2020 = 22

Power number - Power on all Planes and the ability to change the course of history


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Hello Lightworkers,

HIGHER GOAL: To bring about a new social interaction between the peoples of Earth and thus advance the evolution of mankind. Created through love, compassion and understanding.

I believe this one event also provides a multitude of lessons for the growth of humanity. That will include 3D ideas of how and why it started; control, intolerance; greed; create the opportunity to respond through love or fear; realize the value of people power, and many other factors. Of course, human thinking can enter the equation and introduce rules not always conducive to positive welfare but there is also a learning involved with that. As with any event that occurs in life, aside from its higher Divine purpose, 3D lessons are always present. Hidden areas get exposed and various views expressed by people on all aspects of it, can offer potential for us to learn, grow wiser, and increase awareness. We are all able to assess the truth, although some have forgotten how to use it. Whatever the source of this virus, it is allowing people to reconnect to each other in love and care and giving the chance to true values. Interesting that we are being forced to disconnect from each other. Perhaps that is exactly what is needed to bring to our attention that was what we were doing unconsciously anyway. Perhaps the virus will be around for as long as it takes for us to ‘get it’ and reconnect to each other.

If we look at what is needed to advance evolution for humanity on a third dimensional planet – we perceive the current speeding ahead of technology comprising a myriad of situations where we don't interact with people on a personal level thus creating isolation - such as the extensive use of phones and computers to communicate; self serve checkouts; ATM’s, on-line shopping – plus the social breakdown we see in parenting strengths and skills; our educations systems, government nannying, etc. all contributing to a society disconnecting from what is real … where we’ve placed technology above the care and love of our fellow man. Technology has left the humanities lagging way behind. This happened in Atlantis and we know how that ended. Technological advancements are fine, providing the balance between technology and humanities is maintained.

The degree of social disconnection on Earth had reached a place where human evolution overall was reaching a slow crawl longer conducive to learning and growth. When we stop connecting with each other we are unable to exchange real communication; when we get caught up in doing stuff that disconnects us from society, we cease to have the vital mirror reflection we need to show us see where we are and what we need to address within ourselves; we are unable to exchange light codes as we are no longer where we’re meant to be; we can’t carry out our agreements with each other and we can’t adequately achieve what we came to Earth to do.

Something needed to happen to bring humanity back to real values and the growth we obtain from sharing and caring for each other. As we know, when we create separation from people, we lose understanding and empathy. In a place of feeling disconnected from society, we become intolerant and judgmental.

9.11 created a chance for people to move from the technical imbalance that had been created - toward greater care and compassion for humanity. It was a chance to move into and perhaps stay in the heart space of love. And many did. Others slipped back to the old ways.

Now, globally, humanity has a chance to find itself again. Light, prayer, meditations, global link ups, being positive, humour and laughter all work. That may seem airy fairy, but these things hold immense power. They increase our vibrational frequency, allowing us to overcome anything of a lesser frequency (i.e. negative dense stuff). Light is our connection to Source. Fasting and semi-fasting sorts out the body.

Nothing exists in one dimension alone. There are other higher dimensions always offering a higher picture for spiritual growth. We, as spiritual beings, who hold the light of Source - are a zillion times stronger than the negative plans of a minority. Don't let fear generated by just a few - overwhelm us. The world consists of over 7 billion people who inherently seek peace love and care. We all hold the power - and during this time, as we come back together, re-connecting and remembering what is important in life, love will flow and carry us to a combined higher light vibration that has the power to transmute and knock out anything lesser.

We are having separation forced upon us. This is a good thing as it offers us time to reflect, time to be,  to slow down, time to evaluate – to realize life is not all about work, rushing around, making  money and buying the latest gadget. We are getting back to basics and true values. Hopefully, humanity will grab this opportunity to reconnect. There are lovely stories appearing all over the world of people reaching out to others in many amazing ways. There are signs of change appearing across the globe. Things like the UK National Trust, RSPB and Wildlife organizations giving free access to National Parks; singers creating songs in their homes and uploading free videos; in Italy, people confined to their homes are singing to each other across the square; pollution is receding in China and Europe and people are beginning to help each other more. Families are rallying around  elderly parents and neighbours. Even hearing of people in other countries going through tough times is also creating compassion.

