January 1999 


An unprecedented Dispensation to the Mighty Elohim, the Builders of Form, have been given permission to intervene in the process of Humanity’s physical transformation in a way that has never before been allowed by Cosmic Law.

The Mighty Elohim have been given permission by our Father-Mother-God to amplify our greatest efforts of transformation - a thousand – times a thousand - fold. This literally means that every thought, word, action or feeling we express that is designed to transform our Earthly experience into Limitless Physical Perfection will be increased - a thousand times a thousand fold - by the Builders of Form.

It is impossible to fathom with our finite minds the magnitude of this Sacred Gift, but when we ask for and accept the assistance of the Mighty Elohim, the significance will become abundantly clear.

Extract from newsletter by Patricia Cota-Robles 





                            On the Eve of the Millennium                               

I saw in our amazing New Millennium (Hey, we made it!!!! All those lifetimes! - and we lasted through it all - blazing Light  all the way – and here we are with our goal intact and it's all happening - an ASCENDING PLANET - YES! YES! YES!)

On New Year's Eve, coming up to midnight on this warm summer evening - I was standing in the Pacific ocean in Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia - a major Lightworker town with many roles, one of those roles being to assist the world blueprint in the concept of unconditional love. Byron Bay is the most easterly point on the continent of Australia and therefore attracted a large crowd wanting to witness the first moment of the Light of the New Dawn.

Standing in the warm water, receiving and sending coding via my amazing Atlantean laser crystal - my heart leapt in joy as a message of Divine Glory rang out across the skies. Across the ocean on the horizon - for 30 minutes - lightning played its grandest symphony. In each new second the sky was lit in a most amazing natural Light show - each blaze of Light showing a new part of the sky and cloud formation. Showing all the facets of the world of the world, previously hidden, coming together in wondrous harmony?

Lots of gasps of wonder from the many people sitting under the stars along the beach, sharing a new dream for the world. What a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As if that wasn't enough, there was also a wonderful hour long parade through the town with many beautiful floats of angels, lanterns, space brothers, Shiva, etc. -  plus hundreds of drums along the beach, beating the minutes to midnight.

Expecting an extra 48,000 into Byron Bay, (incidentally it has a policy of alcohol-free streets and beach), while all residents received free permits, the non-resident cars were parked outside the town and those people were brought in by bus. Everything was well organised and ran perfectly. Extra police were on duty.

In addition to the sheer beauty of the evening and all that went to make to make that such a beautiful and special night - one of the memories that will never leave me was the wonderful relaxed, friendly police force - every one of them sporting a large glowing red heart in the middle of their uniforms!!!! They were also giving them away to people. Lots of police men and women also had glowing starfish on the shoulders of the uniforms. Where else but Byron!!!!! WOW!

By the way, there was only harmony and love and co-operation (and no hassles whatsoever) - as this incredible diversity of people from every age and culture streamed into Byron to share this special day for the planet.

I was so grateful to be there and I thanked God for what we all saw that night - not only in Byron Bay - but throughout the media the next day – a world that came together as each country put on the greatest show on Earth.

So here we are in a New Dawn.



Sandy Stevenson




ęCopyright Sandy Stevenson