My understanding of the plan for the Ascension of Earth and for those of humanity choosing ascension) is born out by the crystal clear observation of the slow gradient used over the last few years to release the information about corruption. That timing fits perfectly with the plan. Light is being increased on Earth in a steady upward trajectory and has proceeded with interruption. Something that would not benefit that goal would be a major dumping of negative energy globally from great numbers of people going into shock and trauma from unconfrontable levels of information at once.


So, based on the assumption that slow release pattern will continue, I don’t think there will be any sudden major release of information about the dire repercussions from the vaccine. Of course, I could be wrong. Divine order does not entail informing the population suddenly that millions of people have already died and that the injected people may also die!! At the moment, we are only at a point of public reveal about the virus coming from the Wuhan lab and that the USA and Fauci backed it financially. So, we still have a way to go, although it is getting a lot quicker now. The reason for the quickening is the people who are awake have processed that information already and it has been passed into the etheric energy of the collective human consciousness. That offsets a lot of trauma. There is a way to go yet before we get to all the information that needs to come out. But, based on my understanding of how a divine plan works, it would not contain anything to devastate or cause any trauma that can be avoided. I expect by the time the information comes out publically about the potential future damage of those who are vaccinated - it will be accompanied by how to handle the detrimental effects of it – encouraging people into their own power and responsibility for healing themselves. We don’t yet know what other things could be released as natural handling of it, but at this point it would possibly include Vitamin D and many natural products people are already taking to offset the effects of the jab and the shedding from bodies of jabbed people as chemical content is expelled.


We are letting people confront things at a pace they can digest and assimilate, without causing massive negative emotions such as shock or anger. Most of the revealing of corruption is now in play, but only a few going into the main news arena. Right now, the news is not about the rigging of the presidential election, but about the January 6th invasion fiasco. It is all being done on a gradient, gaining understanding and acceptance from the people. It is important that we walk forward on the same page. So, as much as we would all love to see the whole truth come out about the vaccine right now, it needs to happen in Divine timing to ensure the greater goal for the ascension of Earth. Trust that it is all perfect, because it is!



Sandy Stevenson


12th March 2023