There is only God


God is your own ever-present consciousness..

We have all the religions, and all the spiritual techniques. and all
the methods, and all the steps, and all the books, and all the
spiritual teachers, and all the spiritual paths. All of the ways that
lesser and greater human beings have created through out history. And
all of this has become the conventional order of things. And you reach
a certain point of simple clarity where all of this becomes a form of
distraction and delusion, no different than any other form of
distraction and delusion.

And then the seeking, the strategies and the formulas stop and you
realize, literally and quiet simply, There is only God.

There is only Spirit. There is only One. And God is no different than
your own consciousness. Never has been, is not now, and never will be.

There is no strategy. There is no formula. There is no technique.
There are no steps. There is no guru. There is no future. There is no
past… and… there is no problem. There is only God.

There is only God right here and now…. always!
God is your own consciousness. Your own consciousness, right now, is
the essential infinite reality.

There is no separation anywhere in the universe. In fact there is no
universe. There is no attachment to destinies, outcomes, or
“spiritual experience” of any kind,
There is only God, in this moment, and every moment, absolute and whole.

You can not climb a ladder to the place where you are already standing.

God is so close to you that wherever you look… you look too far..
but you’ll find it there too.

I am not saying you are God. I am saying there is no “you”. There is only God.

Not God as an idea, or a concept, or a man or a woman in the sky.
Not God as something you can think about, or think of, or understand,
in any way, shape or form. God as the ever-present, infinite reality
now and always.

And so it is… now and always…

Brian Piergrossi
June 23rd, 2013,