Some lightworkers suggested areas they’d like clarity on, so I’ve written a bit about those areas. But as we all see things differently please see if it resonates as right for you.

Which path do we follow

Earth offers us such an amazing variety of situations through our different cultures and societies, giving us thousands of variables and a multitude of chances to learn and grow. No time to be bored! So many paths to follow, but which ones? Should we hold the vision of a perfect Earth or be exposing ‘bad’ things or help educate people toward a spiritual approach to life, or something else entirely?


The answer is easy. The universe presents us with different things. If it excites you or feels right, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t. A lack of interest or excitement immediately tells you it’s not part of your work at this time. So, if it feels right to help educate people, thereby passing on your particular skills and knowledge, that is what you do. Whatever you’re destined to do, you have the ability to handle it -in its right moment. Remember, everything has a right moment. It’s up to you to see what needs to be addressed now!


The signs your path has changed 


Remember, everything can change in a moment, so be aware of where your interest or excitement is in each moment. Also check which aspect of something is interesting you as it may not be the whole thing. It could even be the location you’re drawn to and not the subject itself. Just make sure you are clear on what it is.


Years ago, a girl in the UK told me it had excited her to attend a week course on Homeopathy. She did the week but then thought maybe she was meant to become a Homeopath,  so signed up for the full 4 year course. She was now in her 3rd year and it hadn’t excited her for a very long time but she’d paid for it, so kept going. I’ve heard of people doing something because they’ve paid for it. She asked my advice but I didn’t really need to answer. She’d got it. She said, ‘Don’t bother. I know. I’m not meant to be doing it and I’ve known it for years.’


She had quite a revelation, realising she was only meant to do the first preliminary week. She said she’d had loads of signs with things going wrong as she planned her 4 year course. She said she’d trusted her first initial excitement of attending the week as being right for the whole thing. Even when noticing her lack of excitement, she kept telling herself she was just fearful about starting something new. Who knows why she was meant to attend that first week. Maybe she was meant to contact someone in particular, perhaps passing codes to each other. Maybe one was meant to awaken the other. Maybe the one week was to show her she could be intuitive and didn’t need any training and certification. Maybe a million other possibilities. But luckily, we don’t need to know the why. Just be fully in the moment. Once we discipline ourselves to stay in the flow, a feeling of inner excitement or a knowing occurs. When we feel that all the time, it’s noticeable when it stops. It’s easy to get ideas from our head and head off on a specific spiritual path - stimulated by the mental energy. But unless it comes from the heart, it’s probably not the path we came here to do. We are led by intuition and the various signs we get.


Lightworkers can to do many things at once. We can hold several viewpoints all at once - working across several dimensions and staying detached from everything. Apparently, the Ascended Masters can hold thousands of different perspectives at one time. So, it’s possible for us to do many things. We could hold a vision of a perfect planet (highest truth), while at the same time helping bring awareness of saving the coral reefs or the whales or bees, or whatever else grabs our interest and attention. Or do nothing if that is what resonates. Yes, I heard someone just breathe a sigh of relief and say ‘I’ll go for that one’! Note: It does need to feel right on all levels. We all have times where we don’ want to do anything. We may be in preparation for something winging its way to us. We may need a spiritual break. We may be doing a lot in the higher realms during sleep and just chilling out in the daytime. But just make sure it’s not laziness or a lack of confidence stopping you. 

Spiritual compassion verses emotional compassion

The concepts of ‘good and bad’ are part of the learning offered to humanity in 3rd and 4th dimensions. Judgements don’t exist above 4D. As we look around, it seems ‘normal’ to judge people so it’s easy for us to buy into it. But if you want to rise above the 3D level, you need to stop judging. We know it’s not always easy to see the higher picture the universe is showing us, but what is easy is to discipline ourselves to trust there’s a higher picture to everything that occurs. That keeps us out of 3D.

When we see ‘bad’ things, it usually produces an emotional reaction or a sensation in our body. As we advance on our spiritual path, we go beyond such responses and move into ‘spiritual compassion’. In that place, we still understand people’s pain and suffering but we don’t ‘feel’ it physically or emotionally. We don’t visibly respond to ‘bad’ news, but our lack of response doesn’t mean we don’t care. It doesn’t mean we’re condoning something just because we don’t get upset or angry about it. It means we’re graduating beyond the emotional body which generally dictates our reactions. Spiritual compassion sees with a higher perspective. We know what people are going through without us reacting to it. We don’t see things as good and bad anymore but still our heart is truly aligned with them in love and understanding. Many lightworkers experience spiritual compassion but don’t realise it. Sometimes they judge themselves because they aren’t reacting like everyone else. However, it is possible to think we’ve reached spiritual compassion when it’s still blocked emotions. When you understand about karma and learning, it doesn’t mean you lose an understanding of the suffering of others. Unless we’re speaking with people who understand such concepts, comments like ‘it’s probably karmic’ or ‘it’s their learning’ can appear heartless and cold and create a divide in reality. Karma and learning may well be a truth, but if you’ve truly reached a place of spiritual compassion, you have a deep understanding and caring and love for all life on a universal level.

