What is happening and why
(re USA election and Earth)

Hello everyone,

I woke up this morning with a strong urge to write something to send out that might help people who have supported Trump but who had slipped into aligning with 3D and had adopted ideas of defeat - who have felt cheated, are feeling a loss, have given up and have found it difficult to hold their own light at a high frequency. We know how strong 3D reality can appear, especially if we watch the mainstream media, which we know is under strict instructions of what to report and what to ignore. And it can be hard to stick to your own knowing and understanding of the divine plan and continue to TRUST. I have seen a couple of lovely pro-Trump people with a huge internet following - trying to put a positive spin on by saying ‘Well, we will still be able to do good things for the next 4 years under Biden’. It’s commendable to be positive, but it may be seen as giving up.

There is also another point concerning our mastery. Are we staying in our power, trusting the universe  - or are we waiting to hear or read something that is going to tell us it is alright?

I saw a great news clip where many people who had ‘prophesied’ Trump would win, were asked how they felt now? They unanimously said, ‘Just the same. We stand by it. Trump has won.’ Good on them for holding strong to their knowing and their truth.

I was up around my usual 4-5am and writing of what needed to be said was on my mind, but I am very aware that Divine order has a time sequence to everything in our lives. And as the hours went by, I kept being presented with things I felt needed doing first. I tend not to question that, having learnt to trust the mathematical flow of Divine order.

Just now I received an email from a good friend (who was being very intuitive in her own ‘send’ timing), where someone called Anita May Coy had laid out so much of the truth I would have written myself and had probably done it way better than I could have. I include her message ahead.

So, having received her message, I feel all I need to say now is what I have been saying all along - trust, trust, trust. And asking for those who KNOW with all their heart and soul, what is ‘meant to be’ at this time in Earth’s plan - don’t suddenly dismiss your inner knowing because of a ‘3D apparency being different. Back yourself. Know what you know – and trust the universe – and actually trust the people of the USA. A multitude of people were able to rise above the personality Trump is geared to display in order to help clear the emotion of ‘hate’ from Earth (taking the bulk of that hate onto himself); saw what Trump had achieved and where he was really coming from and went out and voted.  

Someone said, ‘but it would have just been easy if Trump had won that night and we wouldn’t all be going through this anguish’. My reply was, 'If he had won outright that night, would the massive corruption in the political system have been revealed?' (Remember all the old systems are being dismantled now). And aside from that major higher purpose, it also helps us individually see how well we can hold our own centre and Light and take note and correct it if needed.

If we are heading for the Supreme Court, as I believe we are, now all America will know of the corruption, in fact, so will most of the world. And maybe what will arise during that court case will be the actions by the mainstream media; the polling predictions; and the banning of truth that has occurred by Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Additionally, even the mainstream media can’t suppress that a Supreme Court case is taking place to investigate allegations of fraud committed during the election.

Stay in Unconditional Love - for everyone. There is no true divide between souls. It is all in Divine Order. Release any negative emotions and flood yourself with the Light of All That Is.

Hold your truth and BE PATIENT. It is all happening. Mathematics; things need to happen in their right time – even in 3D!!

Please read the message ahead by Anita May Coy.

Love and Blessings,

Sandy Stevenson


   9th November, 2020

By the way, if anyone who has a Facebook account would like to contact this lady – who is apparently a yoga instructor from Melbourne, Australia, please direct her to this email along with my sincere and grateful thanks for her wisdom and courage. Unfortunately her web link is not working. Love, Sandy

Comment on Facebook by Anita May Coy

The 10 days of darkness we have heard about over the years, takes on a new meaning.


We've read about this ‘10 days’ on the cue boards for years. There have been many times where many, including myself, have thought we were in it. But all of us were wrong.

Trump won the election. And then overnight, he had it stolen from him.

We've had to watch the trolls dance on Trump's metaphorical grave and celebrate the fall of America and the rise of socialism. 4 days later, plenty of proof of cheating, and they announce Joe Biden as the President Elect...projected, of course.

I get messages every day from hurt Trump supporters who think what's the use? We can't win without cheating and we can't stop them. And in the end, we still lost. And where again is Bill Barr? Why hasn't he gotten involved yet? Valid questions.

What if I told you Trump wanted to lose? What if I told you that losing by way of cheating from the other side was the plan?

It's about exposure and optics. Trump HAD to win in a landslide, and he did. So that the amount of cheating required for the Dems to win was so vast that it was impossible to hide it. Had Trump overcame, like he did in 2016, there would have been no legal battle over it. The lower courts would have thrown them out, like they are right now (except for PA). The Supreme Court wouldn't have heard it since it was both left leaning and there wasn't an emergency situation that involved national security. But losing with a conservative lean in the courts, with mounds of evidence, was the play. Evidence that is impossible to deny.

