If you are under Psychic Attack


Have I cut myself off from the Universal Source Consciousness? 

Am I failing to trust myself? 

Am I failing to trust the perfection of the Universal Process? 

Am I failing to follow my inner resonance and excitement? 

Has my integrity slipped? 

Am I continually ensuring my vibration remain high? 

Am I feeling like a victim anyplace?

Am I  judging anyone anywhere? 

Am I spotting the signs of lower level interference - (i.e. unusual thoughts, a lot of attention on sex, etc.)

 Have I connected to an energy/channel/guru that is not an ideal Light energy?

Am I buying into someone else's reality and truth?

Am I taking  responsibility for myself?





Remember that 'dark and light' do not represent 'good and evil’. The dark forces, are merely the magnetic force. It pulls. Eventually one must be able to overcome the pulling and the pushing forces, and discover the in between – neutral.  



                                   IF YOU ARE UNDER PSYCHIC ATTACK


There are books around on psychic attack. But just briefly, the main causes for psychic attack are: 

1. Our own karma. This means we've done the same thing to someone else in a previous incarnation.

2. Our own negative thoughts, judgements and criticisms. This creates holes and tears in our aura which allows 4th dimensional (astral plane) entities to get close to us. 

3. We've made an energetic connection to someone who is closely aligned to the astral plane. This can happen when we admire someone and hand our power over to them, perhaps believing them to be more than us. 

4. We wondered what a psychic attack would feel like - and as we are creators we managed to create it!

The steps to take would be:

1. Clear and strengthen the aura, which can be done using light visualisation, colour, sound, flower essences, etc. It is also essential to begin a programme of positive thoughts. Once our aura is cleansed, keep it that way. Have a good look at any negative thoughts, criticisms or judgements you may be having - about yourself or others. These thoughts and actions damage your aura which create holes that allow 'astral beings' into your space.

2. You can also visualise white light pouring all over you to help repair and strengthen the aura. Vibrational essences are good for this also, such as Bach Flower remedies.  

3. NOTE: These beings are violating the Universal law of Non Interference. Archangel Michael has the ability and authority to relocate them elsewhere in the universe and he will if necessary. You can always tell them that, before you call him in. It can be enough to make them leave. Technically, if you are in your power and demanding it with a bit of authority (mastery) then doing the above actions should be enough. 

Do one of the following decrees. Get very still - centred - and be in your own power as much as you possibly can. If you are in your own power and demanding it with a bit of authority (mastery) then saying it one time should be enough. Do as you feel best.  










 Say 3 times  "In the Name of God, I invoke my Mighty I am Presence of my Highest evolution".

 THEN say aloud ...

 In the Name of God, under Universal and Cosmic Law, I demand that any negative or dark force beings in any dimension, located in my space or my lower subtle bodies – leaves now, never to return and are not replaced. I break all agreements I have made, knowingly or unknowingly, with any Being whose intent is against the Light.

 So It Is. It is So. It Is Done.



This useful Decree to remove unwanted energies.. This demands your Right as a missionaire on Earth to complete your contract. It needs to be said 3 times to bring it under Universal Law - The Holy Trinity Power of three.   

‘In the Light of the Most Radiant One, The Christ Light of God, it is my Divine Right within God’s Will that all obstacles be removed now on all levels and dimensions of my total being for my highest good in alignment with my Divine plan.’

(Repeat a total of 3 times, aloud, in exactly the same wording. If you slip up, do it all again.)

Then say:   ‘So It Is. It is So. It Is Done.’  

Many people choose to add the following -

KODOISH, KODOISH, KODOISH ADONAI 'TSEBAYOTH: (It means - "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts.")


Another useful Decree to completely align with God/Source/All That Is.  

By Divine Decree, In the Name of God, I AM One with Divine Creation and through this Presence, I invoke the Sacred Violet Flame, to transmute in this moment - every thought, condition, link, pattern, attachment, alliance, connection or allegiance to any negative Being, energy or object - that I have made - knowingly or unknowingly - in this Universe, where this is not in accordance with the Highest Source of All Creation and the Divine Plan for Earth.

‘I AM’ now fully aligned in all my lower and higher bodies to the Highest Source of All Creation.

I further state that I give permission under Universal Law, for any and all sacred codes and mathematical programmes that I am responsible for, that I carry, have carried or will carry, to be brought NOW into a state of purity in accordance with Divine Order and to be held in such a state forever, in accordance with Divine Higher Will.     

