Freedom through Discernment

June 2001

You can achieve a great freedom by trusting what feels right for you. It may seem tricky, but is actually simple. If you are willing to trust your instincts, it is easy to be discerning about all the things that cross your path. Someone who is comfortable with their own power is happy to acknowledge what resonates and what doesn’t.

People who lack confidence in themselves tend to be much less discerning. Although they realise something doesn’t feel right, they don’t trust themselves enough to accept it. If we constantly deny our intuition, it can get buried. Then we start thinking we aren’t very intuitive. If you’ve tended to ignore your intuition, it is possible to bring it back to the surface by starting to take notice of the way you feel. Then later when you discover you were right, you will begin to gain more certainly of your capabilities. When we recognise and accept that as spiritual beings we have an natural intuitive gift to discern – then we will have no difficulty recognising highest truth. Truth sings to our heart.

What is channelling?
We use the word channelling to refer to the act of a person receiving information or energy from a level of existence beyond the physical plane. This is where information is received by an individual who is in some form of telepathic contact with a spiritual being who is not incarnated.

We are in a very special period on Earth. A major leap in evolution is taking place, both for the planet and humanity. An awakening is occurring and millions of people are helping achieve it. As well as the many incarnated people helping, we also receive help from beings who exist in higher planes of existence. From these levels it is possible to see a greater picture to the pattern of life. These beings are usually people who were once incarnated but have evolved beyond incarnating in physical form. They channel information to help bring truth and understanding to the people of Earth.

A great deal of information comes to us through channelling. Much of it does come from these beings in higher dimensions, but a lot also comes from beings who are not as evolved and cannot see the overall higher picture. All channelling, from whatever source, is displayed in the form of courses, workshops, lectures, newsletters, tapes, magazines or books. Channelled information is also translated into products such as vibrational essences, music, images, healing practices, colour techniques, mathematical symbols and so on. There is a large amount of material derived from channelled sources, so it is important to recognise which material contains higher truth.

The agreement of a channel

Some people have agreed to be a channel for these beings in the higher dimensions. This is how some people chose to help. You may be wondering if this applies to you. The general rule is that you will begin to channel if you are meant to, when you are meant to and with whom you are meant to. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that if you do have an agreement to channel truth from a higher being of light, then it will happen when the purpose for it has arrived and you are in the correct vibrational space to handle it spiritually and mentally. If you force the issue or get involved in channelling from a desire of the mind or ego, you may end up channelling lower dimensional Beings (although they may tell you differently!) This would be a distraction to your real purpose here and would affect the tasks you were meant to do.

If it’s in Divine order for you to channel, the idea will excite you. This feeling will come from your heart and not the ego or mind. Everyone receives help to achieve the work they came here to do. If you were meant to channel, the synchronicity of events in your life will help prepare you for this. You would probably experience things that help increase your vibration and level of understanding. You would also be helped to release thoughts, belief patterns and emotions that could interfere with the purity of the information.

Although inevitably some patterns remain, if you are truly meant to channel, most of the information received would be of a high calibre. It will contain no judgement, controlling mechanisms or elitism.
 The ability to channel usually comes without any organised training. But if for some reason it excites you to attend a ‘learn to channel’ workshop or to use a technique that opens you to this, be sure you choose one that resonates. Don’t choose a method because it sounds impressive or because it’s what everyone else does. If the idea of channelling arises, it is important that it’s your heart telling you. Make sure it’s not coming from your ego telling you it’s glamorous or it’s a good way to become important or make money or you are special.

Don’t be impressed by the apparent status or level of a discarnate being providing the information. Everyone is equal, so they are no better than you are. They may be from a high level, but may also claim to be from a higher level than they actually are. This is quite common. They could be an astral being having a game, or perhaps come from a slightly higher dimension but not high enough to see the overall picture. They may be someone who is not trying to help at all.

It is not necessary for anyone to be able to channel to find their path in life. If this was a requirement it would take a long time for the population of Earth to evolve. We are all shown our next step by observing the world around us. This will show us in a million different ways what is right to do or not do in each moment.


How to discern truth

The best way to assess what is truth is to be yourself and trust in your own capabilities and intuitive knowing. In such a space, surrendered to the effortless flow of Divine order, you can simply read or listen to any data from any source – intuitively accepting only what resonates deep within and dismissing anything that doesn’t. Allow anything that doesn’t feel like highest truth to pass by.

Some people get the idea that we shouldn’t love sources of negative energy. This is not the case. We all have a great capacity for unconditional love. That means you will love without condition. No strings attached. Regardless of the energy someone is choosing to work with, you can still love them. You may not wish to support them or to add your energy and power to them, but you can still love them. There is no reason in the universe good enough not to give unconditional love.

We need to understand that just because a part of something is true, it doesn’t mean the entire content is true. It could be 99% truth and 1% lies. The idea is not to accept the 1% just because the rest was right. Misinformation couched within truth is a typical way lower level ideas are presented and accepted. Just trust your inherent ability to know what you know. A failure to discern what feels right impedes your evolutionary progress and your purpose on Earth.

