This is mainly about the importance of holding the light.

If we are listening, reading or watching channelled material that we’ve been intuitively drawn to, there will be something there that is beneficial to us. It could easily also include information that doesn’t resonate with us. As we know, a lot depends on the level of truth being offered, which is altered to fit with the belief patterns of the person channelling. Universal law dictates the Higher Realms of Light cannot bring any information to a conscious channel that violates that person’s own beliefs. Sometimes, the Ascended Light realms feel that even though they will need to alter some information, when weighing it up, there will be more benefit to use that channel than not. Exceptions are Trance channels as these people are not conscious of the material content being brought through. They will be bringing through unhindered communication. Of course, it will depend on what level they are getting that communication from, which ranges from 4D up. I think many of us know of Bashar, who seems to have been around forever, bringing a humorous, high level perspective through his long term trance channel Daryl Anka.

Truth is also relevant to our own reality level and point of evolution. We are all in different places of understanding, so when we are being asked to follow some rule or process in a channelling - we need to tune in and really see whether that action is for our highest good. We may find our lack of excitement or feeling of resonance tells us this is not the highest truth or simply we are not in the group the information applies to. There could be information useful for someone in their early awakening but not so applicable to a more consciously aware person who has a higher light vibration and understanding. For someone more aware to undertake an action designed for a newly awakened person, could take them backwards. I will give a couple of examples to help clarify how we may be in a higher place than we think.

1. Some years ago, some lightworkers told me they no longer felt much emotion when hearing or seeing something sad and wondered if they were blocking their emotions or were becoming too ‘hard’. Neither was the case. Beings experience two types of compassion – 1. emotional compassion and 2. spiritual compassion. In a physical body on Earth, we generally experience emotions through the lower frequencies of our emotional body. But as we increase our own vibration of light, we move to experiencing spiritual compassion. This is a higher and deeper level of caring, based in spiritual knowing. It is above feeling through the emotional body and a completely different experience than with emotions hitting us. Spiritual compassion holds our level of light, whereas feeling the emotions through our lower bodies does not. Knowing where we are positioned in relation to our frequency or level of mastery can save time and energy spent in trying to handle what we think is wrong with us! 

2. I went to a workshop in the 90’s in the UK. I wasn’t sure why I was drawn to go as I never go to workshops. It certainly wasn’t the content. I realised during the day it was for me to be more aware of the need to bring people’s attention to the subject of discernment. I took that on board and have talked about that ever since. I still do because it’s still needed. I’ve written maybe 10 articles on the subject.

What happened in the workshop was people were given a process to balance their energy chakras. Various sounds were played for people to absorb into their chakras to balance them. The problem was that the sounds being played were sounds that equated to chakra vibrations maybe during the 40’s and 50’s. Since then Lightworkers (especially) have been continually increasing the vibration of their chakras. So, the sounds played were way below the frequency they were already at. Consequently, the people in the room who actually did the process set themselves back years in vibrational frequency. A choice – yes. A learning – of course. A tough lesson - my word. But lessons can be tough when it involves a failure to listen to our inner feeling (inner tuition). I did observe 40% in the room did not do the process. Good for them. In the instance of this particular workshop, it was not a misguided lightworker running it. It was someone whose intent was (and still is) to reverse the Light plan - using workshops, blogs, art, cards and claiming to be in touch with a large range of Ascended Masters.

We all know there are those on Earth who are into power and control. There are discarnate beings with similar goals.  If you are meant to know details about this because it pertains to the particular work you are doing to help Earth at this time, then you will be excited to find out about it. And if you are one of the people who agreed to inform others about such things, then you will be excited by that. And that will be coming from a place of love, in a detached, non judgmental place – and not being full of judgments, ego or dense emotions. For the rest of us, who feel no true excitement to focus any attention there, trust yourself. We all have different roles. In fact, there are millions of roles covering every aspect on Earth. Some are meant to address it with logic, some with the heart. For many, all that is required is that they stay in a space of love and hold that focus only. But whatever the aspect of our chosen work which can be sweeping streets, alerting people to contaminations, art, introducing new educational systems, informing people about vaccinations or 5G, saving bees or coral reefs, healing, writing books, talking. you name it – ALL of us are also required to hold the light –without dropping the ball. We agreed to clear our own stuff to get our vibration up there to support the planet and humanity. We have been working on doing that for a very long time. It is perfectly fine for the majority of Lightworkers to simply be aware duality exists (opposing goals) within the planes of existence that support learning through duality, i.e. planes below 5D.

Incidentally, before Lightworkers came to Earth, they signed a contract. Yep, I know – contracts are everywhere!! The contract stated you are in ‘Service to the Light’. It is your commitment. It stays in place until you have completed your work here and returned home. It is not considered complete in full until you are home – sort of like being in transit to and from work. Ha. Therefore, you have made your statement of  INTENT. That automatically remains in place UNLESS you make a conscious, aware, knowing choice to negate the agreement you made to work for the Light. This can’t happen accidentally and nor can it be voided by default. You are not required to say it, imply it or state it as a commitment to anyone and certainly not to any opposing force. Your lack of affirming it cannot, in any way, on any dimension – be taken to mean you not in Service to the Light. IT EXISTS and is written in Universal Law for all to clearly see.

