Earth is currently going through a specific phase in the Divine Plan and humanity’s evolution. There are stages of a sequence of events and interactions involved in the releasing of all dense energy stored within the Earth and humanity. We are each in a phase of that sequence that involves letting go of 3D and awakening to a new reality. We are drawn to different functions that fit our agreed role. Some people choose to expose 3D corruption. Others are creating a new world. Some hold the energy of love and light. And some are sleeping. So, we have newly awakened people with just some understanding of events ranging through to people fully in their mastery and creatorship who grasp the overall evolutionary picture, are at peace with the pace and outcome of divine order and are working on raising their light vibration.  


We’ve probably all felt a lull in world activity and think not much is happening. But there is actually an incredible amount going on. Millions of signs show Earth is transmuting negative energy and corruption and light is steadily increasing. Major beneficial changes are taking place across the world. They may not be as obvious as they were a couple of years ago when we could see potential reveals in many fields. What may appear to be a lull has a purpose. Following the anticipated events that did not eventuate in the way we expected, it triggered negative emotions to the surface. This was part of the plan. Disappointment, frustration, judgements, doubts, impatience, anger and apathy began surfacing when things didn’t go as anticipated. We’d been guessing at outcomes, believing others and trying to fit this new unfolding reality into our normal understanding of known patterns. But we are no longer dealing with a life restricted by old 3D patterns. We are in a whole new experience that is unpredictable and doesn’t fit with anything we’ve ever known. The massive forced change of reality we’ve gone through is helping us let go of 3D reality. This is essential if we wish to advance to who we really are.


We are now in the phase of releasing lower emotions. That is the current stage and takes place synonymously with the complete change of structure on Earth. In order for Earth to evolve into a new age, all dense energy stored on Earth and within us, has to be transmuted in vibration to higher levels of light. That is the entire story really. Everything taking place has that goal. As people awaken, they begin releasing old patterns containing dense energy. They are also releasing the many barriers they have erected, including between people. We are experiencing a global connection that began with Covid which for the first time united everyone globally. Regardless of race creed, social or economic standing, we were suddenly all together in the same boat. To help release negative emotions, we can bring a specific negative emotion to the surface by thinking what happens that makes us feel that reaction. Then flood our aura with light. This helps us keep our vibration at a level that continually assists the light plan. We can also stop watching TV and news; avoid people with negative views; do things we love; be around positive friends and your own soul group; and refuse to be dragged into repeating anything unproven.


When looking at the world only from the confines of a limited 3D perspective, so much does not make sense. We have a major 3D and 5D chess game of secrecy going on both sides, which is helping advance our personal mastery. It gives us the chance to work it out ourselves, which raises our consciousness. As soon as we leave the mud pit of negative thought, raise our vibration and stop being a victim, we see the perfection of the entire plan. We can also sense those who are with the light and who are not. We need to move beyond gullibility and blind belief in others and seek our own counsel and knowing. There is a lot of disinformation around which generally contains some truth. People who spread lies and disinformation are not stupid and know that no-one would accept it if they didn’t feel there was some truth or at least offer a possibility it was legitimate. That has always been the case on Earth and helps us discern and be intuitive.


We have quite a variety of people scattered throughout humanity. We have those who incarnated on Earth as their first 3D incarnation. We have many who began their 3D learning on other planets and then came to Earth. We have people who alternate lives between Earth and other 3D planets. All these souls are still learning lessons available in the 3rd density. They are humanity. Then we have an incarnated light force consisting of 144,000 starseeds, many millions of lightworkers and Starchildren including cosmic beings from other planetary systems and souls who have incarnated into human form from the evolved angelic realms. We also have clones and a few other species (lots less now than before).


The light force of starseeds and most lightworkers here had already evolved beyond 3D before coming to Earth to help with this transition. They had personally transitioned through this level of learning and evolved past it. For this reason, they could resist most of the 3D brainwashing and release quite quickly. They also put triggers in place to awaken them. The bulk of really awakened people on Earth are lightworkers.


Then we have the human race we are trying to wake up despite extensive programming they received to prevent them doing so. This is something many lightworkers fail to understand. So, we hear comments of people being called sheep or ‘I can’t wait to say I told you so’ (which incidentally makes people feel wrong or stupid!) and ‘I woke up, so why can’t they?’ The light force are blessed they were not fully subjected to the whole brainwashing event. It is a miracle that any of humanity can wake up at all. I guess the goal for each awakened person to reach a place of understanding, non judgement, compassion and love.  If we can’t do that, we may well join the queue of unawakened and continue in 3D.


