The heart whose love has no bounds


Throughout our series of incarnations on Earth we’ve experienced many personal traumas. This is inevitable when living and learning in the third dimension. Along with times of great joy and happiness, we also experience betrayal, loss of loved ones, great sadness, injustices and various forms of death at the end of each lifetime. These incidents leave us with lots of different emotions and thought patterns. These experiences offer us learning and growth to help us evolve as spiritual beings. 

 From our spiritual higher perspective, we know it is necessary for us to review these events carefully so we see can look beyond how it appeared at the time and be able to view the actual truth of what happened and why. Seeing the exact truth of any experience allows us to release the trauma, along with its associated thoughts and emotions.

Usually, at the end of an incarnation, after we leave our physical body (death), we examine our lifetime and review any traumatic events. But sometimes, because they are fresh and quite painful, we postpone reviewing more painful events. We may feel it will be easier to examine them at some future time when they’re not so painful. So, we can put it off and put it off. Lifetimes can go by and they remain waiting for us to review them, so we can see the higher purpose involved at that time which allows us to see the truth and release them.

What can happen is we suddenly arrive at the point of our last physical incarnation on Earth and many of these incidents, along with their pain, fears, thoughts and emotions, are still with us. Negative incidents do stay with us, buried and unknown, tucked away in our unseen subtle emotional and mental bodies. All such traumas contain a negative, dense energy.

 All the Old Souls on Earth are now completing their final physical incarnation. In order to proceed home to return to higher realms of existence, all dense energies contained in our subtle energy bodies needs to be raised in frequency and released. Until and unless this is done, you would have to remain in a third dimensional (3D) learning planet, perhaps for a very long time. You would be not be able to return home when your task on Earth is completed. Many planetary cycles involve 26,000 years. Remaining in 3D is not a desired option for any old soul I know.  In addition to the Old Souls, this same need to release negative energy and raise light frequency so as to return home, applies to the vast majority of the lightworkers on Earth.                                                             

The situation difficulty is that on a conscious level we have no idea we have buried traumas that need releasing. Fortunately, on a spiritual level we do know and are aware they must be brought to the surface in order to be released.                                                          

 How do we discover these buried emotions?

From our higher level of knowing, we will start to attract various situations into our life designed to trigger any buried negative emotions or thoughts we have that need to be released. We start by attracting smaller, gentle, non-traumatic events into our life that disturbs us slightly. Perhaps something quite insignificant such as observing a stranger strongly chastising their child. Whatever it is, it will be something that offends or upsets us in some way. It will be something that helps us see we have a reaction that is throwing us off balance. If fail to notice our reaction to this situation and don’t actively release the response we had, we will go on attracting different situations to show us that same reaction. It starts off small and distant and expands in intensity and frequency until events that trigger this response become a major part of our life.

 We have a choice about how we view unpleasant events in our life.

1. We can notice our reactions, flood them with light and release them. Doing this means we understand these events are there to hep us see negative traits to let go. Perhaps we grasp the realisation it was done to us as an act of love and we are grateful.

2. We can ignore our reactions and focus our attention on the details of what happened and think about how we can handle it. We tend to blame, condemn, criticize and judge the other people involved, for what we perceive as terrible behaviour.

The truth is that this wonderful life pattern, that actually happens to every person on Earth, and exists solely to help us.  Thousands of life situations are there to show us over and over any negative emotions and thought patterns that have to leave.

 There is a very important higher reason this pattern occurs in our life. Of course, it is part of the evolution as a spiritual being. However it plays a key role in our evolutionary advancement. In order for us to proceed home at the end of this incarnation, we must be vibrating at a specific light frequency. Any energy around us that is too dense will prevent us from returning home.

