Why did we come to Earth?


I think most of us have asked ourselves at some point ‘Why did I come here. What was I thinking!’ And we joke, saying we must have been drunk. I’ve just had a sign made to put up in my home that says ‘Love is why we came here in the first place.’ And it’s as simple as that. We came out of love and compassion to help the Earth Mother ascend to the 5th dimension. She needed help to correct the energy imbalance that had resulted mainly from humanity’s negative thought patterns and emotions. She tried for a long time to correct the imbalance herself but in the end she asked for help. 

We did not come here to wake up all of humanity. We came to help the Earth Mother raise her vibration, which also offered an opportunity for humanity to wake up, to align with love and Divine order and to increase their personal light vibration. So, our goal would naturally help humanity toward ascension. Humans walk their own path and evolve through the lessons offered on a 3rd dimension planet, such as Earth. Each individual chooses how long they take on their individual path. That may be a few or many lifetimes, on as many different 3D planets as they wish. The choices they make in each moment directly affect their evolutionary progress. Some people learn fast and have a short path and others take longer. There is no right or wrong attached to how short or how long a time we take. It’s entirely up to the individual. However, it’s not common to achieve enlightenment in just a few lifetimes. Technically, of course, there is no ‘time’ anyway. Linear time is an apparency created in a third (and 4th) dimensional existence to allow learning to take place. Life is an equal playing field for all beings and no-one is more or less advantaged than anyone else. This is the normal procedure in the physical universe. 

An overall picture. Originally, the Earth Mother, often called Gaia, requested help ‘to address the negative imbalance that was preventing her evolution’. As we know, Light workers came from many higher dimensions in answer to that call. All who came here had already evolved beyond 3D learning.

Two reasons Earth was able to ask for help in her evolution. Normally, asking for help on our evolutionary path would not attract a Light team of millions of evolved beings from all dimensions! (We wish!!) But this case was different. The Earth was due to join other planets in this sector of the galaxy in attaining a 5D frequency and then, together as a combined group, join the Association of Worlds. The other planets involved were prepared but Earth was not, being held up in handling a severe negative energy imbalance. This imbalance had accumulated over time, mainly caused by the negative thought patterns and emotions created by humanity. The dense energy it created was preventing her raising her vibration to a frequency that would allow her to move on. Long ago, the Earth mother graciously allowed her body (the physical Earth) to be used as a learning platform for humanity. It was humanity who created the patterns undermining her progress, and in such a case, Universal Law allows her to receive assistance. 



How we could help the Earth. To achieve Earth’s goal of ascension, her light frequency needed to be raised. The negative patterns mainly preventing Earth’s ascension needed to be transmuted to a higher frequency. So, the Lightworkers who answered the call and incarnated on Earth, individually and collectively needed to incorporate all the patterns that existed on Earth at that time; emotional, mental, spiritual and physical, into their own energy field. The plan was to create a blueprint that humanity and all life could follow. Any blueprint needs to mathematically show a clear pathway which includes the steps needed to produce the end result it is designed for. To achieve the blueprint, all patterns were taken on by the Light force who then worked through them over many lifetimes, trying various routes and solutions. They came up with the easiest and most workable steps for humanity to release their patterns and permit ascension. Not all lightworkers took on every Earth pattern. All the patterns were divided up among those who arrived early (I knew I should have waited!!) – mainly the Starseeds. Lightworkers arriving on Earth more recently were not required to take on Earth patterns. Of course, they may have acquired some anyway! It’s not easy to be here and not take on board any beliefs or fears!

The blueprint. Prior to the creation of the blueprint, the dense energy on Earth had made it difficult for humanity (and the Earth Mother) to attain the vibration necessary to ascend. That situation was mainly created by humanity, with most people on Earth adding to it with their thoughts. If you think you would never contribute to such a thing, ask yourself if you’ve ever said ‘Oh that’s terrible’ when viewing something unpleasant on TV?  This is just one of millions of examples of how we add negative energy. The blueprint offered humanity a choice, collectively and individually. It didn’t mean everyone had to use it. It could be ignored if people chose to stay in their ego or head. The blueprint is universal so can be used if ever needed again anywhere (highly unlikely!) Before now, no blueprint existed to handle this situation because no 3D planet was ever as dense as Earth. By the way, we did have to physically incarnate as Universal Law only allows the inhabitants of a planet to instigate change.

