Sedona, Arizona USA New Year's Eve


I have re-written 'The Sedona Vortex' article about the new 6th vortex. It now includes details of the signs that led me to where I needed to be.

Chatting to a friend in Los Angeles (the city of angels) about my possible visit there, she mentioned we could drive to Sedona in Arizona for New Year's Eve. Sedona is a very special New Age/American Indian town entirely surrounded by the most beautiful red rock mountains. I felt excited by the prospect (always a reliable sign) and trusting I would be led to where I was meant to be, I agreed.  

I needed to go to Sedona, Arizona to create a new vortex (the 6th) on New Years Eve. As you enter Sedona, there is a big sign on the road that says ‘5 Vortices'. A good friend who lives in Malibu beach LA wanted top come. I flew into LA on 29th  December and she collected me in her brand new silver convertible. What fun that was! We played like teenagers.  

We set off driving to Sedona on the 30th. Being a brand new car, my friend wasn't yet ready to relinquish control and let me drive it. We were driving through the night. I could see she was getting more and more tired and I kept suggesting I could drive. She kept refusing and I could see her eyes starting to close. She is a coffee addict and kept saying all she needed was a Starbucks coffee - to stay awake. At this stage we were on a deserted highway with nothing around. Not a stick of anything other than desert foliage – no houses, no nothing. I wasn't ready to leave the planet yet so I figured it would be a ‘very good idea to find one’! Yep, there it was – a few miles on, out of no place - there was the famous Starbucks sign. It just appeared. I could barely believe it. She drank heaps of coffee. I added reinforcements of chilled stuff in the car and we set off, with her wide awake. And we lived!


Arriving in Sedona, we easily found cheap accommodation. We then had a meal in a great whole foods cafe and looked at their notice board to see what was on offer for New Year's Eve. Scanning the notices, we saw they were all charging money to attend, except one which made it stand out. It was a Native American gathering/drumming. This sounded perfect to us. We were discussing the directions and wondering where this obscure place was. A man who had just come up to look at the notices said he knew it and directed us perfectly. How useful was that! He also gave us a bit of history about the place. Apparently, a few businessmen got together years earlier with the purpose of ensuring Sedona remained beautiful. They put suggestions to the council, which included tasteful similar shop signage, selected house paint colours that blended to the mountains, street lighting limits to ensure the desert sky could always be seen, etc. This has all been followed. He said they also owned a hall which was available for rent to groups of like-mind and it was this hall he was directing us to. We drove straight there to check it out before attending later in the evening. We easily found it. Walking around the grounds, I spotted a forked tree on the side of the natural earth car park. I felt this tree was where we needed to be for 9pm that night. Later I realised a new vortex of energy was to be opened at that specific place on New Year's Eve. Sedona had five vortices already and lots of new age tourists go on tours to them.  

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We arrived early and settled ourselves against the tree. It was cold but we didn't feel it. So, at 9pm, holding the Atlantean crystal and feeling humbled and honoured to be a part of the creation of a large new vortex, it all started to happen. It was a wonderful experience for both myself and my friend, observing the Ascended Masters working with brilliant colours as the vortex was created. The channelling received from Sanat Kumara during this process was, as I recall, approx: “This is a Vortex of Oneness. All who come within its sphere will have created within their heart, steps that contain the codes to break down the barriers between themselves and their subtle bodies. When this is completed, it will then break down the barriers between themselves and all living things. All who come within the space of that person, who are willing to receive, will have the same steps created within their hearts and so the process will repeat again and again.”  

Sedona, being a great spiritual Mecca, attracts many people who ‘are willing to receive’ and so the codes are being swiftly carried to the rest of the world.  

After the vortex was created, we could hear drumming in the hall, but felt we'd rather be outside for midnight under the stars rather than in a hall. So, we were wondering whether to head off someplace else. Just then a car screeched to a halt and a girl jumped out, asking us if we were coming in to the drumming and ran off inside. A sign. We looked at each other and said, OK, let's go in. It was amazing inside, a large fire in the centre with objects all around it. Everyone had a musical instrument of some sort and we were immediately handed some drums. For a couple of hours we chanted and drummed sacred American Indian songs with a lovely group of people. We took part in two sacred ceremonies - The first was a Celebration of Women (drumming and chanting by the men TO the women) and the second was a Celebration of Men (drumming and chanting by the women TO the men). During both of these, I observed that each member present was representing their specific soul family on Earth and was accepting this acknowledgement for the entirety of their own group.  

