Atlantis and Genetics


The events that preceded the Fall of Atlantis are being re-enacted out on Earth now. This is a part of the Divine Plan regarding Earth's ascension at this time. It offers people a chance to reassess the choices made in Atlantis. Most of the people who were present then are also incarnated now. 

We see incredible changes in human consciousness taking place across the world, as people choose peace, love and spiritual awareness. People are beginning to accept possibilities of life that hitherto would have been instantly dismissed. Things such as re-incarnation, acupuncture, natural medicines, health food, self healing, vegetarianism, telepathy, ghosts, swimming with dolphins, a sixth sense and U.F.Os. 

There is also a new freedom of expression and greater tolerance and understanding of others. Things that used to be swept under the carpet and kept very hidden such as mental illness, treatment of children in care, sex, homosexuality, children born out of wedlock, sexual abuse and mixed racial marriages, are now commonly discussed on major television shows. People everywhere are beginning to open more and more, to unconditional Love. As this love is accepted into their life, higher spiritual truths become available. 

We also see technology zooming ahead, with amazing ideas of labour and energy saving products, and the incredible speed and growth of international communications technology. 

One area of technology currently being offered, deals with genetic experimentation. We see this with the cloning of 'Dolly the sheep', ideas of human cloning, the crossing breeding of both animals and plants, and with the drug companies pushing genetically modified food. We see the same alterations occurring with a product known as 'Viagra' - for male sexual potency, which is currently sweeping the western world. 

The people of Atlantis also had all of the above choices of genetic and vibrational alteration. The majority chose to take the route that altered the genetics. 

Providing we are aware and noticing what is being offered to us in society, and with the current 'speeding up of time, it is easier for us to see whether our choices in life are working or not. If they aren’t, then we can alter them. However, with genetic changes, it is not always easy to see it in sufficient time to reverse the decisions. This is because it involves changing very basic mathematical patterns. 

You will need to go within for your own resonance on this. Feel intuitively which choice resonates with you. Yes or no. You may wish to consider adding your Lightworker power of choice to the decisions being made concerning genetics. 

The ideal way to do this is by Decree. If you are unsure as to the highest perspective on this, you could decree in this way - 'By Divine Decree, in the Name of God, under the Law of Grace, I ask for wisdom in Highest Light to take place concerning the manipulation of Genetic Engineering on Earth. Say it a total of 3 times to comply with Universal Law. Then say ‘So be it. So It Is. It is done'. (See also the 'Right to Decree'.) 

Sandy Stevenson