Realities are shifting and we have to stop assuming old patterns are still in play. If we don’t revisit that idea, then we continue to recreate the old patterns with our thoughts. It’s time to do a 360 degree turn and realize the light is winning and darker players are mostly gone. Scenarios are still being played out globally to flush out the remaining bad players and wake as many people as possible. We know people wake up when they encounter something they cannot accept, which might be outrageous governmental behaviour or adverse reactions from loved ones taking the vaccine. Some people wake up at the first hint something is wrong and others take a long time. But all is in divine order. It can help us raise our vibration to let go of fixed ideas such as believing the dark side are in control. We see chemtrails and 5G towers and are aware of their original harmful purpose. But are we still stuck in that idea? Do we assume nothing has changed in all these years of change to light? Could the global corrupt have lost control and the chemtrail content we see now is altered to a healing frequency that negates what has been done. And perhaps we could ponder on whether 5G’s damaging higher levels have been negated by the Space Force Tesla energy frequencies.


As we know, people receive things differently when they are told something rather than when experiencing it themselves. Telling truth to people bring some enlightenment, but when it’s not gained through a voyage of discovery there is usually not much personal power gained. That comes from experience that increases awareness and brings unshakeable certainty, stability and a higher level of consciousness. It happens step by step, as people discover the pieces and manage to fit it all together. It brings wisdom that serves them well in the future as they move on in the universe. When people are told instead of experiencing, the level of acceptance varies. Some might believe it, but don’t know if it is true. Some may begrudgingly believe, but feel stupid for not getting it (negative energy). And others won’t believe it. None of this benefits the divine goal of awakening humanity or helps people release their old patterns and increase vibration.


Think for a minute about the present moment. If humanity were to suddenly experience a major reveal now of corruption, what would happen to all the negative emotions that have surfaced and being released. The answer is those negative emotions would be pushed down by happiness and joy. Yes, joy is wonderful and we long for it. But the Earth plan has a broader, higher perspective - evolution and a universal goal. Emotions would not have been released, they’d be submerged. As painful as it is to go through this stage, it is a vital stage. Once the bulk of dense energy emotion has been transmuted, we can move on to the next stage, which is a more enlightening one.


Many have spent lots of time and energy creating a life, so it can be disappointing when we go through huge change in circumstances. But we are learning to unstick ourselves, to become adaptable and let go of the attachments we’ve formed to our 3D world. We are heading into major shifts with great change for all areas of life. It is all designed to help us let go of the 3rd dimension. If we are still hanging on to this dimension, it’s pretty impossible to move to the next. We’ve seen a lot of change regarding jobs, and devastation at being forced to leave a job or business they were very attached to. Most people have had to let go of friends with different or negative views and who no longer seem part of our changing reality. Others have had their loved ones pass on and had to let go. It is all about letting go and learning to let go.


Soon we may have reduced availability of goods. Looking positively, perhaps massive world consumerism would be reviewed if goods were unavailable? Perhaps humanity may realize they are in a 3D brainwashing trap of owning and attaching to possessions. Such an event could serve the divine light plan and help humanity let go of 3D?


Perhaps, exposing the chemicalization and altering of food may encourage people to seek different ways to produce food. So many events are all about helping us detach from 3D. We could therefore see any upheaval as being an act of grace to assist unstick ourselves from this dimension. If we understand this, we can then address change from a different view point. It is all helping us to release our attachments to 3D. It is that simple.


We are beginning to let go of our judgements of people who are still sleeping. Different opinions are always present in people with little or no real understanding of the higher picture of the huge global event taking place. Once we see the higher evolutionary picture it can help make sense and we are better able to see our role of holding a stable level of light to contribute to the evolution taking place. Tolerance, compassion and understanding of the millions of different points of view from individual evolution and awareness, each on different rungs of spiritual understanding allows us to remain in a loving space and allow people to be where they are. If we go beyond ego frustration and compulsions to explain or justify to everyone, then we can help take them with us. ‘Everyone is doing the best they can with the data they have at hand’.


We also have a situation of people choosing to remain asleep for their soul growth. Such soul contracts are made by people who feel more learning in 3D will benefit them and are not ready to shift to 5D. It is always a personal choice made by a soul for their growth. So, many people will pass on, many of them having chosen Covid as a means to leave. They were aware their chosen means of departure could help the awakening of humanity. It was a known event, prior to incarnating.


We are all moving into self mastery. Our realization of true self increases ours and the planet’s vibration and helps us to higher states of awareness. We’ve realized there’s been a lot of blind belief and following of society’s rules in life. Now we need to apply the same discernment and intuition to information in the awakening community. Depending on the level of consciousness and awakening, people have different views so there is a lot of wrong information around. There’s also deliberate infiltration in the truther community. We are in a major phase of learning and need to seek our own counsel. Until individuals feel their inner-tuition and seek their own counsel, there will be confusion. We need to be able to accept guidance from others but only when it resonates. We have to move beyond the messenger and see if the message resonates. There are many levels of truth, each perceived correctly according to the level of awareness viewing it. As awareness expands, new higher levels of truth become visible and we can discard the lower truth. That is why it is important for us to remain fluid in our thinking so we allow new possibilities to enter. If you have arthritis or varicose veins, these could be an indication of holding some rigid views. May be worth checking for fixed ideas about anything.