(Repeat a total of 3 times, aloud, in exactly the same wording. If you slip up, do it all again.)

Then say:  ‘So It Is. It is So. It Is Done.’  

Many people choose to add the following -


(It means - "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts.")  






Say aloud THREE time, in exactly the same words  - is the requirement.

"In the Name of the Divine Will of God, I ask now that all beings already in my space or intend to materialize in my space, be suspended from action that would result in them entering my space in any way, shape or form.

All discarnate beings must leave immediately and refrain from ever entering my space again.

From this moment forth I permit only beings from Highest Light Forces to enter my space and then only with permission from me.  

I now choose to add my energy and power to only those who have the highest Light intent.  

I now choose to withdraw my energy, power and abilities from all who would, intentionally or unintentionally, render me ineffective in any way whatsoever from my actions to assist them.

  (Say the following words after you have said the decree 3 times.)

 So Be it. It is Done."



"In the name of Jesus Christ

All devils and demons of darkness.

Name yourselves now and be gone forever"  

Do in each direction  - 4 times


6.  USE THE VIOLET FLAME.  Flood yourself with violet, the sacred violet flame that transmutes all dense energy.    


James' Clearing Technique
1. Close your aura by visualizing a white or
gold light around you.
2. Call upon your chosen cultural
representative of God, be it Jesus, Buddha,
Babaji, Mary, Mohammed, White Eagle or
another one of the Beautiful Many Christed
3. Tell the entities they are healed and
forgiven, lifted and enlightened.
4. Tell them they are healed and surrounded
with the Christ light and the Christ love.
5. Ask your chosen representative to take
them to their perfect place.
6. Ask that all negative thought forms and
limiting mental concepts be dissolved and
lifted in the light of truth.
7. Ask that all psychic bonds be severed, and
close their auras to all but spirit of the
highest vibration.
Repeat this process until you feel clear. There
may be more than one healing to do.
Remember your word is very powerful, and
what is spoken on their level manifests
instantly. Many enlightened ones use this
process before opening.
It creates a clear and safe environment, and it
also lifts the one who is doing the healing. Intent
is nine-tenths of the law. If you intend to serve
and heal, you will draw to you entities of like
mind. If you intend to coerce or manipulate, again
you will draw entities of like mind. It is the law of
At times, discarnate spirits will come to your
light like a moth to a flame. Do not judge
yourself, simply heal them. They are the ones
in trouble, not you. They are seeking your






                     Note from Sandy  - a message regarding the article that follows (which was not written by me.) 

In these days of our faster planetary vibration, I feel most things can be handled easily and quickly. An article follows that was written about 10 years ago giving details of handling discarnate entities. Although containing much more complex methods than I would use myself, I kept the article as I felt it contained useful information. Unfortunately I don’t have the authors name.  Please use your own discernment and knowing.

Personally, I find I am aware of beings in the astral plane only if I am meant to help them or help someone they are around. Otherwise, I just don’t see them. I have sent many such beings on their way by gently explaining to them their physical body has died, giving them the current date, explaining briefly in a positive way what lies ahead for them and making it easier for them by calling in an angel to help escort them from the place. This usually takes no more than 5 minutes. The longest it took was with a dear old couple that had resided in the same house for a couple of hundred years. I literally had to show them holiday brochures (conjured up in the etheric) to show them how good other places were! (You may think I am joking! I am not).

For myself, I haven't found I need to feel their energy/emotions, nor the energy of the place, nor establish what has taken place there, nor make them a part of me (even though in Highest truth they are) in order to feel compassion/love/care for them - or even to release them. The compassion comes naturally. These are my fellow travellers in the universe. I give them the same respect as anyone else.

I am sure more complicated methods expressed do work but can entail getting very caught up in the significance and history and making energy connections with the 'stuck' being.

You may like to try a quicker, more detached way. See what feels right for you.

The article is entitled   ' Releasing trapped souls and protecting those undergoing surgery'.  


Releasing trapped souls

and protecting those undergoing surgery

 Author Unknown

I want to share more information with you about healing ourselves and areas of our planet that are out of balance. To begin, this newsletter addresses how to dehaunt a home, building, or area from energy or lost souls that re stuck in the past. Also included are techniques for keeping energy clear -- for use in places like hospitals -- and suggestions for supporting people who are undergoing surgery.

 I feel these techniques will be useful in your life and will give you and the people you love more freedom and choices about what to feel and experience.


 Sometimes a client will come to us after moving into a new home or area where souls or spirits may have previously gathered and now need to be released.

