Truth and Universal Law

Regarding the ‘deep state’ people seemingly making ‘Freudian slips’ when they ‘accidentally’ tell the truth in speeches on mainstream media. This happens a lot. Most people assume it’s a mistake. You may recall Biden during the election saying ‘they had put together the best election fraud in history’.

Many of these comments are not accidental. The planet is governed by something called Universal Law. Divine Universal Laws are many and extensive in their coverage and apply to everyone on Earth. Violation of these laws creates karma for individuals, groups, countries, etc.

Many ‘black hats’ are aware of the concept of Universal Law and karma. They know if they lie about something but tell the truth about that on a public platform that has the potential to reach many of the those people who would be affected by the specific action they are planning, they are not violating Universal law.

So, if we are lied to in life, is that person (people) violating the Universal Law of Karma? The answer depends on the circumstances. If a person being lied to has the opportunity and capability to find out the truth and that truth is not too hard or obscure to find, then there is no karma attached. Being lied to would simply be part of 3D learning we get to teach us discernment and wisdom. But if someone lies to us and it is extremely difficult for us to find out the truth of it, then karma is created for them. It is impossible to state a ‘one fits all’ situation. We also have times when we are being lied to as part of a karma balancing we have attracted to learn something. So, this is just a guide.

So, we need to take into account the conditions involved in each situation. Regardless of the action being taken, the creation of karma can depend on whether or not the person/group or nation can fairly easily establish the truth. Are they in a position–with their health, ability, mental capacity, physical location, accessibility to information/friends/family, etc. to be responsible and find out for themselves? Here are a few examples.


A.  A patient in a nursing home is too ill to check any information themselves. They are told by the doctor it is compulsory to have a vaccine or they can’t stay. This is not true. Because the person is incapable of seeking the truth, this act becomes karmic for the doctor and any hospital member (if any) who approved using this tactic.

B.  A patient is in hospital with a broken bone, not really ill and is alert. This person has a mobile phone, regularly uses the internet and has many visitors. They are given a similar untrue statement. However, because the patient has the means to find out the truth, this act is not karmic for the doctor and any hospital member (if any) who approved this tactic policy.


A. A state’s official Health Officer makes a ‘mistake’ on TV and says ‘the vaccine is causing the elderly to die’. It is broadcast on 6pm mainstream news, giving it the potential to reach many people who reside in that area and watch TV.  In addition they live in a society where people discuss the news and laugh about such ‘mistakes’ being made. Therefore, that statement of truth has a reasonable chance of being heard by people in that area who could be affected. (In fact, that exact statement was made last month by Australia’s QLD Chief Medical Officer.) So, as the truth is being told on a public platform that can reach those liable to be affected, it would not be a violation of Universal law for that Medical officer or the group they are speaking for – because the truth was being told to sufficient relevant members of the public. It is considered those people would have reasonable access to find out the truth. In addition to the news, older people or family or friends usually have internet access to be able to check facts; the official deaths, research the vaccine’s chemical ingredients and their side effects, all available on government websites. Yes, we are aware there are ingredients that are not listed!! But the listed ones are sufficient to make any thinking person reject it.

B.  Obviously if the same statement of truth was made by the same individual but only said at a local village meeting with 40 attendees (with no major press), the action they are trying to cover up would attract karma.


A. Natives in the jungle with no access to the outside world are told by visiting explorers that the minerals (valuable) they discovered near the village contain properties that will have an adverse affect on their health over time, and they will remove these for them. Karma created.

B.  People living in an outback town are told a similar lie by some interested party. However, these people own cars, have access to nearby libraries and the internet and have experts they could ask.  No karma created.

It can be handy to have an idea of how we create karma. It’s fun to get together with a friend for half an hour and suggest some examples to each other to decide whether that situation would have created karma or not. Once we understand the process, we know it for life. Karma is actually a balancing of energy.

There are many Universal Laws that rule our spiritual life. Spirit inherently knows these laws. Some are quite complicated to grasp consciously. Luckily, we don’t need to know them. All we need to do in life is be ourselves and follow what feels right in the moment. Then we are in alignment with the Universal Laws. We really don’t need to know the Laws but if you feel a spiritual need to know, there is an extensive list ahead.


Sandy Stevenson

15th May 2021


Most of the Universal Laws that rule spiritual life - Cause and Effect, Non Interference.   Resistance,  Attraction,  Projection, Willpower, Request,   Attachment,   Reflection, Flow,  Abundance,  Attention,   Clarity,  Prosperity,   Success,  Intention, Manifestation, Karma, Reincarnation, Balance,  Responsibility, Affirmation,   Challenge, Discrimination,   Prayer,   Meditation,   Vibration,   Miracles, Blessings,   Healing,   Purification,  One,   Faith,   Gratitude,   Perspective,   Decree,  Divine Oneness, Vibration, Action, Correspondence, Compensation, Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, Relativity,  Polarity, Rhythm, Gender, Harmony,   Wisdom,  Grace,   Soul Evolution,   Bodhisattva,  Vibrational Attainment,  Free Will, Conscious Detachment, Fellowship, Unconditional Love, Magnetic Affinities,   Divine Order, Chemical Affinity, Cohesion,  Common Ground, Consciousness, Continuity of Consciousness, Cycles, Cyclic Return,   Discipline,  Disintegration, Divine Flow, Divine Love and Oneness, Economy, Economy of Force, Equalities (or Analogy), Expansion, Forgiveness, Free, Expectation, Faith, Fixation,   Flexibility, Free Will and Choice, Good Will, Group Endeavour, Group Life,  Group Progress, Healing,  Higher Will,  Honesty, Identity, Inverse Proportions, Justice, Knowledge, Lotus, Love, Lower Four, Magnetic Control,  Magnetic Impulse,  Magnetism,  Manifestation,  Mantras,  Mentalism,  Miracles, Monadic Return, No Judgements,   Non-Attachment,   Non-Intervention,  Order of Creation,  Patience, Patterns, Perfection, Periodicity, Planetary Affinity, Prayer and Meditation, Present Moment,   Process,   Progress,   Prophecy,   Radiation,   Rebirth, Rebound,   Repulse,   Responsibility, Rhythm, Right Human Relations,  Right to One’s Own Space,   Sacrifice,  Service, Sex,  Solar Evolution,  Solar Union,  Sound, Spiritual Approach, Spiritual Awakening, Summons, Surrender, Synsis, Teaching, Telepathy, Three Requests, Time, Unity and  Universal Sympathy.