Being in the moment, grounded and real

Evolving doesn’t mean you have to become unreal to others. Some lightworkers don’t grasp the importance of staying ‘real’. We all feel different than we did 20 years ago, but it’s important not to be so determined to express our individuality, that it’s done at the expense of the overall picture and what’s needed to get the team job done.

We need to understand the importance of being balanced and present. For life to work properly, we need to be grounded to the Earth as well as finding stillness to link to the higher realms. This is the only way to get our work done here. In this way, we see the signs the universe shows us that tell us what to do next. When we’re spaced out, we’re not ‘present’ so we miss the signs. Being ‘spaced out’ creates a rift between us and others. We can become unreal to others. I’m sure we all know someone who is ungrounded. They are late for appointments, forget things, lose things, their conversation is often airy fairy, they plan big but often can’t manage the basics needed to get things off the ground, are unreliable and they lose the respect of others. People are inclined not to follow them or listen to their wisdom because they look lost and aren’t managing their own life.


We generally each have a specific area we’ve agreed to help and it’s important for us to stay real to people in that area. As the Divine Plan encompasses all life forms on Earth, areas can be anything. We may be meant to help individuals or a specific band of humanity, a community, a nation or another life form. The variety is immense. But all our jobs are designed to bring greater awareness among humanity about every aspect of life, encouraging greater responsibility, love and care for each other and all other life forms. It’s all intended to advance the evolution of humanity toward unconditional love. If you understand every area is well covered, then you don’t get drawn into trying to ‘fix’ areas because you think no-one else is handling it. If you follow your excitement and interest, you are covering your area. If you follow someone else’s excitement and interest, it’s likely you’ve stepped out of your own role (and are now also interfering in theirs) and the rest of your team have to manage without you.


Some lightworkers feel they’ve changed so much they adopt a name they feel fits them now. That’s understandable and it can work if you’re staying within a spiritual environment such as Byron Bay in Australia. But there’s another view. If your work involves a leadership role that takes you outside that spiritual environment, then sometimes having a really unusual name such as Moon Dance Moon Love, Rainbow Sky, Bliss Daydream, Acadia Bliss, Bodhi Arcadia or Altara An Ra, can make us unreal to the people we wish to teach. We all have a spiritual name prior to arriving here and it holds power and energy we can tap into. Our real name usually remains hidden because keeping it in silence prevents it becoming sullied by 3D dense energy. We can tap into its clear spiritual energy. New names we choose are rarely our true spiritual name.


Spanning the bands of reality on Earth

There are 3 bands of reality on Earth. We can be in one band of reality, but if our work calls for it we can be aware of other reality bands. It’s possible for us to be aware of other bands but stay detached from them and not ‘buy’ into them. ‘You know it exists for people who need that reality - but you don’t take it on board as being real for you.

The three bands.

1. A positive level, taking responsibility for life, working mainly in mastery. Closest level to ascension. Aligned to the forthcoming new Golden Age of Peace offering a high vibration of energy.

2. The middle way is the band for the group who still have many judgments and thoughts that are part of the 3D learning.

3. The densest band of reality is for those who hold strong negative judgemental thought patterns such as the Earth will be devastated via catastrophes and trauma. This reality band contains very dense levels of energy appropriate for the learning experience needed.

I recently read a synopsis about attachments we make. I thought it was very good and I’ve summed it up here. ‘Anyone and everyone who has somehow become affixed upon any particular person, substance, place, preoccupation with an idea or ideology, or has somehow become stuck in a moment in time (past or future), or have decided someone has a hold over their heart - be prepared for a cosmic shift in consciousness. All pain stems from attachment. Time to let go of sentimental hang ups about anything. Not to the past, not to some idea of the future, not to you and not to me. Nothing. Every soul is now passing through the cauldron of alchemy and all impurities, sins, unholy agendas, grudges and prejudices will come loose and rise up to be skimmed off the surface. If you avoid consciously doing it, the universe will do it for you.’

The same process of learning applies to one person or whole planet


Part of the evolution of any 3rd dimensional existence in this universe is that we are presented with things to help our learning, all having a goal to take us closer to our true self as a spiritual being, but a wiser and more loving one. The variety and volume of what occurs depends on how fast, or not, humanity grasps what is needed. As they begin to understand their own power and mastery and grow beyond judgments, then the variety and volume of the events/ situations/ happenings begins to lessen. The universe works exactly the same way, whether it’s teaching one person or a whole planet. I recently wrote about out the sequence of signs we get in our life in an article called ‘Paint with all the colours of the wind.’ ( Just change the examples given in that article for individuals to situations designed for a country, or many nations or the entire planet. We draw toward us situations and people, whether it’s family, friends, neighbours, a commune we live in or a whole country; to reflect what we need. As we all get closer to our completion on Earth, the signs we are given are stepped up.