When we ignore the reactions we have and don’t grasp the true reason we attract these events, we go on attracting different situations involving many different people; all occurring to show us our negative responses. Although the types of events are often so different they may seem unrelated, if you examine your reaction to them, you’ll find they produce the same reactions in you. You’re just being given different ways to see it. The significance of the event itself is not important. Whether you’ve attracted poverty, a partnership break up, are involved in family arguments, your children have turned to alcohol or drugs, the house burns down or you are caught up in a court case, you still just handle your reactions.  Once they are handled you can review the whole thing more clearly. The universe will continue with this pattern, increasing the dramatic content of events and how often they occur, until it’s gone. It’s common that one specific situation triggers more than one emotion. They all need releasing.

Also we can be shown different sets of emotions all in the same period if life. Let’s say you’re being shown you’re impatient, things happen so you see this trait. Perhaps a sales assistant is chatting to friends instead of serving you, or you get a caravan in front of your car on your way to an urgent appointment.  In addition, events may be occurring to show you are a jealous person. It’s possible also to not even realise you’re a jealous person as maybe nothing has ever triggered that feeling before. Often these traits are so buried they’re not obvious yet.  The trigger event can start by just hearing a story or seeing a TV programme that shows someone being jealous. You have a reaction to it, but take no notice. Then more things start to happen in your life. Your partner starts flirting with the new neighbour; your rich boss wins the lottery, a friend tells you they’ve been given a round the world cruise - and you feel jealous. Perhaps close friends start moving away or you begin losing precious things; all events designed to show you sadness and loneliness.

If we continue to put our attention on the event or on the people involved, we don’t notice our own response.  Blaming others is not a truth and so resolves nothing. The only resolution is to release the emotion or thoughts. If we don’t, situations come in closer to us. Whereas initially, it may be just a TV show or a stranger that triggers our reaction, it ends with people close to you, such as family or a partner and they will be doing things all the time to trigger it. It’s often our loved ones who finally have to step in, when ignore the earlier signs. Family are more effective in dragging buried patterns to the surface. It’s not so easy to escape family, so we are forced to address things.

Let the next statement reach deep within your heart and soul.

The people who do the things that upset us are often people who love us unconditionally, so much they’re willing to create whatever circumstances necessary to help us see what will serve our highest good.  They love you so much they are willing to be treated like the enemy; be judged, criticised, yelled at, hated, trampled upon, scorned and abandoned. Of course, it seems to us at the time they don’t love us because they are being so mean. It can appear they hate us as they’re behaving horribly.  However, if you look closely, you’ll probably realise their behaviour is quite uncharacteristic. Of course, it’s possible they’ve been trying to show you this particular reaction for a long time. 

Every area of life where you are unable to maintain a harmonious balance of unconditional love; wherever you have negative thoughts or behaviour; where you display negative emotions; where you can be thrown off your purpose and focus; where you blame others and fail to accept responsibility for your own life and its creations - WILL be presented to you. 

There is usually more than one emotion involved when we react to a situation. In fact, there may be many. Of course, as well as personal situations we have reactions to world wide events. It doesn’t matter what triggers it, it’s all the same - the reaction needs to go. 

Reactions are many and varied; perhaps hundreds. As well as the many beliefs and thoughts we’ve adopted, we have negative emotions. Sadness, pride, self righteousness, anger, impatient, annoyance, superiority, betrayal, lack of trust, contempt, disgust, fear, shame, guilt, dislike, shyness, blushing,  modesty, self attention, ego, anxiety, dejection, depression, despair, low spirits, feeling trapped, scornful, suspicious, hurt, insecure, worthless, apathetic, lonely, foolish, miserable and many needs and patterns of intolerance and fears such as crowds, spiders, snakes, the dark, heights and obsessive patterns such as an excessive need for order and cleanliness.  Things you can’t easily tolerate or feel uncomfortable with are indicators of reactions and patterns.  

