THERE IS AN ANSWER to making sure you are hearing truth and it is probably the only answer.


We all know truth when we hear it. The problem is only WE DON’T TRUST OURSELVES!  We keep thinking other people know more than us - are better - more qualified – provide lots of details – are connected to higher places - have qualifications, etc.

When something you read or hear does not sit right with you or doesn’t resonate as truth or you feel it is somehow wrong – then trust your own gut – every time.

We can reinforce our ability by acknowledging EVERY TIME we get something intuitively right. Even a small thing such as we think about a friend and then they phone or appear. Say quietly to yourself ‘I knew that’. You choose one road home over another and later find out there as a big traffic jam on the one you avoided. Always acknowledging it will strengthen YOUR TRUST IN YOURSELF. It will get easier and easier to feel that inner gut knowing of what is true - and to let all the rest pass by unheeded. It also saves a lot of time checking things out! Do you know you can go down the list of emails in your inbox and delete everything not meant for you to bother with. You can line up your vitamin bottles (or one or two or any product). Stop the mind chatter and literally just think ‘which do I need to take now (or today). Then in that place of intuition, and with certainty (not being doubtful and sceptical!) scan along the line reaching for the ones you need and pull them forward. Then you can do the same thing with HOW MANY capsules you need to take (now/later, etc.). There is no-one on Earth who can’t do this and get it right every time. TRY IT.  But you have to get out of the thoughts and just trust yourself.

Always be aware there are different levels of truth and different realities in our universe. So, be prepared when you run across higher truths to let go of old lesser truth. You will always receive higher truths as consciousness expands into higher awareness. It is the universal journey of evolution.


Sandy Stevenson

13th August 2021