 Some of the reasons a spirit may be attracted or remain in a place are because the earthbound spirit/ghost:

  * Had a desire for revenge
 * Was ashamed of former actions
 * Was confused or didn't know it had died
 * Found someone with a similar or like vibration
 * Experienced sudden or traumatic death or suicide
 * Had made a prior promise ("I'll never leave you.")
 * Had a fear of going to "hell" or of being punished
 * Had concern over the fate of family and/or children
 * Had obsessive attachments to living persons or places
 * Had addictions to drugs, smoking, food, alcohol, or sex
 * Was around morgues, funerals, cemeteries, or hospitals
 * Had strong bonds of love or devotion to family or friends
 * Had a sense of unfinished business or unfulfilled mission
 * Was in battle or combat duty or in life threatening situations
 * Felt guilty or had an inability to forgive themselves for deeds done
 * Had unfinished karmic agreements with a particular person or group
 * Was drawn back to a grieving loved one who had not released them
 * Didn't know where else to go, so it remained around familiar territory

In most cases when clients come to us to dehaunt their homes, the client has not taken the spirits onto themselves personally, yet the souls or spirits stay about, causing a disturbance. When working with lost souls, try to feel the kind of energy that is around them. Explore the history of  the house and the area. The house, for example, might have been built on  land where some sad event happened, such as a hanging, duel, Indian  slaughter, or Civil War battle. Find out if there were any disasters or
explosions that affected the  entire consciousness of the area.

Also consider the type of energy of the past social structure and churches. Any of these factors may be drawn into the home or building you are clearing.

 Whatever kind of negative energy was present, it is still enveloping the home or building and any lost/earthbound soul fragments trapped within it. The old vibration of distorted energy creates a vibrational field and will  react to whatever feelings the present occupants have.

If someone in the building is angry, scared, depressed, or sick, for example, then the similar energy of a lost soul identifies with the discomfort now being experienced by the present occupant. Through the similar emotional vibration, the spirit/ghost now enters the resident's energetic field, getting caught up in the distorted energy of the living person.

To release such earthbound spirits, think of the lost ones as possible pieces of yourself, or some part of you that has been caught that you are now going to free. Don't think of the spirits as separate from you but as part of you. Because of all the spiritual work you have done on yourself you have two advantages:

1) You can approach the situation from a place of compassion,

2) Because you are used to running all the different consciousnesses through you, you are balanced with the feelings or experiences of hate, sorrow, or anger. You have the ability to change that consciousness.

By being familiar with these consciousnesses, you can release souls trapped within that consciousness. If you are called to help release lost souls, consider your calling a blessing, because you are helping to do something very important. Perhaps some spirits or ghosts are not "nice," because they have been energetically active, trying to get your attention. If they were  simply playful you might not have done anything to release them back home to Source.

Sometimes, lost souls can be trapped in different kinds of energy fields,  such as an electromagnetic line, that has attracted other lost ones into  the same pocket of energy. The area may have become an open doorway that  continues to attract unwanted energies like a magnet. If such a situation  is present, it may become important to change the grid lines of the house. Sometimes grid lines cross or come too close together. Once the gridlines  are restored to their proper place, the energy automatically balances and  the lost souls can easily be released.

To release lost souls, begin by finding out the history of the dwelling. This is important because it is necessary first to release the energy or  collective consciousness around the structure. Unless you first release the distorted energy/ collective consciousness, you will not be able to release the trapped souls. Identify and release the energy present by following the Double Pyramid Release (see below).

Once the double pyramid has been constructed and the energy released, look  up with your spiritual eyes, and sense, see, or feel a light that comes from Source. As you connect with Source, place your hands on your chest. From the Clear Light of Source, ask for a guide or angel to come down to help you and to gently hold the earthbound spirit or spirits that may be around. Ask that there be a guide or angel for each of the spirits so no one will get lost or left behind.

As you ask the angels to hold the lost souls, put your hands on your  chest, pressing down gently, Wait for just a moment and then count to three. At  three, with your intention to release any spirits, press down on your chest briefly and then release your hands from your chest, lifting off and sending all the lost spirits/soul fragments home to the light. Know the process is complete.

Spirit release work can extend beyond your home. Sometimes a pocket of souls can be found around hospitals, cemeteries, mortuaries, or places where there has been a lot of trauma. Many of you who have travelled round the world have been to scenes of disasters or wars and have felt both he distorted energy and the souls caught in those places.

