These days in our evolution we are much nearer to states of self mastery, so it’s possible that instead of using essences, we can just flood our aura with light. But, for anyone who feels Essences is the way to go for them here are some details of my experience using Bach Flowers to help erase negative patterns. Although it was quite some time ago since I took them as a complete handling process, I've continued to occasionally use them as a temporary remedy. They are as workable today as they were then. Each of us intuitively knows what we need on our particular path. 

One of best things I made was to ccleanse my aura to remove existing negative patterns. I did some research on how best to achieve this and found Bach flowers, essences that have been around nearly 100 years. I discovered a great book that gave an accurate and simple list of symptoms of negative patterns and the essences that fixed them. The book was ‘Bach Flower Therapy - Theory and Practice’ by Mechthild Scheffer. It’s still available on Amazon USA and Amazon UK new, as well as 2nd hand copies for a few dollars. Also available in Australia online from and BookDepositry online and from some major book shops in Australia. I've just been told about a website that gives price comparisons on that book - which could be quite useful. The book made it all possible, as it allowed easy diagnosis of the essences I needed.

I took a couple of Bach remedies and they worked. So I bought the whole set of 38 so I could make my own remedies and some for friends. I’d loan the book to friends so they could diagnose themselves and then I’d make up their remedy bottles. The idea is to find your strongest negative traits first. You can have up to 7 remedies in one bottle, however in the beginning I would use just one at a time to knock the pattern out quicker.  It’s up to you and what feels right. The success I had with myself and others was amazing. It does need some discipline as you have to keep on taking the drops until your negative trait is gone. It could just take a day or two but strong negative patterns can take weeks, maybe longer. After I’d release a negative pattern, I’d check the book again for less obvious negative patterns within myself. In the end I felt happy and positive and my aura was clear and bright. Naturally, that is not the end of all negative patterns you will ever have. New patterns appear. But with existing negative patterns out of the way, it’s easier to spot when new ones appear. Then you can just flood them with light. If you don’t act and handle them when they show up, then you may need another lot of Bach Flower handling.

There are many lovely flower essences available from different flower ranges. You need to be intuitive. The reason I chose Bach flowers was because that as what felt right for me. And luckily I had the book with its in depth descriptions that allowed self diagnosis. For me that was the key to nailing it. It was the only Flower Essence book I personally ever found that gave such details.

The rewards obtained from the attention we give to releasing patterns from our emotional body are immense.


Sandy Stevenson


Amazon Description of the book

The first contemporary study of Bach's techniques by one of Europe's leading practitioners. Nearly 100 years ago, English physician Dr. Edward Bach grew disenchanted with orthodox medicine as he came to understand that many physical complaints have a strong psychosomatic element. Over many years of study, he discovered 38 flower remedies that act on the disharmony within the patient and pave the way toward recovery. "Bach Flower Therapy" describes the remedies in such a way that patients taking them will gain deeper insight into the remedies underlying psychological concepts, thereby enhancing the potential for self-healing. Intended for practitioners and lay readers alike, the book includes lists of symptoms to facilitate diagnosis.