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The purpose of Byron Bay

              and the role of the Lightworkers 



                                                                                       BYRON BAY                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

     Australia's most easterly point - 

        a very special spiritual town in NSW   


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                                                                                                          First Point of Light in Australia  -  Byron Bay                                                                                                                                                                               


We are aware Byron Bay is a special place, but maybe we don’t all realise just how special and sacred it really is.

The role of Lightworkers around the world is to create various parts of the overall blueprint needed by Earth for her evolutionary path. Each country holds a part of the jigsaw, thus creating a complete picture. For example, the role of Lightworkers in Lithuania (near Russia) was to create a blueprint, from their own experience, that would then offer an imprinted path  to allow other suppressed countries to go free. This blueprint contained two sections; 1. how to survive under suppressive rule and 2. how to establish a flourishing society after a country gains its freedom. This blueprint was completed in Lithuanian 23rd September 2000, 10 years to the day that they obtained their freedom from Russian control. Three days later, another country in the world, Serbia, saw its people walk onto their streets, and without violence, oust their leader Slobadan Milosovich. He fled and has been tried for crimes against humanity.

The role of Byron Bay is to create a blueprint for Unconditional Love.  

This is an important part of the overall plan for Earth and it contains many facets. Specific conditions must continually be met by the hundreds of Lightworkers in that area committed to this task.

The core Lightworkers of Byron Bay need to be able to:

1. Maintain a personal high vibration of love and light. This is constantly sent out to the whole area and to all persons who come into it.

2. View all situations from a higher (spiritual) non-judgmental perspective.

3. Be free of bias and prejudice, whether racial, religious, political or social.

4. Be aware and care for ecological issues, to ensure that balance and aesthetic beauty are ever present.

5. Bring ALL hidden issues within the Byron region to the surface. This means everything pertaining to self, others, environment, ecology, race, society, education and interpersonal relations. Things have to become visible before they can be transmuted into Light. Anything hidden will contain elements of fear. Where fear is present, love cannot reign. So, all must be brought to the surface (to light). You don’t need to look far to see how effectively this is achieved in Byron with all the daily counceling that occurs. On the streets, cafes, beaches, homes, everywhere, Lightworkers openly discuss personal and social issues in their lives. This is more unusual than you would imagine. In fact, it may well be the only area of the western world to achieve this.6. Transmute dense energy into a higher vibrational frequency. You may have noticed an unusual phenomena experienced by many visitors to Byron. They inexplicably find their own personal emotions, thoughts, belief systems and rigid patterns raised to the surface. This, in fact, is the higher reason they are drawn to this area. The role of the Byron Lightworker is to take these patterns of energy brought to them by the visitors and transmute them into higher vibrations of light. The change of energy made to every belief system, emotion, etc. is an important part of the blueprint. In addition to the great assistance given by the tourists in releasing their unwanted dense energy patterns, they are also clearing a space within themselves to receive love from the Byron area to take back out into the world. Given this understanding of the tourist’s role, hopefully we can gain a clearer picture of the importance of welcoming these visitors to Byron, in a non-judgmental and loving way.  

The Lightworkers of Byron Bay consist of some hundreds of people. In the core centre are a mainly younger group who have the task of being themselves. They need to maintain a stable presentation of love and Light. They also transmute any dense patterns of energy presented to them. They are extremely capable of doing this. For those who can be themselves, stay in the flow and trust in the moment, this is easily achieved. The role is meant to be a happy and joyful one. However, any lack of confidence and a failure to trust the overall plan, can make the task difficult.

Of the core Lightworker group, a certain number stay in Byron at all times holding the basic pattern. Others find a sudden desire to get away and travel, making visits outside Byron to other areas and countries to ‘collect stuff’ to be transmuted. They then bring this back to the group for transmutation. These two roles are often swapped around, but at any one time a specific number always stay in Byron to hold the plan. The gift of innocence and love all these evolved souls are bringing to the world is beyond words.