The double pyramid release can be used to release any collective consciousnesses around people that are affecting large areas, countries, or groups of people. The structure is made up of two pyramids, constructed in the etheric, one above and one below the Earth. It is important to make the pyramids not only above the ground, but also below the ground, to prevent conflicting energy from coming up from below.

To create the double pyramids, state:

 * "I now ask the guides and angels to create a pyramid over this room. The pyramid is made up of crystalline Clear Light energy from Source and is one thousand feet high, above and below the ground."

Remember Clear Light is a powerful, non-polarized, neutral vibration. The use of Clear Light from Source will bring about balance, harmony, and healing to all energetic living matter that has been affected by the negative energies or entities and serves to bring in the protection of Source. The reason you want the pyramid to be so big is that the person is releasing a portion of a major collective consciousness and having a smaller pyramid could affect the space where you are working. Now state:
 * "Over the top of the first pyramid construct another larger pyramid two thousand feet high, above and below the ground, with an opening at the top."

 The reason you have an opening in the second pyramid is so the prevailing energy can come in and be released directly back to Source and not beheld in your space.

Continue with:

  * "I now call on additional guides and angels to come from Source to be at the opening of the second pyramid to help balance the incoming energy, helping it to transmute as it comes in and transcends back to Source."

 Next state:

  * "Now I call in all the energy. As the energy comes, it hits the pyramid and sees its own truth. It moves up the pyramid and right at the point that it starts to transcend, specs of Clear Light go back out and touch everyman, woman, and child, all the animals, waters, and lands, the air and the ozone and bring it all back into balance."


Hospitals can be full of earthbound spirits who would like to find the light and go home. Some of them may have died in operations while under anaesthesia or passed away in their hospital rooms while on medication.

It appears a spirit maintains the state in which they died. If a patient was numbed by a large amount of painkilling morphine, for example, the trapped spirit is also going to be heavily sedated or "out of it." Among the needs of such a trapped spirit, would be its desire to feel. It might seek to enter the body of someone who is alive so it could feel through the living person's emotions.

Because the earthbound spirit was drugged at the time of its death, it would be most attracted to a patient in the hospital who matches its vibrational state. In addition, a person under the influence of drugs or medication is normally very vulnerable to attachment because the drugs blow energetic holes in their auric field. 

In a similar manner, when people are on the operating table and unconscious, their energy fields are also wide open, leaving them vulnerable to lost souls looking for someone to attach to. At times, patients who have been through an operation may complain about how different, strange, or heavy they feel as they are recovering. This could be an indication of attachment.

Sometimes we get calls from clients who would like to assist their loved ones who are about to have surgery. The best way to assist someone to protect themselves as they undergo an operation is to create a protective space around the patient. The only thing in the protective field is the patient, his or her spirit guides and angels, and the operating room personnel. The way to create that protective field is to energetically construct two pyramids above and below the operating room, so that their bases join together, making a diamond shape.  

The size of the pyramids needs to fill the entire space of the operating  room, with the tips of the pyramids above and below the room. The space is  then filled with Clear Light from the Creator. Always use clear light, not  white light.

Create an opening at the top of the pyramid and call in additional guides  and angels to be present at the opening. Imagine any unwanted energies that might enter into the pyramid's space as being pulled up by the guides and  angels and sent back to the Creator. This will create a sterile, clear,  energetic, and healing light space around the patient.
Brief the patient about what you are doing so they can use their imagination to reinforce your work. Both of you should imagine a beautiful, electric-blue, neon light surrounded by white neon light (not Clear Light this time) made from pure prone, or chi, around the surgeons, nurses, and anyone else in the operating room. The containing neon lights will not only keep any energies around those personnel inside the neon lights, but will also serve as a magic, creative energy on their hands and fingertips, helping them to do the very best job possible and allowing the highest, most balanced healing to occur.

While assisting someone who is having an operation, be sure you are feeling good, cantered, and focused on where they are (in the operating room).  Don't walk around or watch television. Don't send light or love to the  patient, just be aware of the pyramids working. Do not project any ideas  into the space as they would then be influenced by your own personal issues and outcomes. Having set your intentions, imagine the patient enveloped in the clear light. Know you have done your best. I have done this procedure  many times. It created the highest vibration in which a person could be
and accelerating their healing.

The same techniques can be used in other critical situations where you feel your energetic fields might be open due to the influence from a strong medication, alcohol, or drugs. Do your best to keep everything in moderation and balanced so that your energetic field does not blow open, making you vulnerable to entity or negative energy attachment.