We are all different. Some of us can survive perfectly well in very dense energies without it reducing our light. Those people are comfortable in heavy vibe locations or being with negative people and can tolerate ‘bad’ news, etc. without it affecting their light vibration. Others can get emotionally affected just by seeing something slightly uncomfortable – such as a child being scolded or a puppy being mistreated. And there is a wide spectrum between the two. So, the message is pretty clear. Do whatever you need to do to make sure you do not lessen your light. If you feel affected by dense energies – e.g. arguments, hard news, unpleasant locations or people, unhealthy food, etc. it is time to apply some strong discipline. Turn off the news, stop interacting with negative people and keep out of anything you know could trigger lower emotions or thought patterns in you. In this way, you continue to uphold the agreement you made when you came to Earth – TO HOLD THE LIGHT.

Now we get onto another current area – the coronavirus. Also a subject receiving extensive channelling and comment. This virus is the most amazing global creation in Divine Order to bring about the goal to transform the Earth. And we need to be in a space of accepting only truth for us – as mentioned in the first paragraph.

I have been saying for maybe 30 years we all have different tasks to do on Earth. If we follow our gut/intuition, we will do exactly what we agreed to do. We might not know what our work is, but providing we are listening to our guidance, we will be doing it. If we aren’t in tune with ourselves and sit in our thoughts, it’s easy to buy into ideas we are told of what we ‘should’ be doing. I remember hearing a channel years ago tell everyone they ‘should’ be taking on all the pain of the 3rd dimension, so as to transmute it’. And if you are sitting in your head and not being intuitive, that statement may even make sense. In fact, if we did do that, it would be a disaster for us and the Divine Plan. But I expect out of everyone who heard that, a bunch went right ahead and did it. They are probably still trying to recover their vibration. Yes, you wonder why they would do that! Can there be any Lightworker who does not realize, after all this time, that we each have our own unique work to do – and it doesn’t get done if we wander off doing someone else’s work. I think the reason someone agrees to these suggestion of what they 'should’ do is they may feel that at least then they are sure they are doing something to help. Some people don’t trust themselves enough to know they are already helping.

You know, it really is true we each sit in our own band of created reality on Earth. And that is totally formed by what we agree exists. The individual chooses what is real – without exception. Lightworkers continually work at increasing their light quotient to change the way they perceive life. By becoming a truer reflection of who they really are (attained by divesting themselves of all they are not), they change their reality, creating a happier life and a greater ability to assist the planet and humanity.

You would imagine everyone knows about this virus, but that is not the case. The obvious exceptions being people in remote areas of Earth. But it also applies to those lightworkers who although still physically present on a 3D Earth, also live in the vibrational bands of 5D. Many of them may not know the virus exists in lower bands of reality. They might only notice the energy is getting lighter around their physical body – or not even that. By the way, if you do know about the virus, that doesn’t mean you are not within the 5D band of reality. You may need to be aware of the virus because you are helping with some 3D actions as this transformation takes place on Earth.

My experience is that Earth is currently shifting to a higher band of evolution and has been steadily increasing her vibration of light to achieve this. I believe she is now moving from the varying denser vibrational bands (i.e. that contain lessons that offer humanity learning obtained in 3D and 4D) and is quickening her frequency toward the levels of the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension (5D) is the first point in the physical universe where the vibration of light goes beyond the band of vibration and reality of learning offered in a duality system (negative/positive/ plus/minus/good/bad). We often refer to the state of reaching a 5D level of light frequency as ‘ascension’. Ascension is a state of being when an individual, animal, life form or planet reaches a particular higher frequency band of Light that enables it to see and operate within the 5th dimension.

Learning is still available in the 5th dimension. Learning goes on throughout all higher frequency bands in the universe (5th and above) but the learning offered in the higher levels is quite different in the harmonics and experiences it offers. One learns through harmonious interaction and not through opposing forces. So, the learning does not contain discomfort, pain or other negative emotions experienced in a 3D plane.

I’m excited to see the Earth move in her long awaited evolution. We came here for that reason. And we know the Earth Being has always had a personal desire that her life forms, e.g. humanity (as individuals) be given opportunities to also raise themselves to higher bands of light to increase their evolution. And that is also happening.

We are helping incredibly by focusing on love and light, meditating, linking into major world wide meditations (4.7 million linked in over 4th/5th April for various 4.4.4. meditations), prayer, being in nature/garden, passing on good news and sending jokes around – anything that brightens and makes people laugh, keeps the vibe up and adds to the light quotient.

I feel the beach in front of my place is an amazing reflection of how light is paving the way to change the planet. It is magic to watch. It’s not a busy beach ever, but at the moment I have never seen so many couples strolling along the beach (getting their exercise) laughing, enjoying the peace, saying hello to passers by (a due distance apart!) meandering along paddling in the ocean. Many are out with their dogs, who incidentally, are having the time of their life getting so much exercise. It is really chilled out and hard to believe there are people out there panicking or in fear. Not in my world. It really does show that different realities that exist right across the planet as we each choose what we wish to create in our world.

The Light Force’s task at this time is mainly TO HOLD THE LIGHT and NOT reduce their vibration by letting themselves be pulled down into lower scenarios and dense energy. If you do that, it is because you created it.

If it excites you to discuss the virus; send out material to expose hidden issues and keep people informed – go right ahead. You can do absolutely anything that excites you. BUT, if your actions are lowering your frequency of light which affects Divine Order – time to review. 

Do whatever feels right for you to maintain a balanced state of Highest Light, remaining mentally and emotionally detached. In other words - YOU stay out of it.

This is one of the greatest opportunities for humanity on Earth to change their world and walk a higher path of Light. Hey, we have nothing else to do!! Let us help give humanity their best shot at evolution.

May Light permeate the Earth and reach all of humanity who would choose it for themselves.

Love and Blessings,

Sandy Stevenson

18th April 2020