The article explains that when we ignore the early signs we’re given, the signs get stronger and denser and we become injured or sick. We do get occasional body aches as part of our ascension process, from DNA change and the soul adjusting to higher frequencies, but most illness and injury are the final signs to get us to look at our patterns.  I’d be inclined to check if I have a thought pattern that’s being reflected by that body part. Louise Hay’s book ‘You can heal your life’ shows that connection. I also check if it’s my lesson or if I’m reflecting it for someone else or if there’s some agreement I’ve made (often a past life) that caused it.


Old agreements made


It’s worth checking if we’ve made old agreements that are still affecting us. We may have made a vow or agreement in a past life or earlier in this life. I’ve personally found several agreements I made that were having a profound affect on my current life. One was a pre-incarnational agreement to take on someone else’s pain for the incarnation. In the pre-planning of the incarnation, the person felt they didn’t handle pain well and it was thought it may stop them completing their work.  It seemed I was better at handling pain, so I agreed to help them achieve that. When viewed from our higher perspective prior to incarnating, we tend to assume we’ll always stay ‘in the flow.’ However, as we’ve all discovered in life, we don’t always manage to do that. What occurred was the person didn’t feel the pain that would have shown them they were off track and so led them to believe they must be doing it all right. I got the signs and the karma instead. That was puzzling to me as I couldn’t find the thought patterns that fitted the pain or reasons for the karma. A few years ago, I experienced an injury which I couldn’t explain. I went deep to try and find the answer. I found the agreement and saw it was not serving either of us and decided it was a right action to end it. I used the correct protocol in the form of a decree and with the usual provisos of divine order (see info ahead). I now know I was being assisted to find this agreement by the higher realms as the situation had become a ‘step too far.’


Another old agreement I found was a promise made in Tibet long ago. In this life, I’d been attracted to Tibetan wall hangings, Buddha statues and colours. I never looked for the reason for my interest, figuring it was just an affinity from the many lifetimes in Buddhism and in Tibet. Now I see that my interest was me trying to trigger a memory of my old promise but I’d missed those signs.

I was with a spiritual group going to the pyramids in Bosnia and was showing pictures of my home, with Tibetan wall hangings, etc. to the girl next to me on the bus. She mentioned she had an old Tibetan necklace in her bag and showed me. What a trigger that was. I remembered my promise I’d made to the people in my village in Tibet when we were being invaded and had to leave. As the villagers packed their meagre pots and pans and began leaving, I stood on a hill and with all my heart I swore I’d bring us back to Tibet. That was a long time ago. With Tibet still to this day in foreign hands, I never fulfilled that promise. I’d been subconsciously trying to remember this old promise by decorating with Buddhist symbology and colours. I sat on the bus wondering how to handle it. I decided I had to ask those people I’d promised, if they’d allow me to break it. It was no accident I’d sat next to that girl or that she’d showed me an item that triggered my memory. I told her about my promise and that I felt I needed to ask her first. She said she remembered it and agreed to release it. I now knew I was on the right track. So I decreed for my I Am Presence to contact anyone I’d made that promise to and ask if they’d release me from it. I received confirmation later this had occurred and I was free of my promise.


How to remove old agreements that no longer serve us


A protocol applies to saying decrees. We need to be in a still space. A decree is not something you throw into place between cooking dinner and putting the kids to bed. To be effective, the decree needs to be said 3 times without slipping up on any words. This then holds the correct mathematics required by Universal Law. After saying the decree 3 times, then we say the last line just once to seal it in place. Providing we’re in a clear space when we say a decree, it only needs to be said the one time.

See: (

When doing any decree, it’s a good idea to add, ‘if it’s in Divine Order’. I add that to all decrees or requests to the universe.  I mentioned to a friend about a mutual friend putting in an offer to buy a house. She said she’d pray he got it. I said it may be better if we pray for divine order to take place concerning that. By adding ‘Divine Order’ we avoid karma if we accidentally impose our own will.


Here is a decree to help void vows or promises you may have made that are no longer ideal.

‘By Divine Decree, in the name of God, under the Law of Grace, I ask my I Am Presence of my highest evolution, to take appropriate steps to make null and void any past vows or contracts I have made that have a negative impact on my current incarnation or my evolutionary progress, where it be for the highest good of all concerned and is in Divine Order.’

To seal the decree after 3 times through say:  ‘So Be It. So It Is. It is Done.’

