Questions and Answers


I recently asked Lightworkers if they had observed areas they felt may still be confusing, with a view to helping bring some clarity. Their replies cover a wide range, so I am putting them into one article. These answers are purely from my own observation and understanding so may not be true for you. Please feel what resonates with you. We need to be discerning in all areas of life as it’s a key to self mastery.


1. How much Free Will do we have and how much is our Higher self in charge. 


We actually have a massive amount of free will. We make choices every moment that decide our future. Every minute we are deciding whether to listen to our inner voice or stay in the minefield of our mind that offers us numerous answers to everything, or to let our emotions swamp us and dictate our behaviour, or let our ego decide our path. The ideal is for us to use our thoughts, emotions and ego, not let them control us. We make the choices, not our higher self.


Before we incarnate, WE make a plan. We have a meeting ‘up there’ with various people, including those beings who’ve agreed to be our guides during the incarnation, as well as our Guardian angel. A lot of time is spent on the planning stage. We set personal spiritual and work goals for the incarnation and together with the chosen main players, such as parents, siblings, some friends, some partners, etc. and we work out the main events that need to occur to give us the best chance to attain our goals. If you have a personal goal of ‘learning to overcome adversity by becoming disabled,’ it won’t happen if the car accident intended to cause the disability doesn’t happen. Planning reduces the risk of it going wrong. When reviewing our incarnation after we leave, we do want to have attained our goals.


Each participant has their own guides. Although there’ll be times when your lives are intertwined, each person has their own goals which can be quite different for each person. We arrange for our guides to help us attain key goals. One way they can do that is to add energy to key points on a particular path, hoping we’ll notice we have more interest in one path than another. They may channel thoughts to help sometimes. Our Guides and Higher Self will help with the things we agreed with them prior to incarnating, but they will never violate Universal Law by overriding our free will and choice. Nor would they wish to. We’re here to learn self mastery, so we don’t want help with everything.

The pre-planning stage is different for Lightworkers than for people going through 3D learning. Lightworkers have already graduated through their 3D learning so the pre-planning they do is done more by themselves than by guides, is far more sophisticated, has far less detail, has less things pre-arranged and is more orientated to divine work.


2. Some Lightworkers have difficulty accepting the idea of a dark force.


This universe offers us a choice of adopting light or dark energy. Both have very different frequencies and different goals. Earth is a planet of duality which consists of two opposing forces – such as, hot and cold, masculine and feminine, light and dark, positive and negative electrical. Some Lightworkers think that if they see people as being negative, then they themselves are not being very loving or they are being negative themselves by saying that. In that case, they have confused ‘spiritual perception’ with ‘3D judgement’. The ability to perceive a quality of energy is a spiritual gift. It is useful in assisting us choose who and what we align with and what to avoid. Confusion with this area only arises because we have a habit of adding a 3D judgement when we see a negative energy  - and we decide it is bad. Negative energy is not bad. People who choose to work with it are not bad. There is no good or bad. It is simply negative energy. Everyone has the right to choose their evolutionary path. We don't need to add a judgement that it is right or wrong, good or bad. That is a Earth's 3D belief system. Unconditional love means 'unconditional'.


I’ve seen Lightworkers repeatedly makes excuses for dark force behaviour. It appears they find it more comfortable to think a person has made a mistake, rather than think anyone would do that deliberately. People do make mistakes, but there are also deliberate attempts to sabotage light. Dark force workers know what they’re doing, the same as we do. We deliberately work to achieve our light goals. They do the same with dark goals. Accepting and recognizing negative energy it is important. Far from it being non-loving, perceiving all energy and acting accordingly can asisst the Divine Plan, humanity and All That Is. Duality doesn't exist in higher dimensions.


We sense things and we pick up when something is not resonating as true or right for us. We need to trust our initial gut instinct regarding people, places and things - and follow it, even if it’s socially unacceptable, impolite or upsets people. The dark forces (DF) are deceptive and not obvious as we see in movies (where they’re usually depicted as baddies!) Dark force workers go to great lengths to hide their true intentions and can come across as lightworkers. We also have situations where the person visible to us is a lovely lightworker, but behind them is a negative energy they've failed to discern. Often the anti-light brigade (my name for the DF) play to a Lightworker’s ego, telling them they’re ‘special’ and are being given special information. The person gets so impressed with their own importance and need to be seen as special, they don’t verify the source – which they’ve probably been told is some higher light being.


3. What happens to a lightworkers when reading or watching ‘dense material?’


Unless we can remain totally detached, watching negative news, having negative conversations, reading gory books or watching nasty movies can have quite a detrimental affect on us. Aside from their potential to trigger our past traumas, absorbing negative scenarios reduces our light vibration as we agree to that reality. It drops our frequency of light down to a denser energy level. Then we have to work to get back up again. If we stay in a dense energy place, it can spiral further down; like attracts like. We also contribute to the density if we talk to others about these ‘nasty’ ‘terrible’ events, compounding the denser reality. We’ve also put negativity into someone else’s world thus possibly creating karma for ourselves.


