Completing third dimensional life as a creator



We occasionally read of what life may be like in higher realms after we’ve completed our work and life in Earth’s 3D plane. But I don’t recall seeing what completion may feel like before we leave 3D life. It’s possible most Lightworkers leave this plane without necessary defining, perhaps even to themselves, what they’re experiencing when their completion point comes. And people leaving may not think of writing it down or may leave quickly without time to explain it.

We are all different, so it’s quite probable completion varies in the way it presents itself to each of us. I thought I’d write my experience of what may be a possible completion of my own journey in 3D. Perhaps it will help someone.

I have been aware for a while that my role on Earth is nearing completion. This includes my Lightworker role, my agreements with others and my own goals for my evolution as a spiritual being. For a couple of years, it has felt right to bring different roles to conclusion. My bucket list ended with seeing the beautiful northern lights in Alaska. I’ve always been a keen traveller but I see the desire to see new places has faded.

If this is completion, it’s an interesting feeling. It’s like being in a comfortable place of nothing.  It’s not apathy or boredom. When examined, it’s more of a ‘no’ emotion. It’s a place of ‘no pull’ in any direction, either to leave or stay. Perhaps it’s a balance between the two. Perhaps a choice is being made. But even though in itself it has no emotion, life still holds interest, fun, excitement, sadness, etc. I can pursue things, enjoy things and make plans but I guess the difference is there is no attachment to any of it. I could walk away from everything in an instant and be completely at peace. I do mean everything. It’s detachment, while still happily interacting with life.

But just because our agreed work has been completed, it doesn’t mean we stop helping. Even though we may feel we’ve finished what we came here to do, we continue to help daily in many ways with the spiritual gifts we have. I believe as long as we’re still here, we are never wasted! We probably keep doing useful stuff until the very moment we depart!

We know or we believe or at least have been told, we are creators. That’s quite a big concept to understand. And it’s especially hard to grasp when tough stuff happens in life – when our first thought is often ‘There is no way I or anyone would create this’! So, maybe it will help to look at what Source and creatorship really are.

While Source (God) is conceivably ‘all knowing’ and a pure Creator, it is one single entity. It could remain like that forever, in a static state with no mass or motion. However, it is a Creator and is therefore aware that although it is ‘all knowing,’ it has no subjective experience of itself. It’s similar to knowing something mentally but not emotionally. We can imagine what it’s like to have a migraine headache but if we’ve never experienced one, we don’t know it subjectively - physically and emotionally. So, Source knew that as a single entity it was unable to reflect back to itself the wonder of itself or the potential of what it could become. The only way it could experience ‘itself’ was by splitting into (what turns out ultimately to be) billions of individual souls. By doing this, it created distance (space and time) between itself and the various parts of itself (souls). As a single entity, God can create ideas but can’t actually ‘experience’ the action of those ideas. So it subdivided itself. And simply by doing this, each part then becomes a creator. It has to be. In its pure state of Source, it is ‘All That Is.’ Therefore, each part of it is also ‘All That Is’.

In order to let the other parts of itself (souls) experience action, it needed to create a world that could be imagined by souls. It knew whatever a soul was able to imagine, it could create into an actual experience. So, Source provided the tools for this to take place. It created a universe of space and time and brought into existence every conceivable ‘idea’ that could potentially be experienced by all souls. At this point it was only ideas. Nothing had yet been enacted or experienced. So, the primary goal could be ‘souls experiencing whatever they can imagine, in order to expand Source’.

It can also be said that Source, when subdividing itself into billions of individual souls and creating ideas that could be experienced by them, placed no limitation as to what could be experienced. It allowed complete free will and choice for each soul to do as it chose. If limitations of any form were added, then the goal itself would be limited and Source would never reach a ‘complete’ understanding or reflection of itself. However, it is quite unlikely it ever intended to fully realise that goal as that would represent a finite end to something with the potential of being infinite. While Source always has the choice to remain in a pure static state, why would it, when more and more experience can be gained when boundaries are pushed further and further out by souls throughout the universe. Life in a state of perpetual motion gains wisdom of experience.

