Not a hit and miss universe


If someone comes along and shoots an arrow into your heart, it’s fruitless to stand there and yell at the person. It would be much better to turn your attention to the fact there’s an arrow in your heart.


Whether we realise it, see it, or believe it or not - this is a universe of perfection. That means everything has a purpose; has a reason for being there. It may be teaching us or others, but every particle is designed to increase the light vibration of all life and consequently its evolution.

This perfection applies to everything; an individual, a country, combined nations, nature, a race, planet, galaxy and so on. We’ve heard everything that happens is meant for our learning and growth. So, I wonder why we sometimes find that hard to accept when it’s something we don’t like. Why is it we have a tendency sometimes to blame everyone and everything but accept we created it for our greater learning and growth? Perhaps we don’t really believe or fully understand the idea it’s all a mirror for us as we create the circumstances we need to have reflected back to us? Or do we think this time it’s an exception to the rule? Maybe it’s just easier to blame someone else rather than look to see how we can learn from this?

Regardless of whether it’s a small or big life event, the same rule applies - we create what we need. We’re not stupid; in fact, we’re very clever. We make very sure we attract exactly what helps us grow. We work with the universe to co-create life’s events. Once we grasp this idea, we can see there’s no reason to judge or lay blame elsewhere. Life is not about blame. It’s about the magic of creation and the beautiful gift we each have to experience all the diversities of life that enable our personal spiritual growth.

We need to start looking at things differently. Instead of finding all sorts of reasons why something is happening, let’s see if our reaction to it seems rational or perhaps a bit ‘over the top.’ We easily feel justified in our behaviour, so to really check we need to be sufficiently detached to see if it’s way too much reaction! Often our reactions and emotions stem from an earlier time in our life - perhaps a past life. But regardless of where it comes from, we’re able to clear unwanted reactions using light. Basically, anything we feel we ‘have to do’ (even slightly) or ‘can’t do,’ (even slightly) is a compulsion or a repression. It is irrational behaviour and needs to go. Perhaps the optimum way of living is what the Buddhists call ‘the middle road’. That’s a position where we choose to do something or not - without feeling compelled to do it or not do it.

Fear is irrational. ‘Fear’ is not that inner awareness we get when something is potentially dangerous. That is a spiritual perception and a gift we all have. Fear is an emotion opposing love and takes us out of the flow and submerges our intuition.

The way to release any irrational behaviour is to allow it to surface, so we can feel it. Once we’re aware of it, we can start releasing it. That concept probably applies to everything in life really. Right across the world, things are brought to the surface so they can be known and released. We release feelings by flooding our aura with light, letting light flow throughout our emotional and mental energy bodies which is where we store our feelings and thoughts. The ability to flow light is an inherent spiritual quality we all have. This action transmutes unwanted emotions and negative thoughts into a higher frequency and releases them. The idea is to keep flooding light until that feeling disappears. By the way, auras are different sizes so it’s best not to fix an idea on the size of your aura. Just have the intention that ‘the right frequency of light is flooding down throughout your entire aura and is transmuting any dense energy. You can ask the angels to help. More detail in this article -

Although it’s not my work here, I‘m occasionally placed in a location where I can help with past life advice. Here are some instances that have crossed my path which may help to show this is not a hit and miss universe! And also how seemingly small things we let pass by without examination may be having a big influence on our life.

1. A lady joined an overseas group undertaking an important spiritual activity. All went smoothly until the day before the actual goal was due. She suddenly became ill and went to bed. Everyone rallied around but no amount of natural therapies or healing helped improve her condition. The group were due to leave and no-one was able to stay with her. I asked if she’d like me to see what was happening. She agreed.

The real reason: The lady (then a male) was in Atlantis and responsible for a key piece of equipment that warned of danger. The equipment failed to warn of the impending sinking of Atlantis. The machine was her responsibility and she felt extra lives were lost through her failure. She had therefore created an illness to prevent her participating in the important work she was involved with now, in case she failed again. So, we looked at what had really happened in Atlantis. We established she’d done the right thing and set in place the warning system - but other factors caused a malfunction of the equipment. So, she was not to blame. We worked on releasing the whole incident. She got out of bed, well again, and carried on with the group.