People power

Eventually, as a nation and as a race; people come to understand the level of control and domination in society and its removal of their personal rights. We see uprisings occur in some form when people start to realise they’re being walked over. They find different ways to express this. Small steps eventually lead to awareness of people power and self mastery. An example may be the poll tax introduced by Margaret Thatcher in England. The people didn’t like it. The universe provided ‘the step too far.’ People quietly opted not to pay it. They rallied peacefully across the UK. The result was that the poll tax was scrapped. At some point, people will become aware that some systems such as some organisations, political parties, big cartels, taxes, drug companies etc are placing money above integrity and benefit for humanity. We don’t know how far people need to be pushed by the universe before they stand up and say no. It’s totally up to them and part of their evolution.


Humanity evolves in its own time frame

We live on a planet with two polarities. We see these opposite polarities in things like the positive and negative of electricity and the magnetic North and South Poles. We see both polarities in situations reflected across the Earth. We tend to look at events as being positive and negative, but in truth all situations are neutral and our perspective decides if it’s positive or negative. A farmer needing rain for his crop will see rain as positive but the outdoor event organiser down the road may see it as negative.

Most of the events on Earth are simply part of the evolution of the human race in its third dimensional learning. Events help people better understand creatorship, self mastery, people power, choice, preferences, etc.

Free will and choice exists on Earth. This allows the right of humanity to grow at its own pace without outside (higher) interference. It needs to be this way so souls on Earth can evolve and ‘graduate’ to higher levels of existence. The third dimension (3D) provides the basic learning blocks and learning that can’t be obtained in higher dimensions because those dimensions exist in harmony and without obstacles. Both an individual and a species need to progress at the rate it can manage. To interfere with that would be like taking an infant straight from kindergarten into higher spiritual university and expecting them to handle the higher light frequency needed to exist there (which needs to be gradually achieved) and also to instantly grasp the social comprehension of living in a harmonious loving environment that operates beyond linear time and always for the greater good - as well as manage all that while still having their own negative patterns and belief systems in place. Of course, it’s just an analogy because you can’t actually be in the higher dimensions if you still have dense negative thoughts. The thing we can know is that everyone gets there some day, in their own time. Everyone is helping everyone get there. It’s an amazing concept and is true. The more we are intuitive, the more we can help.


Earth’s new blueprint


The new blueprint for Earth is in place. It is intergalactic and links us to other ascended and ascending planets. As an individual in the beautiful flow of Divine order, we’re automatically connected to the new blueprint and all that it offers for the future of humanity’s evolution and for Earth’s new role as part of the Intergalactic Federation. Humanity has a wonderful future ahead of them.


Lightworkers going home


With Earth’s blueprint in place, many lightworkers have completed their work and are returning home. Two things need to happen before an individual Lightworker can leave Earth. Their work has to be finished and they have to be emanating the right vibration of light. To reach that level of light, we have to release dense energy, negative thoughts or emotions and bring all into balance. We work at this all the time. If you feel you’ve finished but are still here, this could be the reason. Balancing energies includes addressing things like chakras, our masculine/feminine energy balance and balancing our desire to go home with our willingness to remain here.


After we’ve been incarnating for some time and identifying ourselves with the solid world we see around us on Earth, this can be more real to us than our true home in the higher realms. That in turn can make the idea of going home to another dimension seem a bit fearful. If you feel fear, work on releasing it. In fact, release any fear you have about anything, as its all dense energy. Something that assists us with achieving this is that as we let go of our attachments to the Earth plane we become more our true self. Consequently the higher dimensions become more real and the Earth plane more of an illusion.


Being a lightworker


As Lightworkers, let us live quietly accepting all those different scenarios and realities that reach us in so many different ways - learning from them and without judging them; holding strong to the deep truth of ourselves as multi dimensional spiritual beings, maintaining an understanding, trust and faith in the perfection of ourselves as co-creators and continue to understand how the process of life in 3D works in Divine order for the greatest good for all. To keep responding to the signs we’re given, being discerning and following our gut instinct. If we follow the principles that hold our light strong; steer clear of judgement or criticism; and act with integrity at all times, we easily reach our goals. Integrity has been described as ‘doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances whether or not anyone is watching and having the courage to do it, no matter the consequences.’ Personally, I’ve always felt integrity was a major factor in our personal rate of growth.


When we’re in the present moment, grounded and balanced, paying attention to the signs we see; operating in a loving space beyond judgement and not becoming part of the negative 3D picture, being disciplined to stay detached from all outcomes; then we’re in the highest frequency of light possible. We’re being our inherently intuitive, beautiful, shining, aware, perceptive and amazing selves - the ones who came here once upon a time to make a difference - and did.


Walking together in the Light of God.


Sandy Stevenson


1st June 2015