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'The Awakener' is only available new as an eBook. However, second hand paper back copies may be available cheap on Amazon. See details on the Books Page.

The paperback of  'I Am Here' as a paperback may still  be available in Scotland (see ahead). You would need to contact them to check.  It is also now an eBook with a NEW title called 'All that is love.'

I Am Here (book) and Twin Flame CD, please contact:

Hard Copies of book available in Scotland from:

Contact Alison Grave. Tel:  01577 830595

Email:  alisonequisetum@icloud.com   

£10.99 plus postage. 

Postage Costs: UK £3.75, Europe £5.50, rest of the World £7.50 (depending on weight)


The Twin Flame CD  was also available from the Scotland supplier, Please check if they have any left.  See price and details on Tapes page.




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