A neighbour just told me about a terrible accident she’d heard on the news of a bus accident killing 100 people in a foreign country. She didn’t know the country. That part hadn’t registered because the point of her story was the drama and ‘how terrible it was.’ She is a good friend and is quite used to me challenging her (which she says helps her) so I just ploughed ahead. I said ‘What part of that do I need to know to enhance my life or will benefit my understanding of life or fill me with positivity to help me get through the day? She laughed and said ‘None of it’. I said, ‘So, why you are telling me? And I left her with that idea to ponder on. Hopefully, she finds the impetus causing her to pass on such inconsequential bad news. I remember her from Atlantis and try to help free up some of her fixed views.


We choose. Just make sure your choice is a conscious one. Be aware that if you can’t remain detached while watching the news and you end up sad or angry or in some emotional depths of compassion – you won’t be emitting as much light for the period of time it takes to shake it off.


If you notice a negative response to TV news or movies, feel bad or upset or have thoughts of ‘how terrible it is’, decide if its really of benefit. Remember, the frequency of our own light is relevant to the amount of help we are able to give.


4. How can we tell if we are making a choice from our head or our heart?


We refer to being in the head as thinking a lot, being in the heart refers to us being intuitive. So, ‘staying out of your head’ means we may have more chance of an accurate answer if we don’t seek it from the stream of thoughts that pour forth from the mind. The term ‘Follow your heart’ suggests to be guided by our intuition for answers that serve us best. It’s quite common for humans to try to resolve issues via their emotional responses, thoughts or ego, instead of listening to their inner voice. To be ‘centred in our heart’ means we’re coming from a loving space and aren’t being judgmental. With practice, we can feel the difference between direction from the head and the heart. Go where you can’t be disturbed, be still, take a deep breath, let go and find the silence within. Stop the thoughts. You can literally just say ‘stop’ as a thought comes in. You’d be surprised how fast you can gain control of thoughts. Thoughts control many people's entire life. So do emotions. When I was planning the Wembley OM in London, I spent some hours with the Brahma Kumaras who were to lead the OM on stage. I went to Global Co-operation house in London and the feeling of peace was palpable. They showed me around and at one point some lovely music came on and they quietly sat down. So, I did too. It was just a few minutes. I asked afterwards what that was about. They explained it was a reminder to check they were in a heart space of love and hadn’t gone into their head. I think they found a way that worked for them; a gentle but effective reminder they could use until they mastered remaining in the heart.


5. How do you know if you have entity interference?


Any unexpected or unusual behaviour on your part such as sudden bursts of anger, obsessional sexual behaviour, being unusually overly irritable, fearful or impatient most of the time, i.e. behaviour you don’t normally identify as being you, can be signs a discarnate entity (or more) has entered your space. The only way a being (usually from the astral plane band of 4D) can enter your auric field is if there are holes in it. The only person who can create those holes is you via negative thoughts or actions, drugs or alcohol. All these densify your field. You can try yourself to demand they leave. There is information on handling entities in the HELP section on the Articles Page on my site. You could perhaps find a Lightworker who knows how to remove entities. Of course, you need to stop doing whatever is causing a weakened aura and take steps to strengthen it again. You can use things such as ‘Bach Flowers’ (article on Bach Flowers on website.) Remember to steer clear of judgments about these beings. Stay in a loving space.


6. Is there any other way to handle karma than to experience it?


Yes. Lightworkers were offered Karmic Absolution some time ago by St Germain, Ascended Master and guardian of the Violet Ray, among his other roles. But it doesn’t just happen; we need to accept it. Whether our request is successful depends on whether that absolution will be for our highest good. It could be that working through it will be more beneficial to us in the long run. The request only clears karma created up to the moment you ask. You can still create more. This can occur when we let our head or ego dictate our actions. Mostly there is nothing in the way of that absolution being given.  To accept absolution, you need to be still, stop thinking, align to light, be peaceful, in your heart space and say once - ‘I invoke my Mighty I Am Presence and by the Grace of God, I accept the Divine Dispensation of Karmic Absolution. So be it’.   


7. How can we know if someone is channelling the Light? 


Make sure what is being said resonates with you. All of it, not just 95%. That doesn’t mean it has to be real as there may be new things not part of your current reality. But what is being said needs to ‘feel right’. Trust yourself. If something just plain feels wrong, don’t accept it. You are the master and you know what feels right and what doesn’t. Everyone on this planet has the capability to recognize truth and lies. Something occurs when a truth is uttered; a harmonious mathematics of the Truth Ray takes place. It reaches home. And it goes askew when words deviate from the path of truth. We always know but sometimes ignore our knowing, perhaps believing someone else knows better. That is a lesson for us and we need to learn it.


