We are here for a reason. It’s not an accident we are incarnated here. We didn’t mistakenly turn left instead of right and end up on Earth. So, the first thing to do is realise we actually chose to be here. We really did. We may not understand the role we are to play. Some newer lightworker arrivals often don't understand the social patterns here. Some people may not understand why they chose the parents they have but whatever our parents are doing, in some way it provides learning for us. It could be to give you the tools you need in preparation for your role here, perhaps independence or toughness. Although we focus a lot on ourselves and it may seem sometimes that life is all about us, it's really not. It’s also about service to others.

The main reason we’re here is to deliver the most amazing turn-around in the universe - to bring sufficient light back into Earth to help her move in her evolution. We came to raise the vibrational frequency of a planet that had dropped into an incredibly dense energy. And we’ve succeeded in achieving the majority of that and the rest is happening right now. All the 3D stuff is up on the surface now to be transmuted - and is no longer hidden. We’ve succeeded already in creating the higher vibrational 5D Earth and that is available now for all who raise their own vibration to that frequency. Many people are slipping in and out of the 5th dimension all the time. Some are almost completely in 5D but are still finishing off things in 3D.

We wanted to achieve, as successfully as possible, all the goals we agreed prior to arriving here. So, as well as our service in helping the planet, we also made agreements with others, intended to balance our karma and achieve the various personal goals we set for ourselves for each incarnation which includes gaining greater understanding, wisdom and love for all life.

We are aiming to remain sufficiently grounded and present in the moment so as to be able to interact with humanity and nature to gain the learning and growth we desire - while at the same time remaining detached enough to not get caught up in the myriad of 3D stories that make up life on Earth. It is important for us to keep out of those stories in order to maintain the frequency of light that helps the planet.

To work toward a place of sufficiently surrendering our lower incarnated self to allow a higher knowledge to reach us. To continually let go of anything that is not who we truly are.

To act in truth and integrity and rise above judgement and criticism of ourselves and others.

To get any negative ego, mind and emotions out of the way sufficiently for them to stop controlling most of our life and to surrender to ourselves, our Higher self – for more accurate guidance.

Remember you have a team ready to help you – on Earth and in the higher realms. Call on them when you need a helping hand. Earth is full of elementals who love to help. Call on the various nature kingdoms to give you a helping hand and bring you healing. It helps them as well. They love to help.

And to learn to enjoy the place, take the time to stop and smell the roses, see new places, meet new people, keep those around we enjoy spending time with  - learn quickly from those we don’t and move on, have lots of laughs and fun, some wild romances, love and appreciate many people and things, learn of the love that exists with pets, leave as little unfinished as possible, love people as much as we can, do our best to remain friends with people unless it doesn’t feel right, get over grievances quickly, find the special qualities in everyone, seek the positive view and be as positive as we can, help when it feels right to help and not otherwise, keep acknowledging to ourselves when we intuitively get it right, try and learn the lesson the first time something happens, always remember there is a higher picture to every single event, know we are capable or we wouldn’t have volunteered to come here, know we have all the gifts and abilities to do the job or situation in front of us or we wouldn’t have attracted it, learn to trust our own intuition and knowing, don’t hand our power over to others to make our decisions and realise making positive affirmations about life works more in our favour than negative ones.

And above all know we are creators of our own life – all the time, without exception. Sometime and someplace we created what is occurring to us right now. If your creation feels really wrong and is not in highest Divine Order, change it. Your intentions and thoughts and actions can change it. If it just feels unpleasant and hard to take, then let go of the reactions and learn any lessons quickly and move on. All events offer us some kind of learning or teaching, even the unpleasant ones. Even if that learning is only for you to see you have reactions, or to learn to listen more to what your gut/intuition is telling you, or to stop creating that belief because you are attracting it into your life - such as a person may do who fears getting cancer or believes their house will be robbed. You are a creator. Create what you prefer, not what you don’t.

I think eventually we realise it’s OK to be here - and to use this amazing opportunity we have of ‘learning on Earth’ and to take advantage of the constant opportunities that offer us further growth in our evolution. Especially if this is our last incarnation, let’s enjoy it and the learning it presents to us and do our best to grab the lessons as quickly as possible so we can live the life we prefer rather than one where we need to keep experiencing things we don’t want.

Let’s really enjoy our remaining time on Earth. For many of us it’s the last time we will be in any 3D world. Let’s have fun and see all it offers us with its immense beauty of nature and architecture and music and travel and the diverseness and richness seen in different countries; in the many ways to create; in the wonderful loving relationships where we can express ourselves so many ways such as sharing romantic candle lit dinners; in the sunrises and sunsets; laughing with friends about situations life throws at us; the exhilaration of reaching pinnacles in life; catching waves on a surfboard or racing on a jet ski; galloping bareback across fields or feeling the stillness and tranquility of a snow covered mountain. Millions of different experiences are available here.


Sandy Stevenson

May 2019