The signs to return the Holy Grail

to France




                               DECEMBER 1997                               

I received word of a gathering going to France to return the Holy Grail to Camelot to assist the Seventh Golden Age on Earth. The message said 48 Knights of Old who are presently in embodiment will understand what this message means. The message was in 3 sections but as I read the first paragraph, I knew I was meant to go. There was no doubt whatsoever. The feeling was strong. The message said 'The Light from the dawn touches the castle at the precise moment when Venus is aligned with the highest wisdom of the heart.'

The remainder of the message gave many details of locations and the various Masters who would overseer this journey to France.  

We were guided to return the Holy Grail codes back to France by the Ascended Masters El Morya and Kuthumi, Joan of Arc and Isis through channellings of pure truth via Norma Milanovich that had reached our hearts and resonated to the call within. These 48 had walked together long ago in the Atlantean temples and the Egyptian Mystery Schools and Temple of Isis, lived as Essenes, Templar Knights, lived in Camelot and died as Cathars for our beliefs. Many have walked this path, but this journey required just 48.

My own contribution to the return of the Grail to France included me visiting Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland where I found and downloaded important grail codes into a very special Altantean crystal. The codes were not in the Sorcerer’s column (as has been rumoured) but were in the ground underneath it.

We all met in France. It was a great reunion - EXACTLY 48 of us came from all over the world gathered, together again in our quest for purity and truth. We felt we knew each other and we knew what to do.

In joy, we travelled to the many sacred sites of France, having agreed to implement delivery of the Holy Grail codes we had carried through the ages, restoring them into the new blueprint for Earth’s evolution as she moves swiftly to a place of harmony and love.




My memories will remain of travelling across France in December, snow on the ground in parts, our etheric swords held high (and a few plastic swords we purchased along the way) brandished them in fun and laughter, to the shouts of our well known Musketeer slogan of ‘All for One and One for All’. We went to places of Light and Dark, of bloodshed and joy, releasing precious codes to bring all to harmony and balance. We went to Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre Cour, Sainte-Chappelle, the Louvre, Place de la Concorde, St. Jacques and the Bastille, Rouen - the place where Joan of Arc was burned, the Palace of Versailles, Chartres Cathedral, Cathedral St. Julien, Mont St. Michel, the Carnac megalithic standing stones, the Templar Fort at Rocomadour, Albi Cathedral, Renee le Chateau, Carcassone, UFO landing sites and the mountain at Montsegur, clearing and coding all these and many other points we were called to be.


                                                                          The path below that Kuthumi trod                      The Turret


Standing at Renne Le Chateau, looking out over a familiar vista of hills and villages, I experienced one of the deepest feelings of peace and serenity I have ever felt - a homecoming. Standing separate from most of the group who were listening to the history of the Chateau and the surrounding area, I idly observed a wizened old man, bent low with a great bundle of sticks on his back, passing along the path beneath the battlement, apparently unaware of our presence above him. My heart leapt with joy and laughter as I recognized the presence of Kuthumi (one of the Ascended Masters leading our journey) portraying himself as this bent old man. As he reached a point below and in front of me, he turned and beamed up a most mischievous grin. I began laughing as he turned away, continuing his trudge onwards. In that moment he spoke to me from his position in the higher dimensions. I remembered I had my camera in my pocket and got ready to take a photo. Just before he turned the corner out of sight, he stopped once more, turned looked up and smiled. I took my photo, as I mentally thanked him. He was physically seen by several of us.

Often only our group were the only ones present at these sacred places. It was during winter with less visitors, which served us well.