8. Is there still value in following a guru?


Gurus have played a major part in helping us get here. Many have been wise and taught us love, discipline and discernment. However, we’re now at a different evolutionary point on Earth, one of completion and returning home. So, whereas blind following may have served us well in earlier incarnations, it no longer fits with the DIY need to regain our own mastery. We can still listen and learn and help each other with answers and guidance, but not with a framework of ‘handing over our power’ to someone else. You’ll find there are less and less gurus around now, fitting with the Divine Plan of gaining self mastery.


9. Lightworkers can be easily swayed, failing to trust their initial feeling or intuition and not ‘standing their ground'.


Note: The person who suggested this topic gave such a great analogy with it, I’ve repeated it here……


“How many lightworkers would trust a gut feeling NOT to enter a workshop when all their friends are going in? You’ve paid out a lot of money and the workshop is due to start, yet there’s a nagging feeling not to go in. You also had a nagging lack of interest when your best friend told you excitedly about the workshop 3 weeks ago. But you ignored that nano second gut feeling and got swept up in your friend’s enthusiasm. And now you stand outside a building, and that nagging feeling is even stronger. What would you do? Trust yourself? Or ignore your doubts? You’ve had signs. How many do you need?

It can sometimes take great courage to trust our initial gut feeling. But we must. And we must listen to that first voice. Because it may only be a 1000th of a second later that our mind kicks in and our intuitive feeling is swamped. The mind is filled with thoughts of ‘being polite’, doing what’s ‘socially acceptable’, its ‘easier not to make a fuss’, etc. Stand your ground, even when your own thoughts say otherwise. Learn to trust that still, small voice within. And if you can’t hear it, I would suggest erring on the side of caution”.


10. How discerning do we still need to be?


Totally! Discernment is needed until all lessons are learned and we depart. It’s part of our regaining mastery. I think we’ve all experienced the repercussions of failing to discern energy. Usually, we did spot it but didn’t listen.


Discerning energy is an inherent gift we all have, so it’s not something we have to ‘think’ about. We only need to be aware and awake – streetwise, perhaps. If we’re in the flow, being in our heart, we will sense if a place, person or object is not for us; is not an energy we wish to associate with. Mastery allows us to reject it, without judgement. A lack of mastery brings ideas such as ‘It’s not very loving to refuse it’ or ‘it’s rude’ or ‘it will upset them’.


I’ve offered many examples of discernment in workshops and in the nine articles on my website. Discernment has its own section on my Articles page because it is so important for Lightworkers to understand. The articles include details of how negative codes can be transferred through objects (like crystals/ books/ paintings/ornaments) as well as people. We all transfer codes continually all over the world. With us, the codes are positive. However, negative codes can also be transferred in the same manner. If we can, they can. If someone hands you something and you instantly sense it doesn’t feel right – don’t take it. I mean ‘don’t take it’. I don’t mean ‘take it and then dispose of it’. That’s too late. You already accepted the codes. You made a ‘free will and choice’ decision. No-one did anything to you! You did it to yourself. So, now you need to clear your space. Flood yourself with the Violet Flame. Ask the angels to help clear any negative energy you received. And learn to never do that again. Be willing to reject things when they don’t feel right. Be willing to say no. The problem is when something is thrust at us, our automatic response is to take it. So, we need to be awake. Get out of auto mode and be present in the moment! I was at the MBS (Mind Body Spirit) Festival in London and saw a guy (dark forces) walking around handing crystals to people as gifts. Most accepted them (sometimes my heart does break a bit when seeing this sort of thing!). He offered one to me. I just laughed and said ‘not a chance’. He laughed and said ‘it was worth a try!’ We moved on. No judgement from him or me. Both of us hopefully beyond that 3D response. I guess many lessons were to be learned by many people that day. Perhaps for some, it may be some while before they find the source of why life was not going so well anymore. Free will and choice plus a failure to be intuitive. So, yes we still need to be discerning, but never fearful. Most of all, we need to be awake and not operate on ‘auto’.


11. How can we be sure we are not being misled by beings from other realms claiming to be helping us or the Earth? When we’re told to do certain things or not to do things by those claiming to be from the Light, what if those things go against what we feel is in the highest order and benefit for us and others?


We always do only what resonates as truth for us. Always trust yourself. That’s it.


12. If I set goals, how is that allowing the universe to create what I need in each moment?


If it feels intuitively right to set goals, that is the universe creating.


13. It seems such a stress to constantly be concerned about 'following one's heart, purpose,' etc. and second guessing everything we do. Can we have a break, time to play and just lead a normal life?