Surrounding that core group are another older group of evolved, wise and loving souls. They provide various vital functions that support the core group. These range from adding sound tones, music and colour to the blueprint, networking project information and giving advice and back up. Because the inner core Lightworkers maintain a high level of personal vibration, it is possible for some to feel a little ‘spaced out’ at times. This older group help provide grounding and advice in this area.

Incidentally, one of Australia’s roles is to maintain a sufficiently high vibrational energy to support the purpose of Byron Bay. One way this is achieved is by remaining emotionally detached from the rest of the world. It is not accidental that Australia is already physically detached.




In 2002, a change occurred.

The Lightworkers of Byron, having successfully established the basic blueprint, moved to the next phase. It is now possible for much larger quantities of energy to be transmuted more quickly into the blueprint. From a higher perspective, it was now time to draw many more tourists into the area. The necessary changes began.

However, with all changing situations, such as the 9/11 Twin Towers, it is vital to stay out of dense emotions and judgment. This is especially true for Byron Lightworkers, who need to stay in a loving and non-judgmental space. When we only identify with a third dimensional reality, we so easily block our higher understanding. If we fail to trust in the higher picture and slip into judgement and criticism, then change can be difficult.

The Lightworkers had become used to the first stage of the plan. During this phase, most lived in or close to Byron, where popping into town meant you saw nearly everyone you knew. This is now changing and some locals feel they have been driven out of the town by increased house prices and rent costs. This change can produce a feeling of loss.

In order to understand and resolve this, it may help to view a higher perspective of how this was all meant to come about.

Byron Bay has a large vortex of energy that holds the blueprint for Unconditional Love. The centre of this vortex runs from the roundabout at Jonson and Lawson Streets, going up Jonson Street and extending out into the ocean at Main Beach. In 2001, this vortex covered a total area of 19.4 kilometers from the town centre. In 2002, with a greater area needed for the next stage, the vortex was increased to 29.3 kilometers around Byron. Any Byron Lightworker entering this area is able to download transmuted energy into the vortex.

With the increased tourism in Byron, the level of peace required by core Lightworkers to do their work is becoming more difficult. This has resulted in more Lightworkers moving out of Byron and into surrounding towns. On the surface, it seems they have been driven out by rising prices and increased visitors, but it’s not exactly as it seems. Moving out of the main town was always a part of the original plan. That is why the vortex has increased in diameter for the next phase of the plan.

The plan is that new Light communities will form in the towns surrounding Byron and existing Lightworker communities will grow even bigger. The town of Byron will continue to provide a wonderful attraction for tourists, and Lightworkers will continue to transmute the energy they bring. The only difference being that now much of the work, though not all, will be done from locations outside Byron. Lightworkers can either visit or live within the area of the vortex.

A plan and suggestions.

Tell tourists what is expected of them. A project needs to be put into place that will inform tourists entering Byron that ‘This Place Is Special.’ We need to welcome them lovingly, gently explaining what is needed from them during their stay in Byron Shire. Keep it simple and real. They will listen. Remember, they already know Byron is special, that is why they have come. They will comply with the rules you lay down, providing they know what the rules are. Word will spread around Australia as one traveller tells another, ‘Go to Byron Bay. It’s a wonderful experience and such a special place. But you have to help look after the area while you are there. We all have to help keep it special.’ Soon, visitors will know what is expected of them before they even arrive.

sandcastle3.jpg (7249 bytes)  A Byron creation in the sand

Perhaps a committee can be formed to work out ‘What is expected from the visitors to Byron Bay.’ The committee would ideally consist of people from both groups of Lightworkers, who feel excited by the project and who are able to harmoniously exchange ideas of what they feel is needed. This town has some of the most original and creative people on Earth and there must be a thousand ways to let people know how special Byron really is. Make a box available for suggestions in the community centre or other central locations.