Who can ascend from Earth? Any life form (on any planet) that can attain a frequency of light that matches the 5th dimension can ascend. Life forms on Earth are considered to be all its living creatures. The various nature kingdoms such as the mineral, elemental, insect, animal and plant are always aligned to the planet, so they naturally ascend when the planet does. But humans and the evolved animal species (cats, dogs, horses, elephants, whales, etc.) have free will and choice, so can choose to align with Divine order or not.

How Earth’s frequency was raised. Millions of incarnated Lightworkers have spent a long time (many from Atlantean times) raising the frequency of Earth to allow her to ascend. It was achieved in many ways but included bringing ‘to light’ all the dense negative patterns on Earth (many of them hidden) and transmuting enough into positive energy. It wasn’t always easy and there has been suffering along the way but steadily the required progress was made, resulting in a total shift of the balance of energy over to the positive. This allowed the Earth Mother to proceed on her long awaited evolution. We did an excellent job. There are still more patterns that have been raised to the surface that are in the process of being transmuted. 

Lightworkers created this pathway. We started adopting humanity’s patterns in Atlantis and began releasing them in the late 50’s. Releasing means bringing any patterns buried in secrecy, fear, judgment, shame, blame and guilt, etc., up to the surface, making them visible to all. This allows them to be known, giving humanity the option to reject them at which point they are then transmuted into a higher frequency of light. Millions of rigid, fixed patterns that were controlling people’s lives have now gone. That is a pretty amazing feat we achieved. Patterns previously set in concrete have been replaced by new ways of thinking in every area of life. Some obvious changed patterns are things like the huge shift in the UK royal family after Lightworkers entered the scene (Diana, Fergie and all since then); the exposure of corruption in government, religion, politics and the changes such as Brexit and President Trump that assist humanity break free of control and suppression. We’ve also seen a big shift in who we are permitted to love. This was a severely limiting pattern indoctrinated into society, with just about every limitation imaginable attached to it. It was generally considered that one should only date or marry (and you did have to get married!) within one’s own background, nationality (or even community), education, race, religion, age group, social and financial position and opposite sex and we even added considerations of height, looks, weight, physique, eye and hair colour. There were limitations on what was acceptable in loving a friend or a pet. The incredible changes in this area are obvious. Some countries are still working on it but the blueprint is now available for change to occur.

Has humanity changed? It would take forever to show how extensive the changes have been in all aspects of life on Earth. However, the Divine plan covered every area that needed exposing – showing the plight of animals, whales, bees, rainforests, plastic contamination in land and oceans, chemical and drug use, corruption in banks and big business, rigid education in schools, hidden corruption from top to bottom in politics, nursing home abuse, pedophilia, malpractice by doctors and hospitals, EMF radiation, fictitious media reporting, etc. The creation of the pathway allowed the transmutation of millions of belief patterns. This releasing, along with many lifetimes of Lightworkers teaching, helping, educating and channelling light, helped raise the vibration of Earth.

The creation of the Internet (part of the original plan by the Light Force) allowed high speed world wide light communication and the fast exposure of everything previously hidden.

Earth Ascended. We came to help Earth and her life forms on their evolutionary path. We succeeded in our goal! Gaia ascended in December 2012. Since that time, a highly evolved Guardianship has been in place overseeing Earth and will remain until the full ascension of Earth has occurred and anyone left in 3D has been relocated to another 3D planet.


Two Earths.  Gaia, the Earth Being, had the goal to ascend to the 5th dimension. But she also wished to take as many of Earth’s life forms with her as possible. We knew that in helping Earth raise her frequency, we’d also create a platform to help humanity and all life on Earth to ascend.

Although the Earth Being has technically left and now resides in the 5th dimension, she made a compassionate move to give more time to humanity and animals to raise their vibration toward ascension. She kept her Earth body in both 3D and 5D. One way to describe this is a vibrational band of energy was created to span across those dimensions. So, although technically there’s only ONE Earth, that Earth now spans a much wider band of vibration than before. So, it is visible in both 3D and 5D. You may have heard people refer to the ‘New Earth. They are referring to the 5D Earth. 

We have a unique situation currently on Earth. Some people have raised their vibration to the level of the 5th dimension and so are technically ascended. But they can still live and be seen on 3D Earth because the vibrational band of Earth takes in both 3D and 5D. They are able to interact with life and other people in the 3D world. However, because their own vibration is very harmonious and positive then dense scenarios and people emitting dense energy on 3D Earth, are not real to them and therefore do not exist for them. They are in this world but not really of it.