The idea of being a creator means every experience we have ever had is created by us. We’ve been constantly told this in our spiritual teachings but it’s hard to imagine this is true when we see some of the incredibly tough situations we and others go through. But experience is experience, regardless of how it is felt. And we do have a choice. We don’t have to create the tough stuff. It’s not compulsory to have unpleasant experiences. Often, the tough times are what we attract when we have failed to learn the easier and more comfortable ways the universe has shown us. When we don’t look or learn from something, we create another even bigger scenario and keep doing that until we understand and learn.

If it’s true we are the creators of all life’s events, just knowing that can assist us on our path. Our path can be a very, very long one, but it is one that eventually leads us back to Source/God. Does that mean we as an individual somehow disappear? No, it doesn’t. By the way, for most souls, that point is a very, very long way off. But when you do choose to reunite with Source/God/us, ‘you’ are never lost when that happens. You’ll always feel like you - only bigger and more powerful. There is certainly nothing to fear. Quite the opposite.

Let’s look at the world around us. It looks pretty solid and real. However, to keep it visible, we must first agree that it exists. If we hadn’t agreed that the universe, which includes the 3D life around us, was real, we wouldn’t be able to see it or be a part of it, as it would simply not exist (for us). In this universe, in order for something to exist and persist in the form it is in (i.e. matter, energy, space and time) it requires that we don’t view it exactly as it was when it was created. When something is viewed exactly as it was when created, i.e. the time, place and form and ownership of that creation – that action causes a perfect duplication of itself and consequently it disappears. So, the way things stay in existence so we can experience them, requires some form of alteration. That alteration from truth means it's not then being viewed as it truly is. An ideal, and the most common way this is achieved is to deny we created it. So, we say someone else created it, e.g. God or the Big Bang or another person, etc. We do this universally and we do it with a lot of circumstances in our life. We’re continually saying we didn’t create something, often blaming others. If we say we didn’t create it, this adds a lie (alters truth) to it. That fact alone ensures it stays in existence. Altering it causes the situation to remain unresolved in our life, waiting to be addressed in truth. It could then stay with us through lifetimes and until we look at it in truth, it will persist. Only when we stop blaming others for creating events in our life and are willing to see something as it really is, and that situation will be duplicated in time and space and it will vanish. Regardless of what it is, the truth is we created it. We are Source/God and create everything.

We, as God, created the universe. So, as long as we keep saying we had nothing to do with creating the universe/planets – it will persist for us. This allows any individual (simply by denying they created it) to create unlimited experiences on Earth (or wherever they are in the universe) through their own free will and choice and that is determined by what they think, say and do. Hence the entire operation of experience by souls can occur throughout the universe, lifetime after lifetime, dimension after dimension.

This means that if you reach a point of pure realisation/awareness that you are the creator of the physical universe, the universe will disappear. Don’t panic. You did not cause the universe to entirely disappear! It only disappears for you. It’s not something that happens often. Even if you did have a sudden major shift of understanding and the universe did disappear, it does instantly re-appear again! It’s like one of those candles you blow out and it instantly relights. It’s a very noticeable moment and you’ll certainly know if it happens. You’ll remember it forever – the experience is that profound. The universe reappears without you thinking about it or deciding it will. This happens because the universe has been set up that way. The reason it is set up like that is because it is the goal/desire of the creator that souls can experience the universe in order for Source to gain experience. So, if the universe should happen to disappear for you, it is instantly reinstated so as to continue that goal. I’m not surmising or guessing this. I have experienced it. I like to experience things myself, so that it’s not just something I’ve been told.

