It is sometimes difficult to understand how time can be disappearing. It’s hard enough to get our head around the idea of time being an illusion created within the 3rd and 4th dimensions to provide a learning platform for souls. It all looks pretty real, doesn’t it? We can see it operating. We see the kids growing up and a few grey hairs appearing – possibly acquired through bringing those kids up! Time is real – but only because we are here. If we were in the 5th dimension - time has magically disappeared and there is only ‘now’.

The third dimension involves linear time. This means a time that appears to have a continuum because we perceive things changing around us. This apparency of time enables us to learn in this dimension. In highest truth, there is no time but this is quite a concept to understand and luckily we don't need to. The 5th dimension does not have linear time because it exists in the 'now' moment. There is no linear time frame above the 4th dimension. Therefore, as the Earth moves steadily toward a 5th dimensional vibration, 'time' slowly disappears. This continues until she reaches the 5th dimension where she is then in an equivalent vibration of no 'time,' and existing in the eternal moment. Being in the 'now' moment means there is no perception of a 'before' or 'after'. We can all achieve stepping out of the time frame while still incarnated on Earth by just being in the moment.

I experienced the disappearance of time in the 70’s. I was working on a deep level trying to gain more spiritual understanding and suddenly everything shifted and I moved into the present moment – completely. And there I stayed. It was strange and different but OK. It is an awareness that all that exists is right now. When I attempted to look back to a minute before – there was only a void. Nothing. Blackness. When I looked forward to something I had planned ahead, the same thing - nothing. But it’s quite a different experience than not remembering. I still ‘knew’ everything that had happened and the plans I had made There was just no visible picture track or obvious creation of it. I suppose that state lasted about 6 months until I began to create a new picture timeline again - as I went back into agreement with the existence of the 3rd dimension. That more or less happening unconsciously (although with a bit more attention on it, I could have prevented it) and resulted in feeling more a part of 3D reality. And of course, experienced  a lessening of one’s vibration that happens by agreeing more to the 3D world.

So, what happens when a planet is moving in its evolution toward an ascended state in the 5th dimension, is its vibrational energy frequency starts to quicken. It spins faster and faster as it increases its light frequency. Its molecular structure changes. This applies to a person or a planet. With a planet, every molecule within the sphere of the planet is affected, including all matter, eg. plants, physical bodies, animals, trees, clocks, digital clocks, etc. So, that means everything on Earth is doing the same thing – or at least all the parts going to the 5th dimension. That would cover the main body of earth, its oceans and most of nature. Most of nature but not all, because many animals are evolved in their own right and can therefore choose to remain in 3D if they wish. So, they are not automatically carried along by the Earth as she moves in her own evolution.

The quickening of particles continues until the whole planet reaches the same frequency as the fifth dimensional band. At that point, the Earth has ascended as is now no longer a 3D planet. It is not visible anymore by people whose vibration is the same as the third dimension. For some people who may still be living in 3D, but have expanded their personal vibrational band to a broader range of light, are able to still see the Earth residing in the 5th dimension. It appears much lighter.

Individuals go through the same process of quickening in their own evolution toward ascension to the 5th dimension.

Now having explained the ‘norm’ of any planet ascending to the 5th dimension, let me throw that upside down a bit! Earth has already ascended. She is in the 5th dimension now. But in this particular case, with this particular planet, owing to the Earth Being’s desire to give humans the best possible chance to increase their own personal vibrational field of energy toward that of the 5th dimension, she is offering extra time to do that. She has therefore retained her 3rd dimensional body visible in the 3D vibration so as to continue to offer the learning platform needed to learn and grow. It is an act of grace on her part. It is not known how long this will continue. That is up to her. We assume it will not go on indefinitely and at some point she will do whatever she needs to do to gather all energy aspects of herself and move completely and fully into the 5th dimension.

Because the atoms etc. on Earth are all speeding up, everything we see around us in this world is running at the same speed – so it appears to all be as normal. However, I think most of us are aware the days are literally flying out the door. We do a couple of things and the day is gone! And it’s not just lightworkers noticing that. You will hear people everywhere mention how the days seem to be going quicker. Time loss has been happening for many years.  I think I began recording the time loss on my website maybe 1992 and continue to monitor it on my Announcements page.

We have currently lost – as of today’s date - a total of 14 hours, 57 minutes and 14 second on a day.  That means we are trying to run our day with almost 9 hours missing from it! The only way to succeed in this without wearing ourselves out, is to be very intuitive in our actions.


Sandy Stevenson


11th March 2020