We have a situation at the moment that assists our self mastery. Some truthers (key people in public roles in the awakening community) are turning on each other. This is perfect and encourages us into self mastery. We are being guided to question and challenge what is being said. This offers us a great opportunity to stop believing and seek truth within. We are all capable of checking our gut feeling for what resonates as true. It is our senior tool. It is part of the divine plan. It raises our own vibration so moves into our own mastery. We need to ensure we use our intuitive ability and not get our truth from old thought patterns we accepted but were really societies brainwashing. We need to move beyond gullibility and seek and trust our own counsel and knowing. Instead of spending time deciphering other people’s information, we could put more discipline into working on ourselves to strengthen our inner knowing.


We can love people, connect with them, have fun, share ideas, enjoy listening to them, learn, grow and expand, but only accept what has passed our internal truth resonance barometer and dismiss all else. And we don’t need to judge anyone for their views. Let’s act in grace and give love and thanks to everyone who helps show us where we are not yet in a place of self mastery.


Many things are occurring globally and there are many views, perspectives and truths about all of them. When we only see events from the confines of a limited 3D perspective, so much does not make sense. As soon as we leave the muddy pit of negative thought and stop considering ourselves as victims, we see the perfection of the entire plan including sensing those who are with the light and who are not.


We are heading into a new experience and a whole new world. It’s normal to feel some trepidation when entering areas where we’re not sure what lies ahead. Even starting a new job can make us nervous, so seeing our whole world change can be very unsettling. What we need to remember is we are way more powerful than we know. We are all capable of great strength through anything. This is a unique event on Earth. Never before has a planet been able to move from such a level of darkness to a 5th dimensional band of light. Consciously we had no idea that Earth held such darkness and it’s been a bit of a shock. But look how well we handled that revelation. On the surface, we’d probably imagine such news would be traumatising and we’d struggle to recover. But that has not been the case. We handled the shock and moved on. That is because we are powerful spiritual beings who arrived here knowing this massive frequency change was destined for Earth. We came to help dissolve the dense energy and assist Earth and her life forms which included those who were ready to take the next step in their evolution. We are part of a great universal event. People who are sorry they missed Woodstock in the 60’s, are about to witness something way grander.


The light force consists of all the lightworkers on Earth, plus many other planetary systems who agreed to assist at this time. Generally the other planets and teams stay off the surface. But the 144,000 starseeds gave permission long ago to the Galactic Federation of Worlds and several other Light alliances to physically come to the surface of Earth to assist this ascension Consequently, many members of the Federation and Alliance have manifested here and are helping Earth's and humanity's evolution to higher dimensions. There are Universal Law rules about who can come to the surface. Only people still within a permissible vibrational band (below 7D) can manifest here because energy vibrations from 7D and above being present, can alter the evolution of humanity.


We are in duality on Earth. We need truth to help us detach from 3D, but it is not imperative or urgent to devote ourselves completely in every moment to seeking truth. Temporary distractions allow us time to chill, converse, get past the apparent seriousness, to rebalance, refresh and regroup. We can’t sit back waiting to be saved. The fully awakened understand we need to attain mastery and act ourselves Many Lightworkers worked for lifetimes to bring this evolution of Earth into being, steadily working to increase light on Earth to culminate in this pre-destined time.


Everyone is in some phase of trusting their inherent sovereignty. We each learn in our own time, possibly helped by confusion that encourages us to seek inner truth. There is no rush, because there is no time. People  may feel they are awake when they discover society’s corruption or can contemplate past lives, but perhaps the real awakening comes when we experience a deep change in consciousness and understanding, when we step free of the 3D matrix and begin to align with the higher frequencies and our true state of being.


We are not waiting for people to wake up. We are waiting for those who already awake to increase their vibration enough to create a consciousness shift throughout humanity.


So, moving on from here, we need to handle words and concepts with the awareness and responsibility of a creator. To continue to maintain and increase the Earth’s balance of light. To be true to ourselves, trusting in our capabilities and who we are so we create the future we prefer.


We can help align to the higher realms by repeating 3 times, several times a day, ‘I align to the highest source of all creation’. If you are peaceful and hold the intention, you should notice a difference quite quickly.


Many things play a part in the equation of what is taking place on Earth, such as soul contracts, agreements with each other, our divine role on Earth, the lessons we seek for our growth, parallel lives, awareness of other dimensions and truth that changes with our awareness. The only way to transmute the dense energy on Earth and carry it into a new evolutionary position is for us to surrender to higher order and raise our personal and Earth’s vibration of light. When we see the perfection of the divine plan we are able to let go of when it has to happen, and in what way.


Life flows, fluid in its movement, preventing stagnation of mind and ideas and allowing surrender of rigidity and brings gratitude for every creation and person who shares this magical path of exploration, leading us to unconditional love.


In the end, it is all about unconditional love and compassion for our fellow travellers, the animals, nature and all life forms as we give the best we can to make a difference to this beautiful world and the galaxies and universe that lay beyond.


Unconditional Love,


Sandy Stevenson

9th September 2022