The spanning of dimensions has never happened before. It’s a new idea for all of us to consider. Some things are in both dimensions, such as all of nature. And there are some people here on the 3D Earth that, although you can see them, are already in 5D! Perhaps you are one of them; it is possible to not realise it. Under normal circumstances you would know you were in the 5th dimension. However, because of this spanning of the dimensions and still having a 3D Earth around you, a place we mentally align with as it is so familiar, it is possible to not realise we have transitioned in frequency. But you would feel different, very positive and with a great sense of well being. While this spanning period takes place, those people in 5D need to stay true to their new reality and place of being.

The 3rd and 5th dimensions. There is a big difference between the two dimensions.

The 5D Earth is beyond duality (no good/bad right/wrong). It is in the Now moment (no time) and contains none of the things we associate with 3D karma or 3D learning. 5D is positive, balanced, peaceful and harmonious. It still offers lessons but they are different and don’t contain the traumas we see in 3D.

This is someone’s personal statement of living in 5D while still a part of 3D. ‘I can feel the 5D paradigm all around me, in every movement, every thought, every breath, every synchronicity that creates the things I need. It's literally breath-taking to be an integral part of a higher consciousness flowing and is speaking to you in through every movement. I can feel the sanctity and rejuvenation of life here. I can see the deeper interplay that brings everything together as one. This is pure heaven!’

The 3D Earth is playing out the usual scenarios that are continually offered to humanity, giving them opportunities to become wiser and more loving and increase their energy vibration to that of a 5D level. If lessons are learned quickly, our experience on Earth can be relaxed, effortless, loving and joyful.

4th Dimension. If you are wondering where 4D fits in all this!! The fourth dimension is a band of energy around the 3D Earth of a slightly higher frequency than 3D. It contains emotions. Generally, people can’t see in the fourth dimension. But some people can, often seeing auras and ghosts.

Humanity’s opportunity to ascend. Any individual in this universe can ascend to a higher dimension at any time. There is no time slot for ascension; you don’t miss a boat that leaves without you. The same criteria apply to each dimension we are in. When an individual raises their vibration to match the next dimension on their evolutionary path, they can go there.

However, there are times when a higher light frequency is permeating a particular location or planet and that can help people increase their own vibration. If you are present when there is extra light coming in, it’s because you placed yourself there to take advantage of it. Everyone has that choice. No-one is more advantaged than anyone else.




Earth is currently offering this opportunity of increased light available. With so many Lightworkers and Higher Realm beings still here assisting the final stages of this transition, humans are receiving an unprecedented opportunity to advance their individual evolution. This opportunity won’t last for long because the light teams, both incarnate and discarnate, having attained the goal they came here for, are wrapping up and moving on. Humans who don’t take up the positive opportunities presented to help them move into their heart and into the Divine flow will need to continue learning in 3D until they reach the vibration that takes them into 5D. But their 3D learning will be done on other 3D planets because Earth will not be available. We learn on different 3D planets anyway. There will only be a 5D Earth.  

Lightworker completion. Many lightworkers have completed their individual roles in Earth’s Divine Ascension plan and have left. Most of those are at the ‘after mission’ banquet! I’m not joking! It’s held in the 5th dimension in ‘no time’. Hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers are already there. Check it out. You can, you know! You will know how to get there when you leave here. You could go straight home, but why would you? It will be wonderful to see everyone you ever loved since you first came to Earth, as well as seeing the Ascended Masters and Archangels we’ve all worked with. It will be great fun! It’s not such a strange idea if you think about it. Every work firm has their ‘end of year’ party and people leaving work have a retirement ‘send off.’ So, we’re having an ‘end of mission’ party. Why wouldn’t we! If you feel you are still meant to be on Earth and that idea excites you, then one or more of the following criteria applies.




 Lightworkers still here are in various stages of leaving and are either:


1. Still completing their Ascension role. (Teams still have work to do.)


2. Still working on their own personal spiritual goals for this incarnation.


3. Still clearing their own subtle lower bodies of dense energy, balancing karma and raising their vibration to the level required to return home. 


Love is the answer to everything. It changes our life and changes a planet. A different world is born when we love unconditionally. It all begins with us.




Sandy Stevenson


21st November 2018