The signs to India 







We know when we can find our own inner quiet place where highest truth can be accessed,  we can find our answers within. But sometimes its hard to find that stillness, especially at times of great hardship or trauma in our life. Luckily for us, it's not the only way we get our answers. The universe provides resources in our everyday life to find the truth we seek. People, places, books, workshops, nature, TV, etc. can all give us answers. If we are indeed all 'one' and we are all connected, then nothing is 'outside of us'. So, wherever we get our answers from, we are actually getting it ourselves. We draw to us whatever we need in life. Signs come in many different forms, and not always an obviously spiritual form. We all help and teach each other and thank heavens for that as it saves each of us having to learn everything. Just imagine how long we may need to incarnate if we had to get every single answer and teaching from our own personal experience.  

We all have many stories that show the perfection of synchronicity in the universe and the perfect timing of events that help us achieve what we came here to do. There are a number of various factors that help us run our lives as smoothly as possible. If we ignore these points we can make life complicated and full of struggle and difficulty. Firstly, we need to trust in ourselves and the perfection of the universal process that provides our answers and our lessons. We need to notice the signs the universe gives us that direct us on our path. That means we have to pay attention to what goes on around us and notice what interests us and to  trust in that. We all get these signs. The universe never fails to give us at least 3 signs for each event. If we miss it, its possibly because we weren't paying attention or we didn't trust the process. Every single person in our life is there for a reason. There are no accidents. We teach others and they teach us.

I thought I would mention the sequence of one experience that I think combines all these factors.

I was living in the UK, with no idea I was about to embark on an adventure to India. The following involves doing what felt right in the moment and noticing and trusting the signs I was given. The story starts a few months earlier.

I was giving a workshop in Zimbabwe. During my stay I arranged a short tour to Victoria Falls. 

When I got off the small plane, I discovered I was the only one on the tour. The African guide told me this was unusual. I asked him about seeing rainbows over the falls but he said they occurred very early in the mornings and we were too late. However, when we arrived there were dozens of rainbows. I always find rainbows are lovely signs that we are in the right place at the right time. As we walked along the falls, an American asked me if I was there for the Peace gathering. I asked what that was about. He said Sri Chinmoy was flying in with many followers to dedicate Victoria Falls to peace. 

A few months after my receiving those codes, I was at home and turned the TV on. There was a show about India and I found myself interested in watching it. A few days later, a friend, and a day later a stranger, told me about their recent trips to India. My daughter was backpacking through India and Nepal at the time, meditating with Tibetan monks at Daramsala, etc. I hadn't heard from her for months. Suddenly she rang me and mentioned that in 3 weeks she was going to the Holy Shivratri festival. This is held in only 12 towns of India and as she was near the south, she intended to go to the holy town of Gokarna. I noted my excitement as she mentioned it. There was my final sign. I asked her if she would be OK if I came along with her?  She seemed to think that would be a great idea and I flew out a couple of weeks later.  

We got a bus down to Gokarna in the south. Anyone who has been to India, especially at festival time, will understand the stamina needed to actually get on one of the buses with hundreds jostling for seats - and the joy of being packed in a bus sweltering heat with Hindi music blaring - along with the odd goat and chickens. Fortunately, an angel stepped in (an old Indian man) and saved us two seats on the bus. The bus trip was an adventure and I accepted it as such, but must admit was not looking forward to the return journey!

So, we finally arrived in the packed town which was roped off to all car traffic. Regardless of the large numbers of people, I felt incredibly peaceful and was so very happy to be there. I immediately noticed a circle of eagles in the distance to the left of the town.

You can imagine the lack of accommodation in such a place, and indeed people passing us confirmed this. We just walked quietly in trust, passing monks and absorbing the energy of this devotional place. Miraculously, the first place we asked said that although all their rooms were full, we could have two old iron beds from the cellar they would put up in their outdoor restaurant. We grabbed them with thanks. It was actually hilarious sleeping there. As we climbed into bed each night to sleep under the stars, we waved goodnight to people still eating.

I was talking to a local Indian and mentioned the eagles I had seen. He said that was at a temple on a hill overlooking the ocean where many people went to meditate at sunset. I knew this was where I was meant to go, but not yet. Staying in trust that I would know the right time to go, we spent the next few days being part of the festival. I was dressed all in white during the whole festival and maybe the monks thought I was some sort of nun as I was treated with great respect by them.  Interestingly, many locals were also impressed with the fact that a western mother and daughter were travelling together, apparently a rarity.

The first night we headed to a cafe and noticed a long haired chap in a loin cloth in the cafe. I was to see him several more times in different cafes, which was amazing in itself as there are many cafes and thousands of people.

Each morning I awoke early and I headed off to meditate with the monks at dawn on the beach. I sat quietly behind them, all of us facing the rising sun over the sea. They accepted me there. One morning a dog came close to me. It took me a while but slowly I convinced him I wasn't going to kick him. Sadly, dogs are not considered worthy creatures and stray dogs barely survive and live in constant fear. I coaxed this skinny skeleton dog onto my lap and started gently patting this cowering dog, who was ever ready to vanish in a moment, but so appreciating the warmth and love. I had my eyes closed in meditation and was allowing light to flow down thru to this beautiful creature. I don't know how long I had my eyes closed but when I opened them the scene surprised me. Every monk on the beach had turned around and instead of facing seaward were now watching fascinated at my stroking a dog. I just kept stroking the dog gently and wondered if somehow they were learning something by seeing, perhaps for the first time, someone treating a dog with the same reverence as cows are given in India.   

The temple at Gokarna

The next day, it felt right to go to the temple for sunset. A few dozen people sat outside the temple on the ground, facing the sea. My daughter and I settled ourselves down. I closed my eyes and began my meditation. As I mentioned earlier, we all carry codes in our subtle bodies and we pass these to people and places. For about 10 minutes I felt codes moving from me out to someplace. When I opened my eyes, the man seated in front of me was the one in the loin cloth. I knew then he was the main reason I had come. He was the one meant to receive those codes and they had now been passed to him. We all left the temple area and he was gone in a flash. I assumed he didn't need to know what had occurred. However, that night we headed to a new cafe for our last meal as we were leaving early the next day. It was packed as usual except for one table in the far corner that had two spaces left on a bench. We headed there, and yes you got it, there was our loin cloth man. We started chatting and as it turned out he was English but was very brown like a native as he'd spent years backpacking around India. I told him what I felt had occurred that day. He said it made total sense to him as he was just about to do a holy trek across India from the source of the Ganges to seven holy places. Others may know more about this than I. I can't recall exactly how it was explained to me that night. My job was done.

Incidentally, as we headed to the bus area outside the cordoned off town the following morning, an Indian taxi driver approached us. He had apparently driven a group of people to the festival the previous day and was trying to find someone who lived close to him to share the petrol costs home. He lived a mile from where we were staying in Goa! So, we enjoyed a very cheap, air conditioned, comfortable drive home.

So, these sacred mathematical codes we all carry, collected from person to person and from sacred sites around the world, were continuing their ever expanding journey, now destined for the holy places across India. From there, they would in turn no doubt, be passed to others, moving gently across the world spreading truth, love, harmony and balance as they raised the light vibration of each location.



Sandy Stevenson