We are all in the process of making a transition from one reality to another. We are letting go of much of our 3D world by discovering how the world really is and incidentally, who we really are. We are changing our whole way of thinking to work out what we can do to clean up the corruption in the world and help ensure a better future for humanity.


Many people are awake and are handling this transitional period well once they get past the shock, anger and other emotions coming up to be released (part of the letting go).  But for some people it can be harder because they are needing to cope with more than just the discovery of a corrupt world. For some people, the process of letting go of the 3D reality means letting go of a partner, children, their business, contacts, parents, friends, perhaps selling their home or having to relocate. Millions of people are being pushed to leave their work which could be a job or business they have had for a long time and trained many years to do. They may have ongoing battles with friends, family, the boss, authorities trying to enforce masks, jabs, distancing and qr codes, being unable to travel freely, shopkeepers enforcing illegal mandates, border barriers, not being allowed to see ill or dying friends and family, handling shedding emanating from the jabbed, coping with ignorance, trying to remain sufficiently detached from the chaos, coping with emotions seeing children jabbed by uniformed parents, watching teenagers bowing to peer pressure and some 12 year olds feeling grown up after being given the right to do something their parents can’t prevent. And all this going on while at the same time trying to remain detached from the constant fear from people watching mainstream media.   


And we are also having to confront, network and expose tons of negative information to show humanity the truth so they gain a greater understanding and determination not to let this happen again. We know the exposure of the corruption is vital, but I think the ideal way to do it is to stay mentally and emotionally detached from it, so it does not drain us with negative energy. Many are not managing to remain detached and they become the energy of it, instead of separating from it. It does require some disciplined action on our part to not absorb the 3D aspect of it. And very importantly, we need to make sure we access lots of positive energy to balance out the negative.


 I know the period between changing over from one reality to a completely different one, can be one of the hardest things to go through. I have done it several times. It can make us feel hopeless and apathetic, feeling there is no point to any of it. It can be a real struggle as it seems our world has fallen apart and we are a just a lost soul somewhere in the depths of a grey fog. Our world has fallen apart or at least the world as we have known it.


But somehow, through it all, we manage to plod on.  We carry on, putting on a brave face for others, even though we don’t feel anything near cheerful. But something big is happening, to us. Something quite profound really. It is a death of the old and a birth of the new. We are becoming more of who we really are. We are moving into a new level of enlightenment. Something inside us knows this, maybe some sort of spark or sense of survival, some inner strength that seems to somehow get us out of bed to take the next step, and bit by bit we are dragged through.


For anyone still going through this transitional passage, the message for you is, no matter how depressed you are, no matter how bad it seems, hang in there. And don’t forget to ask the higher light angels to assist you. They have nothing else to do (joking!) The chinks of light will start to appear and a flicker of hope begins to surface. Slowly the fog clears and excitement and anticipation kicks in. We see a whole new path opening up and it is one of magic and we are amazed and astonished by it as it is usually something we had never even envisaged possible. Joy and fun becomes the norm and you stand in a whole new space of being. You have walked through the flames and discovered an inner strength you did not know existed. You are a new person. But all that has occurred is you removed all that was holding you down and preventing you being who you really are. The pains, doubts, fears, beliefs, sadness and loss has left, disappeared into some forgotten memory, but you are holding only onto the wisdom you gained from the experience. All that remains is the essence of who you truly are - an amazing spiritual being, who has travelled through time and space to arrive at a destination to help a planet grow.


Quietly and peacefully, acting in your mighty power aligned to a universe of Light, you weave your magic and bring about the entire collapse of an old world that no longer serves its people and together as one force, bring into being a new blueprint, a Divine Plan for a new Earth that serves all living creatures to love a life off harmony, grace, respect, care and love.




Sandy Stevenson