We are in a state of constant change and need to stay in touch with our ever changing environment and tune into what feels right for us in each moment. Some people may feel is time now to focus on positive areas and leave the negative news out for a while. Many will find it still interests them to continue this ongoing necessary work. Whatever feels right for you is indicative of your role here.  Everyone has done a brilliant job and many people have a pretty good idea now of the negative aspects of the global dark agenda.  With Telegram running at 350 million active users, and many other networks in play, a great deal of information is getting passed on.


It is quite important we all keep a balance in all we do.  I don’t think everyone is managing to fully detach from the negative information they hear or send out. A test of this would be to check, if despite having spent the last couple of years discovering corruption and coming to terms with it, we are still reacting to it as being something terrible or we are feeling very emotional about it. I’m not talking about us becoming hard and unaware of the pain being caused. I am talking about not taking on the 3D pain and trauma that drops our light frequency. If we have a reaction that throws us into darker frame of mind, it means we are NOT letting it go. We are not detaching. We need to stay aware at all times that there is a higher picture to everything and a Divine Plan and to trust it – and us.


We need to ensure a balance is maintained, so we need to take responsibility to do whatever is necessary to ensure we maintain positivity in our life, whether that is seeking out good news, playing lovely music, going on walks in nature, interacting with animals or the plant kingdom, ensuring we are always in a peaceful environment and have positive people around us.


And although we don’t consciously do it, by attaching to the thoughts and emotions surrounding any 3D scenario means we have accepted it as our reality. We are then inadvertently supporting the dark agenda by giving it our energy and power. Then, instead of enlightening people with material that helps expose the corruption so truth can surface, we become a carrier of negative energy. Perhaps the importance of this area has not been fully grasped by everyone, but it really needs to be.


There is a big difference between us recognizing and reporting there are some bad things happening on Earth as we help wake people up – and us diving into the 3D mass of emotions and thoughts patterns attached to these areas. That action lessens our light.


Also, with the knowledge we have received over the last couple of years, we have become much wiser and more discerning. This is wonderful and really necessary. However, I’ve been noticing our scepticism and discernment has gone a step too far, with an ‘over the top’ scepticism. Instead of accepting the many wins occurring (news which increases light) and accepting the light force are making major moves and many successes, lots of these great actions are being dismissed because of a huge distrust of dark hat motives. Good news is often seen as a trick and a plot. Too many people are thinking that every good thing is some sort of ruse designed to give us a bit of freedom and lull us into thinking things are getting better, only to be followed by worse restrictions or events. Obviously this happens on occasion. But if we are going to deny all our victories, we are playing right into dark agenda hands (who may even be encouraging that thinking). We are denying white hats are achieving anything and basically saying there is no Divine Light Plan, there is only a dark force and they are in full control. With this thinking, we are doing all Lightworkers and humanity a great disservice. There is nothing wrong with being sceptical and discerning and not letting our guard down, but we have to see where we are winning, which incidentally is massive and global. Let us fully align with the side we are really choosing to stand with and stop supporting the dark agenda.


And we also need to stop judging and creating divisions. If we are judging people for being asleep, we are doing exactly the same as is being perpetrated by governments who are trying to divide the jabbed and unjabbed. And we are judging without any real understanding of what humanity has gone through. There really has been extensive brainwashing; throughout schooling and education systems, from media news and movies, chemicalization of water and food, religions, the negative frequencies being emitted to Earth by satellite, Harp, chemtrails and so on.


To be honest, it’s a miracle any of them can wake up at all. I know some people say, ‘Well I woke up, so they can’. Again this is a limited view. Even looking at that from just a 3D perspective, we are all brought up differently. Some have a better education than others, wiser parents, some have druggie illiterate parents and a hard home life.


And if we wish to look at a higher perspective, perhaps we could consider the idea that those who are awake have been blessed not to have gone through all the programming that has been going on here. Maybe those who are already awake came here to help those who sleep and to bring kindness, non judgement, understanding and compassion to them - knowing what a shock they will have when they wake up. Perhaps this is a wonderful gift we can bring and through our love, knowledge, patience and wisdom we can assist them get through it. 


Let us shift our focus onto one of being a Creator and see the Earth flooded with light. A world where all humanity work together in harmony; a world of freedom, laughter, fun, happiness and love for each other and for all life.


Lots of love,


Sandy Stevenson