At the Chateau, I decided to climb to the top of the turret and found several others already up there. They then left to rejoin the group and another lady called Deanne arrived leaving just the two of us there. Deanne was very connected to the Space Brotherhood of the Higher Realms and we as a group had been witnessing this interaction throughout the journey. She had brought along a very good quality camcorder (video camera) that had a large colour viewing screen. Because this lady’s vibration resonated with the realms of the Space fleets, she continually picked up this higher dimensional activity on the screen of her recorder. When any of us looked at the same landscape, we could only see valleys and mountains, etc. However, when we looked through her camera we witnessed another dimensional band; an incredible show of many different coloured geometric shapes (violet triangles, green spheres, golden orbs, etc.) which appeared to be different space ships from various sectors, plus huge stars, various crosses and angels. Incidentally when other people in the group held the camera over the same landscape scene, the inter-dimensional material was not visible. It required her attunement. It all permanently recorded and Deanne told us she intended to edit it down to one video. We all had fun each night watching the scenes of the day, with the inter-dimensional antic.

Deanne had come up to the top of the turret because she had been told that a particular mountain across the valley had a large number of recorded UFO sightings over it. As we both stood looking at the mountain and landscape, (all visible on the camera screen) the landscape suddenly disappeared and the camera screen became total Light and began flashing a coded message straight to her Third Eye. I watched in total fascination as this procedure took place, it seemed for perhaps 4 or 5 minutes. She said she had never received in this way before and that her whole body felt like Light. I was laughing. It was absolutely brilliant. It reminded me of the vibrational exchange in the form of sound that took place between the ground engineers and the space ships in the movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ When it stopped she went to turn off the recorder and discovered surprisingly that it was already off. We both realized that this special coding wasn’t to be recorded. Afterwards I also realized that what she was receiving was the old Atlantean coding for completion of this journey, plus some new personal programmes for her other tasks. These same Atlantean codes were soon to be heard by our group of 48 in the form of a song called ‘The Grail.’ This was on a tape of several songs on an album called ‘Oneness’ (Angel of Peace, Wala Cave, The Grail, and The Dove) which had been channelled from Archangel Michael for this specific journey through Sally Brown, a lovely singer songwriter from Cornwall in England. She had worked on this tape for months, completing it in time for this journey. I had already received these codes some time back when I was at Sally’s home which was why I had been allowed to be present at the ‘Light Show’ on the turret.

Shortly after this, a very beautiful golden fluffy cat attached itself to the group and was brought into the sacred meditation circle. The cat was held by an English girl, Dianne, who recognized the Being she was holding, as did many of us. It was Kuthumi again, this time merged with the cat and becoming a very physical part of our sacred circle. At the same time, Kuthumi was speaking to me from his higher dimensional position, as he was to perhaps many others in the circle. I personally only saw these two instances of Ascended Master materialising on that journey. Others may have witnessed many more. It was that sort of a journey.

Many special things occurred on this journey. A long lost item was searched for and found. One of our group was led across fields to a deserted old home where this item was located buried in dust and cobwebs. This girl has left it there long ago and was meant to find it again. It is very special item and will mean much in the future. We saw some beautiful countryside and stayed in some nice places. It was Christmas time and entering towns at night in our coach in the quiet and stillness of the snow and the twinkling lights in the trees so beautifully lit, was a treasure in itself. We were meant to be there and we belonged.

We all have our own experiences of this journey, but for my part it was one of happiness, of learning from people with a common viewpoint, for the opportunity to both give and receive, of sharing jokes, the fun we had in the uniting of Frogolot (Lancelot) and Guinebear (Guinevere) - a golden sequined frog with a gold crown (I had brought along) and a lovely teddy bear with angel wings (brought on the journey by Candy) who discovered they were long lost Soul mates and they spent the journey embraced and kissing (mostly peeking out of Candy’s bag), a crowd of us singing at the back of the bus; everything from Christmas carols to Sixties songs and the sheer joy of being reunited once again with those I had shared with so many times before. And the fun we had when Candy got locked in a the first floor of a shop and the owner believing the shop to be empty, locked it and went to his home in the next town. Hearing her yelling out, long ladders were found and amid great laughter from us, Candy escaped down the ladder. Another night, as the coach drove into a town, some of us spotted a fun fair with dodge-me cars. Well, we just had to do it! A bunch of us sneaked out late at night and had such fun crashing into each other in the little cars, accompanied by blaring rock music. We felt it helped us balance out the work our excuse!). One day I will confess to Norma! It truly was an honour to be among such a great bunch of responsible, spiritually conscious people, working together as a team and I know we did a very good job.

