SYCHRONICITY: The simultaneous occurrences of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

TRUTH: Synchronicity is always present in the flow of Divine Order. If we are also in the flow, we can benefit from it.

TRUTH: The universe supports YOU in all your thoughts and actions 100% of the time.


If your thoughts and actions are aligned with Divine Order (i.e. the natural flow of the Universe) life will run smoothly. The universe operates on a perfect mathematical basis for ‘the greatest good’ to occur in each moment. So, when we’re in the flow, we experience a stream of ease and rightness as we work toward our goals. Synchronicity is a part of that rightness and is always present. If we’re in the flow, we gain from it. To see it occurring, tells us we’re on the right track. Being grounded enough to be aware of it is useful.

If your thoughts and actions are not aligned to Divine Order, you’ll encounter stops and problems on your path. Actions not in the flow of natural universal order are things we’ve chosen via our ego, mind or emotions, instead of from our inherent spiritual knowing or intuition. The universe always works for our highest good. That’s how it supports us. If we step out of the flow, we move away from what’s best for our highest good. So, the universe then arranges the type of events and situations to help us realise we’ve moved ‘out of the flow’. Life will probably be troublesome, complicated and frustrating with many barriers and stops. Things go wrong. Life is not joyous. People don’t really support or help you. Those who do are usually doing it through some sort of obligation or pity. You may be helped in others areas of life, but not with goals not in Divine Order. You might think everyone should help you and perhaps you judge them or get annoyed or upset if they don’t. In fact, they are helping you - it’s just not the way you expect. Their help (being directed by Divine Order) is offering you a chance to wake up, realise you’re not in the flow of divine order and get back on the right path.

It may happen you have several path goals and some are in the flow and some not. Those in the flow will be going along fine and you’ll be helped. That help will come providing you’re putting enough thought, energy and action into it to attract the help. Parts of life not going will need to be looked at. In that case, review your goals to check which ones are truly reflecting highest spirit and intuitive. Look to see if any of these were chosen for other reasons, such as trying to please others; gain money, fame, a partner or position; perhaps because you were bored or personally wanted to make a big planetary game change - or maybe you adopted strong beliefs about something and decided you needed to fix it. Perhaps you believe you’re the only one who can!  If so, you’d need to check a sense of self importance or ego.

You don’t need to doubt yourself. If you’re doing what you came to Earth to do, you’ll know it, deep inside. Don’t go into a Q&A and start second guessing yourself. We’re all pretty smart. As long as you’re honest with yourself, you know the answer. It’s not wise to take someone else’s word or guidance that you’re doing your right job. You have to know yourself. You, not your ego!  Divine goals will be running along fine and you’ll have an inner spiritual sense of rightness about it. Trust that. Of course, personal issues come up for everyone. Being on the right path doesn’t mean you’ll never hit a block or barrier. Of course, you will. You’ll come up against others people’s thought patterns and ego, for a start. Sometimes blocks are meant for us to check we haven’t wandered off into a world of thought and stepped out of the flow. If you see that has happened - regroup, discard what is not right, re-align and surrender to Divine order. Blocks may also be showing you to take a different route. Or maybe it’s meant to be pushed through. You could ask yourself if it’s just an occasional barrier or is your work life continually full of stops and barriers with little help from the universe to correct those issues - and overall, life has become a bit of a struggle? If so, and you can let go of the ego and be honest with yourself, you might get to the point of admitting it’s not really fun anymore. Time to re-assess.

Keep away from ‘shoulds.’ The test is ‘does this truly feel right in the core of your being’? But you’ll have to get truly out of your head or ego, to assess that correctly. In the end, all that matters is we’re honest with ourselves and we don’t gloss over or excuse, in any way, obvious signs being sent from the universe. Take the time to check if your life is really going along exactly as you would prefer.

Check each part to see if it’s in Highest Light and Divine Order. Check your lower self hasn’t become involved in your plans. Are any of your path choices made by your lower self? If so, the person most affected will be you. It could mean a hold-up in your own evolution and may involve having further 3D incarnations. I don’t know about you, but the idea of going right through school or being a young teenager with all its inherent learning doesn’t make my heart sing! And it also means you’re creating karma by not doing what you agreed to do on Earth. And you’re letting down your own Light team, as well as the planet and humanity. You are also probably not managing to honour agreements you made with people for this incarnation, because you aren’t located where you’re suppose to be, so they could be honoured.

Most of us are doing exactly what we came here for, so don’t go getting paranoid and doubting yourself! You know what you are doing and your heart tells you every moment - if you listen to it. Providing you haven’t created a false life of forced enthusiasm and are pretending to people around you and yourself, that everything is hunky dory - then all is well.

Another key factor is our age.

The younger evolved souls on Earth are picking up the reins now from the old souls, many of whom came here from Lemuria and Atlantis. The young ones are destined to push though final barriers to enable new systems to come into play on Earth. These systems have been created by the old soul Lightworkers over many incarnations. Those younger ones may hit a few barriers, but the universe will be working with them to overcome barriers and that will be obvious. An even bigger factor is they are truly excited and joyful about their role here. They don’t need to pretend they’re having fun!

From my understanding, the old souls have now handed over much of their work and are preparing to depart for ‘home’.  I’ve had 15 close old soul friends ascend in the last 18 months, of varying ages and many were not at all ill. Old souls are generally in the 60 upwards age bracket, with a few in mid 50’s. Many are in their 70’s plus now.

Generally speaking, unless an old soul happens to be working off last bits of karma they’ve accrued from going off their path sometimes, then the Divine plan allows for the Old Souls lightworkers to enjoy their final time in 3D, spending their last years in peace, having fun, living in comfortable surroundings, finishing off last bits of work and maybe giving a helping hand here and there, but with spare time now to do other things like read, paint, swim, splash in the rain, drink coffee, have long lunches, chat to friends, swim with the whales, cruise, see the Northern lights, go sky diving - why not!! All while keeping a casual watchful eye on the progress of these youngsters, just in case they need a bit of ancient wisdom!

Naturally, all the light force has to let go of any emotions and reactions hanging around and also remain positive, so we continue to increase our light frequency in preparation for returning home. Many old souls have already returned home. Actually, that’s not totally true. Most are chilling out at the banquet, watching the rest of us wrap up down here. The banquet is a ‘must do’ destination - well worth a detour on our way home, to catch up with all the people we’ve ever loved. And besides our Twin Flames will be there, as well as the Ascended Masters, so what more excuse do we need for a party!

Check things over. Look for the signs.

And let’s have fun on our home run.


Sandy Stevenson


4th October 2017