None of us are above Spiritual Law. It doesn't help us to believe we’re victims and believe that what happens to us is beyond our control. As strange as it seems, we create all the circumstances that happen to us. We may do it to learn something, to balance karma, to help others, to learn compassion or another reason, but it’s always us who creates it. You may say, ‘Well I felt sad when I saw the damage an overseas earthquake did, but I didn’t create that’. No, you didn’t create the earthquake but you created hearing about it or viewing it on TV - to help you see your sadness. Can you imagine how many things occur in the world that you don’t hear about! You will only hear and see what you need. And yes, being sad is a negative reaction. You don’t have to be sad or upset to experience compassion and love for others experiencing tough circumstances.  

It’s time to let go of unwanted emotions, exhaustion, struggle, pain, weariness and effort. We need to stop blaming others. Perhaps it's time to see the beauty of the truth we are being offered. The universe is showing us our reactions so we can let go of them. We are being helped to go home. It’s time to move into harmony, joy, love and happiness. 


You have a choice.  

The hard way to live is to continue to ignore your reactions. To reject a spiritual understanding that we create circumstances in our life for our highest good. You can go on blaming everyone else for the grief they’re causing you and play at being a victim in life. You can go on focusing on the details of the circumstances and people concerned and feel bad about it for ages. You can keep thinking about how to handle that situation. But in doing it this way, you guarantee bigger and bigger upsets in your life which will continue to get worse until they can’t be ignored any longer. If you go on failing to see signs you’re given, events hit you even harder and start to impact on your physical body in the form of illness.  

The easy way forward in life is to note reactions when they occur and take time to release them. You don’t have to do it immediately. You can do it when you go home that day. Take the time to look at the reaction you had to whatever occurred. When you release an emotion or pattern, you stop attracting any type of incident that will trigger that specific reaction in you. You could look at it like having antennae that is sending out signals of what you need for your highest good. When you’ve handled it, your antennae stops sending out signals. Once the reaction is gone, the universe rearranges everything in your life; it changes to accommodate the new reality (life minus that reaction). You may then start to experience a new set of circumstances to show you other buried emotions. These patterns continue until nothing can throw you off balance. You live in a place of inner calm and peace, without getting thrown by anything in life. 

It is not wise to deny or suppress your emotions. Nor do you need to make judgements about the people involved or to judge yourself. There is nothing wrong with emotions. They are OK and you are OK. It’s just at this particular time it is better for you to release emotions that throw you off balance. In other words, release those emotions that throw you into ‘conditional love’ rather than unconditional love. ‘Conditional love’ is love with strings attached such as only loving someone if they behave in a certain way. Unconditional love is loving someone, regardless of their behaviour, colour, religion, beliefs, etc.  

This is truth. It is the way forward for us all. No matter what level of drama or trauma you’re sitting in, start right now with this new view. Concentrate on letting go of your own reactions. It may not always be something that is happening to us personally. Sometimes it involves other people. Or you could read something in a book or magazine, have a reaction to a movie or perhaps you hear news of something bad happening to someone else or in another country. There is no difference. The reason you saw that movie or heard that thing is because you attracted it. 

Don’t put your attention on the details or significance of the situation or worry about other people’s reactions. They are not your problem. We avoid looking at our own feelings when we focus on what we think other people should handle. Yes, others may also need to release reactions but that is not your problem. Just take responsibility for yourself and the fact you have created this to help you become wiser, more loving and more balanced. Without the influence of our negative reactions, we’re in a place to see more clearly if we need to handle anything with the people involved. Often there’s nothing that needs doing. But if there is, you won’t be influenced by your own emotions. As we know when we’re emotional, we can easily make wrong decisions and judgments. With reactions gone, you’ll regain inner peace about this situation. Then the situation can and will change. Often it simply resolves and disappears without any handling from you. If there is no longer a reason to exist, it will go.  

How to let go of reactions, emotions and thought patterns

Handling unwanted reactions, emotions and thoughts will change your life to one of balance, fun harmony, peace joy, mastery and love. Once a reaction is handled, you no longer need to attract events to show you have this reaction that needs to go. By the way, feelings of weariness, tiredness and resentment are only reactions to be released.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Allow yourself to feel the thought, reaction or emotion that is troubling you (even if it’s only slight). We lose ourselves someplace inside negative responses.  The idea is to release negative factors in our life, so we’re free of their ability to control our behaviour. The way we handle this is to visualise or imagine beautiful white or gold or violet light pouring through us from the higher realms of existence - or from heaven or angels, if you prefer.