The day before arriving at Montsegur we played the tape containing the final Atlantean codes including the code that would assist each to go back and retrieve codes they had hidden in secret places long ago. As night fast approached, we all sat in the coach quietly in meditation to receive it. The weather had been on and off, but something very distinct and very precious occurred the minute the music began. As I had previously received these codes and therefore didn’t feel the need to meditate, I was watching what was happening. As the music started, the sun came out so bright and strong and literally poured straight into the bus. I can’t really explain it, but it seemed as though the sun was only shining into our bus pouring onto everyone’s faces. It didn’t appear to be shining anywhere else in the surrounding areas outside or on the hills, etc. It seemed to be flashing a sequence of codes and showed itself in many colours, finally sending a pink hue around itself. The sun disappeared as the music stopped. To me it was a great sign of confirmation. Many people spoke of the great experience they had.

Our last day the 21st December, the Winter Solstice, we rose at 4am to go to Montsegur (a mountain of Cathar martyrdom) to perform a sacred meditation ceremony and to watch the sun rise, where we were to receive some special codes absorbed through the Third Eye at dawn. In the dark early morning, thirty climbed the very steep mountain, with 18 at the base - all united as one to perform the ceremony simultaneously. It was a very special day and I found myself kneeling at several points throughout the next couple of hours alternately facing East, the brilliant glowing moon and the rising dawn. I was in communication with Kuthumi and El Morya and receiving various codings applicable to tasks on Earth. It was a common occurrence for all those who chose it, to be in close communication with those Ascended Masters leading the trip. Aside from the two just mentioned, Joan of Arc and Isis were also leading the group from the higher realms. The dawn that morning was absolutely fantastic, as I believe we all knew it would be.

I must tell you more of our final day. Occasionally someone would feel unwell, perhaps as they came to an area in France where they had previously been tortured or died, etc. On the last day, one of our members, Elizabeth, was unwell and was unable to come to the mountain for the dawn meditation. Her husband chose to stay with her and help (a very close and happy couple). The codes they were carrying were taken by myself and Paul, another of the group, to deliver at Montsegur.

After our dawn trip, we returned to the hotel for a quick breakfast, packed our bags and boarded our coach for a long trip to Nice, where we were to separate and head home the following morning. Our ill friend and her husband boarded the coach with us. She was not well throughout the eight hour journey to Nice and was having trouble breathing. Many were trying to assist her. When we arrived in Nice, it was decided a doctor should be called. It didn’t appear to be serious, but he decided to order an ambulance to take her to hospital. Her husband gathered a few things together for her, went off to the hospital after the ambulance. Jane our tour guide (a very skillful Knight) Jane, who had been arranging our coach, hotels, meals and much more, went along with him. When they arrived at the hospital, they were told Elizabeth had been taken off for some blood tests and x-rays. Some time later they were told she was now in the ward, but was in a serious condition after suffering a brain haemorrhage. They hurried to the ward to find this poor lady unconscious, with tons of tubes all over her. On being told that she probably only had about an hour or so to live, Jane our tour arranger, phoned the hotel and spoke to our journey leader, Norma, to suggest a group healing and mediation was given by those who had not gone to bed yet. Over a couple of hours Elizabeth’s husband and Jane comforted her; her husband saying goodbye, kissing her and sharing the joy of the time they had spent together and Jane telling her what a wonderful service she had given on this trip.

And here is the tale to tell. The doctor suddenly came to the bed and to cut a long story short said he thought that perhaps the hospital had made a mistake, because there was an English woman downstairs who kept insisting that the French man they had presented her with, was not her husband. Equally the French man was insisting that this English woman was not his wife and wanted to know where his wife was.