However, although the physical universe will be reinstated, you may have a bit of work to do - to be willing to be back here again! You’ll also need to get grounded back in 3D and to re-establish various points of reference. It took me 2 years to achieve this. As ‘I’ seemed to be ‘everywhere’ I had to adopt ‘a point to view from’. But first had to realise I needed to do that! That action then ‘located’ me in time and space, a very useful thing to do and helped a lot with grounding. Something else I had to work on was to stop things instantly disappearing. As I was still in ‘creator’ mode, everything was vanishing as fast as I thought it. Luckily I already knew that altering something created persistence. So, I began practicing holding a thought for one second (by introducing the idea I didn’t create it). Then for two seconds and so on. That took ages. Finally I could keep a whole sentence in place without it vanishing. A few days after all this happened I decided to visit a friend whose home I had driven to many, many times before. I got into my car. Good, seems I could still drive. That bit was OK. But then I realised I had no idea how to get there. The streets no longer existed for me. The towns no longer existed. So I decided to try something and I put that idea into action! As I drove, I recreated the streets ahead of me. That worked. I realised just how much we do automatically following patterns we’ve put in place.

I expect if this situation happened now, it would be a lot easier to re-establish back in 3D. It was new to me then and without a blueprint available, I had to work it out as I went along. Now there is a blueprint and another factor that could really help is the Earth’s vibration is much lighter now. That means someone doesn’t need to lower their own vibration down so far anymore to be present here. That’s very handy for the ‘new kids on the block’ arriving here from high frequency planets.

We often feel the work we do here contributes to the whole and it seems this is true. Our experience eventually becomes the experience and wisdom of the whole.

Now this bit is hard to explain. I am only guessing but I think somewhere in the equation of our individual experiences becoming part of the whole, the divine plan deliberately prevents ‘partial’ experiences entering the Whole. And what may be even more important, any experiences that can still offer more options or outcomes may also not enter the matrix (but they are recorded in the Akashic records). Perhaps as long as there exists any other way to create within an experience or it can still change or be added to, it is prevented from being incorporated into the whole. A good reason to keep it out of the blueprint would be that if solutions and outcomes are already available, then a soul working on a particular scenario in its life could tap into a solution for it (taken from information recorded in the Whole) and just follow that, rather than use its own imagination and creative ability to create a new pathway for its outcome. Hope that makes sense!

We all reach a point where we’ve completed our life on Earth in a 3D band. That’s going to happen!  The completion may apply to only this lifetime or may be the completion of life in any 3D plane. Whichever it is, the feeling of completion is probably the same. Once we check that this unusual feeling like being in a void, is not apathy, weariness or depression, maybe we can embrace the idea we may be ‘moving on’ and time to get our affairs in order. It would include releasing any emotions that arise, such as fear of the unknown.

When we plan our incarnation, it includes the time of departure. But I believe many of us arrange several points we can depart if we choose to. And it may be there is some form of feeling completed with each one. Or may be we only really feel all the aspects of completion when we arrive at our last planned exit point. At that last point it would include feeling detached from worldly things. You can still love things and people but you are content to walk away from it all. An even further major shift into mastery would be if you knew that regardless of where you found yourself ‘located’ in the universe, you would be fine. And that could be whether it was some unknown planet or in a black hole, you know you would be OK. That is the realisation of being a creator. 

That idea of being a creator also brings to mind the concept of our departure being pre-planned and non negotiable. I think we do indeed plan a specific point or points to leave an incarnation and can freely choose to leave at any of these points. Each one is planned so the various life circumstances fits with the departure. We sometimes hear of people considered to be lucky when they continually beat the odds of death. It may be they arranged several points where they had an option to leave. I also think if we reach a sufficient point in our mastery and know ourselves to be a creator, we are able to choose to continue past our final planned exit point. If we did choose to stay, we’d need to establish new goals and perimeters to move forward with. In other words, create a new path. The key criteria in choosing to stay would require us being in a sufficiently high enough light vibration to make that decision and equally, if not more importantly, to want to stay.

Being a soul with free will to embrace any experience it chooses to create is a magnificent gift. Become this blessing of your magnificence in everything you do and be the most loving, compassionate, kind, thoughtful and generous person you can be, knowing your reflection is showing the world who it can also be.

May we all continue to create what we prefer.


Sandy Stevenson

25th December 2019