Discernment  - Light and dark

The third dimension has duality. It has gravity/antigravity; male/female; positive/negative electrical charge; north/south poles; particle/antiparticle; yin/yang; etc. It also has light and dark energy. Understanding that duality does exist in third dimensional environments helps us greatly with our discernment.  

Each of us chooses whether we wish to work with light or dark energy. Most people reading this will have chosen to work with light energy, with its goal of unconditional love to bring everyone closer to the God Source.  

Some people choose to work with dark energy which has a goal to render people powerless (often through the use of control and fear) – taking them further away from the God Source.  

One of our spiritual abilities allows us discern different energy frequencies. Thus we can recognise whether a person, place etc is light or dark energy. If we’re uncomfortable with a person or a process, we always know or feel this in some way. However, if we don’t trust our perceptions, we can throw away this gut feeling we have.  

First of all, let us ask ourselves if we consciously know we want to help? Even if we aren’t sure exactly how we’re meant to help, whether that is helping people, planet, animals or whatever, we do know we want to help. We are consciously aware of a desire to help. In other words, we know which energy we have chosen to work with – Light.  

It seems that many lightworkers think, that darkworkers have absolutely no idea they are darkworkers. Perhaps the reasoning for this commonly held thought belief is because lightworkers find it very hard to conceive that there are people who consciously and knowingly wish to cause harm and who work at controlling individuals and populations through the use of fear, laws and drugs.

Let us make this really clear. We do have situations where lightworkers get themselves involved in negative energies (through a failure to discern). Consequently they can act in a detrimental and negative way. However, they’re still a lightworker – albeit not a very effective one at that time. They may need help to clear the negative energies they have allowed into their own space. They need to get back to operating as a lightworker. Meanwhile, they can often cause a lot of damage in such a state.  

Then there are darkworkers. These are not lightworkers having a little trouble. These are beings who have deliberately chosen to work with dark energy.  

Your job is to tell one from the other, as the handling of each is different.

The lightworker may need help to clear their field and to learn to be much more discerning so they don’t get into that negative place again. Provided it feels intuitively right to you, it is permissible to flood that lightworker with light.  

The darkworker is different. The darkworker has chosen to work with dark energy. All beings have a right to choose the energy they wish to work with. That choice is a not a good or a bad thing. To believe that would be a judgment. It is totally OK that all beings are free to choose their own methods and their own evolution. If you start to deny anyone their right to choose, be aware that you are denying your own right to the same free will and choice. Now, differently to the help you can give a lightworker who has temporarily misaligned themselves to dark energy, you have no right to interfere with the darkworker’s choice. You have no right to flood them with light. If you do so, they have every right to flood you with dark energy. You will find this can be as extremely uncomfortable to you, as light energy is to them.  

You have two different ways to deal with these situations. If it’s genuinely a lightworker behaving in a negative way, they need to be removed from active involvement in your individual or group light projects until the person is sorted out. It serves no purpose to keep making excuses for them and saying they are having a bad day – and to continue to keep them in the group. They may bring disruption and detrimental energies to any light projects they are involved in until they are free of this connection. That doesn’t mean desert them. It means be sensible. They will have codes that are causing harm and they can sabotage your work because they are being influenced by a negative energy. Don’t place trust in them and especially don’t allow them to be involved or in control of group communications.

You need to know how darkworkers operate and be able to recognise them. Everyone has the ability to do this. It’s inherent.  More commonly than you may think, darkworkers will be actively involved in light groups/events, giving workshops and writing articles. What else would you expect them to do? Sit quietly on the sidelines! Would you? If you were on the dark side, you would be doing all you could to disrupt any light activity. You would be getting yourself well known, perhaps writing lots of books maybe even becoming a guru, doing anything you could to cause the most damage. It is important for us to go beyond the innocent notion that no-one could knowingly want to cause harm. Some can and do!  

It can help you to learn some of the ways that dark forces get access to lightworkers. We all know the dark forces often use lightworkers to channel their false messages and information. If a lightworker has ego present (and fails to discern negative energy), this can be easy for them to achieve. What we need to do is to look beyond the person channeling, to see the energy source using the channel. We also need to discern if all the material is true and resonates with us.  

I recently went to an event where a darkworker (who was of course pretending to be a lightworker) placed themselves in a key position at the door at an event, handing out hand painted pictures. They were nicely painted and were of a subject relevant to the event. The handing out of these pictures as people entered was accompanied with a sob story (quite common) of how the person had been up all night for several nights painting them so everyone could have one. These pictures were loaded with negative energy and entities. I stood back and watched to see who would take them. There were close to a hundred lightworkers coming in through the door. The darkworker had it all going their way. It was a well painted picture of something the people would love. In addition, there was a feeling of being obliged to take one as this poor person had lovingly stayed up all night to do them!! Great trick, that one.  

Situations like this cannot work when you are sitting comfortably in your own power, wisdom and intuition and have a sufficient level of detachment. Then you can instantly assess what energy is being presented to you in each moment. Then, instead of automatically taking something that is being thrust at you (how often does that happen!), you will have the presence to say, no thank you.  

Around 70% of the lightworkers took the pictures without hesitation. Another bunch took it but with some hesitation. A few people refused it. Having observed this occurring, I could see these people were going to hold onto these pictures and take them home. I sat and thought about whether there was anything I could do to change what had occurred. As you can imagine, it was not feasible for me to go around to everyone and say, hey that picture is not what you think it is, put it in the bin! Realising there was nothing on a practical level that I could do, I decided to decree for the Higher realms to act for me. This was taken up by them and was followed through and the negative energies were removed from all the pictures. Although no lesson in discernment was obtained by most of the Lightworkers, at least they now had light energy pictures. The reason this energy could be corrected easily was because the darkworker had used deception in pretending to be a lightworker. This deception allowed the higher realms to step in and act more easily, once they had a decree (mine) that gave them the right to do so. Let me explain that.  

