Earth is currently transitioning from a third dimension (3D) to a fifth dimensional planet (5D). The fifth dimension is a plane of existence with a high frequency (vibration) of light. That high level allows a continuation of the soul’s evolution to advance through experiencing higher spiritual qualities of harmony, peace and love. Dense energy is unable to exist in a high frequency of light, so there is no suffering, illness, pain, corruption or division in 5D.

What is going on here is all about choice and what each soul wants to experience. Anyone on Earth who chooses to live a corrupt life, has an energy field (aura) that is too dense to enter 5D. So, they would need to carry on living in a 3D planet, somewhere.


Humanity has to wake up. Everyone now needs to become conscious of the illusion of 3D life; to discover the truth; shift out of the old and into the new; take responsibility; stand up; become consciously aware; initiate new programmes and work that move forward in creating a new way of life based on integrity and honesty. For a person to evolve to 5D, requires they raise their consciousness and energy vibration to match the specific (but broad) energy band that exists within the 5th dimension.


The 3D brainwashing of society has been so extensive that many people are completely unable to see or believe the truth. The only way to break through this consciousness barrier is for them to experience it for themselves. This is what is happening. All areas of corruption are being exposed. People are seeing a completely different side to the way they have viewed aspects of life, such as royalty, police, social platform censorship, justice, medicine, big business, control of people, rigged politics and laws. They are also learning the benefits of not doing a job they dislike; having more free time to get to know their family; time for leisure and growth; perhaps even finding the courage to lose their job rather than compromise their integrity and perhaps by doing so they discover work they enjoy; feeling compassion for peoples of other nations as the realize the world is just one race and we are all in the same boat together.

Globally, all of humanity is being pushed as far as needed, to the precipice if necessary, until they wake up. If it had been possible for them to wake up just by hearing a few truths about it all -which they then immediately accepted as correct, then that is what would have occurred. Then no tough steps would have been necessary. As we know, that didn’t happen. Nor did awake lightworkers ever really expect it. Humanity has received a lot of indoctrination and it is hard to shift from all you believe to be true. It is good for us to keep remembering that. It helps us be compassionate and understanding and not get impatient. I run into people who only woke up themselves months or a year ago, but are judging others for still being asleep. Well, it is always going to be the case that others were awake way longer than we us. Some perhaps awake for centuries, waited for the destined time for the Earth to move in her evolution. We are there now.

It is not easy to watch the tough control conditions in play. But it is working. These tough times are helping millions world wide to wake up and demand their rights. The entire scenario is being fast tracked; a deliberate white hat move to help humanity see what is going on. This creates a more condensed picture, making the story more visible and allows for a faster tipping point to occur. Many will experience hardship, but it would have been way worse, and even irreversible, if the deep state corruption had continued the way it was going with the dark hats. And humanity may not have even made it!


‘Where we go one, we go all’ means something. But it is a statement that simply means we help each other to the best of our ability until they can make their choice. Yes, we could move off on our own and head for 5D. That is easy to do. But do we want to do that? Did we come here just to do that?


Yes, many millions are awake, but humanity consists of billions of people. So, what do we do? Do we just leave the rest? How does that work?

The people of Earth are waking up. It has to happen relatively slowly so they are able to accept it one piece at a time. And that is absolutely what is happening. Corruption is being revealed world wide on a gradient that people can handle. Events will become bigger and more frequent as people get used to such things being revealed. In the end, they will see that most aspects of 3D life they thought real, is not. But because they are becoming aware of all that gently, they will be OK. It is all being replaced by truth and truth carries a high energy vibration.  That helps.

Each soul makes a choice. Their choice may not be obvious to the rest of us. It doesn’t necessarily mean people suddenly agree with what you are telling them. But maybe somewhere inside them, a spark is triggered. They might not be sure about it yet but once a doubt is created, they begin to look. That is being awake! That is moving toward 5D, though it may not be visible to us yet.

The Divine Plan never expected everyone to choose 5D. That was never going to happen. It was always known that despite evidence and experience that would clearly show the 3D illusion, some individuals would choose to continue learning in a 3D environment. And that choice would be right for them. There is no judgement as to whether choices are right or wrong. Individuals choose what they need for their own evolution. We are all free to choose our destiny in every moment and people are at different levels of evolution requiring different learning.


It IS a Divine Plan and the Light IS in control, no matter the appearance.  Keep going. We are a mighty Force of Light. We are fully supported by an amazing and vast Ascended Realms of Light who back our every move. This was arranged long ago when we began this journey. As an ‘incarnated’ light force on Earth, we had a Universal Right to give them permission to help us.


Let go of the 3D illusion. You can be a part of it, but don’t be it!! Remain detached from all 3D negative energy scenarios. You can disseminate the information that needs to wake people up but don’t hang onto it yourself or make it your reality. Technically, it is all an illusion. You cannot help anyone if you sink into duality and negative emotions. Stand clear and in the Light.

We are highly qualified to do this job. We came for a reason and it was most definitely not to experience tyranny under a global totalitarian regime.

We came to Earth to shine a Beacon of Light so strong that it exposed all the corruption and highlighted the Truth, allowing the illumination of a Path to 5D that leads to Freedom and Joy.  

It is our mission.


Sandy Stevenson

7th August 2021