Lightworkers and physical illness


Our physical bodies were designed to be compatible with third dimensional life on Earth. That compatibility included coping with all the 3D dense energy patterns and the general reality of mass consciousness. That body structure was to carry us through many incarnations. Contained within its blueprint were additional mathematical codes designed to come into play when the scheduled light frequencies on Earth began to quicken. Those codes would ensure our harmonious interaction and compatibility with the increased light on Earth. That was due to begin as we began awakening to our role here, remember our higher spiritual purpose and start to resume our mastery. At that time, there would be a mass clearing of our third dimensional patterns and an establishing of stronger connections to the higher realms of light. The body blueprint would alter from carbon based to a higher frequency crystalline system required to align with increasing light frequencies. We’re in that time period now and it is occurring. 

We expected that with the advent of releasing our 3D patterns and the change of the body DNA, physical problems would resolve. But as we see, there are some Starseeds and Lightworkers with unresolved illness, despite many attempts to correct it. So, let’s look at a possible reason for this. We know many reasons for illness; we know about addressing our karma, learning lessons, releasing patterns, teaching others as well as some are choosing it as their way to return home. But what if none of these seem to apply.

We know we came to Earth to help the planet, to increase the light and to create a blueprint that humanity could use as a pathway to increase their own light. We knew to achieve that; we’d have to adopt all the patterns that existed on this 3D planet. The Starseeds in particular, took on millions of patterns including all the emotions, beliefs and illnesses existing here. Our goal was to release the final layers of all those patterns in a specific time period (this lifetime) and so create a workable blueprint to be used by humanity. So, we know the reasons for many illnesses but why do some stubbornly remain.

From a higher perspective, we knew our bodies would change from a carbon-based limited strand DNA physical body over to a 12 strand crystalline body - to handle the increasing light vibrations due on Earth. And many of us have now changed over to a crystalline body or are well on the way.

There are two sources of nutrition available to us in a 3D world. One is by absorbing food; the other by absorbing Light. Carbon based bodies are maintained with food. Crystalline bodies are maintained from light. And therein may be an answer to illnesses some of us cannot seem to release.

Many Lightworkers, who now have crystalline or part crystalline bodies, are still eating dense energy 3D food. By ‘eating food that is denser than a body is able to absorb’ we may be asking for trouble. It would also adversely affect digestion, which can itself create further illness. It could possibly be the reason we have unresolved illnesses that, to all intents and purpose should have gone by now, especially with the amount of attention we’ve given to handling them.

In the Divine plan, it was assumed that as our physical body structure began changing over to the new crystalline format, we would respond intuitively by assessing what we now needed to sustain the body and we would consequently change our eating habits to much lighter food and a lot less of it.

But it appears many of us are not doing that. We are not all tuning in to what the body requires now, but instead are holding onto old eating ‘habits’ – with a majority of that being way too heavy and not easily digested.

Our bodies might well be getting very mixed and confusing signals. On one hand many Lightworkers now have a crystalline body, or close to it, which is a body inherently maintained by light - but we’re still ingesting dense food that is suitable for a carbon based body. Are we handling that well? It would seem not. It’s also possible that problems releasing mental illness may also be included. Remember every pattern was taken on board. Every condition exiting on Earth was adopted by at least one team in the Light force. When you’re creating a pathway, it’s no good creating a partial blueprint! It’s all or nothing. We did a good job. It was fully covered.

It is possible to live on light and nothing else. That can be done even with a carbon based physical body. For many years, the Guinness Book of Records recorded the longest people had gone without food, but they dropped that record years ago. But there are people out there, such as Prahlad Jani who has gone over 70 years without food, stating he is living on light. However, living on light is a choice made individually and only if it resonates for you.

It is perfectly OK to keep on eating food. But it may work a lot better if we make sure the food we’re eating is as close to the source of light as possible. That would mean eating food high on the food chain. Ideally, mainly plant food, since plants transmute light into glucose for human consumption via the process of photosynthesis. So, eating fruit and vegetables (fresh and organic if possible) would mean the food we eat will be holding a good frequency of light.

Aside from the crystalline body issue, it seems a good idea anyway to eliminate "heavy" and "dead" foods from our diet. Dead food serves no nutritional value. Processed and convenience foods, alcohol, sweets, caffeine drinks and non herbal tea and coffee would fit in this bracket – as well as heavy foods such as meat, many grains and  pasta – all being hard to digest. Drinking lots of pure clean water (and quality herbal teas) is always ultra beneficial. By the way, if water tends to go straight through you, adding a pinch of Himalayan salt to it can help.

Once you adjust to having lighter food types, you’ll begin to enjoy eating a very simple and "light" level diet. To get there, you’ll need to get past resistance and cravings! They can be strong – and determined! But, the discipline of eating lighter will result in more energy, being more grounded and being much stronger and more easily able to handle intense surges of energy passing through the body as emitted from the higher realms.

Exercise is also important for crystalline based bodies. You might find you don’t function so well anymore living ‘in your head’ or spending life in front of a TV set or computer. But if you do choose that, it may help to balance it out with some physical exercise. Otherwise, the higher frequency energy coming in can ‘space you out.’ Exercise doesn’t have to be full on; a walk or swim for half an hour is good, but it needs to be regular and consistent.

Our former life is crumbling away. We can see that happening. What’s left is what we’re still hanging on to – and most of that will go as well. We’re becoming aware many things we assumed would be around forever, are no longer here. Many things we’ve been doing in the past just don’t fit us anymore – such as the type of food we eat!

The universe just keeps right on showing us what’s best for our highest good. One day perhaps we’ll listen the first time and save ourselves a lot of pain and suffering.

We need to adapt to a new way of living for the time we’re still here and be open to change. We need to ‘be’ in a new way and operating as our multi dimensional self. Be ‘light’ in heart, body, mind and spirit, let go of the ego’s need to control and keep strengthening our higher connections to Spirit and the Angelic realms. That new look includes overturning old eating patterns and tuning in to what is right now.

It’s time to step into the magical place of intuitive knowing in every aspect of our life. Time to listen and trust the Universal process always gives us what is best for our highest good.

Grateful for Light,

Sandy Stevenson

25th September 2018