Our aura and subtle bodies are fields of energy around our physical body. It contains all our thoughts and emotions. That field can extend quite a way out including below and above our body. So, in visualising light flowing through you, don’t limit it. Mentally allow the light to spread it out as far as it is needed. You CAN do this. It is an inherent spiritual quality we can all do. Trust yourself and just do it. Light is high frequency energy. Negative thoughts and emotions contain low frequency energy.  Introducing a higher frequency of light into our aura transmutes the negative energy to positive.

Sequence of handling

Thoughts have great power. Create the thought of flooding yourself with light. If you’re having difficulty, ask the angels to help you release emotions or thought patterns. Try yourself first as it's not hard to do and helps you take control of your life.

To handle a reaction you know you have, but is not present right now

A reaction you've observed in yourself but you can’t feel it right now has to be brought to the surface again so as to release it. A good way to do this is to imagine the same situation again that triggered that reaction in you. Or else think of anything that would provoke this particular emotion/reaction in you. You’ll usually find there are lots of instances that caused you to feel this way. All you want to do is bring that feeling to the surface again, so can be released.

Follow on with this sequence of handling. Once you’ve flooded it with light, check if it’s all gone. Are you feeling good, balanced and no longer reacting? If you feel comfortable and can’t feel that emotion any more, the chances are it’s gone. If you’re still feeling discomfort, keep flooding light in. As the feeling or thought lessens, you may feel less comfortable. But that is not enough as you want it all gone.  Your goal in repeating this action is to no longer feel that specific feeling/reaction.

As you know with most traumas, it’s rare to only have one emotion. Many different emotions and thoughts may be involved. For example, one happening may make us feel sad, guilty, betrayed, pained and abandoned- and trigger critical thoughts, all at once. We need to get rid of all of it. The easiest way is to handle these one at a time. Just check because some feelings aren’t so obvious. Once you handle the obvious ones, check for lesser feelings. Just keep imagining the situation again to show you all of them.

Once you can imagine that particular situation, event or person that triggered the feelings, without it producing unfavourable responses and you feel calm, comfortable and peaceful, you can stop this exercise. Make sure it’s really gone! Don’t bury it again or hide it or decide it must be gone because you don’t want to feel it or because you are enjoying feeling revengeful!

When you’ve handled all reactions to any particular event, the change in your life may not be obvious immediately. But don’t think it hasn’t worked. Give it time. Remember, these things begin to disappear in your etheric body and take time to work their way into a physical reality. We’re very good at creating things. Remember as a kid when you told your mum you felt sick and couldn’t go to school. You may have done such a good job convincing her, you ended up really feeling sick. Give the universe time to rearrange the events of your life.

If you can get into the pattern of handling all unwanted responses and reactions in your life, you’ll start living a totally different life. You start taking charge of your life instead of negative patterns controlling you. If you take time each day to release any reactions that arise, you’ll attract less and less disturbing or uncomfortable events in your life. Slowly, as we keep releasing buried reactions, life becomes more balanced, happy and joyful. Struggle, effort and hardship are replaced by the most amazing sense of well being, fulfilment and joy. Love returns to your life.  

Let us be incredibly grateful to each other for this precious gift we give each other right across the planet. Remember you can’t go home unless this buried stuff is released. Dense energy must be released. You must be vibrating at a high frequency of light. 

One day you will understand just what a great sacrifice has been made by your loved ones to help you see what you needed to see. That help goes both ways. One day your loved ones will see the great sacrifice you made by being willing to reflect what they needed to see.  

Everybody is helping everybody else – right across the Earth.


Sandy Stevenson

December 2001

Revised May 2018      




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