at Frequency of Light workshop 2010


This is Archangel Metatron. I speak to you from a dimension that sees beyond what is available to you at the level you have chosen as incarnated misionaires. The picture I can see is one of joy and encompasses so many facets and layers of the overall goal plan for Earth. When one cannot see this greater picture, a greater trust is required. Trust is a key factor in the movements you make toward your return home. If you can hold onto the faith that all is as you planned it so long ago, that nothing has changed, that our original plan is being enacted out by you and your team and the higher dimensional beings, this is wisdom. We all arranged it long ago for the plan to happen without a hitch and this is what has occurred. Sometimes on your television, it may seem to be looking dark and infer that something must be wrong – but I assure you that everything is right – perfectly right.  

As you seek to find your way on this final section of your homeward journey, please call on us to show you a clear picture of the right direction and what is needed from you in each moment. Waters become a little muddied when one takes a turn dictated from the mind and then confusion sets in and you become unsure which way to turn. At that moment, stop turning. Call out to us and ask for clarity. We will endeavour to present a clearer picture so that you may unmuddy the waters and return to the clear path you need to continue.  

Take heart – an interesting term – take your heart and bring it to its fullest glory by acknowledging all the compassion and love and joy that is held deep within there. How much time do you take for you? How much each day? For some of you the answer is none. For some of you, that answer would be the same even if I asked how much time do you take in a week or a month? It is so vital to your energy and growth in mastery and to increasing the quotient of light that runs through your soul, for you to take those moments and to find stillness inside, establishing the peace you need to go on. You know in your heart that what I say is true.  

Can you not, Masters of Light, after all you have endured, after all the long years you sought to understand, now take the moment to acknowledge to yourself that you have arrived - that there is no more journey to undertake – that there is only peace and love. You have walked the path, you have searched out those you were meant to contact and lead, you have joined with other team mates and in your desire to operate as ‘all for one and one for all’ -  you have carried out your purpose.  

There remains some work to be completed for some of you– but you need to mentally and spiritually accept that the journey is finished so that you can align yourself now to the energy of returning home. For if in your mind, you continue to feel you are still on a journey, then you set yourself in a different place than you need to be right now. That idea assumes you have not reached the end of this road. If you still believe there is still a long journey ahead with lots of time to work on cleansing your lower bodies and to handle unfinished situations, then you need to replace this idea to embrace firmly and strongly, the idea of completion. You have fought the fight and carried the Light. You have won. The road is ending. Now the upward rush of Light presents itself to be walked up, similar to the light you often hear that presents itself to many as they ascend from their physical body. It marks an end to one way of existence and the beginning of another. One is the illusion we know as a third dimension reality and the other is a higher reality of existence.  

Today is an opportunity. It is a moment to let go, to let go to the idea of continuing ‘on a journey.’ It means you will be earth bound no longer. Contracts are completing or completed. Some have finished their contracts and raised their vibration to the necessary frequency and have left the Earth. Others have completed their contracts and are now completing the work of raising their own vibration and resuming their mastery. For some, work on the 3d Earth still remains. Some will be going on with the Earth to work with her in her 5th dimensional existence for a time.  

We are all in the remaining moments awaiting completion are the end of the journey, the last moments - like putting the cat out and switching off the lights – no more, no less.  

Take a deep breath and within that breath recognize yourself. Acknowledge your own completion. Know that what lies beyond and ahead of you in the higher realms you know as home, is of such magnificence you would not have traded that place for anything less than a great love and compassion and desire to assist this planet. The life that lies ahead of you know is one you would choose for yourself; free of any pain and suffering, sharing of beauty and harmony, the rejoining with millions of light workers who came here with you - all with the same intent and the same love and determination - to do a job.  

Seize this day. Carpe diem. For in this day we offer you a leap to move swiftly to joy in your everyday life – enriched by your desire to acknowledge the end of your journey and to grasp with both hands the momentum we offer you this day. Many will walk side by side with us after today. Many will feel us now more strongly, will trust more fully, will laugh more readily, will move beyond patterns that have constricted them and will begin the powerful steps upwards and home to those you love who await on higher realms.  

Australia has been fortunate in that it has been able to hold a very high frequency of light for a long period of time. This frequency was to allow the various goals of this great continent’s part in the Divine plan for Earth to occur.  

Recently some changes were entered into the equation in Australia . A slightly denser energy was added. This was required because the earth itself is ever changing and changes have occurred in the environment in Australia .  

Some people may find these changes uncomfortable. When one is used to an overall high frequency of Light, and is sensitive to that, then discomfort can occur when any denser energies are introduced. In addition, on a subconscious level, people can react to that in an aggressive manner - and there is some evidence of that around the country. This will correct itself over time as people settle to the new vibration. This addition was a necessary leveling out of energy. It will not hold Australia back and will help continue its plan.  

The continent of Australia continues to lead in extemporary form in the fields it agreed to long time ago when plans were being drawn up. The blueprints are almost all in place now.  

The blueprint for love, commonly known as unconditional love, is exceedingly strong and continues to flourish and grow. This blueprint is being created on the eastern coastline of Australia in the area of Byron Bay . All lightworkers there are an integral part of the transmuting of denser energies into the lighter frequency of love. The energies to be transmuted are carried in by the tourists entering that town area. The energy field in the town area raises the denser energies up to the surface in the individual. These energies are then absorbed into the fields of the Light force in Byron Bay , changed to a new energy form and added into the vortex. Thus the blueprint of Unconditional Love is formed. All lightworkers are thanked for their continuing devotion to the carrying out of the various tasks required and we wish it to be known that without your presence in Australia this blueprint would not be formed. One day you will see just how important this particular role was to the overall plan for Earth.  

Move upwards in peace, living in joy, reflecting truth and honesty that others may see the light you shine – for the beam from you becomes the torch lighting the path from shadow to brilliance – for all on Earth.  

I Am Metatron

Addition given at Perth workshop.

Perth holds many facets of the overall plan for this continent and the lightworkers chosen for this area were a particular group with a past history of faring well in extreme conditions. Therefore, they carried with them the genes required to carry metals, ores and compound earth products and the ability to transmute these into usable light forms. Similar to the alchemy of turning lead into gold. The water on this western side of Australia has a different energy pattern and that is also accessed and distributed continually into the blueprint, allowing fluctuating change – thus keeping it all stable.  

Western Australia generally is very much to do with raw materials being changed to a specific frequency of Light which is then transferred into the blueprint. It is thanks to the Western Australian lightworkers that the essences of energy that Australia functions on, are available on a practical level.