The Universal Law of Non Interference covers many areas that involve encroaching on other people’s space and privacy - using our spiritual or psychic abilities to obtain personal information or to handle some state or condition they have - without their express permission. It is all about getting permission. It is said that none may interfere with another’s free will without uniting karmically with them.

Many of us recall the Prime Directive in the original 70’s TV series of Star Trek where Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise spaceship were not permitted to alter the outcome of a situation on a planet they were visiting. The reason being it could change the course of history for that planet, thereby altering its evolution. That’s an example of this law when applied to an entire race of people. In such cases it would not be possible for the leader of a planet to give permission on behalf of all his people. It would need every individual’s permission that would be affected.

There are other areas this law covers such as deliberately placing energy into someone else’s space without their permission. You would assume this refers to dark energy. But it also applies to light energy. It may be that someone is choosing to experience a dense energy field as part of an understanding they require or to balance karma. You may then be responsible for them missing a lesson they were about to experience when handling it themselves.

I was on a spiritual journey in Greenland some years ago with a group of lightworkers. We were at dinner, wonderfully enjoying the experience of looking out onto a sea of icebergs. At that time, a fleet of ships from the Ashtar Command arrived, part of the purpose of our journey. Space ships are not normally something I pay much attention to, but this was undeniably amazing. The sky was filled with 157 ships in perfect formation with the mother ship in the centre, and they stayed overnight, visible to all. Anyway back to the story at hand. I observed one of our group at another table clutching their stomach and looking n pain. I went over to check it and started asking questions. We rapidly got to the source of it. They told me they’d spotted someone in the dining room from the dark forces and figured they were probably here to try and disrupt our task. So, they had projected light towards that person. I didn’t even need to say anything. They got it  - and said ‘I wasn’t supposed to do that, was I?’ Their action had violated the Law of Non Interference. Additionally, because they’d thrown light at someone, that person was then justified in throwing dark energy at them – which was exactly what they had done. Hence the stomach pain. A lesson was learnt that night. Regardless of whether the person was trying to disrupt the journey or not (highly likely) we have no right to impinge light into their space when no action had been taken by them. If however, they had pretended to be a lightworker and were there under false pretences, then different rules apply.

So Universal Law applies to everyone and covers planet, countries, places, groups and individuals. The violation I want to address here is the invasion of privacy and space of an individual.

It’s a violation of the Law of Non-Interference for us to give healing or psychically view someone’s energy field or physical body or in any way infiltrate another person’s space to gain personal information about them, either for yourself or because someone has asked you to – without their express permission for what you are intending to do.

So, acting in a manner to heal someone or carrying out the wishes of another individual who has asked you to help heal someone, is not possible without that person’s permission.

There are exceptions where doing this is not considered to be a violation of this law. If it involves a child under the age of 12, providing the assistance is being requested by the guardian of the child or if that’s not possible, then from a person who is taking responsibility for the child, we can do it. Another exception is if a person is incapable of giving their permission due to being unconscious or being incapacitated mentally or physically that prevents them doing so. In such a case, the individual’s higher Self - I Am Presence should be asked for the permission. In an emergency or if you don’t feel able to contact their I Am Presence, then be intuitive and take action accordingly.

I recently heard a girl ask a person with psychic abilities if they could they have a look into her new boyfriend to see if he was a good person. That person agreed to do it. I did have a quiet word and was met with a blank look. Apparently the idea of integrity, let alone Universal Law, never entered the equation.

And of course, it goes without saying that when you do get permission and learn something private about the person (and most things are regarded as private) you don’t then pass it on to others. Such actions are usually karmic.  

We need to act with integrity at all times, being responsible for our own evolution as well as to continue contributing light to the whole by ensuring ethical behaviour.

With Integrity and Responsibility,

Sandy Stevenson

1st September 2019