Now by the constitution, if the race is close, then Congress can decide the winner. This is why they cheated just enough to edge out a win for Biden so that if Trump challenged and couldn't get a Supreme Court case, they could just decide in favor of Biden. Stay with me...I know this is a long one. I'm going to clean it up for you in a bit. The Dems think they have the optics on this one by declaring Biden the winner. But here's the thing...this race isn't even over.

Here's why... Patriot Joe M had his tweeter account suspended over this comment: "Patriots, be warned. President Trump has legally 'claimed' the states he knows he won fairly. The counting going on is now just a formality because the intent is to settle in court, not at the counting stations. If he loses this count, it means nothing, because this election will be Amy Coney Barrett's to decide. I promise and guarantee you, Biden will never be sworn in as President." Twitter took him down hours later. Not the post, the entire account. What is he talking about? He used the key words "legally claimed" when referring to Trumps victory. In other words Trump will lose the election optically, but the court will say he won. I know that sounds crazy to you but let me tell you why this is true.

Biden won the count. Cheating or not he won the count. That's a fact. But the states that kept accepting and counting ballots after the day of the election are in violation of their own state laws. What? What am I talking about? PA...they have laws on the books that state that they cannot accept any new ballots that arrive AFTER the day of the election. Anything coming in afterward is invalid. Well, you're thinking, "well the supreme court of PA overrode that law in a court ruling and gave them 3 more days to collect." And you would be right. But according to how the governmental system is set up, the courts can't create law; they can only ENFORCE the law that is already on the books. In order for the state to follow the direction of the Supreme Court of their state, they need to actually go back and rewrite the laws to REFLECT the courts decision. People...every day is an IQ test because these bright souls didn't do that. They NEVER rewrote the laws to make the states supreme court ruling legally binding. Well, what OTHER states were this careless and lazy with the legal process? 30 states. Over 30 states did the same thing and are violating their own laws by counting new votes after the day of the election. In other words, all these trucks coming in at 2 and 3 in the morning on the morning of November 4th and beyond are invalid. Biden WON the count, but only because they kept counting invalid votes for days after the election ended. The Supreme Court of the United States will not count those votes. And since Trump was in the lead when the election ended, he is the legitimate legal president. This is why I kept telling you all that ACB was the Trump card. The NUCLEAR card would be martial law and mass arrests...but that's a very dangerous call for the country. To win, legally in the court system, was the Trump card, people. And in the court they can unload all the evidence to show mass cheating. In Michigan. They discovered a glitch in the vote tally system. After votes were cast in one county, over 6000 votes for Trump "glitched" over into Biden votes. Glitched. Well, this software was used in 47 other counties in Michigan...and used all over the COUNTRY. If they all averaged the same number of vote glitches, that's well into the MILLIONS of votes that were altered after cast.

Here is the interesting part. The ballot machines...were ALL connected to the internet. Yes, they are supposed to be linked to inTRAnet...meaning internal computer networks of that one facility. But they're not supposed to be linked to the world wide web. Sydney Powell, General Flynn's attorney, said that they discovered an algorithm that calculated how many votes Biden needed to win. She said they found out the machines were transferring just enough votes from Trump to Biden so that he could win. That's why they were doing "recounts" and we kept seeing Trumps numbers go down and Biden's go up in various states. Now here is the "you can't make this stuff up" part. The software that the machines are using to tally up the votes is owned and controlled by Paul Pelosi. Yes...Nancy Pelosi's husband. He not only sits ON the board of the software company that tallies the votes, he majority OWNER of it. So these "glitches" that only "glitch" in one direction isn't a glitch, it's a computer program designed to do all of this without any of us knowing it. It does it so fast that we can't even detect it during the actual counting. This is how they were able to call states 10 minutes after the elections closed. The algorithm calculated a Biden win based on information they entered into the system. Patriots...if Sydney Powell has this information, you KNOW the DOJ does. And they probably have more that will come out in the Supreme Court hearings. The DOJ. Where are they? They have the goods. They don't need the courts to tell them to arrest, just the command from POTUS. Why are they so quiet? 10 days of darkness.

It wasn't what we thought, people. It wasn't 10 days of media blackout, 10 days of social media blackout...10 days of darkness to a period of time where cue went dark, the President lost the election, and it looks like we’re headed to a socialist government.

The DOJ...by constitutional law they can't get involved with the election until.....10 days after election day. 10 days. The election was on November 3rd, by law they have to wait until the 14th to get involved. It doesn't mean they can't make arrests. They can arrest some small time players that were involved with the plot. I'm told from a reliable source last night that a few of these arrests will happen next week sometime. But after 10 days, Barr can arrest anyone from the intern in the Biden break room to Biden himself. Cue said the first big arrest will shock you.

I can't see another shocking thing than the "President-Elect" of the United States getting arrested for treason, ballot fraud and crimes against humanity.

Sit back, grab your popcorn and watch the movie. The Patriots are in control. We are in the storm.”