Yes, our friend was completely fine. They had given her a bit of oxygen I believe, (she apparently does use an inhaler) and she was sitting up waiting for her husband to come, wondering what ever was keeping him. You may wonder why her husband did not realise he had the wrong woman. Firstly he wasn’t meant to, secondly she was very similar to his wife in appearance, and had suffered a brain haemorrhage which allows in one’s mind for slight distortions, she was covered in tubes and her hair was totally covered by a plastic hood.

Told the true story and amid much laughter, Elizabeth was reported to have said ‘Here am I waiting for you and you’re up there kissing another woman’.

The French lady, who was actually dying and had been brought in at the same time to the hospital, was obviously part of the agreement and it was her time to leave. As it turned out, she received a very loving farewell plus a meditation just for her from the group, when we realised that it was not our friend that was dying.

Our friend was sitting having breakfast with us before our departures to Nice Airport, as the stories of the night spread throughout the breakfast room to those (including myself) who had missed it all. I had gone upstairs after a late dinner, looking forward to a long bath and a good sleep. I had only had 2 hours sleep the previous night and I hadn’t wanted to sleep on the coach - too much fun going on! I recalled something I had said to Elizabeth, as she had sat outside the hotel waiting for assistance, before the doctor came. It was channelled and I later understood its meaning “It may seem as though you are dying, but in fact you will be all right.”

I looked at the ‘why’ of the scene and see it as follows:

The apparent Death and Rebirth allowed all within the group to ‘surrender’ and to accept what was to be and then to experience absolute joy as the ‘Phoenix rose from the Ashes’; a great golden symbol of Resurrection. It also permitted much releasing of personal and group, past incarnational, buried loss among those of the 48 who still needed that to surface.

Also there were some among the group who were about to feel a sense of loss as the group dispersed and they returned home. Instead, that note of sadness was replaced with great hilarity and laughter. Everyone so very happy that our friend was all right and all enjoyed the Cosmic Joke! Lots of jokes going around like - this dear French woman lying there in a hospital bed with someone telling her ‘what wonderful service she had given’ and she is lying there thinking to herself ‘but I have only done the washing!’ - and this strange man kissing her telling her ‘what a wonderful wife she had been!’ Perhaps Elizabeth’s husband had said all the things her own husband had never told her!

But most of all, I believe that it was a reflection of the microcosm showing the macrocosm (the smaller picture showing the higher picture) of what had occurred on this journey. It showed that a wondrous achievement had been made for all humanity; a Resurrection had occurred. A confirmation of a Death of an old system and a Birth of a new way of life - as the blueprint of important sacred codes had been re-anchored into Earth’s blueprint for the Seventh Golden Age on Earth.

At the completion of the French sector of the journey, the combined keys and codes were then taken to England - to St. Nectars Glen in Cornwall, Chalice Well, the Tor, Avebury, London Thames and Avebury.

Then they were taken to the USA - to Mount Shasta, Death Valley, Anaheim, Joshua Tree, Sedona and Mount Blanca.

They were then taken to Australia - Western Australia -to Uluru, Margaret River, Elephant Rocks, Karri Forest, St Johns Brook in Nannup and Kings Park Perth.

The cycle required was 7 months in each country.

The final stage was a gathering of 98 of us in Lisbon Portugal travelled via Fatima to Lourdes (where part of the Holy Water charged with Grail codes had originated from.)

At Lourdes, in the Sanctuary of the Divine Mother on All Saints Day in 1999, the journey was completed. The full activation and restoration of the complete combined codes, gathered and merged perfectly, now established across the world and entered as whole into the grid system of Earth. Our final farewell was conducted at Lourdes near the Grotto and the Basilica surrounded by colourful autumn tints sparkling in warm sunshine under a clear blue sky. A perfect ending, with codes complete and restored to where they needed to be. All done, sealed, active on Earth and nothing more is needed.

I am so grateful for being allowed to be a part of this event.

I love you all.  I AM Thee and Thou Art Me.

Sandy Stevenson

December 1999