It has been suggested that Twitter is only a distraction. I see it as a very carefully planned move by the white hats to begin the unravelling of social media censorship. The fact that the white hats took ownership of Twitter a while back is immaterial. Nothing could be revealed or changed until those changes would make sense and be accepted by the masses. We don’t want the black hats to suddenly seem benevolent by lifting the censorship. We want them to be seen as they really are. That applies to all the global areas the white hats are in possession of, but don’t change anything. It can’t be fixed under the control of the white hats. That is the only way people will learn what happened and by whom. The goal is to wake up humanity so completely through experiencing it themselves and so know it as truth that they never allow this to happen again in future, on any planet, anywhere.


White hats were able to bring the necessary changes about because of the legal sale of Twitter, purchased by someone considered to be wealthy enough to buy it. It fitted with the sort of thing Elon would do. That made it all normal and real. It made perfect sense that a buyer would want accurate records of subscriber numbers prior to the purchase of a business where the purchase price being asked was based on the number of subscribers. So upon ‘discovering the lies’, the new buyer of Twitter revealed the false subscriber numbers as being at minimum a half the company’s stated numbers.


Then this new owner, while going thru the files of their new business, discovered huge censorship agreements and actions, as well as the sources of those orders and the specific staff perpetrating the crimes - and exposed it. The rest is coming. All done in the name of providing a transparent and fair platform for people.


It also helped a bit toward reversing the image of the previous Elon. We now have a substitute white hat after the original Elon was charged with multiple corruption and criminal behaviour designed to undermine the progress of humanity (that information is not yet public). This is a tricky area causing doubt and suspicion during the awakening. It is hard for anyone to come to terms with conflicting reality of seeing someone do good deeds, who was previously doing bad stuff, such as Elon and Putin. The Biden replacement is more obvious as the actor is doing such a great job of making that figure look so stupid and doing all the wrong things, that most of the world will agree he has wrecked the country, is not mentally able to continue and will be glad when he goes. Many other swaps are not so overtly obvious because sleeping people miss the signs. It is hard to think that many people in the public eye are no longer the same person.


Twitter not a helped reverse  distraction. It is a superb and deliberate white hat move. It also brings into question the legitimacy of all other social media platforms. It actually achieves many things and was a big move that will have ongoing success in releasing the attachment to 3D illusion.


Sandy Stevenson


15 March 23