2. A girl in her 30’s approached me for help as she was going blind. I noticed her distress when I casually mentioned she was a lightworker. She actually said ‘Shhh’ - and looked around as though checking no-one had overheard me. I instantly saw the reason for the blindness. I double checked if she really wanted to know, as it was going to be uncomfortable. She wanted to know.

The real reason: The girl had been a part of the dark forces right up until this incarnation. This lifetime, she’d changed ‘sides’, deciding to go with the Light. The problem was she’d left a back door open just in case working with the light didn’t work out and had maintained a substantial link to the dark side. That is having a foot in two camps and tends not to work well! In addition, the dark forces were not happy with her ‘defection.’ Because she’d maintained a link with them, they were able to cause hassles in her life. She was trying to work with light, but keeping hold of dark links enabled slip-ups to occur that sometimes caused harm to people she was trying to heal. Blindness, as we know, is said to be caused by an unwillingness to see something. I told her to correct the blindness she’d need to move fully into the Light camp and let go of her dark links and trust all will be well. She said she knew that it was all correct. I then left it to her to choose what to do. I detach from outcomes so I have no further involvement and no expectations of what should or shouldn’t now happen. I saw her a while later. She had a blind stick and her sight had deteriorated further. She told me she just couldn’t let go as she was afraid she’d be left in limbo if the Light didn’t work for her. She is now totally blind.

3. A friend mentioned she always wore her hair tied back and rarely let it loose. She had no logical reason for doing this, e.g. feeling it looked better that way.

The real reason: In an earlier lifetime, she had a great love, a soul mate. In this life she hoped he’d find her again and was keeping her hair the same way she’d worn it when they were together in that previous incarnation, in the hope it would help him recognize her now.

Handling: With a situation like this, there are often additional aspects dictating our behaviour. Perhaps we’re also dressing a certain way or unconsciously seeking a man who looks like him and rejecting others. What may seem a simple thing like ‘keeping hair tied back’ could have far greater ramifications on our life.

As it happened this man was not a part of her current lifetime plan and was not incarnated here. But we don’t need to know things like that. The important thing is to recognize limiting irrational behaviour, to let it go and TRUST the universe to provide what we each need in Divine order in each moment.

Note: We WILL bring into our life whoever or whatever we need in each moment to help us on our path. We attract what we need and we help each other. As we know, the synchronicity of divine order is perfect. We simply need to be present to see it. The other day I was trying to work out something. An hour later, a person experienced in that field, sat next me and gave me the answer. We know this sort of thing happens to us often.

4. On a journey overseas, someone was shown an ancient Buddhist necklace and felt sad. They loved Tibetan Buddhist symbols and had surrounded themselves with many such items in their home. Realizing the sadness they felt on seeing the necklace was probably connected to a past life, they meditated to see what came up. They started seeing pictures of Tibetan people forced to leave Tibet because an invading army was heading their way. They felt lots of grief and sadness. They kept looking and realised they’d been the chief of a village and had made a vow to the villagers to bring everyone back home to Tibet. They’d been trying to do that ever since!

The real reason. The reason they’d surrounded themselves with Tibetan Buddhist objects in their home was a subconscious attempt to remember this old promise. It needed to be released as it was influencing decisions they were making in this life (and it had also affected previous lives). The necklace triggered a reaction - which wisely, they followed up. They realised the person who’d shown them the necklace was one of the original Tibetan villagers they’d made the promise to. So they asked that person’s permission to break the vow. The person understood and gave their permission. That felt a right way for them to proceed, so they asked the Higher Realms of Light to contact the rest of the original villagers to obtain permission to release this vow. That was done.

5. A lady often saw a picture in her mind of a man and a castle. She didn’t check what feelings arose when she saw that picture.  There would have also been other instances to help bring to mind what she needed to see. 

The real reason. The picture of the man was a great love in an earlier incarnation. In this life, the lady had subconsciously wrecked all her romantic relationships after three months, to make sure she was free when he came into her life. She’d felt his love was so strong he’d definitely continue to look for her. She also felt 3 months was safe, as even if her saw she was in a relationship, he’d stay around for 3 months to see if it was serious. Once she saw the pattern that had played out in her life and why, she let the sadness come to the surface, flooded it with light and let it go.

