Do you know something? If we look at the population figures of Earth, we are among a relatively small group who realise we are part of a special time in the history of Earth and indeed of the universe. A whole new blueprint is now in place, available to all planetary systems which makes it available to anyone incarnating into any 3D world. This blueprint incorporates not only how to leave/ascend without the physical body needing to die but also contains the huge lessons involved in Earth’s history, now all duly recorded in the blueprint, of what happens when a planet sinks in vibration and becomes very dense. And the even more wonderful part is it includes all the steps, including those that worked and those that didn’t, to be taken to bring a planet back to full light.

Don’t you think it’s wonderful we are here experiencing this? Where else would you want to be right now….ha! don’t answer that! Seriously, if you’re still thinking you’d like to escape, it may serve you well to handle any situations around  in life making you feel like that. If it’s the whole world making you feel like that, then it’s time to really grasp there’s a higher picture going on and that all you see is perfect and part of the learning and growth for humanity. Many events that occur are specifically to teach people power and how to step into their mastery as creators. Teaching us all how to stand up for our rights and what we prefer as a society. Taking up our own power and standing strong raises consciousness and our ability to be more intuitive and stay in the flow of divine order.

As we know, to enable the evolution of humanity, many opportunities are given to each of us during our incarnation on Earth to help us learn, grow and begin to understand ourselves as creators and that our individual and collective roles play a major part in all circumstances we encounter. Similar opportunities are also provided to each country, groups of countries or to humanity as a whole. And fantastic opportunities occur all over the world that allow humanity and the world to see things they had not previously seen. It’s difficult for any of us to handle situations we are unaware of.

Humanity now has its best chance to ‘pick up the ball’ and display 'people power'. Most countries offer ongoing situations that provide this to the people. This is assisted by instant news and communication that bypasses the controlled media and its misinformation. The internet was planned by us all to take place in this final chapter on Earth to ensure all would be brought to the surface – and quickly. The internet allows a relatively free forum to share opinions, information and views. We need to ensure ‘people power’ keeps it as free a platform of information as possible. People are better educated now about power games, fear tactics, control structures, agendas and about politics and religions. Theories thought to be far fetched or as a conspiracy have often proved to be true.

We will be able to mull over all the scenarios that occurred during our incarnations on Earth after we leave here and head off to the banquet (our mission party!). We’ll certainly see how many times we allowed ourselves to get caught up in the lower 3D picture which reduced our light instead of staying centred in our truth and wisdom, holding firm to the idea of a  higher order to things and how important it is for the planet and us individually to add light and not reduce away. I expect we shall kick ourselves a bit. But I doubt there is one of us who hasn’t done this at some time.

Our mission was successful. We achieved our goal. It wasn’t always the easiest of paths, but it was worth it and we’ll see that from our higher perspective. It is a time of rejoicing. Truly there is only the wrapping up going on now. We are getting ourselves divested of the last remaining dense energy in our subtle bodies and finishing last bits of work we previously arranged. That work may be for the planet or for individuals we made agreements with. I understand 67% of Lightworkers have left already.

We’ve always understood a time will come when the 3D Earth won’t exist anymore. The Earth mother has moved now to a 5th dimensional Earth frequency and is only leaving the 3D Earth in place until sufficient opportunities have been offered to humanity. Those opportunities offer the gifts of seeing we can choose heart over head and walk a path that continually increases our vibration. In other words, the choice to step from ‘the head to the heart’. Whatever the final outcome is for humanity on the 3D Earth, it will always be OK. It simply reflects the evolution an individual is seeking in this universe. What a magnificent journey we have been on. Everyone has the same opportunities, regardless of the many different pathways available in all countries. Everyone is given the signs and events that can lead to inner strength and wisdom and show them we can create what we want.

We eventually understand we are creators and in that context that it’s a ‘Do it yourself' affair here. We’re offered the opportunities to grow and learn but it's us who have to put in the hard yards and the discipline needed to learn it. And then we will eventually learn it’s a ‘Do it your Higher Self world’ and then we surrender to Divine Order and see that more wisdom and love are gained than from us ploughing through life via our mind and then our consciousness shifts.

And when our work is done and we are ready, we will move to the 5th dimension (the banquet is there!) and then we will head home, wherever home is for each of us. But we are not separating from friends as we are all capable of instant travel anywhere.

Love and joy,

Sandy Stevenson

May 2019