We certainly get lots of opportunities to check our gut knowing and see where we are being intuitive or are still in blind belief. We are being helped immensely to recognise who we are and to detach from the 3D illusionary world. We will keep being shown things that force us to seek inner answers. We are given wrong information and dates for events that don’t happen. We are getting beyond looking to other people for answers. That is not always easy, especially when we really long for something to be true. Maybe one of the hardest to let go is automatic belief without discernment of the people we genuinely trust when they say something that does not resonate! But it may be these people are truly the genuine trustworthy people you believe them to be. Maybe they are giving us wrong information to urge us to trust our gut that takes us to inner strength, confidence and certainty. We will continue being given wrong information until we are being intuitive about everything. The sooner we get it, the easier life become for us and the quicker it automatically unfolds. We need to get into a space where we trust our own knowing. It raises personal vibration and helps us stand in our power by trusting our inner-tuition.


We are standing together in light. We aren’t aligned to a particular person or group. We are aligned to Source and a universe of light. We are united in a planetary goal to release all dense 3D energy and increase the overall vibration of Earth. There is no deadline to this. It is an unfolding divine plan, proceeding at the perfect gradient for the highest good for humanity and all the life forms here, avoiding unrecoverable shock and the dumping of sudden excessive dense energy across Earth. WE are doing this. It was always meant to be us. We are fully prepared and perfectly capable with abilities barely recognised awaiting full awakening. We do not need a leader, a spokesperson or a particular organization. It is all of us coming together by us doing exactly what resonates with us on every level. We don’t do anything that does not feel right. Simple.


We don’t follow instructions by those claiming extra intel or their idea of what Earth needs for this awakening. We know what is needed. Each of us does what intuitively feels right for us in each moment. That’s it. We are the totality of pieces of the most amazing plan. We stand in sovereignty, knowing, trust, certainty of self, speaking out and reflecting truth to the world. We are freeing Earth from its 3D matrix. We are also awakening those who choose to let go of 3D and move on. But we are not being held up by those choosing not to awaken, as many believe. Everyone chooses their own path and some prefer to continue learning in 3D for their highest good at this time. All souls make a choice. Totally fine. One is not right and one wrong. No-one is holding us up. There is no time frame. It is all perfect.

We are steadily transmuting all dense vibrational energy and shifting awareness to a new platform of higher vibrational light.


Sandy Stevenson