6.  A girl had joined a group undertaking a journey that had a spiritual goal. I was part of that group and observed the girl at one point way too afraid to step onto a down escalator. I asked if she wanted to know what was going on. After the explanation, she was able to understand what had triggered it which allowed her to get onto the escalator. That only handled the immediate situation, but we addressed it fully later in order to release it. 

The real reason: In a previous life, she’d been on another important expedition. It required crossing a rugged mountain range. She was on a hill and stepped out onto what appeared to be solid ground. However, it was not solid and she hurtled forward, crashing down the side of the mountain and died. She failed to complete that mission. The similarity of being on another important ‘expedition’ now and the act of stepping off into space had triggered the earlier time.

7. A spiritually aware person felt a recent injury they’d sustained should not have occurred. From a spiritual perspective it didn’t make sense they needed to experience this. They had also suffered a lot of pain in their life, perhaps more than most.

The real reason: The person made an agreement prior to this incarnation, to handle their friend’s pain (we’ll call him Joe) during the incarnation they were both entering. Joe felt he wasn’t good at handling pain and didn’t think he’d achieve his spiritual work if he had to contend with pain. When the arrangement was originally made, taking into account the calibre of the being (Joe) and because they both understood the sequence of signs on a 3D planet that preceded pain, it seemed unlikely Joe would ignore any signs. But as we know, things are different once we are incarnated. We don’t always spot the obvious. Joe missed all the signs. And because he didn’t feel any pain, he felt his actions were perfect and in divine order. He never checked if any of his actions stemmed from his ego or thought patterns. Consequently karma built up. The karma was being handled - but not by Joe. The final straw that brought about an awareness of their pre-incarnational agreement was a painful bone breakage. This set the person in search of the truth and assisted by their I am Presence, found the agreement they’d made to take on Joe’s pain. After careful consideration, it was decided the agreement was detrimental to both of them for their evolutionary progress. So, steps were taken to dissolve it. The higher realms of Light were asked to  do this. If you aren’t sure you can do that, then ask the angels to help. They will take it to the level it needs to go to resolve it.

I hope these few examples give a broader understanding of how the universe is always working to assist us. What we need is always right in front of us. In every event we’re offered the opportunity to go that one step further. We don’t need someone around to explain what’s happening. We can see it ourselves. Spot the reaction and flood it with light. It just requires some discipline to do it.

In the instances I’ve quoted, the people concerned only needed to notice what was occurring. Addressing why we feel a need to tie our hair back or why we keep seeing a picture of a man or why we feel fear stepping onto an escalator, would produce a change for the better. The girl who went blind would have experienced hundreds of instances in her life reflecting what she needed to see, long before the first sign of blindness. The lady who became ill on the journey could have looked at what she was feeling. She mentioned feeling unworthy and feeling she wasn’t up to the calibre of others on the journey.

So many things happen to us every day that can easily be addressed instead of letting them pass by. Things happening to other people are also signs we can learn from. There is a reason we heard about it or saw it. With the lady going blind, I checked for myself if there was anything I was not looking at. I found something. If we’re really honest with ourselves, we can make leaps and bounds in being and living a life we prefer rather than a life we need! Once our unwanted emotions and thoughts are addressed and handled, they don’t need to appear again - ever!

Keeping in mind the concept there’s always a higher picture to everything, leads us to heights we only imagine. As we embrace the truth that ‘we reap what we sow’ we can keep ourselves beyond the 3D limitations of crippling negative emotions, judgements, criticisms and reactions that densify our light.

As infinite and unconditionally loving beings, our natural state of play is soaring on wings of light across universes. In love and compassion, we temporarily left the Higher Realms to bring our light, love, wisdom and understanding to Earth. Let us ensure we live in truth every moment, always rising above 3D limitations, as we bring Earth to full light and complete the Divine Plan for Earth.


Infinite Love,

Sandy Stevenson

6th January 2017 (8 = Infinity)