Let this one time be enough to get us back on track. It is up to humanity. The power is totally in our hands. If we don’t reach a realization of what matters, of what is really important – and love each other – then, of course, something else will need to happen down the line to give humanity another opportunity.

So, let us decide this will be enough. That this will do the trick. People will get it. Humour helps incredibly as it raises vibration. Now we begin a journey - not to be controlled - but to take us back to the heart in love and compassion and to recognize the inherent power we, the people, hold in our hands.

As ever, the Lightforce on Earth have a large role to play - to continue to stay centred and balanced and fully hold a space of light. To remain detached, compassionate and helpful but not allow any sort of agreement with the very limited negative and fear based view offered by the 3D world. We know our thoughts have power. Every thought we have in agreement to a negative outcome – adds our power and energy to that belief – and reduces planetary light. Every light-headed and positive utterance, adds light.

The main thing for all of us to focus on - is adding light, support and energy to those things we feel are intuitively right for mankind at this time – and not to focus on, or pass on to others, any fear based dramatic scenarios. Not to even agree -  by thought or word -  to anything you do not prefer to see occur on Earth. Buying into supposed intended worst case scenarios issued by the media – means you add your power to that and have decided that is what you prefer to happen. Because literally, when you add your voice to an idea, that is what you are doing. You are choosing to give it your full lightworker focus and energy. It is indeed a responsibility to ensure we stay centred in love and truth, holding the light. The light we hold will balance out and overpower the fear. Run each bit of information past your inner guidance test..... is this something that will add to the light or make someone fearful? We can create karma. We are not immune from the results of our actions.

We know this illness is generally a mild inconvenience that quickly passes. Yes, some people are vulnerable and we feel compassion and can help those badly affected. But the more serious we become about anything in life, the more we reduce our own light – and the light of the planet. Fun is not dismissing or denying a situation – we do it to offset the dense mass of energy that seriousness creates - because we know how important it is to keep things in perspective and how positivity and laughter help so much in the creation of light. 

As we know, adversity of any kind encourages the rallying of people to assist. Something on the scale we are seeing now with the Coronavirus has the capacity to change the world globally for the better.

This is the last physical incarnation for many lightworkers – but that doesn’t happen automatically. It has to be worked at. It needs us to be responsible to follow what feels right – not get caught up in negative emotions – to let go of all judgements and criticisms – to note old fixed belief patterns (about anything) and let them go – as well as letting go of negative reactions - and continue to hold the light for the planet. This is easy for us to do – as long as we are able to stand back from ourselves enough to see our own behaviour – and to pull our socks up if we see we’re slipping or are passing on information that will make people feel worse. Giving helpful facts is fine – spreading rubbish is not.

We will all come through this. People who have agreed to ‘leave’ during this, will go. Many have wrapped up their work here and using this to assist the divine plan. It’s OK.

But perhaps rather than ask  the higher realms of Light for what we think ‘should’ happen, let us instead ask for Divine Order. We can’t go wrong with that. ‘In the Name of the Highest Source of Light, under the Law of Grace – I ask for Divine Order to take place concerning all facets connected with the Coronavirus. So Be it.’

For those people who would like to take it a step further and use their Universal Right as a Lightworker – here is a Decree to do. The decree ahead covers all outcomes including emotions being generated and helps dissolves any rules that are not in Highest Divine Order. Universal Law requires a Decree to be said aloud three times without error (that includes a cough or any extra sound). It also meets the mathematical requirements.

‘By Divine Decree, in the name of God and under the Law of Grace, as a Lightworker on the Ascension Mission to Earth, I ask Lord Archangel Metatron of the 8th dimension of light to take appropriate and immediate steps to dissolve, avert or handle the entire situation and ramifications regarding the Coronavirus, in accordance with Highest Divine Order.’

(Note: Say this line ONCE, AFTER saying the Decree 3 times) ‘So Be It. So It Is. So Mote it Be. It is Done’.

A zillion blessings and wishes for us to hold the Light – in every way.


Sandy Stevenson

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