home or business and thereby reducing our personal Greenhouse gases is also essential.

We can achieve these goals by putting an innovative “working plan” into practice. We can put some conservation systems into place. This is a good time to support people and groups who are being productive, and who are leading by example.

  SPENDING HABITS: Now is the time to practice selective spending, by supporting retailers and products that provide us with real quality and value, and deliver genuine service. Buying only what we really need, or can share, is a responsible practice.  

VALUE FOR SERVICE: Businesses which gave poor service during the good times when their turnover and profits were guaranteed and expected, may now find that people will avoid them in tougher times. This is when shoppers choose more carefully how they spend their dollars and discern what value they are receiving in return. These are the karmic consequences that naturally follow.  

People question why Supermarkets flood their shelves with “generic house brands” using cheap and often inferior overseas foods instead of supporting locally grown Australian produce. Shoppers will now be more discerning. In the good times many people just bought anything and everything “because they could”. Now they will put more thought into exactly what their dollar buys, and where they choose to spend it.  

OPPORTUNITY: These are times of new opportunities and looking at alternative options. These may require more innovation, personal enterprise, new technologies, and clean, green renewable energy systems. What will be appreciated will be new models of safe building construction, and efficient public transport that are in tune with environmental sustainability. We need to support local growers and produce.  

NETWORKING: Finally, many people now fully realize the value of networking with like-minded people, and people who are resourceful, creative, and cooperative. This is the most effective way to share ideas, feedback, mutual support and friendship, as well as resources. This can be achieved even more quickly now through the Internet.

Now is a perfect time to buy products that uplift the soul, or to invest some cash into a massage to relax and pleasure the body, mind and spirit. This is all positive action, that resonates with spiritual sustainability…resonaction!    

                               LIFE CHANGES ARE COMING   Part 3


“Changes” Part 1 and 2 articles both dealt with practical responses to major change at a mainstream level. Part 3 goes further. It goes to the very heart of who we are in essence, and what our destiny can hold for us. This presents us with a personal spiritual reference point, or focus, which helps us in creating our personal destiny.  

THE SPIRITUAL CONNECTION: The main test in these incredible economic times of rapid change, and natural disasters as a result of Climate change, is to examine the higher purpose of our lives. Now is the time to think about our spiritual purpose and destiny, and how we refer to our spiritual essence and Source of Life (or God). It is now more imperitive than ever to draw from our inner insight, which is our spiritual connection to The Whole of Life, and our personal point of reference in the unfolding Universe.  

THE CONTINUITY OF LIFE:  Even if we perish in a crisis, our spiritual essence will live on in another form. “Energy cannot be created or destroyed”, only the form disintegrates or dies. So “Life” in the overall context continues onwards for all of us in some form or other. Death is not the primary issue, even though the cause of death can be unpleasant for some. Life itself is the major issue. Belief in the continuity of life is important. If we don’t factor the continuity of life into our future planning, we may well wonder; “Where the bloody hell am I” upon arriving at the next dimensional phase of life beyond the physical. But instead of being a tourist, we will be a resident.  

BIG BANG? Even the skeptics who believe in the “Big Bang Theory” might find it difficult to explain what caused the Big Bang in the first place. Unfortunately, skeptics can never be convinced of anything, because they are not open to all possibilities.  

Consider that we continue to be told that; “scientists are sending radio signals into space hoping that they might receive a response from extra terrestrial intelligences”.

This is despite a large body of evidence that UFOs exists and that the US and other governments have known about them since the 1940’s, but have suppressed this information for “security reasons”.  

How would you react if the US government suddenly chose to publicly reveal that they knew that UFOs really do exist, but information about them had previously been withheld? How would this change your perception of life from now on? How would this revelation affect your views on Life, God, religion, and the politicising of how we do business on our planet? One wonders how other planets might deal with their issues, and if there are orderly administrative bodies to oversee them.  

NEW LIFE: New births are happening even in the midst of global changes. Parents are sponsoring the children of the future. These are the new millennium creators and leaders. A parental role is a challenging responsibility and a valuable contribution.  

Therefore belief in oneself is a big factor. A sense of identity is important. Identifying with our Life-purpose is the big issue. It is relative to fulfilling our personal destiny. We develop a belief in ourself by accessing our inner spiritual resourcefulness which is our connection to The Whole of Life. Our personal life mission is usually what we do best.

This does not require a “belief” in a particular religion or religious concept of “Going to Heaven”. Belief in oneself is a practical conviction that we are all an Integral part of Life, and that Life moves forward, onwards and upwards in a cyclic and creative activity, regardless of physical catastrophes. Quality of life must take precedence over quantity, and status in life. Personal integrity should ultimately become our personal “signature” in life. Our destiny course connects us with others of like-mind and intent.  

Both the planetary consciousness and spiritual consciousness are all inter-connected as a vibrational “Web of Life” Each participant has a relevant affect on all the other participants and components. This is Life-force expressing through form. This is our potential for creative individual and collective growth. It is an opportunity that is available to all, and not just a chosen few.

GUIDANCE: The most relevant guidance for an individual’s life comes from within, from the “I AM” – The spiritual Self. This has nothing to do with religion as such, but it can present itself relative to personal religious belief. “As we believe so we create”, (or attract). Our physical brain consciousness has a finite capacity, and therefore is only cognizant of the physical and psychic worlds. Our “I AM” is our spiritual aspect, and therefore is multi-dimensional in capacity and awareness. This is an aspect of our Higher Self, which has the omnipresent capacity to assess all possibilities and available data for our complete life-plan. It is our greatest resource to rely upon in an ever changing, and temporal physical world.  

If we listen carefully within in a quiet moment, or in a crisis situation, we can sense what is the correct thing to do. Some people simply call this intuition. This may be difficult to discern if we are in an emotional state of confusion or panic. It is also difficult to achieve in a stressed state of being. This is why a regular moment of quietude is so important to become centred and balanced, and to cultivate a more  receptive state of being generally.  

“Ask and you shall receive”, is what Jesus Christ implored his followers to do in order to receive spiritual help and guidance some 2,000 years ago. This is just as relative and important today, in our daily lives. What is even more pronounced and relevant today, is that there are many more spiritually awakened people around the planet who are willing to be of help. But we have to be “open” in order to receive. If we make the call to spirit, there has to be a response in kind. What is relevant is how we choose to respond. So now is the time to learn to listen, and trust from within, rather than blindly trusting the systems and “experts” of the material world.

In this way we can shift our personal vibration into a spiritual context, and gravitate to the ascending spiral of life of creativity and renewal. This is preferable to clinging to old materialistic concepts, and the disintegrating systems of violence and crime. Both options are spiraling simultaneously now, and present us with a clear choice. A decision needs to be made on where we place our attention and energies, and our aspirations and intent.


Best wishes, Eddie Romano.

Resonaction email networker.