Then suddenly the chap running it, who had lived and learned with American Indians, asked everyone to go outside. Yeh! For a wonderful half hour under the clear starry desert sky, we drummed in the New Year of 2001, starting softly and building up into an amazing crescendo for midnight. We then participated in a full sacred Indian Peace Pipe ceremony, which was also being done on many levels and was an intention for Peace on Earth. We weren't quite sure what was in the Peace pipe and we didn't ask! We just didn't inhale.  

Talking to one of the attendees later, we discovered that the hall's car park (where the tree was) was used by hundreds of people as a short cut from the shops to some other key place.  This was important news as we now realised that this vortex wasn't in some obscure place but that its energy and codes would be collected by all these passing people.  

I spent several wonderful days in Sedona. I watched beautiful cloud formations and rainbows without rain. I went to the lovely church set among the red hills, placing several special programmed crystals that had come from a cave off the Cornish coast in the UK. 

I saw a couple re-enact their wedding vows after their original wedding had been held at two years earlier at the same place on Bell Rock. We saw a competition of amazing Christmas lights on buildings, done by many businesses in the area. My time there was special, but the event on New Year's Eve was why I had been drawn there. I thank all those who allowed me to be a part of this new Vortex of Oneness. I know it will make a difference.

And to end on a humorous note about receiving signs. Driving through Malibu in Los Angeles, I observed hawks continually  flying over our car for several days. I personally associate hawks as a substitute for eagles in locations where eagles are not present. I realised these hawks were a sign, but I hadn’t bothered to examine what that meant. Then we drove to a shopping Mall and I started laughing as someone walked past me carrying a FIVE FOOT eagle! Maybe it was some sort of shop window display. OK, I got the message!! The lengths some people will go to get their signs! When we got back to my friends house I looked up the message of both the hawk and the eagle in a book she happened to have! Spot on.    

Sandy Stevenson  

 I  am occasionally asked where the vortex is. It has been found since, with these meager directions!

This is very tricky. I can't recall which way we headed out of town. We were led there, so I wasn't paying much attention to how we were getting there. 

The vortex was created in the car park of a building that was out of town. It was an unmarked hall, near a bigger building (large hall?) in the same grounds. That bigger one may have had a name. The smaller hall (and maybe the bigger one) is hired out to groups. I know for a fact that is hired out to spiritual groups, maybe to others also. It is like a small village hall, very basic looking. Not flash at all. Probably cheap to hire. It is apparently owned by 3 guys who advise the council on things like making sure the colours of the houses are all built in earth colours and no night lighting in order to see the desert stars. But that was all I found out really. You may be able to track it down by finding out about halls to be let. 

If one found the car park, it would be easy to find the tree. The vortex was in the dirt in the car park right at the forked tree. But it’s not necessary to find the exact tree as the vortex spread out over the whole car park area. One other thing was that the car park was a short cut that many people used. But I have no idea from 'where to where'! Maybe from the shopping area? That was one of the reasons this spot was chosen by the Masters. Many people would pick up the energy as they walked through. 

The people that own it have no idea a vortex was created in their car park. So, you can't track it by asking for that!! 

I would have to really work at finding it now myself if I went there. I would go the 'halls to hire' route.



P.S. Someone went there and found it after I mentioned it in a workshop. Letter ahead -  

Hi Sandy, I found the tree vortex! Last week several of us set off to locate the particular vortex. We got totally lost! We found our way back and came to a cross road. One of us kept saying we had to go right but another was guided to turn left which led us to dirt tracks. Then I saw a little turning and I said ‘lets go and see what in there’.  There was a car park but no tree!! So we decided to go back, suddenly we saw another little turning and this led to another car park and there was a tree so we got out armed with our picture and we did not need any confirmation, it was the tree! Just to make sure we want round the tree checking every angle; we had the right tree! The power is immense. I could have stood there all day! An incredible thing happened to me. I decided to hug the tree for a while. When I removed my hands I found golden liquid on my left palm! I looked all around the tree whether it was tree sap but there was no sap! I am so blessed to have been to find the tree vortex.  Now I understand why no one knows about it and those who visit it are unable to give directions to it!









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