Although the lightworkers accepted the goods, it’s not the same as accepting a process that had been correctly explained to them. I will give you an example. I once saw a lightworker audience reduce the light frequency of their chakras by agreeing to align each of their chakras to the music tones being played in the room. The vibrational tones being sounded were of a frequency that our chakras used to be – once upon a time - before being awakened! So, prior to doing this process, their chakras were a higher frequency. The people doing that process set their own ascension process back several years. That workshop was being run by a 100% dark forces person, so not even a lightworker was being used as the channel. You could say discernment was non-existent. So, through their own free will and choice, the participants agreed to do something that was being clearly displayed to them. They weren’t being told it was something else. In such cases, they cannot be helped with a decree.  That rule applies in all instances when anyone agrees to a process or to connect themselves to an energy that has been correctly explained.  

Of course, mostly these things are worded in such a way as to imply a connection to the light, but to not actually lie. I have seen various processes promising wondrous things such as; create a light body; get special healing, get a new 12 strand DNA; etc. Often they use names that sound very close to the Ascended masters names we know, e.g. Sanadra, St Germon, El Morea, etc. So, they are not lying. Failure by the individual to discern if these processes are really connected to the light can mean that the higher realms are unable to help you with the outcome. They can’t override your free will and the decisions you choose. 

Never forget the incredible power of your ‘Right to Decree.’ Use it often. It is of great importance that this right be understood and used extensively to allow the maximum assistance of Light to the planet. It is a request to Divine Consciousness (All That Is) and can be used by everyone helping the Earth. Perhaps you can remind other lightworkers of this. It is vital that you understand and indeed remember that the Ascended realms, not being inhabitants, generally cannot act or interfere with a planet’s progress. There are several exceptions to this rule. 1. If one planet is about to destroy another. 2. If a planet is holding up the evolutionary progress of its galaxy. 3. If a planet is about to destroy itself.  

This is the main reason that millions of lightworkers incarnated here – to become inhabitants – so they had the universal right to speak for the planet. When we see we can’t handle something ourselves, it is time to make a decree to ask those in the higher dimensions to act for us. The higher realms have to stand by and wait for Lightworkers to decree before they can act on important planetary situations. Of course, they cannot interfere anyway if it will be a greater learning for the planet to experience it. If you aren’t sure whether that is the case in the situation you are asking for, you can word the decree in such as way as to take that into account. Do this by adding ‘if it be in Divine Order’. 

'In the Name of God, by Divine Decree, under Universal Law, I ask for Highest Divine Order to take place…. (add whatever it is you wish to ask for).

For example, you could add the wording ‘concerning the whales’ or ‘regarding the situation between (name specific countries/places) or ‘concerning the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico ’.

(When you have said the decree 3 times, then add this line.) So Be It. So Mote it Be. It Is Done.

It is important to remember that decrees need to be said three times using precisely the same words. Power of three /Holy trinity /Universal Law. It is a good idea to write the decree down to make sure the wording is exactly the same. If you make a slip up when you are saying it, you will need to begin again from the start.

I believe most lightworkers feel they are very discerning. This may be true but certainly not all and you may need to check this area to make sure you really get it.

The situation just mentioned was one example. I have seen many. I also watched a person at a major Mind, Body and Spirit festival handing out dark programmed crystals. This was accompanied with some chat of how special and rare the crystals were. Playing to the ego clinched it. Most took them. Understand that crystals can also choose whether to work with dark or light energy. You may like to check your own crystals to ensure you feel comfortable with each of them.

We need to fully awake to our own potential and not allow ourselves to be used through our own niceness and desire to help. We need to go beyond not wanting to hurt people’s feelings if we refuse their gift or invitation, CD, book, object, etc. The dark side really cash in on our decent and trusting behaviour.  

There is absolutely no reason to go into fear. These people are so far removed from Source that they have to rely on people’s gullibility and fear in order to get a toe in anywhere. Light is the senior power and we are so much greater.  

I take the opportunity of this article to mention another area of discernment. Although this has nothing to do with light and dark, it is also important. It’s about discerning or recognising where other people are in relation to their understanding of life. In order not to overwhelm someone and perhaps turn them away from spiritual concepts for years to come, we need to check out (intuitively is fine) what is real to the other person. If we fail to observe the correct level of communication to approach someone with, it can be very overwhelming for them. Talking to someone about cosmic masters or missionaires coming from other planets to help the Earth can be quite unbelievable to someone who is just trying to get a grasp on the idea they may have lived before! If what they need is a basic understanding such as that presented by Louise Hay’s ‘You can Heal your life’ or my own ‘I Am Here,’ it can be detrimental to give them ‘way out’ high level concepts. I know it’s hard sometimes to remember back when we didn’t know all the things we do now, but there was such a time – even if it was in another life!! When people tell us things that are far from our belief patterns, we can think they are crazy. This can cause us to throw the information away. So, be gentle with what you say to people. Look and see who is really standing in front of you. Be intuitive with what you say and assess how much or how little information they will need to progress.  

Go into Mastery instead of fear. Be confident and trusting your own sense of the calibre of the energy in front of you.  

May rainbows of Light go with you always.


Sandy Stevenson