Perhaps a generous benefactor could come forward to finance thousands of booklets to be given freely. Perhaps someone could make a large container to hold the booklets and erect it at the coach stop in town. Perhaps the backpacker establishments and some town shops would be willing to have the booklets on hand for free distribution. The booklet would be simple, bright, interesting, down to earth and easy to read. To kick-start the idea, maybe the initial print run could contain a statement that presenting the book at certain stores will entitle the bearer to something. You could ask that after reading the booklet, it be recycled by passing it on or leaving it at a certain location.

Byron Bay is so very precious. The people here are doing a truly magnificent job. Everyone on Earth is contributing to this blueprint. From all corners of the globe, people come to Byron carrying the patterns that need transmuting.  

Lightworkers of Byron Bay, you have quite a role to fulfill, but you are masters with very large boots and even greater love in your hearts. Hold strong to your truth and always do what you know in your hearts to be right. The work you do here is for the whole world. Truly, it is God’s work being done at this wonderful and sacred First Point of Light.

With the Love of Light,

Sandy Stevenson

January 2003    


My experience of New Years Eve on the new millennium in Byron Bay 

I was recently on a 10 week tour through Australia and had the good fortune to hold a workshop in Byron Bay. 

The New Millennium. Hey, we made it! All those lifetimes, and we lasted through it all, blazing Light all the way. And here we are with our goal intact and it's all happening; an ascending planet. Yes, yes, yes! 

On New Year's Eve into 2000, coming up to midnight on a warm summer evening, I was standing in the Pacific Ocean in Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia - a major Lightworker town of many roles. One of those roles being to assist the world blueprint in the concept of unconditional love. Byron Bay is the most easterly point on the continent of Australia and therefore attracted a large crowd wanting to witness the first moment of the Light of the New Dawn. 

Standing in the warm water, receiving and sending coding via my amazing Atlantean laser crystal, my heart leapt in joy as a message of Divine Glory rang out across the skies. Across the ocean on the horizon lightning played its grandest symphony for 30 minutes. In each new second the sky was lit in a most amazing natural Light show; each blaze of Light showing a new part of the sky and cloud formation. Showing all the facets of the world of the world, previously hidden, coming together in wondrous harmony. 

Lots of gasps of wonder from the many people sitting under the stars along the beach, sharing a new dream for the world. What a show! 

As if that wasn't enough, there was also a wonderful hour long parade through the town with many beautiful floats of all kinds including space ships, Shiva, Hari Krishna’s and walking behind the floats about 100 people dressed in lovely angel costumes they made themselves, carrying candle lanterns. There were also hundreds of drummers along the beach. Toward midnight the drummers slowly built up to a crescendo. There was also a sort of play taking place on the grass above the beach. Someone was holding aloft a large cardboard dollar sign. Exactly at midnight they let this crash to the ground, the significance being that this was the end of money ruling our hearts. 

Expecting an extra 48,000 into Byron Bay all residents received free permits and non resident cars were parked outside the town and those people were brought in by bus. Everything was well organised and ran perfectly. Extra police were on duty. Incidentally Byron has a policy of alcohol free streets and beach. 

In addition to the sheer beauty of the evening and all that went to make to make that such a beautiful and special night - one of the memories that will never leave me was the wonderful relaxed friendly police force; every one of them sporting a large glowing red heart in the middle of their uniforms! They were also giving them away to people. Lots of police men and women also had glowing starfish on the shoulders of the uniforms. Where else but Byron. Wow! 

By the way, there was only harmony and love and co-operation (no problems, even with the large crowds of tourists) as this incredible diversity of people from every age and culture streamed into Byron to share this special day for the planet. 

I was so grateful to be there and I thanked God for what we all saw that night, not only in Byron Bay but throughout the media the next day; a world that came together as each country put on the greatest show on Earth. 

So here we are in a New Dawn. Here we go. 

I love you all.  

Sandy Stevenson 2000

March 2010. Additional Note re Vortex. There has been an expansion of the vortex area from Byron Bay. This has been occurring for some time. The vortex extends out to Mullumbimby and equal distances in all directions. A tributary line from the vortex now extends over the NSW border to the Tweed and Coolangatta areas of Queensland.