Hello everyone,

A special time for each of us now - as humanity is faced with itself – being forced to view creations it had already brought into existence all by itself.

The rules now in place issued by governments are the perfect mirror. A beautiful reflection to humanity of its own creations of social distancing; permitting the demise of personal and national freedoms; allowing governments to control us instead of being servants; complacency in allowing non optimum things to happen without speaking out; not being responsible for self; failure to always act in integrity; adopting a myriad of fixed beliefs, patterns and judgements and hanging onto them; standing back as pharmaceutical and big business industry take over; passing on negative news; allowing technology to swamp the humanities; our pursuit of faster and instant gratification; not enough care for each other; using up our time on dictates of mind and ego; not going the extra mile to give a helping hand and not seizing every opportunity to choose light and unconditional love with our thoughts and actions.

As we know, when we as individuals fail to note the signs being shown to us by the universe and learn from them, then events move closer in and become stronger - until they can’t be ignored any longer. That same structure of learning applies to a groups, countries and globally. The current global situation lessons now are really close and very strong, reflecting clearly just how many signs humanity has missed!

Now humanity has had a taste of its own creations. It has been offered a gift by the universe in its unfailing support of our evolution, allowing us to clearly see our own creations and giving us the time to work through the various emotions that arise such as fear, anger, frustration, disappointment, loss and apathy and to reach beyond the 3D scenario and to recognise real life and its preciousness. A chance for humanity to let go of lower creations and reach into the positive vibrations of love and light – thus rendering all that has gone before into historical learning. It is up to humanity – individually and collectively. It always was - it is their evolution.

Each of us has the ability to quietly observe and stay aware - while not agreeing to the limited 3D apparencies - as we stand 99% in the 5th dimensional vibration - holding love, light, harmony, neutrality and non judgement. The Light ALWAYS prevails. And that’s not something we even need to believe in order for it to happen. The frequency of Light in our physical universe of matter, energy, space and time - is a zillion times more powerful than any dense energy frequency. So, as soon as light enters the equation, lesser energies dissipate. That is how we handle our own beliefs and negative reactions. We bring our conscious awareness to it, which increases the light and vanishes any dense energy. The ONLY way negative and dense energies can exist in any field - individually or globally - is when people fail to hold their light frequency. Fear and lower emotions are the only way dense energy can continue to exist – this, of course, being a system often used by governments, businesses, advertising media and the news in maintaining control. We know all this and have let it continue. Now we have the chance to handle it once and for all - as the One Light.

Australia is comparatively doing particularly well in this outbreak with 6,089 cases and 51 deaths as of today. Many of the deaths have been traced to incoming passengers on cruise ships entering Australia. The medical profession offers its own reasons for the lower figures including extensive testing. However, I feel much of it is owed to a combination of other factors. We’ve just come out of summer where many of us experience hot days and some with quite humid conditions. The virus does not thrive in these conditions. Also, Australians generally have quite a positive, upbeat, ‘no worries’ sort of attitude to life. This in itself will immensely assist to negative dense energy. And then we have the spiritual factor. The light quotient in Australia is quite high, being needed to support the high frequency of light for the creation of the Blueprint for Unconditional Love, which is happening in the Lightworker town of Byron Bay, NSW; the first point of light each day.

Remember many years ago, when we first awakened to the realization of being Lightworkers who had come to Earth to help? We were told then that as the Earth increased her light vibration on her evolutionary path to Ascension, there would be people who were not yet ready to increase their light to the levels required to remain on Earth. We heard that as the Earth drew closer to 5D, the level of light would be too uncomfortable for some individuals and so they would choose to relocate to other 3D planets so as to continue their learning on 3D planets that offered the vibrational bands they needed. As we know, light is flooding the planet now and the virus scenario has a key part in the Divine Plan to assist all of humanity on its evolutionary path and allow the Earth to merge its physical form into 5D. Naturally we have people who are due to leave now. Then we have the  many Starseeds who have wrapped are their work and are heading home as agreed – this  being the last physical incarnation for the Starseeds. And I don’t know if this is the case, but I wonder (and it seems to fit) if we have now reached the really high frequencies of light where many are now choosing to move on to learn elsewhere.  

We know many rules being put into place are helping the Divine goal, so we don’t need to stop them or complain about them (unless they continue past their use by date!) If you hear of a draconian measure you see is not conducive to the overall plan, choose not to add your power to it. Don’t agree with it, discuss it or assume it is going to happen – i.e. don’t give it focus and energy. Always hold the light and align to the Divine goal of bringing mankind to a space of love, compassion, understanding and wisdom. Despite the appearance of things when only viewed from the limited 3D picture, in fact, a whole new world is being born.


So many wonderful jokes going around. One of my favourites is ahead…and a couple of favourite quotes.

Sandy Stevenson





As I leave a familiar rock

I am forced to float down the river

with nothing physical to hold on to

and to Trust that it will take me

to where I need to be

learning that Love and Faith

can be my only anchor.



Be Open to all that is flowing in.

Be the Witness, the Observer,

you don't have to like it, judge it, analyze or react to it,

simply know that it is there.

Allow the information to flow through you,

you don't have to hold on to it or react to it.