If we find it stressful, it means we’re still at the point of holding it in our head as an idea of something we ‘must remember to do.’ We haven’t yet absorbed it as a concept. When we do, being loving and intuitive becomes the natural way we handle life. We follow our heart. That is who we are; a loving intuitive being. When we get past the mire of our thought patterns, we can become our real self.


We can always take a break, for lifetimes or forever if we like. We have free will to do what we like, whenever we like. Nothing is compulsory. We control our own evolution. Operating intuitively gives us lots of time to play. In fact, even our work becomes play. Thinking everything out doesn’t leave much time for fun. I’m not sure normal life is a goal. From observation it can be - go to work, eat dinner, watch TV, have a drink, sleep, go someplace on the weekend and go on holiday once a year. Perhaps I am incorrect.


14. We’re told to follow our own guidance but are always being advised what to do.


We attract what we need. If we’re being reminded of something, it’s because we need to hear it and we’ll go on hearing it as often as needed until we ‘get it!  When we get it, we never hear it again.


15. Some people are still sick even though they do their best to be healthy, stress free and filled with light.


There are many reasons for being unwell, including agreements we’ve made, lessons to learn, our thought patterns, we created it for a specific reason, karma, etc. Possibly the only real way is to handle illness is to view it holistically. As well as physical causes, look at the part emotions or thought patterns play. I’ve seen people maintain an illness so they can stay on sickness benefit and not have to work. I’ve seen ill people whose partner is their sole carer 24/7. Seems tough until you see the ill person cared for them an entire lifetime and this is simply an agreement to repay the debt. The reasons are endless. Louise Hay’s book ‘You can heal your Life’ is a good source for us to check which thought patterns cause which illness.


 16. With all the Light work we’ve done, it seems there’s still havoc on Earth?


When viewed from a limited 3D perspective, it can seem like this. As soon as we grasp a broader higher picture, we see we’ve succeeded to bring all that was buried on Earth up to the surface to be viewed by humanity, so they can choose what they prefer.


17. Should we be helping with areas we see need help on the planet? Is it wrong to sit back and not handle what's in front of us?


If we follow our heart/intuition/excitement and do what feels right, we’re in the flow and caring for those areas we agreed to help. To follow head/ego ‘should,’ ‘must do’, ‘have to’, takes us off our path and our agreements.



Suggestion of how to move forward from here



1. Detach. Try not to get caught up in the details of the 3D stories. You can still help, just do it from a more detached place. Separate yourself from the hype. There seems a million different scenarios around in people’s lives, but if you really look they’re all just variations of the same spectrum of lessons offered on Earth. The really heavy stories we hear are usually that intense because the person missed their earlier signs. So, then he lesson had to get tougher and stronger. Example. An early sign - your favourite pen vanished and you felt a bit sad. Next sign - your cat went missing for a while and you felt a bigger loss and cried. More situations occurred where you experienced a 'similar sense of loss'. Each time you had a chance to see it, flood it with light and let it go, but you didn’t. Now ‘fast forward’ through many more signs you ignore, each increasing in intensity. Then, the home you painstakingly built, along with all your possessions are totally destroyed in a fire. Now it’s a BIG loss (unfortunately it can still get worse!). All the signs tried to show you there is an earlier unresolved trauma present (probably ‘past life’) that involved a huge loss and still contains sufficient negative dense energy to prevent you returning home when your job here is done. Note: We need to be vibrating at a certain light frequency to be able to go back to the dimension we came from before we came here. Pay attention to the signs. There are many. Guides work overtime!


2. Make sure you’ve said and done everything to handle uncomfortable, unresolved or estranged situations with friends, neighbours, family or colleagues. Resolve issues with love, even if you have to apologize when you don’t think it’s your fault. As we’re creators, how can anything be someone else’s fault anyway? Of course, only resolve what feels right to you. But to find that, you may need to remove the excuses the mind and ego offer us to avoid handling it. Extract yourself from emotions and thought patterns connected with it. Start loving everyone. 


3. Make sure you your life business matters are in order and easy for others to handle after you leave. Useful articles on this subject, including what’s involved in getting home, are on my website’s Articles Page. 1. ‘Departure. Helping family handle your affairs’ (2014). 2. ‘Going Home Checklist’ (2017). 3. ‘Going Home’ (2017). 4. ‘Criteria for going home’ (2018).  


4. Appreciate everything. Expect nothing. You get help from everywhere, whether you realise it or not.


5. Trust who you are. You know you’re a wise, good person, doing what feels right to help others. Trust yourself  in every way possible.  Be responsible. Act with integrity. Know when something is right for you and when it is not.


6. Quietly acknowledge who you really are. Remember before you came to Earth you were flying around with  shining angel wings (if you’re from the angelic kingdom) or holding high your Excalibur style shining sword of Light (if you’re from the human line of evolution).


7. Be grateful for life and breath and the chance to make a difference.

With love,

Sandy Stevenson

27th October 2017