People who channel are responsible for ensuring that everything they bring through resonates as truth. Some information is highest truth from higher dimensional beings of light. A lot of information comes from discarnate beings who want to help but are not sufficiently evolved to see the overall higher picture. Some material is channelled from beings whose intent is to mislead. If you channel, it can help to often stand back and look afresh at your work to ensure what is being received is from the highest levels of light.

All channelling has some purpose. It may be to bring a higher level of understanding. Sometimes it is meant only for the person receiving it. It could be a lesson in discernment, teaching us not to give our power away. It does this when it infers that someone else is in control and we need to rely on them for information.
 We always know when someone or something is offering us an energy we wish to align with. Equally, we always know when we observe an energy we would prefer not to support. Our gut feeling is instinctive and usually immediate. However, we often overide this and the think process comes in and we try to find a logical reason why our feeling must be wrong. Sometimes we dismiss our intuition by mistakenly thinking we are being judgmental or not being very loving or trusting. We fail to understand there is a difference between perceiving an energy and then judging it. For example, you may walk into a healing centre and notice you feel uncomfortable with the energy present. Perceiving the energy is a natural gift of spirit. If you then add to that by deciding this is a bad energy, you are judging it. You are adding a third dimensional belief pattern that it is bad. Incidentally, when you feel an energy you don’t resonate with, your intuition will also tell you what to do about it. It could be you wish to move out of that space. Or it may feel right to remain. Just respond to your gut feeling. It is not necessary to think about what to do next.

Sometimes we lack the confidence to trust our own perception, especially if everyone around us is of a different opinion. You will be a master when you trust your own intuition and stand by it, even if everyone else in the whole world says it is not so.

Don’t be impressed by fancy names. In the end, the only thing that matters is does the information resonate for you? Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that others know more than you do. Regardless of who they are, how famous, how many books they have written, how many workshops they've held, whomever they are channelling or think they are channelling, how powerful, intelligent, plausible or intellectual it sounds – does it feel right to you? That is all that matters. That is all that ever matters. Go beyond the words and feel the energy and the intent. Be the master you are and trust your 100% ability to ascertain whether something resonates as true or not for you.

Check your discernment

The following are two extracts of material currently in circulation. Have a look over these two and see if they resonate as truth for you.

First example.
"All of us can do a great deal to help bring light to Earth. We can really make a difference to the suffering we see in the world. To accomplish what we want for this planet, we need to bring balance into the world. We are asked by the higher realms to concentrate our attention now on all the pain and suffering around the world and to give ourselves every opportunity to assist this."………..
How did that seem to you? Well, if you think about it, it probably seems a reasonable request. But if you listened to your intuition, you may have felt uncomfortable. By the way, while you may not take such requests literally, many people do. Some people change their life accordingly.

Let us take a closer look at what is asks. This channelling requests two things of us. It asks that we all focus on the same job and that we concentrate our attention on third dimensional energy. It adds importance to this by saying it has been requested by higher beings. While this is fine in itself, just be aware it can also be done to deliberately sway people who do not practise discernment.

So, what would happen if we did this? Let us look at the fact that we all have different tasks to do that help the earth. These millions of various jobs could be seen as pieces in a jigsaw puzzle that come together to form a complete picture. So would it make sense for everyone to start doing the same thing?
We are being asked to put our attention onto the third dimensional band of pain and suffering. However, what happens when we get too close to an energy is we become that energy. The best way to lead is always from a place of detachment. You may recall times when you have had a difficult problem and couldn’t see the solution. When you are too close to a problem, it helps to stand back from it to see it more clearly. We often get away somewhere to think it out. We go away from the environment of the problem. This is how we stop being the problem and see how to best solve it. So what would happen if we concentrated our attention onto a third dimensional energy of pain and suffering? We would align with this vibration of energy and would no longer be sufficiently detached to lead a clear path out for anyone. By the way, some people have the idea that detachment is cold and compassionless. Actually true spiritual detachment is reaching a state beyond operating through our emotions. It is a state of total understanding, compassion and caring for all life.

Second example.

Say the following invocation to clear yourself of negative connections. "I invoke the Light and ask to be disconnected now from all negative sources and beings that are connected to me in any way, from any dimension or level, in any universe, now and forever."
This may also sound reasonable, but is it? We may not have thought about it, but actually it would be rare for us not to need some connection, someplace, to a negative source of energy. We are physically incarnated into a third dimensional system that contains duality. Both the Earth and ourselves use the polarities of negative and positive energy to maintain balance. To remain in touch with this dimension at all requires we keep some link to a negative polarity within it. Indeed for some people, their work may well be reliant on staying connected to some negative energies.

Nowhere in this request does it suggest that you ask to only be disconnected from negative sources that do not serve you in Divine Order.

If you apply discernment, you will be surprised at the ease of your life. It isn’t difficult to be discerning. It naturally happens. You just need to trust your instinct. Use this precious ability. You will save yourself endless hassles of trying to extract yourself from non-optimum energies.

You always know.

Sandy Stevenson




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